Moki Pliant Lockback Quince

  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in Japan

How To Choose The Best Moki Knives

Moki knives have been around since the early 1900s, but they haven't always been as well known as they are today. They were originally made by blacksmiths who used them to cut up their raw meat before cooking it. Today, Moki knives are still made by hand, using traditional techniques passed down over generations. These blades are designed to be sharpened easily, making them ideal for everyday use.

What Are Moki Knives?

Mokis are small knives made from wood. They were originally created for hunting but now they are commonly found at craft fairs and flea markets. Mokis come in many different shapes and sizes, including butterfly knives, pocket knives, and even kitchen knives. The most common type of moki is the butterfly knife because it has a long blade that allows it to cut through thick materials like leather or rope. Butterfly knives are very popular among crafters because they are easy to make and inexpensive. You can find kits online that will help you create your own butterfly knife.

Who Needs Moki Knives?

Moki knives are perfect for cutting through tough meats. These blades are made from stainless steel and feature a serrated edge. Moki knives are ideal for slicing meat, poultry, and seafood. They're also useful for preparing vegetables and other food items.

The serrations allow you to cut through tougher cuts of meat quickly and easily. They're also designed to hold the blade securely while you slice away. This makes these knives ideal for use in the kitchen, but they're equally effective for outdoor activities such as camping and hunting.

These knives are also versatile enough to handle any task. Whether you're cooking, chopping, or carving, these knives are sure to last for years to come.

Moki knives are also incredibly affordable. This includes two 10" blades and two 8" blades. All of this comes packaged in a sturdy plastic case.

This package contains everything you need to start using your new moki knives right away. Simply remove the protective cover, slide off the blades, and begin enjoying your new tools. Your moki knives are ready to use immediately.

There's nothing better than starting a project with a clean slate. With these moki knives, you can do exactly that. No matter how challenging your next culinary endeavor, you can rest assured that your moki knives will perform flawlessly.

Whether you're planning a big holiday meal or simply whipping up a simple dinner, you can count on these knives to deliver top quality results every time. Enjoy your new moki knives today!

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Moki Knives

Moki knives are one of the most popular types of kitchen knives available. They have become increasingly popular because they offer several advantages over other types of knives. For example, they are easy to sharpen and maintain. Moki knives are also very durable. This makes them ideal for use in heavy duty applications such as chopping meat and cutting through bone. Finally, moki knives are affordable.

If you want to purchase a quality moki knives, here are some things to keep in mind:

Look for a blade length that suits your needs. A shorter blade allows you to work faster and chop larger pieces of food. Conversely, a longer blade gives you greater control when slicing smaller items like tomatoes. When selecting a blade length, think about how often you plan to use the knife. Do you intend to use the knife primarily for chopping vegetables? Or do you plan to use the knife for preparing large cuts of meat?

Consider the size of the handle. Knives with small handles tend to slip easily. On the other hand, knives with large handles may be difficult to hold onto. Try to select a handle that feels comfortable and secure in your hands. Handle material should also be considered. Natural materials such as wood and leather tend to be softer and less slippery than synthetic materials such as plastic and rubber.

Finally, look for a sharpening steel. Sharpening steels come in many different shapes and sizes. The best way to determine which type of steel is appropriate for your particular knife is by looking at the shape of the blade. Make sure that the tip of the blade is positioned so that it faces down towards the edge of the steel rather than away from it. This ensures that the steel is contacting the entire length of the blade.

Features To Consider When Buying Moki Knives

Sharp blades. Moki knives are made from stainless steel, so they're durable and strong. But if you're looking for something more than just a kitchen tool, you may want to check out other options, such as ceramic knives.

Stainless steel blades. Stainless steel blades are hardwearing and corrosion resistant. They're great for everyday tasks, but they're not ideal for cutting through bone or meat. Ceramic knives are made from porcelain, which makes them dishwasher friendly and easier to clean.

Blade length. The longer the blade, the sharper the cut. Blades that are shorter tend to dull faster, while those that are longer take longer to sharpen. Choose a blade based on how often you plan to use it.

Handle material. Handle materials range from wood to plastic to metal. Wood handles are typically less expensive than metal ones, but they do wear down over time. Plastic handles are lightweight and inexpensive, but they scratch easily. Metal handles are heavy duty and sturdy, but they're also more expensive.

Size. Smaller knives are easier to carry and store, but larger knives hold more food. Consider the amount of food you plan on preparing each week when deciding between sizes.

Edge design. Some knives feature serrated edges, which allow you to slice through food quickly. Others have straight edges, which are perfect for chopping vegetables or slicing bread.

Shape. Round knives are versatile, but they lack sharp points. Pointed knives are useful for piercing items like tomatoes or onions, but they're not recommended for delicate cuts. Flat knives are great for cutting breads and meats, but they're not very effective for cutting veggies.

Weight. Heavy-duty knives weigh about 3 ounces, while lighter weight knives usually weigh 2 1/2 ounces.

Comfort. Knives are tools meant to be used, so comfort shouldn't be overlooked. Check the handle to ensure it feels comfortable in your hand. Make sure there's enough room for your fingers to grip comfortably.

Different Types Of Moki Knives

Moki knives are a traditional Japanese kitchen tool. They are used to cut up food and chop vegetables. Moki knives are traditionally made from carbon steel blades. Carbon steel is a good material for making knives because it is strong and durable. Unfortunately, it does not hold its edge well. For this reason, carbon steel knives are prone to rusting. To combat this problem, manufacturers began adding stainless steel to the blade. Stainless steel is harder than carbon steel and therefore holds an edge longer. Unfortunately, stainless steel is less flexible than carbon steel. This makes it harder to sharpen.

The next step was to add ceramic coating to the blade. Ceramic coatings are incredibly thin layers of metal oxide that are applied to the surface of the blade. moki knives are added to prevent corrosion and increase durability. When combined with stainless steel, ceramic coated blades are stronger than carbon steel blades. These are also sharper and last longer.

The next innovation came about when companies realized that ceramic coated blades were better suited for cutting meat. Meat requires a lot of force to cut through. A ceramic coated blade could withstand the pressure without breaking. Today, mokibane are the standard for professional chefs. moki knives are also widely used by home cooks. Mokibane are made from carbon steel blades covered in ceramic coatings. moki knives are sharpened to a fine point and are capable of slicing through almost any kind of meat.

Another innovation came about when companies realized that ceramic coated blades were better suited for cutting vegetables. Vegetables require less force to cut through. This led to the creation of "kagami". Kagami are made from carbon steel blades covered in ceramic coatings. They are sharpened to a fine point and are capable of chopping vegetables.


Tops Knives Street Scalpel Knife

  • Black Kydex Sheath
  • 1095 RC 56-58 Blade Steel
  • Black Linen Micarta Handle
  • 7 Inch Overall Length
  • 2.38 Inch Cutting Edge

Moki Calliope Lockback Iron Wood

  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in Japan

Moki Glory Lockback Quince

  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in Japan

Moki Calliope Lockback Black

  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in Japan

Moki Small Slip Joint

  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in Japan

Sturdy Long Bladed Folding Knife with wooden grips

  • 5" long sturdy blade 5/8" wide with a solid back lock.
  • It's long and strong at the same time and we like it a lot
  • Pakkawood grips, length closed is 6 - 1/4", overall length open is 11-1/4"
  • There's a lanyard hole for security.

Moki Rabbit Framelock Polished

  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in Japan

Camillus 7.75" Ti Finscale Bird & Trout Knife

  • Titanium bonded 440 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Micarta handle
  • Blade is 3.5" and overall length is 7.75"
  • Leather sheath inlcuded
  • Lifetime Warranty

DALSTRONG Giant Butcher's Breaking Knife - 12.5" Cleaver - Gladiator Series - "The Devastator" - Massive 4mm Thick - German HC Steel - Sheath Included - NSF Certified

  • Versatile multi-purpose, medium-heavy duty cleaver featuring outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, stunning design elements, and premium materials. Peak performance has never looked so good at this price.
  • Incredibly razor sharp, full-tang, imported high-carbon German steel with a hand polished edge at 16-18 degrees per side. Precisely tempered and stain resistant. The blade ensures vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and small bones are no match for the power and might of Gladiator Series cleavers.
  • Award winning design, with satisfying heft, premium materials and quality feel. Featuring a beautiful, ergonomic and ambidextrous G10 Garolite handle with mosaic and engraving. Laminated and polished for a sanitary build, perfect for busy kitchens.
  • Engineered to perfection at 56+ Rockwell hardness and hand polished to a satin finish. Carefully tapered for improved hardness, flexibility, and minimal slicing resistance. Tall blade height provides useful knuckle clearance. National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified.
  • Dalstrong Trust: We know you'll love it! 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, try it risk free. LIFETIME WARRANTY against defect. Renowned Dalstrong customer service. See why chef’s around the world trust and love, ‘The Dalstrong Difference’. Suitable as a gift (Christmas, weddings, birthdays, fathers day, mothers day), for culinary students, home cooks, professional chefs and more. Now you are slicing with POWER. Dalstrong POWER!

SharpWorld 8 Inches Beautiful Damascus Knife Made of Remarkable Damascus Steel Ram Handle -Ideal Hunting Knife with Sheath TJ108

  • Damascus knife handmade with Excellent piece of work measures overall 8"
  • Accessories Included in this Fixed Blade hunting knife is Genuine Brown Leather Sheath
  • Handle made of this Handmade knife Damascus is Ram Horn
  • Blade of our Damascus Knives is purely Damascus and Retains sharp edge after rough and tough use
  • Excellent Fixed Blade Hunting knife Well Beyond The Price

Cold Steel Counter Point Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip, Counter Point 2, 3"

  • Weight: 2.5oz
  • Blade Thickness: 3mm
  • Blade Length: 3"
  • Overall Length: 6-7/8"
  • Blade Steel: Japanese AUS8A
  • Handle Length/Material: 3-7/8" Griv-Ex
  • Blade Shape: Spear Point
  • Locking Mechanism: Tri-Ad Lock

TUO Kiritsuke Chef Knife - Vegetable Cleaver Kitchen Knife 8.5-inch HighCarbonStainlessSteel- Japanese Knives with G10 Full Tang Handle - Black Hawk-S Knives Including Gift Box

  • 🔪PERFECTED KIRITSUKE KNIFE: The Black Hawk S 8.5 inch kiritsuke knife is designed to be elegantly modern and purposefully functional. Featuring special-forged high-carbon stainless steel with a high-tech vacuum heat-treatment and nitrogen cryogenic tempering, it ensures you the extreme strength, flexibility, durability, and maximum performance.
  • ✅SLEEK BLADE PATTERN: Ripple pattern finish forged by the state-of-the-art technology, it is way more complicated than the traditional blade making process. It offers not only high-end appearance, but also an incredible practicality and sense of use. Since the 3D pattern reduces the contact surface between food and blade, it prevents food from sticking on the blade and provides maximized the slicing efficiency.
  • ✅HIGH-STANDARD CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our experienced kitchen knives smiths hand sharpen the screamingly sharp edge with traditional Honbazuke method to be 8-12 degree per side.Our state-of-the-art technique and facility balance the contradictory relationship between malleability and hardness of the steel precisely. The handle is made of G10 fiberglass composite materials that feature superior lasting properties. It is nearly immune to extreme temperature or humidity.
  • ✅ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The full-tang structure with triple rivets built-in allows even superior resilience and solid durability. The G10 handle is designed for the ergonomic grip with satisfying heft and comfort to the well-balanced vegetable knifes. The mosaic rivet in the middle brings an overall harmony and stunning visuality to the whole piece.
  • 💯100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY LIFTTIME SUPPOT: We promise a superior product that will give you a lifetime of exemplary service. Comes with a premium gift box, the high-value performance never look so good!

Harnds Wind Pocket Knife Flipper Sandvik Steel G10 Handle Folding Knife Ball Bearing with 2-Position Clip for Camping Survival and EDC (black)

  • Pocket folding knife blade material : Sandvik 14C28N steel(58-60 HRC).
  • Ball bearing flipper knife with light weight of 2.29oz
  • Tactical knife blade length: 2.91", overall length: 6.96"
  • Camping knife with 4 options of handle
  • 2-Position clip for everyday carry, and for both right and left hand.

SBPB-9464 Handmade Damascus Steel Knife Ladder Pattern comes with leather sheath 10 Inches

  • BEST FOR CUTTING - SLICING - MINCING & DICING: The professional Knife can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks - designed for cutting, slicing - mincing and dicing of fruit - vegetables and meat.It is very easy for you to crush food like garlic - ginger and tomato - etc etc. Makes you enjoy the kitchen life and experience endless fun- best gift for your family and friends.
  • A SUPER STRENGTH BLADE BUILT TO LAST: Our unique curved Quality Material Used 1095/15N20 ALLOY STEELS.Hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60.Damascus blade has a super strength core and is sheathed in (352 true Layers) of Damascus steel to add additional strength and protect your knife. The blade is curved offering a rock and cut motion.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - 100% SATISFACTION: Our Chef Kitchen Knives have been built with Perfection in Mind. Ideal Multipurpose Cutlery Gift (Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day), for Home Cooks, Professional Chef’s, Culinary Students and more. You can't lose.
  • Limited Supply, Order Now before they are Sold Out.Great piece of art for a perfect gift knife as well as fully functional.Have a Pure Leather Sheath.Buy With Confidence.

HERBERTZ Classic Gentleman Edition Pocket Folding Knife: Handcrafted Cocobolo Wood, Nickel Silver and Brass Handle, 440 Steel Super Blade, Germany Brand, Collectible for Outdoor Everyday Carry

  • HANDSOME | Perfect for everyday carry with a gentleman look
  • SUPER BLADE | 3 times low speed edge grinding process, make it incredibly sharp
  • HANDCRAFTED HANDLE | Provides high friction, comfortable grip. Smooth yet secure
  • REDEFINE CLASSIC | Wonderful combination of brass, cocobolo wood and nickel silver
  • BACKLOCK MECHANISM | Classic but not common nowadays, your hands stay clear of the blade’s path when closing, which makes it safer

ARTISANCUTLERY Folding Knife Arroyo (ATZ-1845) AR-RPM9 Powder Steel Balde Micarta Tactical Handle Pocket Folding Knife EDC OD Green Micarta

  • THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT SLICER: The Arroyo has been trimmed down in order to make it the best cutting tool possible without adding extra bulk or weight in the pocket. At the same time, it features a set of ultralight Micarta scales that have been carefully milled to reduce weight without sacrificing grip.
  • AR-RPM9 A NEW INNOVATIVE STEEL: Artisan Cutlery designed AR-RPM9 to meet the demanding needs of daily pocket knife users. With exceptional corrosion resistance, excellent edge retention, and easy maintenance AR-RPM9 is simply a cut above other steels.
  • SMOOTH RELIABLE ACTION ON BEARINGS: We outfitted this pocket knife with a set of high-quality ceramic ball bearings to ensure lightning-fast deployment in any situation. The flipper tab is positioned perfectly for easy access in any hand.
  • COMFORTABLE AND RELIABLE LINER LOCK: The Arroyo is outfitted with a sturdy full-length liner lock that will ensure this folding knife locks open securely and stays that way until you need to stash it back in your pocket.
  • DESIGNED BY DIRK PINKERTON: USA Designer Dirk Pinkerton has always been able to take a simple design and make it into an ergonomic masterpiece. His designs feature clean lines and dramatic shapes that straddle the line between practical and tactical, but once you hold one of them in hand, it’s all business.

CJRB CUTLERY Folding Knife Feldspar(J1912) AR-RPM9 Powder Steel Black PVD Blade Carbon fiber Handle Pocket Knife EDC Knife, Carbon Fiber Handle

  • 【PROPRIETARY AR-RPM9 STEEL】The Feldspar’s blade is constructed from our proprietary AR-RPM9 steel that perfectly blends edge retention, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. This is the ideal option for an everyday carry knife that will stay strong through all of your adventures.
  • 【SHARP DURABLE BLADE】The Feldspar features a wide drop point blade that tapers to a fine tip. The high flat grind ensures that the edge stays thin and slicey while the spine is robust and durable. Thumb studs allow for quick and reliable action whenever the knife needs to be opened.
  • 【CARBON FIBER HANDLE】Carbon fiber is an excellent handle material option. Carbon fiber is temperature resistant, water resistant, non-reactive, non-conductive, and exceptionally tough under pressure. Meantime this version of the Feldspar features flat textured scales rather than the standard contoured ones which gives it a slimmer profile and more grip while wearing gloves.
  • 【ONE-HANDED OPERATION & CLOSURE SMOOTHLY】Our caged bearings ensure that your Feldspar will snap open with authority with just a little pressure on the thumbstuds. Closing the knife is just as fluid, simply disengage the liner and the blade will smoothly fall shut into the handle, making this knife the perfect for true one-handed operation.
  • 【EASY TO CARRY】The CJRB Knife boast a true deep-carry clip that will entirely disappear into the pocket. This is perfect for keeping your knife securely on your person while still allowing it to be accessible. The black PVD coating keeps the knife even more comfortably discreet in the pocket. The large lanyard hole is perfect for 550 paracord or leather cordage.

D2 Steel Knife, Full Tang Bushcraft Knife - Hunting Knife - Handmade Tracker Knife, Hand forged Fixed Blade Knives, Camping Knife, EDC Knife & Hunting Knives with Micarta Handle & Leather Knife Sheath

  • This custom handmade D2 Steel hunting knife bushcraft knife is a perfect gift for men and women and can be a great addition to your cool stuff hunting gear and equipment and camping gear and equipment. This knife can be used for mens gifts, birthday gifts for men and women, dad gifts, hunting & skinning.
  • This D2 Steel bushcraft survival knife is Effortless, Durable & Easily Cuts Through Food Such as Meat, Fruit & Vegetable. D2 Steel knives fits in perfectly with tactical gear, camp gear, bushcraft gear & cool knives bowie knives hunting equipment. This D2 steel knife is widely used for men gifts, women and mens gifts for birthday, camping cookware and makes a beautiful and practical choice for a perfect mens birthday gift.
  • This D2 hunting knife is forged in fire using D2 steel for an ergonomic handle design with Micarta handle which makes these D2 Steel Hiking knives, bushcraft knives, skinning knife, bowie knife, fishing knife & fixed blade knives extremely comfortable & easy to hold with a leather knife sheath and belt loop. These knives for men are perfect knife along with fishing gear and equipment.
  • D2 bushcraft knife has a Sharp Edge with Maximum Cutting Performance and Durability. That is the reason these bushcraft knife full tang with sheath, skinning knives for hunting are used widely for deer hunting accessories for men & women, makes a great choice for hunting gear for men & women and camping equipment.
  • The blade length of this skinning knife is 5.5" inch and total length of 11.5" inches. These knives are great hunting stuff and must be in every hunters specialties list for bushcraft essentials. This D2 Steel deer hunter knife for men & women is required to be hand-washed using clean water instead of washing in the dishwasher as it may have an impact on the efficiency of the knife.

FORESAIL Handmade Damascus Steel folding Pocket knife Handmade 3.15in Japanese VG10 Core Blade Pocket Knife and 4.25in Dalbergia wood Handle Outdoor Tactical Knives EDC knfie

  • [Durable Blade]:Nice cutting performance -here is excellent balance of hardness and chemical resistance after Damascus blade offers you an excellent corrosion resistance folding knife
  • Smooth action- Ball bearings in the pivot allow effortless blade deployment via flipper,easy open folding pocket knife
  • [Stylish Handle]-The Dalbergia ood handle shape is milled by hand and polished to achive ergonomic design.provide a secure grip and a comfortable in hand pocket knife
  • [Classic leather sheath] The first layer of cowhide is used, cut by hand and sewn with wax rope. Holes on the back make it suitable for various outdoor activities, such as hiking. This is your best outdoor camping EDC choice.
  • Outdoor camping knife is for climbing & hiking, hunting & fishing, survival & rescue,, etc. You will need it

CJRB CUTLERY Tactical Knife Tigris (J1919) AR-RPM9 Powder Steel Black PVD Blade Black&Blue G10 Handle Pocket Knife Folding Knife EDC Knife

  • The CJRB folding tactical knife equipped with a flipper to allow you to open the knife with either hand.Perfect as Father's day gifts,Chirstmas gifts ,gifts for daughter and son.
  • The cleaver-style blade is crafted with durable AR-RPM9 steel, the blade measures 3.5 inches long.
  • The blade material of this pocket knife for men is ARTISANCUTLERY patent AR-RPM9 powder steel.
  • Handle material consists of lightly textured double-deck G10 to improve grip and prevent slipping.
  • A steel clip is attached to the handle so you can carry the knife conveniently in your pocket.

Al Mar Knives Ultralight Falcon 3.15" Blade FRN Handle Folding Knife, Black + ETE Super V Ceramic/Carbide Sharpener

  • THIN, EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT, AND AFFORDABLE: Our FRN (30% Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon) Ultralight Series are proof that high quality and strength can be thin, extremely lightweight, and affordable.
  • FAST SMOOTH BLADE DEPLOYMENT: All Ultralights feature a nested, stainless liner lock and Dragon Hyde textured, FRN scales. The Hawk, Falcon and Eagle Ultralights feature ceramic-bearing, pivot systems and flipper to provide fast smooth blade deployment.
  • PERFECT EVERYDAY CARRY KNIFE: Choose a blade size that fits your personal needs and we're sure you'll find that Al Mar Ultralights make the perfect everyday carry knife!
  • ETE SUPER V CERAMIC/CARBIDE SHARPENER: The ETE Super V Ceramic/Carbide Sharpener will take you a long way! The diamond patterned TPR will help you comfortably sharpen your knife.
  • FINE GRIT: Fine grit ceramics for pristine finish; sharpening material: Carbide and ceramic; ABS with TPR grips; tether hole
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