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The Best Kitchen Knife Sets of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Buyer's Guide: Kitchen Knife Sets

The Best Kitchen Knife Sets For Your Needs

You need a good set which contains all major kind of kitchen knife but which s also just small enough to fit on your kitchen worktop. Of course, all the knives that you want will also differ depending on your own cooking habits. Some chefs only ever use two or 3 knives, while most other cooks like a variety of different blades for different tasks.

Whatever you are going to use your new kitchen knife for, you have to make sure that they have got a durable and sharp blade. A lot of people assume that a good kitchen knife set must be made of a expensive steel. However, this is not always the case. Indeed, in recent years, plastic and carbon fiber have been increasingly used for kitchen knife sets instead of steel because they are far more lightweight and therefore hold their shape better than steel.

But what does it matter most? For serious cooks, quality is everything. You should think about what you'll be doing most often using your kitchen knives. If you have to chopping, cutting and slicing, you should get a six-piece forged steel set which is at least as sharp as any other six-piece set.

If you are planning to do a lot of deep frying then a heavy duty four-piece set with heavy grade stainless steel blades and a full tangled set of handle and blade locks will be your best choice. For baking, a heavy-duty eight-piece set of forged kitchen knife handles and a heavy-duty non-stain resistant waffle roller will give you the edge you need. For carving, a set including a few serrated knife handles and a few heavy-duty cutting boards will be your best bet. For slicing, a four-piece set with premium quality two-blade razor sharpening stones will make your cuts a beauty.

You can choose from a huge array of designs and handle materials such as bone, brass, ceramic, carbon, chrome, and nickel. You might like to have a specific look in mind before buying your best kitchen sets. You can either choose from traditional styles or more modern and unique ones. With so many choices, you can find sets that are perfect for the theme of your kitchen.

Choose a knife block set if you want to save space in your kitchen. The best kitchen knives sets will usually come with a set of four to six chopping blocks, along with four to six kitchen shears, corkscrews and steak knives. Make sure to check if the four to six knife blocks are removable. Some chopping block sets come with a foldable knife block. Choose a design and style that will be easy to store in your kitchen.

If you have enough counter space, it would be better to buy a set of six-piece forged kitchen knives. These sets are the best option for people who do not have much space to work on but still want to get their kitchen cutlery. This type of six-piece forged set will provide you with all the necessities you need in your kitchen: a paring knife, cleavers, can opener, bread knife, julienne, Santoku, teaspoon, and spatula. Most six-piece forged sets also come with a steak knife, which is handy for when you are ready to cook steak.

If you own a Santoku or Zojirushi bread knife, you should also consider buying a built-in slicer. These types of knife sharpeners come with multiple pieces for sharpening. One piece for cutting and another for polishing. It's convenient to have a built-in slicer, because you can sharpen the knife with ease using one blade and then put it away for storage. If you want to get the most benefit from your bread knife, it's important to get a good quality blade sharpener.