Kershaw Blur Tanto Black Serrated Pocket Knife (1670TBLKST); 3.4 inch Cerakote Finish Blade, Sandvik 14C28N Steel, Partially Serrated Blade; SpeedSafe Opening, Reversible Pocketclip

  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening makes for easy one-handed safe opening with thumbstud
  • Reversible pocketclip allows for carry tip up or tip down on the right side using pre-drilled holes
  • Knife blade held in place with a secure liner lock, giving the knife a slim, sleek and stylish design while keeping the blade secure and the user safe
  • Trac-Tec inserts give quality grip and offers easy carry in all environments, including wet and marine conditions
  • Great EDC knife for anyone in need a reliable knife, including hunters, fishers, outdoorsmen, and users who enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, carving, camping and more

How To Choose The Best Skif Knives

The modern kitchen has changed the way we use our knives, and now they are used not only for cutting food, but also for preparing meals. This means that choosing the right kind of knife is more important than ever before.

What Are Skif Knives?

Knives are tools for cutting food, but they are also very useful for many other tasks around the house. Knives come in all shapes and sizes, and there are even different types of blades for specific uses. The most common type of blade is called a "knife, " and this is what we will focus on here. There are several different styles of knives, including kitchen knives, utility knives, carving knives, bread knives, steak knives, paring knives, and more!

Where Should I Buy My Knives?

You can find knives at any grocery store, hardware store, department stores, discount stores, and online retailers. You may want to consider buying your knives from an established retailer because they will likely offer better customer service than a new company. If you're looking for something special, check out specialty shops like Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, and Wusthof. These companies sell high quality knives at reasonable prices.

Who needs a skif knives?

Knives are one of the most useful tools around. Whether you use them to chop veggies, cut meat, slice bread, or carve pumpkins, they're indispensable. But sometimes, they can be difficult to store. When you're traveling, this isn't such a big deal. But if you live somewhere where space is limited, you might struggle to find enough room for everything you need.

Fortunately, there are several solutions. One solution is to invest in a set of kitchen utensils. These sets typically contain a large number of items including cutting boards, vegetable peelers, spatulas, whisks, and other essentials. Another option is to purchase individual pieces. This allows you to customize your collection based on how you plan to use each item. For instance, you could add a paring knife to your collection if you plan to cook a lot of vegetables.

But if you prefer to keep things simple, you can still find a variety of knives that fit into a smaller space. Some of these knives are designed specifically for camping trips. Others are made to withstand heavy duty tasks like chopping wood. Still others are meant to last forever.

Whatever type of knife you decide to buy, you shouldn't let size limit your options. While larger knives are certainly better suited for heavier jobs, you can find knives that are perfect for lighter duties. For example, you can find a chef's knife that's ideal for slicing tomatoes and onions. Or you can find a serrated knife that makes short work of peeling apples.

The best part is that you don't have to spend a fortune to find quality knives. Many stores sell affordable knives that are built to last. Of course, you can also find higher end versions that cost hundreds of dollars. Either way, you'll find a knife that suits your lifestyle and budget.

When you're shopping for knives, think about what you plan to do with them. Will you be using them every day? Or will you only use them occasionally? Also, consider whether you'd rather have a knife that feels comfortable in your hand or one that has a sharper edge. Finally, look for a knife that fits your budget. You don't want to pay for a fancy knife that you never use.

Once you've found the right knife, keep it stored safely. Don't put it anywhere near sharp objects. Instead, store it in its original packaging. Then, wrap it carefully before storing it away.

As long as you take proper care of your knives, they'll last for decades. And that means you can save money over time.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Skif Knives

If you've ever gone camping, then you probably already know how important it is to have a good set of knives. You'll want them to chop wood, skin game, prepare food, and even use as weapons if necessary. When it comes to buying a set of knives, however, things aren't always easy. There are so many different types of knives available that it can be difficult to decide which one is best suited for your needs. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect set of knives for your needs:

Look for a set of knives that is versatile. A set of knives should be able to handle just about any task you throw their way. For example, they should be able to slice through meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses. They should also be able to clean up after themselves. This means that they should be dishwasher safe.

Look for a set of knives that is durable. Durability is very important because you won't want to replace your knives every year. Make sure that the blades of your knives are sharpened regularly. Sharpening your knives properly ensures that they stay sharp for years to come.

Look for a set of knives that feels great in your hand. Knives that feel nice in your hands tend to perform better. After all, you wouldn't want to hold something that felt uncomfortable in your hands.

Make sure that you buy a set of knives that is affordable. While you may think that you need the most expensive set of knives possible, this isn't necessarily true. Instead, you should purchase a set of knives that meets your budget constraints. You don't want to end up paying hundreds of dollars for a set of knives that you never use.

When you're looking for a set of knives, keep in mind that having a variety of sizes and shapes makes life easier. Having multiple sets of knives allows you to switch between tasks easily. For example, you could have a small set of kitchen knives, medium sized carving knives, and large chef's knives.

Features To Consider When Buying Skif Knives

Blade length. The blade length of a knife is important. Choose a knife that has a blade that's comfortable to hold and cuts well. Longer blades tend to cut through food more easily than shorter ones do.

Handle material. Knives made from wood, bone, horn, antler, or other materials are often less expensive than those made from stainless steel. However, they may lack durability. Stainless steel knives are usually stronger and more durable than their wooden counterparts.

Weight. How heavy a knife feels in your hand is another factor to consider. Heavy knives are easier to handle and maneuver, but they weigh more. Lightweight knives are easier to carry and maneuver, but they may slip out of your hands if you accidentally drop them.

Comfort. Comfort is another consideration when shopping for a knife. Some knives are uncomfortable to hold and use. Others are very comfortable to hold and use. Make sure you test out a few knives before settling on one.

Durability. Durable knives stay sharp longer and perform better over time. They're also safer to use. But, they cost more.

Sharpness. Sharp knives are easier to clean and maintain. Dull knives take longer to sharpen and are harder to clean. Sharper knives are easier to clean and maintain.

Size. Size matters. Smaller knives are easier to store and transport. Larger knives are easier to wield and work with larger pieces of meat and produce.

Shape. Round knives are easier to grip and control than straight knives. Straight knives are easier to push into food and slice off slices. Round knives are easier to grip and control.

Tip shape. Tip shapes range from flat to curved. Flat tips are easier to grasp and control and are great for slicing meats and vegetables. Curved tips are easier to stab and chop with. Flat tips are easier to grasp and control and are great for slicing meats and vegetables.

Different Types Of Skif Knives

Knives are essential tools for any kitchen. Whether you use them to chop vegetables, slice bread, cut meat, or dice onions, having the right tool makes cooking a breeze. Skif knives are specifically designed for cutting food. skif knives are thin and flexible enough to easily penetrate through tough foods without damaging delicate items. Here are some of the top brands of skif knives currently available.

Griffin Knives. Griffin knives were originally created by a man named John Griggs. He was inspired by his love of hunting and fishing. His goal was to create a knife that could handle heavy duty tasks while remaining light and comfortable to hold. Today, Griffin knives are known for their quality craftsmanship and durability. Their blades are forged from heat treated carbon steel and stainless steel. All of their knives feature a black G10 handle and a titanium pocket clip. These are available in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 12 inches long.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are well known for their versatility. skif knives are small and lightweight making them perfect for camping trips and hiking excursions. They are also incredibly durable. Each blade features a hardened edge that allows them to cut through almost anything. These are available in sizes ranging from 2 inch to 6 inches long.

Swiss Army Knives. Swiss Army Knives are famous for their ability to perform multiple functions. skif knives are compact and lightweight allowing you to bring them anywhere. skif knives are also versatile enough to be used for everything from opening cans to carving meats. These are available in sizes ranging from 1 inch to 5 inches long.

Wusthof Classic Cutlery. Wusthof classic cutlery is a German brand that specializes in producing premium quality cutlery. They are known for their attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Their knives are handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional methods. They are available in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches long.


KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight

  • Edge Angles - 20 Degrees
  • Overall length 11.875 inches
  • The most famous fixed blade knife design in the world
  • 1095 Cro-van steel
  • Leather Handle, USMC Fightning Knife
  • 7" Straight Edge Blade
  • Knife Made in USA, Leather Sheath made in Mexico

KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Straight Edge Knife

  • Black metal belt Clip (1480Clip) included
  • Designed by john benner, founder and owner of tactical defense institute
  • Aus 8a stainless steel blade
  • Zytel handle
  • Overall length 5-5/8 inch
  • Law enforcement knife ideal as "last option" knife
  • Sheath wears on pant belt in well-concealed location
  • Black powder-coated blade made of AUS 8A stainless steel
  • Available with choice of serrated or straight edge
  • Textured Zytel handle; measures 5-5/8 inches overall
  • Law enforcement knife ideal as "last option" knife
  • Sheath wears on pant belt in well-concealed location
  • Black powder-coated blade made of AUS 8A stainless steel
  • Available with choice of serrated or straight edge
  • Textured Zytel handle; measures 5-5/8 inches overall

Zero Tolerance 0350 Folding Pocket Knife; 3.25 S30V Stainless Steel Blade with Black Tungsten DLC Finish; Textured G-10 Handle Scales, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Liner Lock, Quad-Mount Clip; 6.2 OZ.

  • High performance and premium quality S350V stainless steel makes the recurve blade extremely durable, corrosion resistant and wear resistant
  • Non-reflective black Tungsten DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) blade coating and black G-10 handle scales cleanly pair together for a sleek, smooth, aggressive knife
  • Quad-mount pocket clip convenient for left or right handed, tip-up, or tip-down carry
  • Ideal EDC, easy folding pocket knife for everyday tasks—survival tool, precision cutting, self-defense, tactical use or the perfect gift
  • General all-purpose knife great for EDC or use while working, camping, fishing, hunting, utility or any outdoor activity

Kershaw Kuro (1835TBLKST), Pocket Knife with Partially Serrated 3.1 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel Blade with Black-Oxide Coating; Glass-Filled Nylon Handle; SpeedSafe Assisted Open with Flipper, 3.2 oz.

  • 3.1” blade made of high-performance 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade offers strength, corrosion resistance and good edge retention
  • Black glass-filled nylon handle scales provide an eye-catching pattern for greater gripping traction and unmatched style
  • Modified tanto blade features a drop-point for strong piercing power and a serrated edge for cutting tough materials with ease
  • Excellent tool for any hobbyist, landscaper, contractor, wilderness guide, warehouse worker or knife enthusiast in need of a sturdy EDC
  • Versatile cutting edge is useful for cutting heavy cordage, preparing kindling, removing zip-ties, animal defense and everyday home tasks

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife with 3.1in Serrated Clip Point Blade and Aluminum Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC

  • DIMENSIONS: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 3.5 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, aluminum handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features jimping and serrations
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]

Kershaw Cryo Blackwash (1555BW); Rick Hinderer Design Drop Point Pocket Knife; SpeedSafe Assisted Opening with Flipper or Thumbstud; 4-Position Deep-Carry Pocketclip; Lanyard Hole; Frame Lock; 4.1 oz

  • Pre-drilled holes for 4-way pocket clip allow tip-up or tip-down carry on right and left side; handle also accommodates clip for deep pocket carry
  • Handle features open construction aluminum tube spacers for lightness, easy maintenance and ageless good looks
  • Closed length: 3. 75 inches; overall length: 6. 5 inches
  • Speed Safe allows one-handed deployment for utility or in emergency when hunting, fishing, camping or working around home, office, barn or garage
  • Unswervingly tough with vintage appeal, the Cryo in Blackwash makes an excellent gift for collectors, service personnel, outdoor enthusiasts or first responders

Kershaw Secret Agent (4007); Concealable Boot Knife with Strong Single Edge 4.4 Inch 8Cr13MoV Steel Blade; Arrives with Dual Carry Molded Sheath and Stealthy Non-Reflective Black Oxide Finish, 3 OZ

  • 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade with high carbon is heat treated for performance, hardness and durability
  • Handle is reinforced synthetic polymer encased by textured rubber for grip security; reinforcement provides increased strength, stiffness and stability
  • Tech rich black oxide coating converts steel to magnetite to boost appearance and corrosion resistance
  • High performing sheath provides clip for belt or UWB carry and slots for leg carry straps; both ensure users’ preference for accessibility
  • Blade’s first edition survives torture test seen on Survival Bros; fans claim it slices through plastic, aluminum, kelp, rope, jellyfish and fiberglass

Kershaw Lifter (1302BW); Tactical Tanto Pocket Knife with 3.5 Inch 4Cr14 Steel Blackwashed Blade with Stainless Steel Blackwash Handle, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and Deep-Carry Pocketclip; 3.2 OZ.

  • Large 3.5-inch modified tanto blade makes for a great tactical utility knife; the blackwash finish gives the blade a tough and worn look
  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening allows quick and easy opening by using the flipper; users can open the knife with built-in thumb stud
  • Stainless-steel handle is durable and corrosion resistant; comes with a blackwash finish and includes a lanyard hole for ultimate carrying capacity
  • The deep-carry pocketclip sits low in the pocket for a comfortable and discreet carry when necessary
  • Slim frame lock keeps the knife in the open position during use and includes a stabilizer to ensure lock stays in place

CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife: Compact EDC Straight Edge Utility Knife with Stainless Steel Blade and Framelock Handle - Black Stonewash 2490KS

  • Enhanced Protection: Black stonewash is durable and ages well
  • Maximum Control: On blade friction grooves for grip
  • Low Profile: Pocket clip provides secure carry
  • Designed by Lucas Burnley in Bend, Oregon
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details

GERBER StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife with Fine Edge - Coyote Brown

  • StrongArm tactical knife features a coyote brown handle and a fine edge, full tang 420HC steel blade
  • Durable survival knife has ceramic blade coating and rubberized diamond texture grip
  • Break through hard surfaces in emergencies with the tactical knife’s striking pommel
  • Four mounting pieces and sheath can be used for mounting on MOLLE, belt, or in drop-leg fashion
  • Gerber gear is proudly made in USA at Gerber's Portland, Oregon factory

Kershaw Flourish Pocket Knife (3935); 3.5-Inch Blackwash Clip Point Blade with Black Carbon Fiber Handle; Features SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Flipper, Lanyard Hole and Reversible Pocket Clip; 5.3 OZ.

  • Flipper gives users the ability to open the knife blade with just the flick of a thumb
  • Patented SpeedSafe Assisted Opening allows users to swiftly open the pocket knife with minimal effort; designed by famed Kershaw knife maker, Ken Onion
  • Reversible clip allows users to flip pocketknife blade to yield right or left-handed use for optimal ambidextrous carry options
  • Built-in liner lock keeps knife securely locked in place during use to ensure safe and sturdy handling
  • Conveniently placed lanyard hole is located at the tip of the pocketknife to allow easy storing and concealment options

Kershaw Barricade (8650) Orange Multifunction Rescue Pocket Knife with 3.5 Inch Stainless Steel Blade; SpeedSafe Opening, Glass Breaker Tip, Belt Cutter, Pocketclip; 4.5 oz

  • The ultimate value in multi-use rescue blades for everyday carry or storage in every automobile, glove box, tool box, garage or camp site
  • Includes bright orange handle that proves easy to find when unexpected emergencies arise
  • Features carbide tip hard glass breaker for auto emergencies that require breaking the car windshield or passenger window for rescue
  • Includes a protected sharpened edge shaped to trap and cut tangled cords or seatbelts in emergency release situations without harming or further injuring oneself or the victim edit
  • Blade coated with carbon enhanced black oxide to hold a sharp edge and allow ease of sharpening

Gerber Paralite Knife, Rose [30-001344]

  • All steel construction for durability
  • Dual thumbstuds for easy opening
  • Modern drop point blade tip
  • Frame lock for easy one-hand closing
  • Blade length: 3.0"

Eafengrow EF226 Folding Knives D2 Blade and G10 Handle Knife Outdoor Camping Hiking EDC Tools (black)

  • Knife overall length :8.7 inch ,blade length :3.9 inch and handle length :4.8 inch.Blade thickness :0.45 cm .Blade width :3cm,Net weight : 4.72 oz (133.7 g).
  • D2 Steel Blade Knife : Durable D2 steel blade provides razor sharp,and with good anti corrosion property and high wear resistance
  • G10 Handle knife : Solid G10 handle has excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance,unique ergonomic design offers a solid grip and comfortable in-hand feel,easy operation.
  • Versatile pocket carry and ideal companion for wilderness guides, backpackers, landscapers and knife enthusiasts
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE & SERVICE - Eafengrow EDC professional outdoor knife is suitable for camping outdoor hiking fishing and other outdoor activity.

Blue Professional Kitchen Knife Chef Set, Kitchen Knife Set Stainless Steel, Kitchen Knife Set Dishwasher Safe with Sheathes

  • Resistant to corrosion & scratch – The surface of Wanbasion professional kitchen knife set with cover is titanium coating. Wanbasion chef kitchen knife set with cover is resistant to corrosion and scratch. So Wanbasion stainless steel kitchen knife set with cover will keep their beautiful looks and food safety for years to come.
  • Resistant to rust & stains - Wanbasion stainless steel kitchen knife set with sheath is resistant to rust and stains. Wanbasion kitchen knife set dishwasher safe with sheath provides users with a lot of strength and knife hardness.Wanbasion professional kitchen knife set with sheath makes it a great choice for kitchen cooking tougher jobs.
  • Better flexible - A special process is used to guarantee the quality of Wanbasion Professional kitchen chef knife set. The set of kitchen knives are more flexible, so the Sharp kitchen knife set with sheath is hard to bend and break.
  • Excellent sharp & long edge retention - The new precision edge technology enhances the wanbasion chef kitchen knife set for cooking sharpness.And the technology improves Wanbasion Stainless steel kitchen knife set with cover long sharp edge retention.

Gerber Gear 31-003731 Quadrant Fixed Blade Knife, Folding Knife with Pocket Clip, EDC Gear, 2.7 Inch Blade, Bamboo

  • Features 2.7 inch straight edge sheep foot blade for the everyday carrier
  • Slim design fits compactly in a pocket with bamboo handle scales and pocket clip
  • Finger flipping opening allows blade to be used with ease and frame lock to hold blade steady when in use
  • Designed for where function meets style; Folding knife makes a great addition for job sites and daily tasks
  • Overall length: 6.75 inches, weight: 4.5 ounces; Included limited lifetime warranty

GERBER Jukebox, EDC Pocket Knife with Straight Edge Blade Flipper, Tortoise Shell [31-003761]

  • The Jukebox is reminiscent of a knife that could be found in an old school barber shop, a polished gentleman's knife that can be easily carried in pocket.
  • An extended tang finger flipper is uniquely designed for easy deployment without sacrificing design.
  • A fully fine edge, modern sheep foot blade is not only on trend, but offers practical utility for everyday tasks.
  • The Liner Lock safety feature provides confidence during use and easy one-handed closing, and pocket clip to keep it secure when stored.
  • The Jukebox features a 2.7 inch satin finished fine edge blade, with acrylic handle scales available in two unique colorways.

CIVIVI Knives Elementum Folding Pocket Knife 2.96" D2 Satin Blade,G-10 Handles C907E (Green)

  • Sharp Folding Pocket Knife: Durable D2 foldable knife blade with hardness 59-61 RC, provides razor sharp cutting performance, stylish locking liner
  • Practical Knife Handle: Sports a lightweight G-10 knife handle scales provide secure grip and comfortable in-hand feel
  • Smooth Flipper Deployment: Ceramic ball bearings in the pivot allow effortless blade opening via flipper, easy-used pocket knife
  • Utility Folding Knife: Capable of accomplishing various daily tasks,make it reliable for everyday carry,camping, hunting,indoor and outdoor activities
  • CIVIVI Warranty: Our folding pocket knives provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

We Knife Co. 704X-R Red Folding Pocket Knife - D2 Steel 3.5in Blade - Hollow Grind - Textured G10 Scales Handle - Upswept Blade Tip - Liner Lock - EDC Pocket Knife

  • DESIGN: This EDC Pocket Knife has incredible fit-and-finish, action, and overall design - Knife offers smooth flipping action for responsive and reliable one-handed blade deployment - Very ergonomic handle with a sleek, modern design - Everything comes packed in a black nylon zippered storage case
  • PREMIUM BLADE: Resilient D2 Steel blade offers superb cutting performance - Has a bead blast finished blade with a slight upswept tip - Hollow Grind Blade
  • HANDLE: Ergonomic handle with Textured G10 scales - Stainless Steel Handle Construction with reinforced steel insert provides comfortable everyday use and secure blade lock up - Liner Lock - Ceramic ball bearing pivot for rapid one-handed deployment - Fitted with a secure tip-up stainless steel pocket clip
  • DIMENSIONS: Blade Length: 3.5” - Handle Length: 4.5” - Overall Length: 8” - Weight: 3.7oz
  • HIGH-QUALITY: WE Knives are made using only the Best materials - Their innovative style, craftmanship, and precision has set them apart from many rival knife companies - WE Knives makes some of the coolest and most stylish knives around - We are convinced you will be happy with this knife, but if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, return this product for a full refund - no questions asked

Grand Way Folding Knife - Military Style - Boy Scouts Knife - Tactical Knife- EDC USMC Tactical Jack Knifes- Travel Accessories Gear

  • SPRING ASSISTED KNIFE is equipped with a safe and reliable liner lock. Equipped with the thumb studs for right and left hand opening. Sharp foldable pocket knife. Jack Knife. USMC marine knifes. Belt, Boot, Work and Hobby Knives.
  • ROSEWOOD AND BLACK METAL HANDLE HUNTING KNIFE is a stand out design. Since the knife is comparingly small- it can be stored in the truck, car or the boat to be available for camper at any emergency event. Small pocket knife for women, men. Perfect combat knife, cutting knife. Tactical gear. Pocket knife with a clip. Multitool knife.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE - made of metal with finger grooves and notches for comfortable and stiff grip. It is a great utility tool crafted from high quality and study materials for professional and tourism lovers alike. Gift idea for men and women. Stocking stuffers for men.
  • BLACK COATED 440C STAINLESS STEEL - excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening. Provides razor sharp cutting performance and high durability
  • COOL FOLDING KNIFE FOR Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Travel, Survival, Climbing, Biking. Deer Duck Hunting. EDC, Work, Self Defense, Rescue, Safety, Military and Army Knife. Cool camp and boy scout survival gear. Camping accessories cooking, kitchen tools. Hunting and Fishing gear for men. PERFECT GIFT IDEA. Stocking stuffers for men.

Bundle of 2 Items - Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Folding Knives - Military EDC USMC Tactical Jack Knifes - Best Small Utility Multi Purpose All in One Tools for Men Women - Best for EDC Camping Hiking

  • ROSEWOOD AND BLACK METAL HANDLE HUNTING KNIFE is a stand out design. Since the knife is comparingly small- it can be stored in the truck, car or the boat to be available for camper at any emergency event. Small pocket knife for women, men. Perfect combat knife, cutting knife. Tactical gear. Pocket knife with a clip. Multitool knife.
  • SPRING ASSISTED KNIFE is equipped with a safe and reliable liner lock. Equipped with the thumb studs for right and left hand opening. Sharp foldable pocket knife. Jack Knife. USMC marine knifes. Belt, Boot, Work and Hobby Knives.
  • 12 INTEGRATED COMPONENTS - spring loaded pliers, wire cutter and wire stripper, folding blade knife, serrated edge knife, bottle opener, metal file, screwdrivers, saw-like blade with wavy chisel teeth, scoring blade. High quality mini multitool.
  • PERFECT MULTI-TOOL FOR EVERYTHING - Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Survival, Military, Army and Emergency. A perfect car, bike ,EDC multi tool for men and women.
  • COMES WITH A NYLON SHEATH which makes it possible to carry the multitool on. Belt knife. Multitool can also be carried in a pocket, purse or a backpack. Lightweight gear, accessories for EDC. !PERFECT GIFT FOR MEN AND WOMEN on Birthday, Christmas. Cool Father's day gift. Stocking Stuffer for men. Gift for dad, grandfather, handy man, neighbor, co-worker, etc. Father’s Day gift. Gifts for dad. Mini tool kit.

CIVIVI Ortis Flipper Pocket Knife, 3.25" Black Stonewashed 9CR18MOV Blade Liner Lock Knife For EDC C2013D (Double Black)

  • Corrosion resistance 9CR18MOV steel
  • Lightweight fiber-glass reinforced nylon handle
  • Flipper or thumb hole smooth opening
  • Convenient reversible pocket clip
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

CIVIVI Praxis Flipper Pocket Knife C803F

  • ✅【Practical Folding Hunting Knife】The knife action is strong and decisive,0.12”thin sharp point blade will be useful for all sorts of piercing tasks
  • ✅【Ergonomic Knife Handle】Praxis features a lightweight G-10 handle scales,secure and feels wonderful in hand
  • ✅【Smooth Opening Pocket Knife】Ball bearings in the pivot allow the knife flips open with ease
  • ✅【Reversible Deep-carry Pocket Clip Knife】It's not a small knife, but it carries very well, practically disappearing in the pocket,ideal folder for camping, hunting, hiking outdoor activities,everyday working carry or collection
  • ✅【CIVIVI Warranty】Our folding pocket knives provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

Full Tang EDC D2 Neck Knife Gift Set and Paracord Neck Knife Bundle

  • This bundle includes the 6.25" D2 Full Tang Neck Knife and the 6.25" D2 Paracord Neck Knife.
  • The handy K-Sheath of your knives features an upgraded Tek Lok + Lanyard hole, for easy attachment to your belt and safe & easy carrying everywhere.
  • The Flint Rod with the G10 handle and the G10 Scraper included will help you start a fire in nature, while the Allen Wrench will hold all attachments on the K-Sheath.
  • Spoil a loved camper, hunter, fisherman or backpacker with the ultimate Bushcraft knife. Offered in the attractive Gift Box, this outdoor knife makes the best gift!
  • Get a $5 discount when you buy the bundle.
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