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The Best Civivi Brigand of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Review of the Civivi Brigand - An Overview

The Civivi Brigand is a two-handed pocket knife of Italian design. It is constructed of high quality carbon steel, has a strong foldable feature and a clip point blade. The general population will use this type of knife for everyday use because it is easy to carry, holds a decent size and doesn't cost much to maintain or replace. It is a great everyday carry knife that most men will find handy whether they are working in the garden, yard or on a weekend camping trip. The Civivi is made in Italy by Italian stainless steel company Romolo Ghiotto.

The Civivi Brigand has a leather, nylon or cotton wrap safety tab. The leather wrapping is what makes the knife easy to grip. The tabs lock into place to keep the knife secure on your belt. On the rear of the knife you will see two screws that hold the blade together. The two screws are not that large and the manufacturers state that most men can handle them. The other benefits of the flipper tab is that it allows the knife to be quickly closed or opened without removing the blade completely from the handle.

The main features of the Civivi Brigand are a leather, nylon or cotton lining, a strong foldaway blade and a 2 inch d2 steel blade. The knife has an open clip point blade so is able to be used as either a folding knife or a traditional fixed blade. The folding feature of the knife allows it to be carried like a wallet or pouch. The ergonomic leather pouch is lined with a comfortable soft material.

There are many unique features that make the Civivi Brigand a great choice. The leather, nylon or cotton lining allows the knife to be worn as a wallet or pouch knife. It has a strong fold-up clip point blade which makes it easier to open and close. The two inch d2 steel blade is also very strong and is able to cut through most types of flesh. The liner lock feature of the knife ensures that the blade remains closed until you want it to.

The Civivi uses traditional Italian army knives which were first made in Italy during World War Two. One of the most unique features of the Civivi is the two steel liners which cover the entire handle. The two steel liners add strength and protection to the handle. This is one of the few knives in the market with this feature. Other models have only one steel liner.

The strength of the flipper is also exceptional. It is almost as strong as my german made Remington model flipper. Another feature of the Civivi is the long lasting nylon or cotton lining. It will remain in place and protect your Vitra knives for many uses to come.

On the subject of the liner itself, it is a full tang and is not easily pulled out. The strength of the knife is outstanding, especially for its small size. If you are an avid fisherman, this will be one of your must haves. It's not too big and not too small, and it does exactly what you expect from a folder of this type.

All of the specifications listed above sound great, but what do you do when you find out it is going to cost you a lot more? The knife has a MSR (multi-stage seam seal) and is made from extremely tough high carbon stainless steel. The overall quality of the Civivi Brigand is superb.

If you are into fishing or hunting and don't mind buying a knife that is expensive, then give the Civivi Brigand a try. There are many positive things about this knife that make it a very good buy. You get a full tang with a fully magnetic lock that keeps it from shifting around. It is made by the legendary knife making company M.C. Brown and is the finest knife they produce.

I recently purchased the Civivi Battering Bandit and have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the entire product. This knife is a high quality tool. It is made of extremely tough high carbon stainless steel that is the key to how well the knives hold and perform. I really like the overall appearance of the knife. It has a blue handle that compliments the color of the steel very well.

When comparing the price to other brands, it is about the same as some of the mid-range name brand knives. This is a great value for anyone looking for an extremely tough, durable knife that will stand up to everything. It comes complete with a pocket clip for your keys and case. The knife itself is very strong and durable. You also get a serrated edge that works great in a lot of different ways.