How To Choose The Best Ozark Trail Knife

A good knife is essential for every outdoorsman. If you're planning on spending more than just a few hours outside, then you might as well invest in a quality knife. This article will help you decide what kind of blade you need, whether you prefer a fixed blade or folding knife, and where to get the best deal.

What Is A Ozark Trail Knife?

The Ozark Trail Knife Company was founded in 2003 by two friends who wanted to create a line of knives that were built for outdoor adventures. The company has since grown into an industry leader in high quality folding knives. Their products are made in America using only American steel and many of their blades are forged in Missouri. They offer several different models ranging from fixed blade hunting knives to multi-tools and even survival tools. All of their knives come with lifetime warranty and free sharpening service.

Where Can I Buy A Ozark Trail Knife?

You can also purchase these knives online through their website. If you want to learn more about this brand, check out our review of the Ozark Trail Knife Company here!

Who Needs A Ozark Trail Knife?

The Ozark Trail Knife Company has been around since 1883. Their knives are made using traditional American steel blades and handle materials. These tools are designed to last a lifetime.

Ozark makes a variety of products including hunting knives, utility knives, folding knives, and fixed blade knives. All of these items are built tough enough to take whatever you throw at them. But, they're also lightweight and comfortable to use.

The company offers several models of each type of product. Some of their most popular knives include the OZARK MOUNTAIN HUNTER, OZARK FOLDING KNIFE, and OZARK TRAIL BLADE.

Each model comes with its own set of features. For instance, the OZARK MOUNTAIN HUNTER includes a black G10 handle with a rubberized grip. The OZARK FOLDING KNIFE has a stainless steel handle and a black nylon sheath. And the OZARK TRAIL BLADE has a titanium frame lock mechanism and a black leather sheath.

In addition to their quality, durability, and affordability, the Ozark Trail Knives are known for being versatile. They're great for any activity where you'd normally use a regular knife. From cutting firewood to opening cans, these knives can do it all.

They're also great EDC knives. Because they're light and compact, you can easily slip one into your pocket or purse. And because they're so inexpensive, you can afford to have multiple pairs of them.

When it comes to choosing which Ozark Trail Knife is right for you, here are a few things to think about:

Size matters. Most of the knives listed above are pretty similar in size. However, the OZARK TRAIL BLADE is slightly larger than the others. This allows you to cut thicker objects such as logs and branches. If you plan to use this knife for heavy duty tasks, then you probably shouldn't opt for the smaller knives.

Blade material matters. The OZARK MOUNTAIN HUNTER and OZARK FOLDING KNIFE feature carbon steel blades. Carbon steel is stronger than plain steel but doesn't hold an edge nearly as long as stainless steel. Stainless steel is better suited for heavier tasks. If you plan to use your knife for heavy duty tasks, then you probably want to stick with stainless steel.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Ozark Trail Knife

If you love hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or just enjoying nature, then you'll want to purchase a quality Ozark Trail Knife. These knives are designed specifically for outdoor activities such as those mentioned above. They feature a durable steel blade that won't rust and a handle that feels great in your hand. You'll find them in many different styles including fixed blades, folding knives, and even multi-tools. There are several types of Ozark Trail Knives available so you have plenty of choices. For example, you may prefer one style for everyday use and another style for heavy duty work. Regardless of what type of Ozark Trail Knife you decide to buy, they're built to perform.

Ozark Trail Knives are manufactured by the same company that produces other popular brands like Gerber, Buck, Spyderco, Kershaw, Victorinox, etc. This means that you can expect the highest level of craftsmanship and durability. When you purchase a quality Ozark Trail Knife, you'll receive years of reliable service. And if you ever do break something, we guarantee that we'll replace it free of charge.

You should never hesitate to ask questions about any product you plan to purchase. We've spent countless hours researching and testing products to ensure that we offer the best possible selection of quality products. Our customer service team is here to assist you 24/7. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Features To Consider When Buying A Ozark Trail Knife

Blade length. The longer the blade, the more cutting power it has. However, if you're using this knife for hunting, you may want something shorter than a typical kitchen knife.

Weight. The heavier the weight, the easier it is to handle. This makes it ideal for camping trips where you'll be carrying heavy loads.

Handle material. Some knives feature wood handles while others are made of plastic. Wood is generally stronger and less prone to cracking over time. Plastic tends to wear faster, though, so check the warranty information to ensure you're covered.

Stainless steel blades. Stainless steel is strong and durable, but it does scratch easily. That means you'll need to take care of your blade. Make sure you clean it regularly and store it properly.

Size. Most ozark trail knives measure between 3 1/2 inches and 4 inches in overall length. They usually weigh about 2 ounces.

Tip shape. There are two types of tips -- straight and curved. Straight tips are most common, but they tend to dull quickly. Curved tips hold their edge longer and are great for carving meat.

Length of the spine. Longer spines mean sharper edges. Sharp edges cut through food and skin more efficiently.

Edge type. Knife makers often call these "full" or "half." Full edges are sharpened along both sides of the blade. Half edges only sharpen one side of the blade.

Warranty. Many ozark trail knives carry warranties ranging from 90 days to three years. Check the warranty information carefully to determine how long you'll receive coverage.

Different Types Of Ozark Trail Knife

The Ozark Trail Knife was developed by the Boy Scouts of America. It is a folding hunting knife that is meant to be carried in your pocket. It features a 3.5 inch blade and a handle that folds up into its own sheath. It weighs less than two ounces and measures 6 inches long when closed.

There are three main models of the Ozark Trail Knife. Each model has a slightly different design. All three feature a black finish and include a leather belt loop. The first model includes a lanyard hole and a carabiner clip. The second model does not include a lanyard hole and instead has a swivel attachment point. The third model does not include any attachments.

Ozark Trail Knives are made in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty. These are also BSA approved and are recommended for use by scouts and scout leaders.


Kershaw Filter (1306BW) Folding Pocket Knife with 3.2-Inch BlackWashed High-Performance Steel Blade, Stainless Steel Handle, Deep-Carry Pocketclip, Frame Lock and SpeedSafe Assisted Opening; 5 OZ.

  • Deep-carry pocket clip allows for discreet, comfortable carry when necessary
  • 4Cr14 steel blade and matching stainless steel handle are coated with a black-oxide BlackWash finish for rugged good looks and extra corrosion resistance
  • Excellent gift for any knife lover, including mechanics, outdoor enthusiasts, construction workers, plumbers, welders and machinists
  • SpeedSafe assisted opening system allows simple, one-handed operation with thumbstud or flipper, while a frame lock keeps the blade securely open during use
  • Ideal for any rugged environment, such as warehouses, campsites, construction sites, garages or the backcountry

Ozark Trail 3.5 Inch Knife

  • 3.25" fold-able blade
  • Wooden handle
  • Stainless steel pocket clip
  • Sand-blasted, stainless steel pocket folding knife blade

Ozark Trail Camouflage Folding Knife

  • 2.7" camouflage blade
  • 3.5" stainless-steel handle
  • Pocket clip

Custom made damascus steel pocket/folding knife with real leather sheath DR-5164

  • Handmade damascus steel solid pocket knife, Very sharp razor sharp edge blade, Damascus steel bolsters walnut scale and real leather sheath with belt loop.

SENCUT Actium Folding Pocket Knife, 3.46 D2 Satin Blade G10 Handle, Liner Lock Flipper Knife with Ceramic Ball Bearing, Good For Outdoor Hiking Camping SA02A (Burgundy)

  • STRONG AND DURABLE- Full-sized blade made from D2 can tackle tough everyday tasks with ease. G-10 scales with strong liner lock are designed for a reliable grip in any conditions.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN- Skeletonized liners, Lanyard hole, reversible deep carry pocket clip design make EDC cutting easier and comfortable.
  • EASY TO USE- The flipper folding knife can be easily deployed. Lightweight pocket knife ideal for EDC outdoor activities.
  • SMOOTH FLIPPING ACTION- Ceramic ball bearings mechanism offers smooth and snappy blade deployment with a innovative design elements incorporated.
  • SENCUT CARE:We take customer satisfaction seriously and we are always here to provide assistance if you have any questions.

CJRB CUTLERY Folding Knife Crag (J1904) AR-RPM9 Powder Steel Black PVD Blade Carbon Fiber Handle Pocket Knife EDC Knife

  • The CJRB folding tactical knife equipped a flipper to allow you to open the knife with either hand.
  • The cleaver-style blade is crafted with durable AR-RPM9 steel, the blade measures 3.43 inches long.
  • The blade material of this pocket knife for men is ARTISANCUTLERY patent AR-RPM9 powder steel.
  • Handle material consists of patterned carbon fiber to improve grip and prevent slipping.
  • A steel clip is attached to the handle so you can carry the knife conveniently in your pocket.
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