Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife , Black

  • Used by all brances of miliary and service members
  • Great for collectors and outdoor services
  • Tested to ensure quality and durability
  • BK11 Becker
  • Neck knife made of 1095 Cro-Van steel
  • Injection-molded, glass-filled nylon sheath
  • Compatible with TDI metal belt clip
  • Marked with Ka-Bar Becker stamp
  • Measures 6-3/4 inches; weighs 0.15 pounds

How To Choose The Best Neck Knives

The modern kitchen has changed the role of knives dramatically, making them more versatile than ever before. This article will help you understand what makes a good knife, and why you might not want to use a dull knife.

What Are Neck Knives?

Neck knives are kitchen utensils that are specifically made for cutting through the necks of poultry, meat, and vegetables. They are commonly referred to as paring knives because they are used to cut food into smaller pieces. Neck knives come in many different shapes and sizes depending on what type of food you want to prepare. For example, there are long handled knives, short handled knives, and even pocket knives.

Where Did Neck Knives Originate?

The Chinese called these knives jian dao, meaning "long sword". These knives had two blades attached at right angles to each other. In time, the Chinese began using this design on all types of knives including vegetable peelers, cleavers, and bread slicers. Eventually, the Japanese adopted the Chinese style of knife making and started producing similar knives known as tanto knives.

Why Are Neck Knives Useful?

Neck knives are ideal for preparing foods like chicken breasts, pork chops, and beef brisket.

Who Needs Neck Knives?

Knives are useful tools. But sometimes, they can be dangerous. Neck knives are one type of kitchen tool that can cause serious injury if used improperly. Here are some tips to avoid getting hurt while using a neck knife.

Always use a proper cutting board. Use a wooden cutting board rather than plastic or metal. Wooden boards are safer because they absorb moisture better. Also, never cut directly on top of a countertop. Instead, place the cutting board on a flat surface such as a table or countertop.

Keep the blade pointed away from your face. Never point the tip toward your head. Doing this could result in a nasty cut. Always hold the knife properly. Keep your fingers close to the handle. Don't let them hang off the end of the handle. This makes it difficult to grip the knife firmly.

Use the right size knife for the job. When you're cooking meat, poultry, fish, or other food items, use a large knife. These blades are designed to slice through thick pieces of meat quickly. Smaller knives are best suited for chopping smaller amounts of food. Choose a knife based on how big the piece of food is. For instance, a steak requires a larger knife than a chicken breast.

Never put your hand over the blade of a knife. This puts pressure on the knife and increases the risk of accidentally slicing yourself. Put your hands under the blade, not over it.

Don't forget to wash your hands before handling any knives. Washing your hands after touching raw meats, poultry, fish, or seafood reduces the chance of spreading bacteria. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Then dry them completely with paper towels.

When you're finished preparing food, store your knives safely. Place them back where they were stored in the drawer. Store them upright, not hanging down.

The next time you prepare food, follow these safety guidelines to prevent accidents. Your family will thank you for it.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Neck Knives

If you want to have a sharp kitchen knife, then you'll want to invest in a quality knife set. A great way to do so is by investing in a quality knife set. You'll find that they will serve you better than cheap ones. They will last longer, and they won't break down like cheap ones tend to do. So if you want to save money, buy a quality knife set instead of buying cheap ones.

You should also take care of your knives. Make sure that you clean them after every use. This includes washing them thoroughly with soap and warm water. Then dry them off completely. Never leave them sitting in the sink overnight. Doing so could damage their blades.

It's also important to keep your knives stored properly. Store them upright in a place where they won't bang against other items. And never let them touch any metal surfaces. These include refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee tables, etc.

Finally, you should sharpen your knives regularly. When you do, you'll ensure that they stay sharper for longer. Plus, you'll prevent dull knives from cutting through food. Sharpening your knives isn't difficult. All you need is a sharpening steel.

Features To Consider When Buying Neck Knives

Sharp blades. The first step to using a sharpening stone is to sharpen your blade. Then, once you've got a nice edge on your blade, you'll want to hone it down to its final shape. This process requires a special tool called a whetstone. Look for whetstones made specifically for this purpose. They usually feature a flat surface that allows you to rub away excess metal while honing your blade.

Stainless steel blades. Stainless steel blades are more durable than carbon steel blades. However, they tend to dull faster. That's why stainless steel blades are often coated with a layer of chromium oxide. Chromium oxide protects the blade from rusting and keeps the blade shiny.

Handle material. Handle materials range from wood to plastic. Wood handles are strong and sturdy, but they can become brittle over time. Plastic handles are lightweight and flexible, but they can break if dropped. Ceramic handle knifes are heat resistant and dishwasher safe, but they can chip easily.

Edge design. Some knives have straight edges, while others have serrated edges. Serrated edges allow you to cut through food more efficiently. Straight edged knives are easier to clean and maintain.

Weight. Heavy knives are harder to control. Lightweight knives are easier to maneuver and hold. But they may slip out of your hand during heavy chopping tasks.

Blade thickness. Thinner blades are sharper, but they wear out quickly. Larger blades are stronger, but they take longer to sharpen.

Different Types Of Neck Knives

Knives are essential tools for any kitchen. Whether you use them to chop vegetables, slice bread, cut meat, or carve a turkey, having a good set of knives is important. Choosing the right knife for the job is crucial. Here are some things to consider when choosing a knife.

Blade Size. Blade size refers to how wide the blade is. A larger blade means that it cuts through food better. Smaller blades are useful for cutting smaller items like herbs and spices. Larger blades are better suited for slicing meats and chopping large pieces of produce.

Handle Material. Knives should feel comfortable in your hand. Wood handles are traditionally preferred by chefs because they are durable and don't slip. Plastic handles are lighter and less likely to break. Stainless steel is strong and won't rust. Titanium is lightweight and doesn't react with foods. Ceramic handles are heat resistant and dishwasher safe.

Lightweight ones are easier to handle. Choose a knife that feels balanced in your hands. Don't go overboard though. Too light a knife could easily snap off in your hand. Also avoid knives that are too heavy. They'll be awkward to hold and might be dangerous if dropped.

Shape. Round knifes are traditional. Flat edged ones are useful for cutting doughs and flat surfaces. Curved edges are great for carving. Straight edges are best for slicing.

Length. Longer knives are better for bigger jobs. Short ones are great for small tasks. For example, a short paring knife is great for peeling fruits and veggies. A long chef's knife is perfect for chopping meat and poultry. A serrated edge makes it easier to cut through tough foods like cheese and steak.

Edge Type. Sharp knives are safer to use. Dull knives can dull quickly. Serrated knives are sharpened regularly. Plain edges are blunt and won't cut anything.

Sharpening. When you sharpen your knife, always start with a fine grit stone. Then move up to medium and finally finish with coarse stones. Never sharpen with metal. Use a honing rod instead.


Benchmark Ceramic Neck Knife

  • Ceramic neck knife
  • Category name: knives
  • Made in USA or imported

Now Handcrafted Small Hunting Knife - Damascus Steel - Neck Knife

  • Damascus steel knife full tang small hunting knife skinning knife
  • ideal while you are out for bushraft and camping. Come with Leather Sheath
  • Over 200 layers of 1095 and 15N25. Hardness over 58 Hrc on rockwell scale
  • full tang and razor sharp blade
  • Over all Length : 6 inches, Damascus Steel Blade : 3 inches

Master USA MU-1119BK Tactical Neck Knife, Black Blade, Steel Handle, 6.75-Inch Overall

  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from quality materials. 3CR13 black stainless steel blade provides an excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance.
  • VALUE FOCUSED: Reliable, sturdy knives at an affordable price point. This versatile line of dependable knives has a reputation for balancing quality with consumer accessibility.
  • DEPENDABLE: Provides consistent razor-sharp cutting performance and high durability. A knife you can count on for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting & fishing, the outdoors, military & tactical needs, DIY activities, survival, self-defense, and emergencies.
  • DIMENSIONS: 3-inch Fine Edge Blade, 3.75-inch Handle, 6.75-inch Overall Length.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Fixed Blade Neck Knife, Black Stainless Steel Blade with Black Stainless Steel Handle, Full Tang Construction, Nylon Fiber Sheath with Lanyard.

Master USA MU-1119UC Tactical Neck Knife, Urban Camo Blade, Steel Handle, 6.75-Inch Overall

  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 5 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 5 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Package Is 5 Inches

Survivor HK-656 Tactical Neck Knife 6.75-Inch Overall

  • Blade length: 3. 00 in
  • Overall length: 6. 75 in
  • Blade material: 3Cr13 Stainless Steel
  • Handle material: Stainless
  • Sheath

Master USA MU-1121RD Tactical Fixed Blade Neck Knife, Black Half-Serrated Blade, Red Cord-Wraped Handle, 6-3/4-Inch Overall

  • 6.75 inch overall
  • Half serrated 440 black stainless steel blade
  • Red cord wrapped handle
  • Includes hard plastic sheath with lanyard

MTech USA MT-632DB Fixed Blade Tactical Neck Knife, Black Drop Point Blade with Blood Groove, Black Handle, 6-Inch Overall

  • 6" Inches Overall
  • Black Drop Point Stainless Steel Blade
  • Black Handle
  • Includes Abs Sheath With Neck Chain
  • Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

MTech USA MT-588BK Fixed Blade Neck Knife, Black Blade and Grenade-Style Handle, 4-1/4-Inch Overall

  • Unique Neck Knife
  • 4.25" Closed
  • Black Stainless Steel Blade
  • Black Grenade Style Handle
  • Includes Pocket Clip

MTech USA MT-588DG Fixed Blade Neck Knife, Green Digital Camo Blade and Grenade-Style Handle, 4-1/4-Inch Overall

  • Unique Neck Knife
  • 4.25" Closed
  • Green Digital Camo Blade
  • Green Digital Camo Grenade Style Handle
  • Includes Pocket Clip

MTech USA MT-20-14GY Fixed Blade Neck Knife, Black Blade, Black/Grey Handle, 6-1/2-Inch Overall

  • 6.5" Overall
  • Black Stainless Steel Blade
  • Black & Grey Plastic Handle
  • Includes Sheath
  • Hidden Neck Knife

MTech USA MT-20-30 Fixed Blade Neck Knife, Drop Point Blade, Tan G10 Handle, 4-3/4-Inch Overall

  • Compact tactical neck knife with full tang construction
  • Drop point stainless steel blade with a stone washed finish
  • G10 handle for superior strength
  • Includes a Kydex sheath with a ball chain for easy and safe carry
  • 4-3/4-inch overall length, 2-inch blade length with 2.8mm thickness

SOG Instinct Mini Small Fixed Blade Knife- 1.9 Inch Full Tang Adjustable Clip Belt or Boot Knife with Tactical Knife Sheath and Neck Knife Lanyard (NB1002-CP)

  • 1.9 INCH SMALL TACTICAL KNIFE WITH SHEATH: The SOG Instinct Mini is a small fixed blade knife for your EDC gear and protection knife kit; tactical knife measures 4.8 inches in total length
  • EDC NECK KNIFE: 1.4 oz. lightweight knife is a great everyday carry; use this full tang knife as a belt knife or boot knife with swivel sheath clip, or as a neck knife with the included neck chain
  • SATIN 5CR15MOV STAINLESS STEEL: Straight-edge clip point with durable steel construction can handle hard use as a back-up hunting knife or military knife; full tang blade makes the knife more solid
  • TEXTURED G10 HANDLE: G10 handle with finger grooves and jimping enhances the ergonomics, grip, and blade control of this compact tac knife; get maximum control from the Instinct Mini
  • SOG CARE: SOG knives and tools are built to last but may require initial tuning adjustments along with regular cleaning, lubrication and sharpening; we consider all repair and replacement requests

Kershaw Dune Full Tang Neck Knife (4008X) Compact 3.8 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Fixed Blade with Black-Oxide Finish, Textured Injection Molded Handle, Secure Molded Sheath and Lanyard, 2.5 oz.

  • 3.8” Full tang, fixed blade high quality 3Cr13 stainless steel provides excellent strength and stability with excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  • Molded sheath with lanyard security snaps the knife into place when not in use and allows for fast removal when needed.
  • Lightweight injection molded nylon handle for increased strength, stiffness and dimensional stability.
  • Easily carried around the neck, in a pack, bag, purse, pocket, glovebox, toolbelt, emergency kit and more.
  • Lightweight construction and discreet profile makes the Dune a great gift for hunters, backpackers, anglers, wilderness first responders, and more.

Kilimanjaro 910106 Men's Stretta Tactical Neck Knife - with 6.4-inch overall length, 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel 3.2-inch Blade, Formed Sheath and carry chained included

  • DURABILITY: 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, high-tack rubberized handle overlay
  • COMFORT: Thumb rest and finger hole for balance and dexterity
  • DESIGN: Nylon-reinforced formed sheath with neck chain
  • GUARANTEED: Lifetime factory warranty
  • MEASUREMENTS: Overall length 6.4 inches, blade length 3.2 inches, weight 3 ounces

MT Knives Genesis Neck Knife w/Kydex Sheath Minimalist Full Tang Survival Design (Stone Washed, CTS-XHP Carpenters Steel)

  • Steel: CTS-XHP Alloy carpenters' steel
  • Hardness: 60 HRC
  • Finish: Stonewashed
  • Sheath: Kydex Neck Knife
  • Weight: 1.65 oz.

CRKT Compact Fixed Blade Knife: Minimalist Black Drop Point Neck Knife, Folts Utility Knife with Stonewashed Blade, G10 Handle and Nylon Sheath 2384K

  • Easy To Sharpen: High carbon stainless steel blade takes an edge well
  • Enhanced Protection: Black stonewash is durable and ages well
  • Exceptional Grip: G10 handle provides exceptional grip in all conditions
  • Gear Compatible: Durable thermoplastic sheath with mounting options
  • Compact Utility: Lightweight and easy to carry

Smith & Wesson SW910TAM 5.9in High Carbon S.S. Full Tang Neck Knife with a 2.8in Tanto Blade and Paracord Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC

  • DIMENSIONS: 5.9 inch (15 cm) overall length with a blade length of 2.8 inches (7.1 cm) and a weight of 1.8 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, 550 Paracord wrapped handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient nylon fiber neck sheath with a breakaway chain
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the finger guard
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features paracord for emergency instances

Flagrant Beard FBFHAV01-BRK Havoc Neck Knife

  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 2.5 L X 8.3 W X 20 H (Cm)
  • Item Package Weight: 0.154 Kilograms

Sheffield 12152 Bolo 2.15 Inch Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife, Lightweight Neck Knife, Fixed Blade Knife Tactical, Fixed Blade Knife EDC

  • EASY CARRY: This fixed blade knife with sheath features a lanyard opening and a slim design, making it the perfect EDC knife
  • THE BLADE: This Sheffield neck knife has a 2.15 inch 420 stainless steel blade for maximum strength and durability; Sharp right out of the package, unlike some fixed blade knives
  • THE GRIP: This horizontal carry knife features a 3.25 inch black nylon-fiberglass handle; The finger grooves on the self defense knife allow for the most comfortable gripping during use
  • BUILT TO LAST: This tactical knife with holster is designed to last a lifetime; The hidden knife with knife lanyard won't bend or break
  • CUT WITH PRECISION: This clinch pick knife's knife-to-handle ratio maximizes leverage for precision cutting; Excellent tactical knife, hunting knife, fishing knife, or hiking knife

UTICA USA SINCE 1910, 11-UTKN2 Stealth II, Fixed Blade and has Micarta handle is Made IN USA. Perfect neck knife for Survival, Tactical, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Hunting, Camping etc

  • Great design, razor sharp blade, very comfortable in hand
  • 3.5” blade with 1095 Carbon Steel delivers superior hardness, excellent edge retention, maximum strength
  • Blade thickness .12” and a hardness of 55-57, handle length 3.25”, Black Micarta Handle, Kydex Sheath with Paracord and Belt Clip
  • Made in USA
  • Utica Cutlery Company Limited Lifetime Warranty

Condor Tool & Knife, Neck Gladius Knife with Wrapped Paracord Handle & Kydex Sheath

  • Blade Length: 3.14 in, Overall Length: 6.06 in, Blade Thickness: 0.12 in
  • Constructed of 1075 High Carbon Steel, Heat treated and annealed to 50-55 Rockwell C scale
  • Coated in a Blasted Satin finish
  • The paracord wrapped handle is made with real 500 lb test parachute chord that has seven inner strands for further use in a situation, where 1 piece of rope might not be enough.
  • The Kydex sheath included is hand crafted with quality and pride, and is impervious to the elements and comes with a 500 lb test parachute chord

Condor Tool & Knife, Tortuga Neck Knife with Micarta Handle & Kydex and Paracord Sheath

  • Blade Length: 1.43 in, Overall Length: 3.44 in, Blade Thickness: 0.12 in
  • Constructed of 1075 High Carbon Steel, Heat treated and annealed to 50-55 Rockwell C scale
  • Coated in the Condor Classic finish giving it an enhanced look to an already well made tool
  • Micarta phenolic handle enhances both the look and function while delivering indestructible performance
  • The Kydex sheath included is hand crafted with quality and pride, and is impervious to the elements and comes with a 500 lb test parachute chord

Kershaw Brace Drop Point Pocket Knife, 2-in. Blade, Molded Neck Sheath, Fixed Blade (2085), Black

  • The Kershaw Brace is a strong and stout 2-inch blade made with 8Cr13MoV Steel, offering remarkable edge retention.
  • The steel handle is contoured for grip and comfort. Includes a removable, glass-filled nylon overlay, making it the perfect outdoor work knife.
  • This small, fixed blade knife is extremely portable and practical with its polypropylene neck sheath for secure travel.
  • A multifaceted and dependable pocket knife that's safe and easy to use. Ideal for repeated use. Its stonewashed finish hides scratches.
  • Blade length: 2 inches; Open length: 4.9 inches; Weight: 0.9 ounces.
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