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The Best Big Bore Blowgun of 2021

  Updated on 16 October, 2021

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Cold Steel 4 Foot .625 Blowgun Big Bore Hunting Weapon
  • Wall Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • 0.625 Magnum Big Bore Blowgun
  • Overall Length: 4'
  • Rubber Ferrule

Buyer's Guide: Big Bore Blowgun

A Review of the Big Bore Blowgun

Big Bore Blowgun is a high-speed airsoft gun that features a powerful compressed air firing system. This system provides powerful air for the blowback effect. It utilizes a large drum (which can be rotated and adjusted) to provide consistent airflow and air pressure. A powerful fan and high-powered motor provide the power for this unique air system. This allows the operator to fire the gun rapidly, making it ideal for training and scenarios requiring fast action.

Large caliber blowguns such as Cold Steel's 625Z Magnum have an effective range of more than twenty yards. With practice, an experienced user may even hit a two-inch softball at more than incredible distances, sending a heavy dart at an amazing velocity. That is a payload more easily able to penetrate even a quarter-inch-thick piece of rubber reinforced plywood at more than a hundred feet per second. These are not your daddy's airsoft toys - these are true high-speed guns.

The blowback design in the Big Bore Blowgun allows for a much larger array of pellets, resulting in higher efficiency at the shooting range. Less than one ounce of each BB in the chamber provides an astonishing seventy-five percent effectiveness, making the Big Bore Blowgun a truly versatile weapon. A rubber plug installed in the muzzle prevents other blowback effects, such as squirting, from occurring. Also, since the blowback is self-correcting, the shot does not need to be made again until the next round has been fired, providing substantial cost savings over a traditional hand-held blowback style.

A typical Big Bore Blowgun configuration features the following components: a rubber dielectric sleeve, a stainless steel case, a blowback device, and a.625 magnum dart caliber plastic sabot. Although the Big Bore Blowgun is not a pistol, it functions much like one, with the exception of a straight-stitchable rubber liner that fits inside the mouthpiece, preventing a feeding misfire. The blowback system requires no assembly because it is supported by a rubber plug located inside the buttstock. The Big Bore Blowgun can be manually loaded by pushing down on the buttstock until a brass tube protrudes out, then inserting the sabot through the tube and cocking the action to fire the dart. Alternatively, the operator can load the gun by turning the handle in a clockwise direction, pausing the firing cycle, and loading a new sabot with the same process.

The Big Bore Blowgun is available in three different configurations. The first, the Big Bore Blowgun 4 Foot, features a high-powered blowback with a rubber ferrule and steel case, making this an excellent choice for hunters looking for a high-powered pistol-like weapon. The second style, the Big Bore Blowgun 4" Compound, is similar to the blowgun version with a high-powered blowback but does not include a rubber ferrule or steel case. The third style, the Big Bore Blowgun Pro, features a rubber ferrule and a steel case and includes an ergonomic grip, making it a good choice for users who want an easy-to-handle, lightweight blowgun. Users can load Big Bore Blowgun "Pro" models in five different methods; inserting a key chain, a spring clip, or an empty BB cartridge. Some users have reported problems with the blowback not seating correctly and are unable to cock the gun all the way to the bottom of the barrel; users can solve this problem by replacing the nib with a larger one or by seating the blowback in a different spot.

The Big Bore Blowgun is currently being distributed by Matrix Optics, a company located in Burbank, California. The company states that approximately ten thousand Big Bore Blowgun models have been sold so far. A full refund is available if the consumer is not satisfied within thirty days of purchase. Although the manufacturer does not currently plan to release any additional variations of the Big Bore Blowgun line, they have reserved a spot in their memory foam shooting range for the company's newest product, the Big Bore Dart.