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The Best Navaja Knife of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Kings County Tools Navaja Style Knife | 1/4" Thin Stainless Steel | 3-1/16” Blade Length |...
  • OLD SCHOOL KNIFE - This long thin-bladed “Navaja”-style knife blade is 3” long and only ¼" wide
  • CLASSIC EDGED BLADE - Old traditional Spanish pattern rich with historic lore fits easily in the hand while also looking...
  • PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL USE - Spain has a very rich cultural tradition of fine knife making - for hunting, agriculture...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Works best for detailed cutting or even opening up letters
Bestseller No. 2
Castillo Knives | Navaja w/ Olive Wood Handle & Leather Sheath | Handmade in Spain | Pocket Knife...
  • HANDMADE - Each knife and leather pocket sheath is handmade in Spain.
  • BLADE DETAILS - Sandvik 14C28N (55-62 HRC), Drop Point, Hollow Grind. Lock Back Design.
  • DIMENSIONS - 3" Blade Length, 3.5" Handle Length
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES - Leather Pocket Sheath and Lanyard (Made in Spain), Ballistol Single Use Wipe, 320 Grit Bonded...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Pocket Knife for Men - Folding Navaja Knofe - EDC Fold Knives - Sharp Blade Plastic Handle Knifes -...
  • Pocket Knife with Straight Narrow Blade and a Lanyard Hole for Everyday Carry has a simple and reliable back-lock which...
  • Matte 440C Stainless Steel - excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without...
  • Ergonomic Handle Is made of 2 metal liners covered with durable composite plastic for comfortable and stiff grip. A...
  • Cool Folding Knife for Work and Hobby. EDC Tool. Camping, Hiking, Travel, Survival, Biking Knofe. Small camp and boy...

FAQs: Navaja Knife

What is navaja knife?

The traditional Spanish fighting knife, the navaja, is a folding-blade combat knife. It is the most well-known and oldest folding knife design from southern Spain's Andalusian area. All folding-blade knives are referred to as "navaja" in Spanish.

What are the characteristics of a knife?

The most important characteristics of a knife are its size, its shape, and its material. The main body of the knife is the blade. It includes the tip, edge, and heel.

What does a pen knife look like?

Although a pen knife does not have to be folded, it might look like a scalpel, or chisel, because it has a fixed, short blade at the end of a long handle. A clasp knife is a larger folding knife that locks in place, mainly if it's large.

Is a folding knife legal?

These include a pocketknife, Swiss Army knife, box cutter, or utility knife. California Penal Code Section 17.235 makes all folding knives legal in California. So you can conceal them as long as they're folded. The blade length of a folding knife is unlimited.

Is a folding knife a lock knife?

Lock knives do not fall under the category of folding knives. They are therefore illegal to be carried in public places without a valid reason. Lock knives: These blades can be locked or refolded by pressing a button. Multi-tool knives: These include tools that can be locked and refolded by pressing a button.

Buyer's Guide: Navaja Knife


The navaja knife is a traditional Spanish folding-blade fighting and utility knife. There are different uses, and types of navaja knives.  Southern Spain is home to one of the most ancient folding and pocket knife designs. Although the term navaja came from Spain and is used to describe all folding-blade knives, it was popularized to represent the idea of a protective knife that should be kept with you at all times.

Navaja knives are used by clerical workers, drafting technicians, and notaries to sharpen ink quill tips. However, it can be a bit difficult when choosing the right knife. So you must first consider the purpose and use of the navaja knife before deciding which one to buy.

These are the things to consider when shopping for a navaja knife:


When buying a navaja knife, the first thing to consider is whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary design. The conventional navaja knife has a heavy handle made of varnished hardwood, brass, steel, or another metal and a thick, sharpened, pointed blade. These knives are timeless and make great gifts for sophisticated people. Modern navaja knives can be made from a variety of different materials and styles. These knives are great for those who want to be different and stand out.


The most important component of any knife is its blade. Once you have chosen the style you prefer, you should first look at the knife's edge. The best shape for you will depend on the purpose of your knife.  No matter what blade you choose, make sure it stays sharp.


A pocket knife's handle is an essential component. You should not choose a knife just based on its handle. You should feel comfortable when using it, and it shouldn't slip when you cut or stab with the knife. A well-made handle won't cause blisters or wear to your hands and will make it easy to hold. You can choose any handle material or design as long as it feels comfortable. 


Weight is crucial as it affects the usability of the navaja knife. Feel the knife's balance between the handle and blade. The blade will feel uncomfortable if it is too heavy. A heavy handle will make it difficult to cut. The blade-to-weight ratio is crucial for cutting. However, it is not enough to carry around a heavy knife.


After considering all these factors and narrowing down your choices to a few, you can now decide on your budget. Navaja knives' prices vary depending on the brand, design, and material used. While you don't want to overspend, the quality will last you a lifetime, so don't walk away from your favorite knife just because it is a little more expensive than your other choices. 

It can seem not easy to choose a navaja knife when there are so many things to consider. It is best to take each aspect and examine them individually. Then, you can decide whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style knife. Next, pay attention to the quality and ergonomics of the handle and blade. You should feel the knife in your hand, and it should not slip. Remember that the best knife will last a long time, so don't compromise quality on price.