X-ACTO X3311 N0. 1 Precision Knife With 5 No. 11 Blades, #1 Knife

  • Great for delicate, precision cutting, trimming, and stripping
  • Cuts paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film and acetate
  • Comes with a lightweight handle
  • Includes No 11 Classic Fine Point Blade
  • This is an aftermarket of generic part
  • Great for delicate, precision cutting, trimming, and stripping
  • Cuts paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film and acetate
  • Comes with a lightweight handle
  • Includes No 11 Classic Fine Point Blade

How To Choose The Best Precision Knife

A good knife is essential for every kitchen. You may not realise it, but knives have become increasingly important over the years as they have taken on more roles than just cutting food. They are used for everything from chopping vegetables to slicing bread, and even making pastry. If you're new to cooking, then you might not know what kind of knife you need. This article will help you decide whether you need a chef's knife, paring knife, serrated knife, utility knife, or something else entirely.

What Is A Precision Knife?

Precision knives are made for cutting precise cuts in materials like wood, leather, paper, plastic, foam, etc. They are typically sold at specialty stores like tool shops, hardware stores, and home improvement centers. Precision knives come in many different shapes and sizes, but most commonly they are either serrated or non-serrated. Serrated knives cut through material much easier than non-serrated knives because the teeth on the blade make it more effective at slicing through the material. The best quality precision knives will have high carbon steel blades, which are harder and sharper than stainless steel blades. Stainless steel blades tend to dull quickly, especially if they get wet. High carbon steel blades last longer and hold an edge better than stainless steel blades.

Where Should I Buy A Precision Knife?

You can find precision knives at any good kitchen supply shop, including big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes. You may even see some at your local grocery store. If you want to try before you buy, there are several online sources where you can purchase a precision knife.

Who Needs A Precision Knife?

Knives are essential tools for any kitchen. But while most people know how to use a regular chef's knife, many aren't familiar with other types of knives. Here's a look at five common types of knives and where they fit in the kitchen.

The utility knife is one of the most versatile knives around. It has a wide blade that makes it perfect for cutting through things like breads, meats, veggies, and cheeses. It's also ideal for opening jars and cans.

The paring knife is another useful tool. Its narrow blade allows you to cut smaller items such as tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. It's also handy for peeling garlic cloves and slicing soft cheese.

The carving knife is similar to a utility knife but its blade is longer. It's best suited for chopping meat, poultry, and fish. Carving knives are usually made of stainless steel.

The boning knife is designed to remove bones from food before cooking. It's typically made of carbon steel.

Finally, the serrated knife is a specialty item. It's meant for tasks like removing tough skin from chicken breasts and trimming large cuts of steak. Most serrated knives are made of stainless steel.

While these are only a handful of the various types of knives, each type serves a specific purpose.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Precision Knife

A sharp knife is one of the most essential tools in any kitchen. A dull blade makes cutting food difficult, and a blunt blade can damage delicate foods like fruits and vegetables. So how do you ensure that you have a sharp knife? Read on to learn about the different types of knives available, and then find the best knife for your needs.

Choosing a knife is similar to choosing a car. You want something that gets the job done efficiently, safely, and effectively. When buying a knife, you should think about what type of work you'll be performing with the knife. For example, if you plan to use the knife primarily for slicing breads, meats, and other soft foods, you might want to purchase a serrated knife. Serrated blades are great for slicing through tough cuts of meat, such as roasts and steaks. On the other hand, if you plan to use the knife mainly for chopping veggies, you may want to invest in a straight edge knife. Straight edges are ideal for chopping large amounts of produce, such as onions and garlic.

If you're looking for a versatile knife, you may want to opt for a chef's knife. This knife is perfect for general cooking tasks, including chopping veggies, mincing herbs, and dicing fruit. If you prefer a smaller knife, you could go with a paring knife. Paring knives are used for peeling and coring apples, tomatoes, and pears. They're also useful for trimming small pieces off larger items, such as mushrooms and carrots.

You can buy a variety of knives online. There are many reputable retailers who offer affordable knives. Just make sure that you read reviews and ratings before making a purchase. You can even ask friends and family members for recommendations. Once you've found a reliable retailer, you can rest assured that you'll receive a knife that will serve you well for years to come.

To keep your knife sharp, clean it regularly. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the blade after every use. Never leave it sitting in the sink overnight.

Features To Consider When Buying A Precision Knife

Sharp blades. The first step to using a precision knife is sharpening its blade. Sharp knives cut more easily and efficiently than dull ones do. This means they'll work faster and produce cleaner cuts. But if you don't sharpen them regularly, they may become blunt over time.

Stainless steel blades. Stainless steel is stronger than carbon steel, which makes stainless steel blades easier to maintain. They're also less prone to rusting.

Blade length. Blades longer than 6 inches tend to be harder to handle. Longer blades give you more control while cutting, but they take longer to sharpen. Short blades are easier to hold and maneuver, but they're hard to control and sharpen.

Handle style. Some handles are made of wood, plastic, or rubber. Wood handles are usually heavier than other types of handles, which makes them easier to grip. Rubber handles are light weight and comfortable to hold, but they tend to slip off your hand during cutting motions.

Comfortable grip. Grips that fit comfortably in your hands allow you to hold the knife securely. Choose grips that are wide enough to accommodate large fingers and thin enough to fit between your thumb and forefinger.

Size. Knives come in many sizes. Small knives are great for slicing vegetables and meats, while larger knives are ideal for chopping meat and poultry. Larger knives are also useful for carving roasts and breads.

Weight. Heavy knives are difficult to lift and carry, especially when full of food. Lightweight knives are easier to move around and store. However, lightweight knives are often flimsy and breakable.

Warranty. Most manufacturers offer warranties on their knives. These warranties cover repairs or replacements for defective parts.

Different Types Of Precision Knife

Whether you use them for cutting food or preparing ingredients, knives are important. Choosing the right knife for the job is crucial. Here we will look at some of the main differences between various types of knives.

Serrated Knives. Serrated knives are useful for slicing breads, meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. These are also good for cutting through tough foods like bones. They are also known as paring knives. These are sharpened on the outside edge rather than the inner side. This makes them less likely to slip off the blade. They are also safer to use since they won't dull quickly.

Honing Knives. Hone knifes are used for honing blades. These are used to sharpen the edges of blades. They are also used for removing rust from metal surfaces. They are also used for sharpening the outer sides of blades.

Chef's Knife. A chef's knife is used for chopping, dicing, mincing, and general prep work. These are also used for carving meat and poultry. precision knifes are sometimes called utility knives. They are also used for opening cans and jars.

Bread Knife. Bread knives are used for slicing breads. These are also used for cutting up tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, etc. precision knifes are also used for spreading butter and jam on bread.

Carving Knife. Carving knives are used for carving meats and poultry. These are also used for making decorative cuts on meats and poultry. These are also used for cutting fruit and vegetables.

Butcher's Knife. Butcher's knives are used for cutting large pieces of meat. These are also used for cutting bone and skin. precision knifes are also used for cutting up carcasses.

Slicer/Chopper. Slicers are used for slicing soft items like cheese, apples, pears, etc. These are also used for chopping herbs, garlic, onion, etc. precision knifes are also used for shredding cheeses and meats.


X-Acto No 1 Precision Knife | Z-Series, Craft Knife, with Safety Cap, #11 Fine Point Blade, Easy-Change Blade System

  • Precision knife with number 11 fine point blade for exact cuts
  • Sharp and durable zirconium nitride coated blade
  • Lightweight aluminum handle is easy to maneuver
  • Easily cuts paper, fabric, thin metal, and plastic
  • Safety cap for storage and portability. Zirconium nitride coating for durability

X-ACTO Z-Series #2 Precision Knife with Cap (XZ3602), Silver

  • The z-series is our sharpest, longest lasting knife ever
  • Zirconium-nitride coated blade for a sharper hone angle and increased durability
  • Heavy-duty #2 blades precisely cutting and trimming medium-density materials like cardboard, plastic, soft Wood and rubber
  • Cap protects your blade for simple storage
  • Includes: knife handle, #2 z-series blade and a cap

Color You Professional Stainless Steel Precision Knife Hobby Knife Razor Tool with 5 Spare Blades for Phone PC Tablet Drone Repair DIY Art Work Cutting Caving Knife Sculpture, etc.

  • Ideal for precision cutting of models, art work, wood, cardboard, wallpaper, foil and thin plastic sheets, etc.
  • 5 repaceable blades available, you don't need to worry about the replacement of the blades.
  • With protective cap to cover the blade, it can aviod unecessary cutting as the blade is very sharp.
  • With sharp and stainless steel blade, you can do your art craft working easier.
  • A lightweight aluminum handle with knife body non-slip design, make it easier to operate freely.

VViViD Premium Retractable Precision Balanced Multi-Use Utility Cutting Knife for Automotive Vinyl Wraps (2 Pack)

  • 30 degree blade features a unique transparent anti-sway, anti-vibration guard and auto-lock slide system, ensuring the blade won’t slide or slip while cutting.
  • Safety notch facilitates cutting string, twine, ribbon and even wrap-cut tape with the utmost safety!
  • Features a removable blade snapper, ensuring that you’re always working with a fresh blade to ensure the smoothest possible cuts.
  • Perfectly balanced, light-weight design ensures the greatest ease of use!

Excel Blades 16026 Fit Grip Knife, Ultra Sharp Hobby Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, Black, Contoured Rubberized Grip Light Duty Precision Cutting Tool.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT KNIFE FOR CRAFTS - The preferred cutting tool for a wide variety of art and design professionals and hobbyists alike. Designers love the K26 art knife by Excel Blade for its ability to produce careful and meticulous cuts with consistency.
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP HANDLE - This outstanding crafting knife boasts a contoured rubberized grip barrel for greater control and comfort, allowing for unparalleled movement and incredible balance when compared to any other precision craft knife.
  • MULTI PURPOSE - This indispensable tool of the trade is your new go to paper cutting knife for all manner of craft and design projects; including precision cutting of lightweight materials including vinyl and masking film.
  • CARBON STEEL ANGLED EDGE BLADE - Featuring a lightweight yet robust construction, the ultra sharp carbon steel angled edge blade on this paper carving knife is ideal for producing curved lines or circles into film, paper, stencils, and decals at every possible angle.
  • EXTRAS INCLUDED - Offering a lifetime of service for a great price, this USA made K26 hobby carving knife comes complete with a precision angled edge blade and shatter resistant safety cap to protect your blade during storage.

MulWark 16pc Precision Craft Hobby Utility Art Exacto Knife Set-Sharp Razor Knives Tool for Architecture Modeling, Scrapbooking,Felt&Wood&Leather Working-Stencil, Fine Point, Scoring, Chiseling Blade

  • BUILD TO LAST: The SK4 hardened carbon steel refill blades included are durable and rust-resistant, and can stand up to extended periods of tough projects to provide you with reliable and consistent daily cutting use. Professional tool kit for artist, architect, graphic designer, hobbyist and modeler
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The heavy-duty knife handle is made of soft rubber and ABS plastic with a thick base for added grip & stability and a flat part so it won’t roll off your desk. All the pen shaped handles weighted for balance with textured grip and superior control allows you to make accurate, delicate cuts
  • VARIOUS APPLICATION: Equipped with a full spectrum of light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty craft knives, you are able to handle detailed projects like a breeze involving precision cutting, scraping, trimming, chiseling, deburring, scoring, whittling, carving, sculpturing, etc.. Workable lightweight to heavyweight materials include all grades of paper, balsa wood, plastic, cloth, mat board, foam board, delicate fabrics, thin sheet metal, etc.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: This crafting knife tool kit comes with 13 pieces interchangeable blades, including #17, #18 chiseling blades, #2, #11 fine point blades, #10, #22 general purpose blades, #5 angled chisel blades, #16 cranked blade, #24 deburring blade, and stencil edge blade. The ambidextrous comfortable knife handles also support other standard X-acto blades, razor saw attachment, convex wood carving blade, or serrated saw. Once a craft knife blade has become dull it is easier to replace it
  • PERFECT STORAGE SOLUTION: All the knives and replacement blades are housed in a heavy duty plastic case with a closing latch and a magnetic slot on its lid to hold the replaceable blades securely for safe storage

Cricut TrueControl Knife Kit - For Use As a Precision Knife, Craft knife, Carving Knife and Hobby Knife - For Art, Scrapbooking, Stencils, and DIY Projects - Comes With 5 Spare Blades - [Rose]

  • Combo pack includes TrueControl Knife and 5 additional blades
  • Blade lock system gives you greater control - No-touch experience makes changing blades easy
  • Premium steel blades for effortless cuts - Cushioned grip, protective cap, and anti-roll feature
  • Use storage cartridge to track and dispose of used blades

FANTASTICAR Craft Knife Precision Cutter Hobby Knife Blades Set (29pcs) for Art Work, Scrapbooking, Stencil, Architecture Modeling, Wood Leather Working

  • [ Well Organized Case ] This hobby knife set includes stencil, fine point, scoring, chiseling blades, packed in a compact designed plastic storage case for convenient storage and carrying, keeping them well sorted in one place. All blades won't fall down or get messy when you open the case!
  • [ Durable Material ] Sharp and durable T10 alloy carbon steel blades effortlessly cuts through wood, cardboard, cloth, paper, plastic and thin metal
  • [ Effortless Usage ] Compatible with kinds of blades(6mm wide). Easy to change blades in 5 seconds or less. Rubber-wrapped aluminum handle make it easy to keep solid and prevent slipping
  • [ Multi-purpose ] A basic starter set of hobby craft knives for small cutting tasks and normally used to cut soft and lightweight materials, such as paper, card and thin pieces of wood. It’s ideal for tasks where precision is needed rather than strength, for example scrap-booking
  • [ Trusted Warranty ] FANTASTICAR provides a ONE-YEAR guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Any problem please feel free to contact us

Slice 10416 New Precision Cutter 10416, Craft Cutter, Micro-Ceramic Blade Lasts up to 11x Longer Than Metal, Hobby Knife With Precision Blade, Replaceable Blade

  • Slice safety blades' unique cutting edge might seem dull, but it cuts right through your material while keeping you safe! Slice blades are finger-friendly and safe to the touch
  • Other blades are dangerously sharp. Slice blades start at a safe and effective sharpness and stay there 11 times longer. Unique micro-ceramic blade guards against accidental punctures.
  • New no-roll design keeps tool handy while oval handle and index-finger grip ridges provide comfortable, ergonomic cutting for hours on end. Handle made from extremely durable glass-filled nylon.
  • Blade cartridge needs no extra tools to replace; just twist and pull. Advanced ceramic blade never rusts and lasts up to 11 times longer than metal blades.
  • Ideal for: detailed cuts to thin materials like washi tape, paper, freezer paper patterns, RC model vinyl. Always use with a cutting mat. A favorite for scraping in colored-pencil or scratchboard art.

125 PCS Precision Hobby Knife Kit ,110 PCS Carving Blades with 2 Handles, 11PCS SK5 Art Blades with 1 Handles, Cutting Board, Steel Rule,Craft Knife Set for DIY Art Work, Scrapbook.

  • RICH FUNCTIONS: We have considered the entire process for your assignment. The cutting board will protect your table from harm, and you can use the carving knife on it. The steel ruler has two scales, which can effectively measure the length, width and height, avoiding straight line deviation.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The knife kit fits more. Such as cutting wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, cloth, leather and foam board craft. The blade is very sharp, be careful when using it and replace it.
  • VALUABLE PACKAGING: 2 PCS carving craft knives,110 PCS blades in 3 shapes, 1 PCS Art knife with 10 PCS SK-5 Art blades, 1 PCS A5 PVC Cutting Board,1PCS Steel Rule.(20 CM/ 7.5 INCH).
  • PERFECT DESIGN: The carving craft knife has safety cap. The blades are placed in a box. All the products are packed in a big bag. The individual packaging design of each product allows you to carry and use safely.
  • AFTER-SALES SERVICE:The set of knife kit is rich and can accomplish almost every aspect of your project well. If you encounter any problems in the process of use, don’t hesitate, please contact us at the first time, we will have professional customer service for you one-on-one service, until you are satisfied.

Amazon Basics 29-Piece Precision Hobby Knife Set

  • 29-piece hobby knife set includes a modeling knife, 26 razor-sharp blades (6x #1,4x #3,4x #4,2x #10,6x #11,4x #12), a grindstone for sharpening, and a pair of tweezers
  • Made of durable, high-quality alloy steel; blade styles include: stencil, fine point, scoring, and chiseling
  • Useful for precise cutting, carving, trimming, chiseling, deburring, and more; effortlessly cuts through wood, thick cardboard, cloth material, crafting paper, plastic, and thin metal
  • Lightweight aluminum handle comes wrapped in slip-free rubber for added comfort and control; plastic storage case included for secure containment, organizing, and convenient carrying
  • Measures 5.9 by 3.8 by 1.6 inches; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

REXBETI 16 Piece Precision Hobby Craft Knife Set, with 10 Piece Refill SK5 Blades, Suitable for Halloween Pumpkin Carving, Art Modeling, Scrapbooking and Sculpture

  • 16 piece precision knife set for various hobby, craft, modeling and lots professional uses. You can carve simple patterns on pumpkins.
  • SK5 hardened carbon steel refill blades features durable and rust-resistant
  • Lightweight aluminum handle and textured grip reduces fatigue and offers fine grip all the time
  • 3-colors precision knife to helps you meet any tasks
  • Compact carrying case keeps every knife and blade in place

DIYSELF Upgrade Precision Carving Craft Knife Hobby Knife Kit Exacto Knife 40 Spare Knife Blades for Art, Scrapbooking, Stencil

  • Valuable Package Content: 2pcs hobby knives with safety cap, 40pcs blades in 3 shapes, 1pc steel ruler(6inch/15cm long)
  • Meet Your Different Needs:This cutting knife set comes with different kinds of craft knives and blades to meet your different needs with a great price.
  • Excellent Set of Knives:Light-weight metal handle arts knife with texture effectively reduce hand fatigue level and offers more steadily grip when you using it
  • Easy-change Blade System:Sharp blade change in 5 seconds or less.
  • 100% Risk Free Purchase:100% brand new and high quality,you will get friendly customer service. Compare with similar items

15 Packs Hobby Knife Precision Knife Set, Stainless Steel Precision Cutter Refill Craft Knife for Phone Repair, Art, Hobby, Scrapbooking, Stencil (Silver)

  • What you get: 15 packs hobby knife with safety cap, enough for your daily use; Useful knife set for lightweight precision cutting; Each knife is 14 cm/ 5.5 inch in length (length of the safety cap is not included)
  • Wide applications: precision knife with No.11 fine point blade, pointed enough for precise cutting, engraving, trimming and stripping from delicate to thick material, including paper, fabric, mat board, plastic, leather, metal, etc.
  • Good quality: the stainless steel blades are very pointed and the lightweight metal handle make cutting more easy, save your time and energy; Safety cap can protect you from getting hurt when the knife is not applied
  • How to use: first, unscrews the tip of your knife to unlock the blade and take out the dull razor, then swap out to lock the replacement blade in place and tighten it back up
  • Attention please: these blades are very pointed, so please watch out your fingers when you replace the blade to avoid any cutting and scratches; Cover the precision knife blade with safety cap after every-time use and keep it away from children

DIYSELF 23 Pack Craft Knife Precision Hobby Knife Kit, 1 Exacto Knife with 20 Spare Art Knife Blades for Art, Scrapbooking, Stencil

  • [Package Content]--- 1pc hobby knife with safety cap, 1 pc pink A5 PVC cutting mat, 20pc #11 blades, 1pc steel ruler (6inch/15cm long).
  • [A5 Self Healing Cutting Mat]--- The Double Sided Mat have 5-layer design for maximum durability,show inch, metric, and angled guides.
  • [Multi-Purpose]---The Knife Kit fits for Art,Hobby,Craft,Scrapbooking Stencil and more.
  • [Lightweight and Portable]--- Non-slip Design for Easy Grip.Light-weight metal handle arts knife with texture effectively reduce hand fatigue level and offers more steadily grip when you using it.
  • [100% Risk Free Purchase]--- If you are not satisfied with DIYSELF hobby knife blades set.Please contact us, we will provide your 100% service.

Cridoz Craft Knife Precision Cutter Carving Hobby Knife Kit Includes Self Healing Cutting Mat Hobby Knife and Blades Stainless Steel Ruler for Art Hobby Craft Scrapbooking Stencil

  • Value Craft Knife: Cridoz precision cutter kit includes 2pcs craft knives, 1pcs self healing cutting mat, 1pcs 9mm utility knife, 1pcs 12inch stainless steel ruler, 40pcs hobby blades (SK5) and 10 utility blades (SK5). This craft knife kit all built with high quality material to ensure the comfortable and smooth using
  • Hobby Knife with Hobby Blade: This precision cutter along with #11 fine point blade which is made of SK-5 high carbon steel for smooth cutting without tears and rips. And the lightweight aluminum handle with non-slip design reduces fatigue and offers more precision and smooth control
  • Double Sided Cutting Mat: Featuring with durable 5-Ply self healing construction to protect your craft knives, straight cutting blades, rotary cutter and work surface. This A4 craft mat is double side imprinted with inch, metric grids and different angles that will greatly help the cutting process
  • Steel Ruler and Utility Knife: Carving craft knife Kit also includes 1pcs durable 12inch ruler and 1pcs utility knife with 10pcs blade replacement. The ruler made of thick stainless steel with clear scale of inch and metric for convenient measurement. The retractable razor-sharp art knife is sk5 blade for fast and easy cutting. Each blades are made up of 12 tips snap blades for durable use
  • Versatile Craft Knife and Mat: Our craft cutter gives you huge versatility for precision cutting or carving on wood, foil, models, cardboard, paper, wallpaper, plastic, cloth, leather and foam board craft and ideal for variety of art and craft projects

Beaditive High Precision Detail Craft Knife - 30 Degree Blade Utility Knife - Art, Craft, Model Making

  • Highly Durable 30 Degree Blade – The 30 degree blade is essential for all kinds of precision work due to its sharpness and strength, and will allow you to make delicate cut through paper, vinyl, cardboard, plastic, foil, fabric, or leather with ease.
  • Lightweight, Triangle-Shaped Handle – The ergonomically designed handle is perfectly balanced and works for both right hand and left hand use.
  • Anti-Sway Transparent Clamp – The transparent clamp stabilizes the blade to minimize sway when cutting, which increases the precision of your work.
  • Auto-Lock Slider – The slider is positioned on the top of the handle for the best ergonomics, and it can withstand up to 8kg of pressure with its auto-lock mechanism.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product when you receive it, we will refund you immediately with no question asked.

Precision Knife, Craft Hobby Utility Carving Knife Set for Art, Hobby, Scrapbook and Sculpture Etc.,Contains 2 Knives, 20 Blades, EVA Storage Box, Ruler, Whetstone, Cleaning Cloth

  • ※ COMFORTABLE GRIP: Ergonomically designed handle,After special process treatment has excellent control,allowing you to make precise and delicate cuts.
  • ※ PERFECT STORAGE SOLUTION: The precision knife perfectly matches the storage box,Keep the tool in the best condition,easy to carry and use.
  • ※ LASTING SHARP: The hardened carbon steel filler blade is durable and can withstand tough projects,thus hobby knife providing you with reliable and consistent daily cutting use.
  • ※ WIDE RANGE OF USES: Craft knife can do it on paper,balsa,leather,cloth with performs such as precision cutting,shaving,trimming,scoring,etc.
  • ※ 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Syarme is a U.S. registered trademark,If you are not satisfied with the product,we will refund you every penny.Order today without risk!

Nova Precision Craft & Hobby Knife, Premium Safety Cutter for Trimming, Vinyl Weeding and Art, Innovative Flat Design for a Better Use, Retractable #11 Fine Point Blade, Super Slim and Safe

  • SUPER SLIM - Only 5mm thick! We created the new utility precision knife to be the most lighweighted and precise tool when it comes to steady, accurate cuts. Sharp and ergonomic will allow you to cut paper, foil, leather, cardboard, soft wood, rubber, vynil, PVC, plastic and many more.
  • ORIGINAL FLAT DESIGN - No more hassle and rolling on the table. With an ergonomic body and innovative flat design, the Nova cutter will stay still on your work desk.
  • POPULAR #11 BLADE - Finish your work in time by focusing on an accurate cut! The Nova craft razor knife allows you to easily replace the blade with a new one as it is compatible with the very popular #11 fine point blade.
  • NO CAP SYSTEM - Always worried about loosing the cap? No more! We built-in a retractable blade system that will pull it back to its body. With a 3 stop position you can regulate the blade length based on your task.
  • THE ULTIMATE CUTTER - Easy to use, the Nova versatile craft knife is the perfect precision fine point tool for modeling, crafting, industrial cutting and car wrapings. Get the best out of your work with the perfect cutting angle including 45 and 60 degrees.

Craft Knife 72-PACK Utility Knife Steel Hobby Knife Precision 2 Handles Knifes with 70pcs #11 Hobby Knife Blades with Storage Case for DIY,Art Work,Cutting,Carving Jetmore

  • [GREAT VALUE SET]: With 2pcs handles and 70pcs #11 sharp spare blades.Two knives can work simultaneously for two people,60pcs blades can make you have enough replacement blades to use.
  • [HIGH QUALITY]: Premium grade, High durability,sharp steel blades for you to create better.
  • [WIDELY USE]: Ideal for cutting wood, scrapbooking supplies, cardboard, paper, plastic, cloth, leather and foam board craft to meet your different needs.
  • [SAFETY CAPS&STORAGE CASE]: The knifes have safety cap.10PCS blades are placed in a box. The individual packaging box allows you to carry and use safely.
  • [AFTER SALES SERVICE]: If you have any question in the process of use,please contact us right away.We will provide you satisfied service.

Nova 121PCS Premium Craft & Hobby Knife Set, 1 Precision Knife with 120 SK2 #11 Hobby Blade Refill, Combination of Safety Art Knife and Sharp blades for Leather Art, Scrapbooking, Foam, Clay, Carving.

  • Best Value Combination - With 1 ergonomic craft knife & 120 premium #11 replacement blades in a single set, the knife handle holds each blade tight in place for secure & precise cuts. This set is ideal for graphic designers, artists, hobbyists, and professionals for making careful cuts and trims consistently with confidence and ease.
  • Original Flat Design - No more hassle and rolling on the table. With an ergonomic body and flat design, the Nova craft cutter will stay still on your work desk.
  • Innovative System - Nova built-in a retractable blade system that will pull it back to its body. With a 3 stop position you can regulate the blade length based on your task. Get the best out of your work with the perfect cutting angle including 45 and 60 degrees.
  • Carbon Steel Blades: Our sharp blades are made of SK-2 high carbon steel, a higher grade of steel than SK-5. The steel makes the tips stronger and the edges last longer.
  • Universal Size - Nova craft knife handles are compatible with most Exacto blades and the replacement blades also fit most Exacto knives. Highly standardized #11 blade with point tip.

Exacto Knife Precision Carving Craft Hobby Knife Kit with 40 PCS Exacto Blades for DIY Art Work Cutting, Hobby, Scrapbooking, Stencil

  • 【Package Includes】Exacto Knife kit comes with 2 PCS carving craft knives, 40 PCS blades in 4 shapes, 1 PCS Art knife with 10 PCS SK-5 Art blades, 1 PCS A5 PVC Cutting Board, 1 PCS Steel Rule
  • 【Premium Quality】This craft knife kit all built with high quality material, Sharp steel bladeis durable and can meet your different needs
  • 【Excellent Design】The lightweight utility knife with metal handle can effectively reduce hand fatigue and provide a more stable grip when used
  • 【Double Sided Cutting Mat】A5 PVC Cutting Board Featuring with durable 5-Ply self healing construction to protect your craft knives and make the blade more durable
  • 【Multi-Purpose Use】This hobby knife set is great for precision cutting of models, art work, cardboard, plastic, paper, wallpaper, cloth, etc

ENTAI Precision Craft Hobby Knife Kit, 16-Piece Precision Craft Knife Pumpkin Carving Kit for Crafting, with Wooden Box, with 10-Piece Blades for Carving, Model Building, DIY Art Work Cutting (1)

  • SK5 hardened carbon steel refill blades features durable and rust-resistant. Clever design really holds blades tight and the blades will never slip
  • Includes 3 piece precision knives and 13 piece razor sharp refill blades ( 3 piece already installed on the knife )
  • Lightweight and perfect balance handle offers a nice feel in the hands. Super easy to hold firmly and steadily with no slippage
  • All the knives and replacement blades are housed in a durable wooden box for storage
  • Razor sharp. Always make sure to keep away from children

Utility Knife, DAT Series-X Portable Box Cutter, Fine Point Arts and Crafts Blade for Precision Cutting, with 10 Blade Pieces (White, 1 Cutter 10 Blades)

  • Build: Precision knife with sharp, 30 degree snap-off alloy steel blade for optimal precision work. 5.5 IN x 0.6 IN knife size.
  • Ergonomic Design: Made to be accessible for both right and left handed users while providing a firm, comfortable grip while cutting.
  • Innovative Features: Stabilizing knife clamp, string cutter opening, and blade auto-locking device.
  • Utility: Perfect for arts, crafts, opening packages, letters, cardboard, etc. Lightweight and durable.
  • Extra Blades: Includes 10 blades for maximum value and long lasting use!
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