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The Best Civivi Riffle of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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CIVIVI Riffle Damascus Pocket Knife - 3.5-Inch Drop Point Blade Camping Hiking Outdoor Knife with...
  • 【Well-balanced Liner Lock Knife 】Release in 2021,Measuring 3.5" inches blade long and weighing just 3.38oz, this...
  • 【Solid and Durable Handle】Sandalwood handle is smooth yet strong enough for a good grip,the 4.5 inch scale length...
  • 【Smooth to Deploy and Ease to Carry 】Thanks to the caged ball bearing system,which allows for easy blade deployment...
  • 【Good knife for Men & Women】 CIVIVI knives comes in a premium black pouch and nice box. If you are looking for a...

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A Review of the Civivi Riffle - An Informative Review of This Drop Point Pocket Knife

The Civivi Riffle is an Italian chef's knife. It was designed by the famous Enzo chef, Enrico Cavalli. Enrico Cavalli is often quoted as saying that he never bought another knife until he had the Civivi Riffle; this is simply because it was the right one.

As with many of the best Italian knives, the Civivi Riffle has a good balance between a good cutting force and toughness. It is made from carbon fiber and the handle has a textured blackox coating to prevent rusting. It has a traditional flat grind design, with the removable portion of the blade having five sharpened points. It has a standard blade lock and a nice comfortable black leather sheath.

The actual design of the knife is quite unremarkable. It has a standard one-piece drop point blade and a standard G-10 handle with a thumb hole opener. One interesting detail is that there is an inset area for the thumb to insert a paperclip or other small item. The knife is also finished with an oil rubbed finish.

The Civivi Riffle features an extremely strong blade and is capable of very sharp and precise cuts. The actual combination of materials that make up this great knife is where it's different from most designs. Most cutlery designs are made out of aluminum, which is easily chipped and easily damaged. This is not the case with the Civivi Riffle. The blade is made from carbon fiber, making it highly resistant to damage and to corrosion.

The design of the handle scales of the Civivi Riffle allow for a very comfortable grip. Some models offer a rubber or non-slip grip, as well as textured plastic grips. The high-quality stainless steel liners used to build this great knife make it even more comfortable to hold, even when there is a lot of use.

The third advantage of the Civivi Riffle is the innovative and patented flipper. A ball bearing pivot allows the knife to be opened rapidly by flipping the handle all the way down to expose the folding blade. This flipper is made out of high quality material, including high carbon stainless steel liners. The added benefit of having a flipper built into the knife means that you don't have to remove your hands from the handle of the knife to use it.

There are some design elements of the Civivi Riffle that stand out. For example, the thumb hole opener doubles as a safety lock. It is designed to protect your fingers from getting injured if you accidentally try to open the flipper. It is also built out of high quality materials, including high carbon stainless steel liners. Some of the models also come with a protective cover that you can remove and wash. These covers also add an extra level of comfort and safety.

There are many advantages to the Civivi Riffle. Many of the advantages listed above are specifically found on the Riffle, however. Other advantages include a comfortable and ergonomic grip, a durable and strong blade, a safe and convenient flipper, and an easy to open and close design. The only major disadvantage is that the actual blade isn't as sharp as other drop point knives so make sure you have the right blade sharpening procedure done by a professional. Overall, the Civivi Riffle definitely stands out in the crowd of drop point knives.

The main features of the Civivi Riffle include a comfortably ergonomic handle, a sturdy blade and a fully wood finished blade with a hardwood handle. The other main features include a ball bearing pivot and a stainless steel ball bearing pivot assembly. The ball bearing pivot allows the knife to be closed with one hand while the blade locks up with the other. The stainless steel ball bearing pivot assembly is designed for quick opening and closing as well as long lasting durability. Many experts agree that the combination of these two main features makes the Civivi Riffle one of the most practical and functional drop point knives on the market today.

The general design of the Civivi Riffle is fairly typical for a drop point pocket knife and most of the reviews have been positive. The knife is made out of high quality alloys which give it a nice shinny appearance and allow it to be covered in a leather or nylon sheath easily. In addition, the sheath allows you to carry the knife in a completely neutral position, which is helpful when you need to do a job on the go. The neutral handle design makes the knife comfortable to hold all day long.

One of the best features of the Civivi Riffle is its ergonomic knife handle design. The entire knife is ergonomically designed and the lock backs allow the knife to lock into place and not move during use. The handles are fully lubed for comfort and the whole package adds an extra measure of strength to the blade. Another plus point for the Civivi Riffle is that it comes with a really helpful pocket clip. This clip makes it very easy to carry the flipper knife in a completely neutral position, while still allowing you to close the back with the lock latch.