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The Best Cjrb Feldspar of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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CJrb Feldspar Review

"CJrb Feldspar is an ultra-lightweight yet durable multi-functional multi-tool. Each time you use it, you will get more out of it. The compact size of the tool is great for those on the go. This multi-tool is also great for those who are on the move or for anyone who likes to carry around multiple tools and has limited space."

The CJrb Feldspar provides a compact and highly effective design for all your EDC needs. Choose from a range of handle variations here. See how the CJwb Feldspar performs in Epic EDC Knife Challenge video of the above-mentioned EDC video below! The lightweight and ergonomic handle is fully functional, yet lightweight enough to comfortably carry on your person. The blade is made from cork and the complete knife body is made from high impact resistant materials, resulting in little fatigue during use even with daily use.

Aesthetically speaking, the CJrb Feldspar has been designed to be comfortable for long-term use. It is made with a combination of a durable high quality knife-body and a drop point blade that offers corrosion resistance and slip resistance on a par with many of today's other multi-tool blades. It comes with a leather sheath for storage and a convenient tip cover.

The blade is made out of a durable high quality stainless steel, making it one of the best candidates for use in a lot of demanding jobs. The blade length is 12 inches and with a full size C jrb it can even be used as a pry bar. The steel's durability makes it ideal for a lot of different cutting jobs. This is especially great news for anyone who needs a multipurpose tool for the outdoors. In fact, the C jrb can be used as a pry bar in many cases and is also perfectly suited for opening cans.

When it comes to the edges, the CJrb Feldspar has the edge you are looking for. It features a smooth beveled edge that runs the full length of the knife, meaning you don't have to deal with crooked edges. In addition, the beveled edges run smoothly along the entire length of the knife, eliminating that lumpy or uneven edge. In fact, they run so smoothly that they won't catch or bind up on your clothing or skin, which is a common complaint with cheap multi-tool blades. Lastly, the C jrb is made with a combination of a high-carbon fiber and 10.5-percent chromium oxide, another feature that reduces friction and makes for an easy transfer of kinetic energy with every cut.

A unique design feature of the CJRB is its patented Cold Castellated / Frozen Blanking technology. Basically, this technology allows the knife's pivot assembly to be pressed at a temperature below freezing without the formation of any heat marks, scratches or heat discoloration on the product. The result is a deep blacksmith-quality finish that imparts unparalleled strength and durability. The cold-castellated / frozen design is achieved by a cleverly-designed ceramic ball bearing core that is pressed into a specially-designed mold. The resulting component is precisely pressed and hardened, producing a razor-sharp edge for every cut.

The CJRB has a well-designed thumb stud. The thumb stud is located at the center of the handle, right at the end where your pinky finger would be. This handy accessory is useful for opening and closing the knife with one hand while the other is free to do other things. One nice aspect of the thumb stud is that it also doubles as a safety thumb. When you have an accident with this knife and your pinky or middle finger gets accidentally sliced, this thumb stud will keep the other digits intact.

A unique feature of the CJRB that sets it apart from most pocket knives is the fact that the handle does not feature a standard pocket clip. Instead, a special tool called a "crimp ring" is employed to secure the handle in place while you're using the knife. What makes this unique is that the Crimp Ring has a slight curvature that slips over the thumb stud and then stays put while you use the knife. This prevents the Crimp Ring from getting caught on anything and, if necessary, pops free easily and quickly - all without having to remove the knife from your pocket!