Kizer Cutlery Folding Pocket Knives Flipper Knife Rainbow Titanium Handles EDC Knife,Kizer TomCat Splinter Ki3457A2

  • The blade is crafted from S35VN stainless steel with a stonewashed finish for a rugged and worn in look
  • This flipper features a frame lock, reversible tip-up milled titanium pocket clip, lanyard hole, and ambidextrous tip-up pocket clip
  • The compact design of the knife and ambidextrous tip-up pocket clip allows it to easily fit in your pocket
  • Handle Material:Titanium/Blade Material:CPM-S35VN /Weight:2.58 oz.
  • Overall Length:7.48 inch (190mm)/Blade Length:3.23 inch (82mm)

How To Choose The Best Kizer Swayback

If you have ever been frustrated by the lack of quality knives in the kitchen, then you might be interested in learning more about the Kizer brand. This company has been making top-quality knives since 1894, and they continue to produce excellent products today. Their line of knives includes everything from utility blades to steak knives, but their Swayback series is what really sets them apart. These knives feature a unique style that makes them ideal for everyday use as well as professional chefs.

What Is A Kizer Swayback?

The Kizer Swayback is an innovative design for carrying knives. It has been around since the early 1900s, but was only recently revived after many years of dormancy. The Kizer Swayback is made from a combination of wood and steel, making it extremely durable. This type of construction makes this knife very sturdy and able to withstand heavy use. The handle is constructed of hardwood, giving it a nice weight and feel. The blade is made from high carbon stainless steel, which gives it a sharp edge and long lasting durability. The Kizer Swayback comes with a leather sheath, which keeps the knife safe while allowing easy access to the blade. The Kizer Swayback is available in several different sizes, including a small size for everyday carry, a medium sized option for those who want something larger than a penknife, and a large size for those looking for a more substantial knife. All three sizes come with a black finish, but the large model also comes in a brown color as well.

Who needs a Kizer Swayback?

The Kizer Swayback is one of our favorite knives. We love its sleek design and solid build quality. But we were surprised when we learned that this knife was designed specifically for women. After all, men seem to prefer heavier blades. Why would anyone want a lighter blade?

Well, we think that the answer has everything to do with comfort. Men tend to carry heavy loads around all day long. When they sit down, they lean forward and rest their arms on the table. As a result, their shoulders naturally slump forward. This puts pressure on the spine which can cause pain and discomfort.

But women don't usually carry such large loads. Instead, they tend to carry smaller items. Because of this, they spend most of their time sitting upright. Their bodies aren't used to carrying such light weights. So, when they stand up, they experience stiffness and soreness in their backs.

This is where the Kizer Swayback comes in. Its lightweight blade makes it perfect for everyday use. No matter how hard you push, the blade stays firmly attached to the handle. This allows you to carry it comfortably while standing up.

Plus, the shape of the handle provides additional support. It gives you a better grip and reduces hand fatigue. This means that you can hold the knife longer before getting tired.

We recommend using the Kizer Swayback every day. Not only does it reduce stress on your back, but it also improves posture. This results in greater energy levels and improved moods.

It doesn't take much effort to learn how to use the Kizer Swayback. Simply follow these steps:

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Kizer Swayback

If you've ever owned a pair of jeans, then you probably already know how difficult it can be to find a pair of jeans that fit properly. This problem is even worse if you have a larger frame like me. Finding a pair of jeans that fit my large frame isn't easy. I'm constantly having to adjust my pants so they aren't falling down. So, I decided to do something about it. I started looking for a pair of jeans that would work for me. I found them in the form of Kizer Swaybacks. These jeans were designed by Kizer specifically for people who have a larger frame. They feature a unique design that allows you to easily slide your feet through the pockets. This makes it easier to move around in the pants because you won't have to worry about getting caught up in the fabric.

These jeans are perfect for anyone who wants to wear their favorite pairs of jeans without worrying about them being uncomfortable. Plus, they're stylish and fashionable. What's not to love? Check out these awesome features below:

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Easy access. Because these jeans have a single pocket in the front, you'll have quick and easy access to things like your wallet, phone, etc. No matter where you go, you'll always be able to quickly grab whatever you need.

Comfort. These jeans are super soft and stretchy. They hug your legs and keep them warm and cozy. They also have a hidden elastic band that holds them together. This prevents any sagging or bunching in the material.

Features To Consider When Buying A Kizer Swayback

Knives. When you're shopping for a new knife, you'll want to think about how often you plan on using it. Knives that are meant to be used daily may not be right for you if you only plan on sharpening them once a week. On the other hand, knives that are made for heavy duty tasks may not be appropriate for everyday use.

Blade material. The blade material matters. Some blades are made from stainless steel, while others are made from carbon steel. Carbon steel blades tend to hold their edge longer than stainless steel blades. However, they do cost more.

Handle style. Handle styles matter. There are many types of handle designs, including drop point, clip point, thumb stud, and even no handles. Each design has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a drop point handle makes it easier to cut through tough materials, but it takes practice to master.

Length. Length matters. Longer knives are great for larger projects, such as cutting firewood. Shorter knives are ideal for smaller jobs, like opening cans or slicing vegetables.

Weight. Weight matters. Heavy knives are great for chopping wood or splitting logs. They're also useful for heavier work, such as carving pumpkins. Lightweight knives are perfect for lighter tasks, like peeling potatoes or slicing tomatoes.

Comfort matters. While comfort isn't always important, it does play a role in determining how well a knife performs. For instance, a comfortable grip allows you to perform tasks quickly and easily.

Blade shape. Blade shapes matter. Blades come in straight, curved, and serrated styles. Straight blades are most common, but each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Curved blades are great for certain tasks, such as cutting rope.

Edge geometry. Edge geometry matters. This refers to the angle between the spine of the blade and the edge itself. Sharp edges allow you to slice through food faster and more efficiently.

Different Types Of Kizer Swayback

The Kizer Swayback is a classic style knife that was originally created by Kizer Knives. Today, they are manufactured by Benchmade. The name “Swayback” refers to the shape of the handle. It is shaped like a sine wave. The blade is curved slightly towards the tip. This allows the user to hold the knife in a comfortable position without having to use any pressure on the hand holding the knife.

There are three main styles of Swaybacks. Each style is named according to how the blade curves away from the body. The first style is called the “Flat Back”. The Flat Back design is the most basic version of the Swayback. It does not curve at all. The second style is known as the “Curved Back”. This style is the most popular among users. It curves away from the body at about 45 degrees. The third style is called the “Reverse Curved Back”. This style is the opposite of the previous two designs.

Each style of Swayback is made from various materials. For example, the Flat Back style is made from steel. The Curved Back style is made from carbon fiber. The Reverse Curved Back style is made from titanium.

All three styles of Swayback feature a full tang blade. A full tang means that the entire length of the blade is attached to the handle. This makes the knife stronger and less likely to break. All three styles of Swayback include a lanyard hole. This allows the user to attach a lanyard to the knife. Lanyards are useful for attaching keys, cell phones, etc. to the knife. These are especially helpful if you plan on carrying the knife in your pocket.

Kizer Swaybacks are available in different sizes. The smallest size is 5 inches long. The largest size is 9 inches long. The smaller sizes are better suited for everyday tasks. The larger sizes are better suited for hunting or camping purposes.


Kizer Knives Shard, Small Pocket Knife EDC Knife, Yellow G-10 Handle with 2.25" Black N690 Blade, V2531N1

  • Bright YELLOW G-10 handle, when you hold it in your hand, the mood will become bright.
  • The pattern of the handle makes it more non-slip when held in the hand.
  • Blade length:2.25", Overall length:5.50", Weight:1.84 oz.
  • Black N690 blade make this knife look more advanced and rust-proof.
  • It has deep carry pocket clip and lanyard hole for everyday carry.

Kizer Sway back, Button Lock Folding Pocket Knife, Flipper Opening, N690 Blade with G10 Handle for Outdoor and EDC -V3566 (Purple G10 handle + N690 blade)

  • Designed by Swaggs.
  • You can open this blade quick and easy with the flipper or the button lock.
  • Button lock provides security and G10 handle prefers non-slip in hand.
  • 6.97" (177 mm) overall length with a blade length of 2.99" (76 mm) and a weight of 2.75 ounces.
  • Reversible pocket clip makes this knife perfect for left hand, right hand, both users and everyday carry.

Kizer Begleiter2, Folding Pocket Knife with N690 Blade and Carbon Fiber Handle, Thumb Stud, Deep Carry Clip for Outdoor, EDC -V4458.2E (Carbon Fiber handle+N690 blade)

  • Carbon fiber handle, modern, lightweight and easy to use. Drop point blade can better finish EDC tasks.
  • Excellent fit and finish with ball bearings and solid liner lock.
  • Black titanium coating N690 steel blade is razor sharp and holds its edge well.
  • Deep carry pocket clip makes it more convenient for everyday carry.
  • Blade length: 3.42"(87mm), Overall length: 7.87"(200mm), Weight: 3.25 oz.(92g)

Kizer Deviant Pocket Knife, 3 Inches M390 Sheepfoot Blade with G10/Micarta Handle, EDC Knives with Clip -V3575 (G10+Black Micarta handle+Black M390 blade)

  • M390 blade steel provides excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and cutting performance.
  • G10 bolster with black lenin micarta handle prefer anti-skid effect during use and it is comfortable in hand.
  • Sheepfoot shape can be used to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting pizza/tags off clothes, etc.
  • Deviant can better fit and finish with the ball bearings design, you can open it via the flipper.
  • Blade length: 3"(77mm), Overall length: 7.2"(183mm), Weight: 3.56 oz.(101g)

Kizer Sheepdog, Pocket Knives with Black Micarta Handle and 3.31 Inches 154CM Blade, Thumb Hole, Deep Carry Clip for Outdoor, Camping, EDC -V4488C1

  • Stonewashed finished 154cm blade with thumb hole opening, just enjoy the new way for fast opening of Vanguard Series Sheepdog.
  • Micarta handle is beautiful and it prefer good anti-skid effect and comfortable grip even when your hand is wet.
  • Sheepfoot shape can be used to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting pizza/tags off clothes, etc.
  • Vanguard Sheepdog has use ball bearings to for smoothness, the fit and finish is outstanding.
  • Blade length: 3.31"(84mm), Overall length: 7.75"(197mm), Weight: 4.41 oz.(125g)

Kizer Swayback Pocket Knife, Red Micarta Handle and N690 Blade Flipper Knife for Outdoor, Hunting, Camping and EDC, V3566n4

  • Pocket knife for women:The red Micarta handle is lightweight.
  • Design is simple but clean, and blade is good size stock, fully flat ground for easy slicing.
  • Flipper or thumbs studs for whip-action opening.
  • Reversible pocket clip makes this knife perfect for left hand, right hand, both users and everyday carry.
  • Blade length: 2.99"(76mm), Overall length: 6.97"(177mm), Weight: 2.82 oz.(80g)

Kizer Mini Bay Pocket Knife, 1.9 Inch S35VN Blade, Non-Locking Lightweight Knife with Clip, Unique Gift for Men Women, EDC -Ki2583 (White&Black G10 handle)

  • Blade length: 1.9"(48mm), Overall length: 4.76"(121mm), Weight: 2 oz.(57g)
  • S35VN sheepfoot shape blade allowing for good edge retention and G10 handle is comfortable in hand.
  • It is lightweight and Mini. The design of deep carry allows the knife to be better fixed in the pocket for everyday carry.
  • Nice tool for camping, hunting, hiking, adventure, and home use; Gift for Men, Women, Friends, Brother, Sister, Boss, Lover.
  • It is a non-locking travel-friendly knife. If you travel abroad or live in places with restrictive knife laws, then this is a great knife for you.

Kizer Mini Sheepdog Pocket Knife for Outdoor, Red Matte Aluminum Handle Folding EDC Knife, Gift for Men/Women, V3488EN

  • Sheepfoot blade style pocket knife: can be closely controlled by your fingers being placed on the dull back.
  • 154CM stainless steel blade offers great corrosion resistance, wear resistance and is easy to sharpen.
  • Red matte aluminum handle provides best grips as it is textured properly.
  • Caged ceramic ball bearing pivot for swift, responsive blade deployment.
  • Overall length: 6.18 inches / Blade length: 2.64 inches / Weight: 3.09 oz

Kizer Towser K Micarta Knife, 154CM Steel Sheepsfoot Blade with Thumb-stub, Daily Knife with Deep Carry Pocket Clip, V4593C2

  • The sheepsfoot blade can be closely controlled by your fingers being placed on the dull back, great for chopping.
  • Micarta pocket knife: It can be operated with one-hand, equipped with the thumb-stub for assist opening quickly and smoothly.
  • The liner lock safely secures the blade open and prevents unexpected closure.
  • It can be used for EDC knives, hunting knives, fishing knives, diving knives, and even kitchen knives.
  • Featured with pocket clip for convenient daily carry and store.
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