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The Best Cold Steel Boar Spear of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Cold Steel Spear with Sheath, Boar Spear
  • Classic spear is cold forged out of medium carbon SK-5 steel
  • Heat treated to a spring temper
  • Flexes under stress rather than breaking
  • Comes complete with heavyweight American Ash shaft and a sturdy Secure-Ex Sheath

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Cold Steel Boar Spear - What You Should Know About This Unique Weapon!

Cold Steel Boar Spear is one the best boars have ever tried and is surely a hell of a piece of weaponry that takes you back to those prehistoric times and is an absolute fun to use. The cold steel boar spear is actually one of oldest types of boars have ever used and has been used not only for fighting but for also hunting. Boars were generally used for meat and they definitely made good weapons because of their size and power. But then once the technology and the improvements were made, the boars were no longer used for this purpose, they were no longer effective and finally they were all killed off, but not for nothing as there are still many uses for boars.

The spear is one the oldest types of arms used by man and the cold steel boar spear is certainly not an exception in this regard. As far as the history of this type of spear is concerned, they are not that much different from the stick or the trident. The only difference that there is between these two weapons is the material they are made of which is either carbon steel or a lighter metal such as aluminium.

A boar's spear or spearhead is designed with a very short spear that helps them to reach very far distances. They can be used effectively for long distance sniping from afar and this is one reason why they are perfect for hunters and for that reason they are a great weapon. A cold steel boar spear is not a straight walking stick. This means that while it is designed for long distance sniping, it does not mean it cannot be used for close combat as well.

The cold steel boar spear is not designed like a traditional stick or a spear so that it can be used as a walking stick. It is important that it is comfortable to hold because it will be used for some time. The spear has an overall length of around 2.2 inches when it is folded up and also tapers down to the point where it can be carried in the sheath when not in use. The sheath will be available in the standard sizes that are suitable for most people including the male and female sizes.

The handle of this particular spearheads is usually constructed from high quality leather or a sturdy material such as leather and the standard length of this handle is just over three feet. It can be comfortably carried in the hand but it can also be folded for easy storage. Most of the handles that are constructed from high quality leather will have a secure-ex sheath included so that it can be kept safe once the blade is secured and the entire handle has been attached to the blade. This secure-ex sheath can also be removed and stored with ease.

There is an alternative to the conventional handle for this product which is a high quality British walnut handle. When the blade is extended all the way it will come into contact with the palm of your hand. For this reason you need to make sure that the palm of your hand is sufficiently strong in order to hold the handle securely. If it is not then you will find that it is extremely difficult to thrust any sort of spear that is made with this blade. This is why it is so important to purchase a good quality blade and a premium American ash shaft in order to ensure that you are receiving the best possible product when using a cold steel boar spear.

This spearhead is going to be made of solid steel which is also going to be finished off with a high quality blade that has been manufactured to an extremely precise blade sharpening specifications. The spear shaft is going to be made from a premium grade American Ash shaft. The tip of this spear will be made from a solid steel bar. There is also an option to choose a hollow point spear. The advantage of this type of boar point is that it will have a much more penetrating force then the traditional steel tipped spearheads.

This is a great product to consider if you are going to be engaging in tournaments or competition because it is lightweight, durable, extremely sharp and the best part is that it will be a one piece. The other benefit that you are going to notice is that this particular spear will come in a complete sheath which will also contain a blade and lanyard. One other important aspect that you are going to want to be aware of is that the Cold Steel Boar Spear comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty does state that the product can be used as long as you take care of it properly.