Nite Ize HipClip - Attachable Pocket Clip For Smartphones

  • UNIVERSAL ATTACHMENT TO SMARTPHONES OR HARD CASES OF ALL SIZES - Backed with 3M VHB adhesive, this pocket clip mounts securely in place to your device for as long as you want it to stay there (it can be removed)
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION + MATERIALS YOU CAN TRUST - This clip is made from durable stainless steel
  • ATTACH YOUR PHONE TO POCKETS, BELTS, OR BAGS INSTANTLY - The HipClip allows your device to attach to your side without the added bulk of a holster

How To Choose The Best Pocket Knife Clip Replacement

A good pocket knife has been a part of our lives since before we were born. They have become more than just tools - they are essential items that help us get things done around the house, work, and even travel. However, as much as we love our knives, sometimes they break, wear down, or simply lose their original shape. This is where a pocket clip comes into play. These clips hold your knife securely in place while keeping it close by, but not too tight.

What Is A Pocket Knife Clip Replacement?

Pocket knives come in many different shapes and sizes, but all have some sort of clip at the end of the blade to hold the knife closed. These clips are very useful for keeping the knife closed while carrying it around, but sometimes these clips break off during normal usage. If this happens, the only option is to buy a new clip. This can get expensive if you need more than just one clip! Luckily there is an easy solution - replace the broken clip with a new one! You can find replacement clips online or even make your own using a paperclip and a small screwdriver. The process is simple enough that anyone could do it themselves, and the results look pretty good too!

Who Needs A Pocket Knife Clip Replacement?

Pocket knives are useful tools. But sometimes, they can be difficult to use. When this happens, you might wonder how you could replace the lost or broken clips. Fortunately, there are several options available.

The most common type of pocket knife clip is called a "clip". These are usually made of metal and designed to hold a blade securely in place. However, they can break easily. And once they do, you'll probably wish you had replaced them before they broke.

Fortunately, there are other types of pocket knife clips available. Some are made of plastic. Others are made of wood. Still others are made of leather. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

In addition to replacing the original clips, you might think about using a new pocket knife sheath. Sheaths protect the blades of your knives. They also prevent accidental cuts. And they look cool.

But if you already have a sheath, you might want to check to see if it works with your particular model of knife. Many models require special pockets inside the sheath. If yours doesn't, you might need to purchase a separate one.

Finally, you might want to consider purchasing a new set of pocket knives. While these aren't necessary, they can add variety to your collection. And they can be very useful. After all, you never know when you'll need a kitchen tool.

So, whether you need a pocket knife clip replacement or a new sheath, there are several options available. Just shop around until you find the right fit for you.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Pocket Knife Clip Replacement

A pocket knife is one of those items that most people take for granted. After all, they have become so commonplace that we often forget how special they really are. A pocket knife is a tool that can save lives. They can be used to open cans, cut rope, pry things apart, and even perform other useful tasks. Unfortunately, many pocket knives do not come with a proper pocket clip. This makes them difficult to use and sometimes dangerous if dropped.

If you want to keep your pocket knife safe, then you should invest in a quality pocket knife clip replacement. These clips are designed specifically to hold your pocket knife securely in place. You won't find any cheap plastic replacements here. Instead, you'll find genuine leather or stainless steel clips that are strong and durable.

You may think that buying a pocket knife clip replacement would cost a fortune. And, you can usually find discounts on bulk purchases.

In addition to being affordable, pocket knife clip replacements are easy to install. Simply slide the replacement clip onto your pocket knife, snap it closed, and you're done. No tools required!

Pocket knife clip replacements are available in different sizes and shapes. For example, you might prefer a clip that holds your pocket knife firmly in place, but allows you to easily remove it. Or maybe you like having a clip that keeps your pocket knife secure, but lets you quickly access it. Whatever type of clip you prefer, you can find it online. Just search for pocket knife clip or pocket knife clip.

Once you've found a pocket knife clip replacement that works for you, you'll wonder why you didn't purchase it sooner. Now that you know about the importance of owning a pocket knife clip replacement, you'll never go without again.

Features To Consider When Buying A Pocket Knife Clip Replacement

Pocket clips. Pocket knives are great tools for cutting paper, opening envelopes, and more. But they're also handy for other tasks, such as clipping papers together or holding pens and pencils. And if you lose a pocket clip, you may never know where it went!

Clips are inexpensive. They're available in many styles and sizes, so there's something for everyone. Plus, most clips are made of metal, so they're durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Easy to replace. Most clips are simple to remove and install. Simply pull them off and slide them into their new location. Some clips even feature spring-loaded mechanisms that automatically snap into place once you've installed them correctly.

Versatile. Clips work well for just about anything. Use them to hold papers together, attach notes to documents, or secure items inside pockets. The possibilities are endless.

Quality. Quality matters. Look for clips that are sturdy and reliable. Check reviews online to learn what others think of the quality of the clips you're considering.

Size. Choose a clip that fits your needs. Smaller clips are easier to hide while larger ones are easier to grip. Consider how often you plan on using the clip and pick accordingly.

Material. Metal clips tend to be stronger than plastic counterparts. However, both materials are strong enough to handle everyday use.

Cost. Prices depend on the style and material used. Keep this in mind when shopping.

Different Types Of Pocket Knife Clip Replacement

Pocket knives are a staple item in any man’s toolkit. Whether you use them for cutting things up, opening cans, or simply keeping your keys organized, pocket knives are essential tools. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Over time, the blade wears down and eventually needs replacing. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to replace your old worn out blades without having to spend a fortune.

Clip Replacement. Clip replacements are essentially small metal clips that attach to the end of your blade. pocket knife clip replacements are cheap and easy to install. Simply remove the old clip and slide in the new one. To keep your blade sharp, you should sharpen the edge of the blade every few months.

Pocket Clips. Pocket clips are similar to clip replacements except they are smaller and fit better in tight spaces. These are also less likely to fall off your blade. pocket knife clip replacements are also cheaper than clip replacements.

Hole Replacements. Hole replacements are the ultimate solution for those who cannot live without their pocket knives. A hole replacement is a piece of plastic that fits over the top of your blade. When you cut something, the plastic cuts through and creates a hole in the material. This allows the blade to continue working properly.

Replacement Holes. Replacement holes are exactly what they sound like. These are pieces of plastic that create a hole in whatever you are cutting. pocket knife clip replacements are inexpensive and easy to install. Just peel away the backing and stick it on your blade. Make sure to clean the area well beforehand though.


For Spyderco C81 C10 C11 Pocket Back Clip, 3-hole Titanium Alloy Deep Carry Pocket Clip, 55x12mm

  • Compatible: Only suitable for Spyderco C81 C10 C11.
  • Pocket Clip Made of high quality Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip.
  • Pocket clip designed for 3-hole design. Size: About 55x12mm
  • Brief design and easy to use. Package includes: 1x Pocket Clip
  • Package includes: 1x Pocket Clip, Color: Black, Stonewash

DROP + Ferrum Forge Titanium Pocket Clips V2 for Falcon, Crux, BUC, and Dao Knives (Grey)

  • After the first shipment of the Ferrum Forge Falcon, there was one thing that could be improved, the pocket clip.
  • Stronger Clips in 4 Colors: The result of multiple rounds of prototyping between Ferrum Forge and WE Knife, these updated clips are nearly 20-percent stronger than before
  • Compatibility: In addition to the original gray bead-blasted finish, we’re offering them in three other colors so you can mix and match with your Falcons, Cruxes, Bucs, and Daos.
  • Withstands 17% more force before deforming (70N vs 60N)
  • Fits Ferrum Forge Falcon, Crux, Buc, and Dao (not Gent).

1PC Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Benchmade 535 Stone Wash

  • 1PC Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Benchmade 535 Stone Wash
  • Includes the 1*clip only.

Deep Carry Titanium Pocket Clip For Benchmade Griptillian Emerson ProTech USA

  • Deep Carry Titanium Clip For Benchmade / Emerson / ProTech
  • Clips fit most Emersons, as well as some of Benchmade's most common models, including the Griptillian and Mini-Grip series, the Bugout, and the 940 series, among others. This design also works with several ProTech and ZT knives. See compatibility list below.
  • Model Compatibility: (For details,please see description)Benchmade 560 Series (Freek) 565 Series 575 Series (Mini-Presidio) 585 Series 595 Series (Mini-Boost) 940 Series 980 Turret Auto Stryker Bailout Barrage Bugout Bugout CF Elite Crooked River Mini Crooked River Griptillian Series Mini-Freek Mini-Grip Series Nakamura Outlast 365 Presidio Presidio II Stimulus Series Vallation Series Volli Emerson A-100 Bulldog Commander CQC-7 CQC-8 CQC-14 CQC-15 Kwaiken Renegade Roadhouse Mini Roadhouse
  • Package include : 1PC Clip only (no screws or knife)

TEAMWILL 2PCS Stone Wash Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Benchmade 535 US

  • 2PCS Stone Wash Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Benchmade 535
  • Includes the 2*clips only. Knife not included.

Knife Deep Carry Pocket Clip Replacement 3 Hole,Titanium EDC Folding Knife Clip w/ Screws for Spyderco Paramilitary 2, C81 C10

  • Suitable for Spyderco Paramilitary 2, C81 C10, Para 3, Manix 2, Manix 2 XL, G10 Police, Delica 4, Endura 4, Stretch, Yojimbo 2, Domino Navaja Chokwe Szabo Smock, Gayle Bradley, Native 5 G10, Native 5 CF (carbon fiber), and Native Chief (Note: this clip will not fit the Native 5 FRN or lightweight models.)
  • The clip is made of 6al-4v titanium alloy
  • T6 torx screw material is TC4 titanium alloy, Machined by CNC lathe. these screws do not fit C156 and Endura 4
  • The package contains: 1 X clip, 3 X Screws

Knife Pocket Clip Carbon Fiber Replacement 3 Hole,Luxury EDC Folding Knife Clip for Spyderco w/ Titanium Screws

  • Suitable for most Spyderco brand knives with 3 holes, except for C36 and C122.
  • Suitable model: C10, C11, C41, C81, C90, C95, C101, C149, C223, Paramilitary 2, Para 3, Manix 2, Manix 2 XL, G10 Police, Delica 4, Endura 4, Stretch, G10 Native 5, Yojimbo 2, Domino Navaja Chokwe Szabo Smock, Gayle Bradley etc.
  • Luxury Carbon Fiber Knife Clip Replacement.
  • T6 torx screw material is TC4 titanium alloy, Machined by CNC lathe, these screws do not fit C156 and Endura 4
  • The package contains: 1 X clip, 3 X Screws

4PCS Deep Carry Pocket Clip Compatible with Benchmade 535 with screws Stone Wash & Black Color

  • Deep Carry Pocket Clip Allow Your Folder To Sit Deep Inside Pocket
  • Made Using Grade Metal,Durable and Strong
  • Clips will come countersunk with screws
  • Package includes: 2 PCS Black+ 2PCS Stone wash color Deep Carry Pocket Clips,total 4pcs with screws
  • Compatible with Benchmade 535
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