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The Best Civivi Praxis of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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CIVIVI Praxis Linerlock Green G10
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in China

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Review of the Civivi Praxis, a Small Survival Knife

Civivi Praxis is a knife designed by the Italian knife maker G.R. Franchi. The name Civvies is taken from the latin phrase for "common people" or the members of nobility in ancient Rome. It's been said that the orange g10 flipper knife was carried by members of the Roman plebeians or poor citizens of the city. However, I disagree.

I believe that the orange g10 handle was meant to be a symbol of the rich heritage of the city and was given as a commemoration of their rich past. I think the latin name of the knife was meant to signify that it's an easy to carry knife with a stainless steel blade. The Civivi praxis is a beautiful and stylish knife that anyone would be proud to carry. There is a gold lanyard hole located on the handle. This is used to connect the multi-purpose clip to the belt or other necessary item.

The gold handle has been covered in blood type stained leather. I like the way the gold looks against the black stainless steel. The knife is one of the smallest folders I have ever owned. It is about two inches long and a half inches wide. The Civivi praxis weighs two and a quarter ounces without the pocket clip.

The stainless steel liner is comfortable to hold. It doesn't dig in or rub your skin. It has a comfortable fit in the hand. It has a large cutting surface. The Civivi praxis orange g10 flipper knife has a very strong blade which cuts through anything you need it to cut through with ease.

The G10 handle is textured so you can grip it properly. The stainless steel liner has been finished in a satin finish. The outer coating has been buffed to give it a nice sheen. It comes with two blades. The outer blade is fixed and can be rotated for cutting thicker or softer materials. The inner blade is a drop point blade.

The Civivi orange g10 flipper knife has a good balance and is easy to use. The satin finish makes it more appealing. The two pocket clip handles make it convenient to carry. The stainless steel liner has been finished in a high polish to provide a high shine.

The orange/gundy leather strap looks good. The slip joint on the front of the handle ensures that it is comfortable to hold onto while working. The entire unit has a strong retractable stainless steel drop point blade. The textured stainless steel cover is smooth to the touch and comes with a protective pouch.

The Civivi orange g10 flipper knife is not what you may think. It is a quality item. It will certainly do the job that you need it to do. Be careful of cheap imitation products that will not hold up to what it is designed to do. You should invest in the best product that will last you many years.

The orange g-10 handle scales on the Civivi are very lightweight. They are easy to carry and the stainless steel blade is sturdy enough to get the job done. The lockback is included to prevent accidental opening. The knife is about seven inches long overall, with a five inch handle.

The orange g-10 handle scales on the Civivi are made from high quality materials. The material is polyester fiberglass. This fiberglass offers an excellent balance between strength and weight. The stainless steel blade is made from the best steel at its best. It has a complete precision fit and is one of the strongest knives on the market.

This is a great survival knife. It comes with a durable nylon sheath. The nylon material is completely waterproof to protect against water. It also has a snap on the end of the flipper for easy attachment to your belt or waistband. The knife is fully lined with a comfortable leather carrying handle and a slip case.

The entire handle is orange g10, with a stainless steel back spacer. The back spacer and the orange g10 handle make it extremely durable. The leather carrying handle and the snap on the end of the flipper make it easy to carry. The Civivi Praxis is a small, but powerful tool for any survivalist.