Timber Wolf Gentlemans Pocket Knife - Lock Back, Stainless Steel Blade (Wood)

  • 7 1/2" Overall
  • 3 1/4" Blade
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Intricately Etched Handle
  • Hardwood Handle Accented With Stainless Steel

How To Choose The Best Shank Knife

A good knife is essential for every fisherman, but choosing the right one can be tricky. This article will help you decide what kind of blade you need, whether you prefer a fixed blade or folding knife, and where to get the best deal.

What Is A Shank Knife?

Shanks are the metal pieces that connect the handle to the blade of a knife. They are made of different materials depending on what type of knife you're using. For example, a folding knife will typically have two or three shanks while an all-purpose knife may only have one. Shanks come in many shapes and sizes, but most commonly they are either straight or curved. The length of the shank determines how much weight the knife has. Longer shanks make for heavier knives, while shorter ones make for lighter blades. You'll notice that some knives have no shanks at all, making them very light and easy to carry around. Others have long, thick shanks that add extra heft to the knife.

Why Would I Need A Shank Knife?

There are several reasons why you might want to own a shank knife. First, if you like carrying a knife, having a longer shank makes it easier to hold onto. Second, a longer shank allows you to get more leverage when cutting something, especially when working with thicker items. Third, a longer shank means less strain on your hand when holding the knife.

Who Needs A Shank Knife?

Knives are one of the most useful tools in any fisherman’s arsenal. Whether you fish for trout, salmon, bass, pike, or anything else, you need a quality blade to cut through tough fishing lures, hooks, lines, and other equipment. But sometimes, a simple pocketknife isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need a tool designed specifically for cutting baitfish, such as shanks.

Shad roe is a gelatinous substance found inside female shad and herring eggs. When removed, it makes the eggs easier to handle and increases the chances of catching a larger number of fish. Shrimp fishermen use this technique to catch large numbers of shrimp.

But shank knives aren’t just for shad roe. They can also be used to remove scales from mussels, crabs, clams, and other shellfish. Musselmen use these blades to clean their gear after each trip.

In addition to being able to remove roe and shells, shank knives can be used to open oysters, lobsters, and other crustaceans. Lobstermen use these blades to crack open hard-shelled lobster claws before cooking. Crabbers use them to split crab legs apart to expose the meat.

Shank knives are made of carbon steel, which is strong but flexible. Carbon steel is ideal for carving and shaping wood, metal, and plastic. Its flexibility allows you to shape it into almost any form you desire.

Archaeologists have discovered swords dating back thousands of years old made of carbon steel. These blades were used during battles against rival tribes and armies.

Today, carbon steel remains the standard material for most kitchen knives. However, modern technology has allowed manufacturers to create new materials that are stronger, lighter, and more durable than traditional carbon steel. One of the newest materials is titanium. Titanium is extremely light and very strong. It doesn’t rust, corrode, or break down over time.

Titanium is also hypoallergenic, meaning it does not cause skin irritation. Because of its strength and durability, titanium is perfect for outdoor activities where corrosion resistance is essential. Many titanium products are now manufactured using laser welding techniques. Laser welding creates a solid bond between two pieces of metal, ensuring that nothing separates while still maintaining the lightweight properties of titanium.

Another advantage of titanium is that it is non-magnetic. This means that it won’t affect electronic devices, including GPS systems and radar guns. Most importantly, titanium is virtually indestructible.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Shank Knife

If you've ever used a cheap knife, then you already know how frustrating it can be. Cheap knives tend to break easily and they just aren't very sharp. They're also difficult to sharpen because they have dull blades. This makes them less effective and harder to use. When you invest in a quality knife, however, you'll never want to go back to a cheap one again. A quality knife will provide years of reliable service. You won't find any better value anywhere.

A quality knife should feel solid in your hand. Knives that feel light or flimsy may bend under pressure. Quality knives should hold their shape even after being dropped onto concrete. A quality knife should be able to withstand heavy use. For example, if you fish often, you shouldn't have to worry about your knife breaking. Finally, a quality knife should come with a lifetime warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong with your knife, you'll receive free replacement parts and/or a refund.

When you purchase a quality knife, you'll notice the difference immediately. You'll appreciate having a knife that feels like it belongs in your hands. And you'll enjoy knowing that it will serve you faithfully for many years to come.

Features To Consider When Buying A Shank Knife

Blade length. The longer the blade, the more control you have over the fish you catch. Longer blades allow you to cut through thick meat easily while still being able to hold onto smaller fish.

Handle material. Knives made from wood or plastic tend to break easier than those made from metal. Metal handles are stronger and less prone to breaking. However, they may become slippery if wet. Wood handles are usually sturdier, but they can warp and split if exposed to moisture.

Weight. Heavy knives are harder to handle and can cause fatigue. Lightweight knives are easier to maneuver and are great for beginners who are just learning how to handle a fishing rod.

Stainless steel. Stainless steel has been used since the beginning of time. It's strong, durable and corrosion resistant. But, it doesn't rust. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities where exposure to elements is common.

Shank. Shanks are the part of the knife that connects the handle to the blade. They add strength and durability to the knife. Some models feature removable shanks so you can switch them out depending on the type of work you plan to do.

Spearpoint. Spearpoints are shaped differently than traditional blades. They taper toward the tip instead of tapering evenly across the entire blade. This allows you to penetrate deeper into the flesh of larger game.

Tip shape. Most spearpoint tips are triangular. Triangular points give you maximum penetration power and leverage. Round tips are softer and gentler on the fish.

Serrated edge. Serrated edges are sharpened teeth that run along the top of the blade. They're useful for cutting through tough materials such as rope and leather.

Length. Knife lengths range from 6 inches to 18 inches. Short knives are perfect for catching small fish. Larger knives are necessary for bigger fish.

Different Types Of Shank Knife

Knives are essential tools for any fisherman. Whether you are fishing for fish or hunting for food, having a good quality knife is important. Knives come in many shapes and sizes. Here we will look at some of the main types of knives that are commonly used by fishermen.

Shanks. Shanks are the part of the blade that connects the handle to the cutting edge. A typical shank knife has two parts - the handle and the shank. The handle is what holds the knife up and provides the grip. The shank is the actual cutting portion of the knife. When choosing a shank knife, you should consider how long the knife needs to be. For example, if you plan on using the knife for gutting fish, you might choose a shorter knife. On the other hand, if you plan on using the knife for skinning animals, you might choose a longer knife.

Spearfish. Spearfish are the blades that connect the handles to the shafts. These are sometimes referred to as "spearfisher's" knives. These are usually made from carbon steel and are fairly short. These are useful for spearing small fish and lures. shank knifes are also handy for cleaning fish.

Divers'. Divers' knives are the longest knives. shank knifes are normally made from stainless steel and are about 12 inches in length. shank knifes are primarily used for gutting fish. shank knifes are also useful for removing hooks and other debris from fish.

Spearfishers'. Spearfishers' knives are the shortest knives. shank knifes are usually made from carbon steel and are between 6 and 8 inches in length. shank knifes are mainly used for spearing lures and baits. These are also useful for cleaning fish.


Swift Shank - Stainless Steel Spearfishing Knife

  • 3.5 Inch long, double edged blade, serrated on one side.
  • Sharp tip for easy penetration.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Knife sheath with clip-in style retaining system.
  • Leg/arm straps included, or fit to your weight belt.

Off-Grid Knives - Rhino V2 with 154CM Blade Steel, Tumbled Black DLC Finish, Large Folding EDC Knife, Ceramic Ball Bearings, HRC 60, G10 Scales, Deep Pocket Carry (Blackout)

  • Rhino V2 = UPGRADED BLADE STEEL: 154CM is a tried and true, field tested and a proven performance winner for many years with all the top knife companies. it has excellent ware & corrosion resistance, incredible edge retention, awesome toughness, high hardness and to cap it off, relatively easy to sharpen.
  • DLC BLACKWASH: We used DLC (Diamond Like Coating) with a tumbled blackwash finish which hides any wear & tear and creates a non-reflective steel surface, adds additional corrosion resistance and toughness to the big blade. The Rhino V2 comes sharp out of the box and ready for immediate hard-use.
  • FAST DEPLOYMENT: The Rhino V2 has a large flipper tab with jimping for your index finger to deploy the blade with authority every time. The action is silky smooth, the big blade will lock into place with zero blade play. The fidget factor is high even for a big knife like the Rhino V2.
  • G10 SCALES & ERGOS: The large ergonomic grip accommodates all hand sizes, even with XL gloves you'll get a confident, safe and strong grip. The G10 scales have just enough texture to stay grippy and be comfortable for all-day use.
  • BUILT FOR MULTIPURPOSE EDC: Take it on a camping trip, or carry as a tactical knife. Either way, the Rhino V2 is perfect for all knife enthusiasts and collectors as well as military, law enforcement, border patrol, coast guard, federal agents, EMT's, first responders, fireman, hunters, campers, hikers, survivalists, preppers and all Off-Grid Adventurers.
  • CLIPS LOW & OUT OF SITE: The Rhino V2 will ride super low in your pocket, tip-up right or left carry, slips in-and-out of your pocket with ease as the clips screws are flush with the scales, no pocket snags. It's big but doesn't carry big in the pocket. The G10 backspacer was added to strengthen the overall build and add some extra heft to the Rhino V2's overbuilt design.
  • SPECS: Blade Length is 3.50 inches, width is 1.5 inches at the widest point, Blade Thickness 3.5mm, Handle is 4.55", Profile is .5 inches. Weight: 6.8oz

CJRB Folding Knife Feldspar Pocket Folding Knife Stonewash D2 Steel Blade G10 Tactical Handle EDC Knife Green-Large (J1912)

  • 【Simplicity At It’s Finest】 CJRB Feldspar series was designed to be a true everyman’s knife with a simple, highly functional design and true attention to small details that make this knife shine as the perfect EDC tool.
  • 【D2 Steel —— Strength and Durability】 D2 is a tried-and-true performance steel that stays sharp and performs well under the harshest conditions. It has high wear resistance and anti-wear properties,we Harden ours between 59-61 HRC in order to achieve peak performance on a tool that is made to last a lifetime.
  • 【Pure Performance】 Every element of this Pocket Folding knife has been designed with intention. From the sturdy drop-point blade, to the deep-carry clip, to the perfectly dialed-in thumb studs. This knife was especially made to be portable carried and used.
  • 【Inset Liners Bring More Comfortable Experience】 We’ve inset the liners of the Feldspar Folding knife into the G10 scales, allowing for a supremely comfortable grip and a thinner profile in hand.Instead of a full steel liner lock with sharp corners that bite into your hand.
  • 【From our Team to You】The Feldspar Folding Knife was designed by our designers and machinists. We wanted to make something that pulled no punches, compromised on nothing, and still stayed accessible to everyone who needs a good tool. The Feldspar Folding Knife is proof of our success.Meantime,we promise our knife 100% factory test with 1-year warranty. Please do not hesitate to contact our Service Team, we are here to help for any concerns within 24 hours.

Diamond Router Bits Golden Brazed Straight Shank for Quartz Stone Marble Seam Knife for Edge Cutting of Stone Marble(6.35x7x65mm)

  • DURABLE: The diamond router bits is made of high quality diamond, adopted brazing diamond process, can be used for long time
  • CONVENIENCE: The brazed bit is small in size, easy to carry and store, convenient to use and with good performance. With great workmanship, can perfect replacement for the old one
  • ADVANTAGE: The concrete router bit polished by brazing diamond technology, the service life is twice as long as the traditional diamond coating rotation point, saving money
  • PRACTICAL: The granite router bit can be used for edge cutting of stone, marble and granite, quartz stone, artificial stone, ceramic tile, etc.
  • APPLICATION: The brazed diamond router bits is applicable to a variety of models such as seaming machine, trimming machine, edging machine and gong machine

Kizer Compact Pocket Knife, 2 Inch Stonewashed S35VN Blade, Flipper & Thumb Stud, Ki2521 Flip Shank (Ki2521A3 (New Micarta))

  • Kizer Flip Shank Pocket Knife, 2 Inch Stonewashed S35VN Blade, Micarta Handle, Flipper & Thumb Stud, Ki2521A3
  • Stonewashed CPM-S35VN steel, sharp blade with good edge retention.
  • Closed Length: 3.125 Inches, Overall Length: 5.125 Inches, Blade Length: 2 Inches.
  • 3D titanium pocket clip for for everyday carry.
  • Small knife can work nicely.

Kizer Flip Shank 2 Inch Mini Pocket knife, S35VN Blade Knife with Black Titanium and G10 Handle, Flipper Knife with Thumb Stud, MoKi2521A1

  • Mini Pocket Knife:The blade is only 2 inches, easy for everyday Carry.
  • DEPENDABLE TO CARRY: The titanium and G10 handle features a pocket clip and a lanyard hole, making it ideal for everyday carry.
  • Stainless Steel Multitool:The multitool pocket knife is made of S35VN stainless steel with premium hardness and rust resistance.
  • SECURE, WELL-DESIGNED : This folding pocket knife not only offers one-handed deployment, but also is equipped with the thumb Stud for a quick assisted opening.
  • Best Gift for Outdoor Activities: This pocket knife is the best gift for adventure seekers. If you are looking for a great gift for that special someone in your life that loves to outdoors survival, camping, hiking and hunting.

CJRB CUTLERY Folding Knife Crag (J1904) AR-RPM9 Powder Steel Black PVD Blade Carbon Fiber Handle Pocket Knife EDC Knife

  • The CJRB folding tactical knife equipped a flipper to allow you to open the knife with either hand.
  • The cleaver-style blade is crafted with durable AR-RPM9 steel, the blade measures 3.43 inches long.
  • The blade material of this pocket knife for men is ARTISANCUTLERY patent AR-RPM9 powder steel.
  • Handle material consists of patterned carbon fiber to improve grip and prevent slipping.
  • A steel clip is attached to the handle so you can carry the knife conveniently in your pocket.

Tong Gu Knife Handle Blanks Material G10 Micarta Shank Patch Space Board for DIY Hilt Craft Supplies 4.7 x 1.6 x 0.3 inch (Blue & Red)

  • Material: G10,micarta.
  • Size: 4.7 x 1.6 x 0.3 inch/12 x 4 x 0.8 cm.
  • Package includes: 1 pc handle blanks.
  • Features: 1, It can be engraved,carved,or scrimshawed. Easy to cut,shape,drill,and buff to a glossy shine! 2, Premium material for creating your own knife handles!
  • The pictures in the description are polished, we sent out unpolished and you need to polish it by yourself.

CIVIVI Folding Pocket Knife, 2.96" D2 Black Stonewashed Blade Black Ebony Wood Handle, Elementum Liner Lock Flipper Knife with Deep Carry Pocket Clip for EDC C907W

  • D2 blade with a black stonewash finish provides razor sharp cutting performance.
  • Ceramic ball bearings in the pivot allow effortless blade opening via flipper tag.
  • Black finished liner lock mechanism for solid lock up.
  • Deep carry pocket clip and a lanyard hole, everday carry knife for men.
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. CIVIVI USA local center provides faster response to take care of your requests.
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