Kizer DUKES, Folding Pocket Knives with 3 Inches N690 Blade and Black&Red G10 Handle, Flipper, Outdoor, EDC -V3466N2

  • 3" N690 satin blade with a slightly recurved shape and sharpening choil
  • Stainless steel pocket clip and stainless steel liners
  • Fast Draw folding knife deploys quickly and easily with one hand
  • Flipper folding knife offers rapid one-handed deployment, locks securely into place
  • Overall Length:7.18 inch(18.24 cm)/Blade Length:3.00 inch(7.63cm)/Weight:2.66 oz(0.17 pounds)

How To Choose The Best Kizer Salient

Kizer knives have been around since 1892, and they still hold their own today. They make great kitchen knives because they are durable, easy to sharpen, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This article will help you decide whether or not you should get yourself a knife set from Kizer.

What Is A Kizer Salient?

The Kizer Salient knife was developed for military applications, but has become popular among home cooks due to its unique design. The Salient features an ergonomic handle made of G-10, a stainless steel blade, and a titanium pocket clip.

Where Did The Name Come From?

Kizer named this knife after his son, who had been born prematurely at only 23 weeks gestation. He wanted to give him something special, and he chose the word salient because it means to pierce through.

Who Needs A Kizer Salient?

The Kizer Salient knife has been around since 1894. But this isn't any old knife. It was designed specifically for use with the Kizer Knife Company's famous Salient line of knives. These blades were made using a special steel called salentium.

This type of steel makes the Salient blades extremely hard and durable. It also gives these knives a unique look and feel. When compared to other types of knives, salients are known for being very light and comfortable to hold. And they're perfect for everyday tasks such as cutting breads, meats, veggies, and cheeses.

But did you know that salents are also incredibly versatile? They can be used for everything from carving meat to slicing tomatoes. And they're ideal for beginners because they require minimal skill to master. All you really need to do is learn how to hold the knife properly. Then you can start experimenting with new techniques.

In addition to being super useful, salents are also beautiful. Their distinctive shape looks great on display in your kitchen or dining area. And they add character to your home decor. Plus, they're relatively inexpensive. So, if you're interested in getting one but aren't sure where to begin, here are three tips to help you decide which model is right for you.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Kizer Salient

If you've ever used a knife, then you already know how important knives are. Knives have many uses, including cutting food, opening packages, and even carving meat. They are essential tools that we use every single day. Unfortunately, most people do not take proper care of their knives. This is unfortunate because they could easily end up breaking if not properly cared for. So, here are some things you should keep in mind when buying a knife:

Look for a sharp edge. When looking for a knife, you want to find one that has a sharp edge. Sharp edges mean that the knife is able to slice through whatever you're trying to cut. A dull edge means that the knife cannot cut anything. Dull blades may work fine for chopping vegetables, but they won't be able to cut through meats or other foods. You'll need a sharper blade for those tasks.

Consider the size. While you might think that bigger is better, this isn't necessarily true. For example, you wouldn't want a large chef's knife if you plan on cooking small meals. Instead, you would probably want something smaller like a paring knife. Larger knives tend to be heavier and harder to handle. Smaller knives are easier to maneuver and hold onto.

Make sure it feels balanced. Before buying any knife, you want to test it out by holding it in your hand. Make sure that the knife balances evenly in your hand. If it doesn't balance, then you'll likely experience fatigue after just a short period of time. This is especially true if you're going to be using the knife frequently.

Don't buy cheap knives. Cheap knives aren't worth the money. They often break quickly and cheaply. Plus, they usually come with a limited warranty. If you purchase a cheap knife, chances are that you'll encounter problems within a year or two. Invest in quality knives instead.

Features To Consider When Buying A Kizer Salient

Stainless steel construction. The stainless steel construction makes this knife great for everyday cooking and cutting tasks. And since it's made from stainless steel, it's dishwasher safe.

Sharp edge. This knife has a sharp edge, which means you can easily slice through food while keeping your hands away from the blade. Plus, the serrated edge allows you to chop vegetables more efficiently.

Ergonomic handle. The ergonomically contoured handle provides comfort and control during chopping and slicing tasks. And thanks to its soft grip material, it feels comfortable even if you've been using knives for years.

Versatile. With a versatile design, this knife can do just about anything. Use it to dice onions, carve meat, mince garlic, and julienne carrots. And since it's lightweight, it's perfect for travel.

Lightweight. At less than 2 pounds, this knife weighs less than most other knives of similar size. That means you can take it anywhere without worrying about breaking it.

Lifetime warranty. Since this knife is backed by a lifetime warranty, you know you can count on it for many years to come. In fact, the warranty covers accidental damage caused by normal wear and tear.

Made in USA. Made in America is important to us. We believe in supporting American manufacturers who create jobs here in our country. That's why we only carry quality kitchen tools that are manufactured right here in the United States.

Different Types Of Kizer Salient

Kizer Salients are knives that are designed to be used by law enforcement officers. They are built to last and feature a number of safety features including a non-slip grip handle and a reversible pocket clip. These are also known as “duty” knives due to their intended use. They are commonly issued to police departments across the country.

Fixed Blade Knives. Fixed blades are the traditional knife style. Kizer Salients are made up of two pieces of metal connected by a hinge. A fixed blade is the easiest style of knife to learn how to use. They are also the safest style of knife to use. Kizer Salients are inexpensive and durable. They are also the most versatile style of knife. They can be used for everything from cutting food to opening boxes.

Salient Knives. Salient knifes are designed to be carried in a sheath. Kizer Salients are smaller than fixed blades and feature a shorter overall length. Kizer Salients are also thinner and lighter. They are meant to be easily concealed. Kizer Salients are also less likely to break off in your hand. Kizer Salients are also safer to carry in public places since they are harder to notice. They are also more comfortable to hold. They are also more expensive than fixed blades.

Cutting Edge Knives. Cutting edge knives are designed to be used for tasks that require precision. These are longer than salients and feature serrated edges. Kizer Salients are also heavier and bulkier. Kizer Salients are also more expensive than salients. These are also more difficult to master. These are also more dangerous to use. Kizer Salients are also more likely to slip out of your hands. They are also more prone to breaking.


Kizer Cutlery Folding Pocket Knife Flipper Titanium Handles Folding Knife,Kizer Ray Laconico Gemini Ki3471

  • Features a fully flat ground 3.125" stonewashed S35VN blade with a gorgeous drop point shape
  • Blued hardware, and a steel lockbar insert
  • Great companion for any hiker, landscaper, backpacker, hunter, wilderness guide, electrician or anyone in need of a reliable everyday carry knife
  • Handle Material:Titanium/Blade Material:CPM-S35VN/Weight:3.74 oz(0.23 pounds)
  • Overall Length:7.24 inch(18.40cm)/Blade Length:3.13 inch(7.95cm)

Kizer Cutlery Folding Pocket Knives Drop Point Blade Titanium Handles Tactical EDC Knife, Uli Hennicke T1 Ki3490

  • Sleek drop point-styled blade and 3D machined titanium handle
  • Flat, clean spine with ambidextrous double thumb studs silky smooth opening action
  • Includes a microfiber polishing cloth and a camo zipper pouch with the T1 Uli folder
  • Handle Material:Titanium/Blade Material:CPM-S35VN/Weight:4.30 oz(0.27 pounds)
  • Overall Length:7.55 inch(19.18cm)/Blade Length:3.20 inch(8.13cm)

Kizer Knives Pocket Knife with Clip Blue G10 Handles Material EDC Folding knife,Kizer Begleiter V4458A3

  • A reversible pocket clip and stainless steel liners
  • Tactical pocket folding knife offers rapid one-handed deployment, locks securely into place with liner lock
  • 3.5" VG10 blade with a drop point shape and gray titanium coating.The bronze washers allow for smooth blade opening
  • Handle Material:G10/Blade Material:VG-10 /Weight:3.69 oz (0.23 pounds)
  • Overall Length:8.17 inch (20.75 cm) /Blade Length:3.58 inch (9.09 cm)

Kizer Folding Pocket Knives Flipper Knife Stonewashed Wharncliffe Blade and Carbon Fiber Handles Tactical EDC Knife, Elijah Isham Minitherium Ki3502

  • ⭐Designed by Elijah Isham and precision engineered by Kizer
  • ⭐3" Stonewashed Wharncliffe blade tactical flipper folding pocket knife with clip
  • ⭐Handle Material: Carbon Fiber/Blade Material: CPM-S35VN/Weight:2.96 oz/Overall Length:7.1 inch/Blade Length:3 inch
  • ⭐Great companion for any hiker, landscaper, backpacker, hunter, wilderness guide, electrician or anyone in need of a reliable everyday carry
  • ⭐Excellent everyday carry for numerous tasks including opening packages, stripping wire, removing splinters, cutting zip-ties, aggressive animal defense and making fire kindling

Kizer Cutlery Begleiter Folding Pocket Knife Titanium Handles Knife, Begleiter Ki4458T2 (Titanium handle + CPM S35VN blade)

  • Begleiter designed by Azo and precision engineered by Kizer
  • 3.54-inch CPM-S35VN blade features excellent toughness, edge retention and wear and corrosion resistance
  • Handle Material:6AL4V Titanium /Blade Material:CPM-S35VN /Weight:2.93 oz /Overall:8.17"
  • Great companion for any hiker, landscaper, backpacker, hunter, wilderness guide, electrician or anyone in need of a reliable everyday carry
  • Excellent everyday carry for numerous tasks including opening packages, stripping wire, removing splinters, cutting zip-ties,aggressive animal defense and making fire kindling

Kizer Cutlery, 3.48 inches S35VN Blade Titanium Carbon Fiber Handle Folding Pocket Knives, Ki4518 Ginesis

  • Blade Material: CPM-S35VN allowing for good edge retention and wear resistance.
  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber/Titanium The handle has a carbon fiber inlay with a grooved texture that is both visually fascination and ergonomically secure.
  • Blade Length:3.48 inch(8.84cm)/Total Length:8.23 inch(20.9cm).
  • Weight:3.48 oz.
  • Use: Great EDC Pocket knife for anyone in need a reliable knife, be used for fishing,hiking, biking, etc

Kizer Folding Knife Titanium Handle, 3.15 Inches S35VN Blade(Satin finished), Flipper & Thumb Hole, Ki3549A1 Assassin

  • BLADE: Clip point CPM-S35VN powder steel. Assassin has a thumb hole like the eyes under the assassin mask and a knife style with a deterrent knife head.
  • HANDLE: Titanium Handle. A smooth, elegant and cool titanium handle with frame lock ensure safety during use.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Closed Length: 4.125 Inches, Overall Length: 7.28 Inches, Blade Length: 3.15 Inches
  • Weight: 3.21 oz.
  • USE:It has a tip-up pocket clip and a lanyard hole for convenient carry. It is an EDC Pocket knife for anyone to use for outdoor, fishing, hiking, etc. Easy to use, perfect everyday carry.

Kizer Tactical Folding Pocket Knife, S35VN Trailing Point Blade(3.24 Inches), Thumb-Stud, Titanium Handle with Lanyard Hole, Ki4517 Shamshir

  • BLADE: Trailing Point CPM-S35VN Blade steel. Stonewash finished S35VN blade has excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  • HANDLE: Titanium Handle. Titanium handle is strong and easy on the pocket, and the handle with frame lock can ensure safety during use.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Closed Length: 4.375 Inches, Overall Length: 7.56 Inches, Blade Length: 3.24 Inches
  • Weight: 3.31 oz.
  • USE: It has a tip-up pocket clip and a lanyard hole for convenient carry. It is an EDC Pocket knife for anyone to use for outdoor, fishing, hiking, etc. Easy to use, perfect everyday carry.

Kizer Genie, Lightweight Folding Pocket Knives for EDC, CPM-S35VN Blade with Titanium Handle, Thumb Hole, Front Flipper, Ki4545A1

  • Thumb hole and front flipper for easy one-handed opening.
  • The blade deploys effortlessly on a smooth ball bearing pivot, and locks up solid.
  • Stainless blade made of S35VN steel for edge retention, you can use it to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting tags off clothes, etc.
  • Overall Length: 7.70 inch/Blade Length: 3.40 inch/Weight: 2.47 oz.(70g)
  • Titanium/Carbon fiber handle prefer comfortable grip in hand.

Kizer Folding Knife with Clip, Satin Finished Sheepsfoot 154CM Blade(2 Inches) with Thumb-stud,G-10 Handle (Olive Green) with Lanyard Hole, V2540C2 Contrail

  • BLADE: Contrail has a satin finished 154CM steel blade in a modified sheepsfoot style. And it is a small knife with snappy thumb-stud action.
  • HANDLE: G-10 Handle. The milled grooves, the jimping on the blade spine and the backspacer all provide you a solid grip when you are doing EDC chores. The Contrail is also finished off with a lanyard hole and a tip-up pocket clip.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Closed Length: 3.125 Inches, Overall Length: 5.25 Inches, Blade Length: 2 Inches
  • Weight: 3.08 oz.
  • USE: Contrail is a fun utilitarian cutter. Chubby EDC Pocket knife for anyone to use for outdoor, fishing, hiking, etc. The non-threatening appearance makes a great gift for men/women. Easy to use, perfect everyday carry.

Kizer Knives Pocket Knife with Clip Micarta Handles EDC Folding Knife Mini Sheepdog V3488 (Brown)

  • Micarta knife handles are grippy, durable, and organic.
  • 154CM stainless steel have better edge retention, and improve toughness
  • Includes a sturdy pocket clip
  • Ideally suited for the classic pocket knife tasks
  • Open and closes very smoothly and came razor sharp.

Kizer Pocket Knives Black S35VN Blade and Carbon Fiber Handle Flipper Knife for EDC, Sheepdog C01C Ki4488A3

  • Premium CPM-S35VN blade steel provides excellent wear resistance and edge retention.
  • Carbon fiber handle enhance durability and toughness, for increased knife longevity and extended use.
  • Sheepsfoot blades are maneuverable, non-threatening, and work-oriented.
  • Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip
  • Overall Length:7.75 inch/Blade Length:3.30 inch

Kizer Knives Shard, Small Pocket Knife EDC Knife, Yellow G-10 Handle with 2.25" Black N690 Blade, V2531N1

  • Bright YELLOW G-10 handle, when you hold it in your hand, the mood will become bright.
  • The pattern of the handle makes it more non-slip when held in the hand.
  • Blade length:2.25", Overall length:5.50", Weight:1.84 oz.
  • Black N690 blade make this knife look more advanced and rust-proof.
  • It has deep carry pocket clip and lanyard hole for everyday carry.

Kizer C01C Mini Sheepdog 2.6 Inch 154CM Blade Folding Pocket Knife with Green G10 Handle

  • It is small knife with a very Hefty blade and a very solid feel.
  • Sharpness was superior out of the box and the aesthetics of the blade shape.
  • The Green G10 Handle shape lends to ease of use.
  • Bearings feel smooth during open/close operations.
  • This knife has a nice weight in the hand .

Kizer Domin Mini, EDC Folding Knife with 2.88 Inches N690 Blade and G10 Handle, Thumb-Stud, Reversible Clip -V3516(Transparent G10 handle+N690 blade)

  • N690 steel prefer good edge retention.
  • Transparent G10 Handle provide comfortable in-hand feel and you can dye the handle any color you like.
  • Reversible pocket clip makes this knife perfect for left hand, right hand, both users and everyday carry.
  • Drop point blade can be used when hunting, fishing, camping or working around home, office, barn or garage.
  • Blade length: 2.87"(73mm), Overall length: 6.85"(174mm), Weight: 2.93 oz.(83g)

Kizer Begleiter2, Folding Pocket Knife with N690 Blade and Micarta Handle, Thumb Stud, Deep Carry Clip for Outdoor, EDC -V4458.2E (Green Micarta handle+N690 blade)

  • Micarta handle, awesome, lightweight and easy to use. Drop point blade can better finish EDC tasks.
  • Excellent fit and finish with ball bearings and solid liner lock.
  • Black titanium coating N690 steel blade is razor sharp and holds its edge well.
  • Deep carry pocket clip makes it more convenient for everyday carry.
  • Blade length: 3.42"(87mm), Overall length: 7.87"(200mm), Weight: 3.25 oz.(92g)

Kizer Deviant Pocket Knife, 3 Inches M390 Sheepfoot Blade with G10/Micarta Handle, EDC Knives with Clip -V3575 (G10+Black Micarta handle+Black M390 blade)

  • M390 blade steel provides excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and cutting performance.
  • G10 bolster with black lenin micarta handle prefer anti-skid effect during use and it is comfortable in hand.
  • Sheepfoot shape can be used to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting pizza/tags off clothes, etc.
  • Deviant can better fit and finish with the ball bearings design, you can open it via the flipper.
  • Blade length: 3"(77mm), Overall length: 7.2"(183mm), Weight: 3.56 oz.(101g)

Kizer Horn Pocket Knife, Micarta Handle with N690 Steel Blade, Thumb Hole, Removable Flipper, Deep Carry Pocket Clip, Wharncliffe EDC Knives -V3557N1

  • Satin-finished N690 steel blade is razor sharp and prefer good edge retention.
  • You can open it via flipper or thumb hole. When you don't need the flipper, you can remove it.
  • Wharncliffe knife style excels in EDC tasks like opening boxes, cutting pizza, cutting the plastic package, etc.
  • Micarta handle has a softer feel in the hand and it has reversible deep carry pocket clip makes this knife perfect for left hand, right hand, both users, everyday carry.
  • Blade length: 3.19"(81mm), Overall length: 7.6"(193mm), Weight: 3.24 oz.(92g)

Kizer Begleiter Mini, Small EDC Folding Pocket Knives, Micarta Handle with 2.8 Inches N690 Blade, Thumb Stud, Deep Carry, Outdoor -V3458RN (Red Micarta handle+N690 blade)

  • The blade can better fit and finish with the ball bearings design, the action is quick and smooth.
  • The deep carry pocket clip allows the knife to be better fixed in the pocket to reduce shaking.
  • The N690 steel has a hardness over 60hrc which offers great edge retention
  • Red Micarta Knife: Its advantages are light weight and good durability.
  • Blade Length: 2.8"; Overall Length: 6.60"; Weight: 2.39oz

Kizer Grazioso Pocket Knife, N690 Blade, Copper and Black G10 Handle, EDC Knife Folding, V4572N1

  • Drop point shaped Bohler N690 blade with a slight recurve form.
  • The black G10 and Copper handle is simple and fits into the hand.
  • Deep carry, tip-up pocket clip, very convenient to carry.
  • Multi function folding gear works effectively with a variety of materials: food, textiles, sticks, etc.
  • Blade length: 3.35"(85mm), Overall length: 8.11"(206mm), Weight: 4.59 oz.(130g).

Kizer Folding Pocket Knife, Sway back, Flipper, N690 Blade with G10 Handle for Gifts, Outdoor, Hunting, Camping and EDC -V3566 (Green G10 handle + N690 blade)

  • Designed by Swaggs.
  • The New Model of Sway back! It changed from button lock to liner lock, removing thumb stud from the original.
  • G-10 Handle is impervious to water and wetness. The green G10 handle is beautiful and comfortable in hand.
  • Reversible pocket clip makes this knife perfect for left hand, right hand, both users and everyday carry.
  • Blade length: 2.99"(76mm), Overall length: 6.97"(177mm), Weight: 2.82 oz.(80g)

Kizer Infinity, Micarta Handle Pocket Knife with 2.95 Inches N690 Blade, Front Flipper, Folding Knives for Outdoor, Camping, EDC -V3579N3

  • The contoured 3D CNC handle are resemble the mathematical symbol infinity, and its lines are also very beautiful.
  • Red micarta handle has a softer feel in the hand and prefer non-slip even when your hands are wet.
  • N690 steel blade is very hard with great edge retention, razor sharp.
  • Ball bearings system and liner lock, better fit, finish and fix the blade.
  • Blade length: 2.95"(75mm), Overall length: 6.89"(175mm), Weight: 2.64 oz.(75g)

Kizer Rapids Folding Knife with Clip, 3.46'' Thumb Stud Flipper Knife, G10& Micarta EDC Knife, V3594C2

  • Drop point blade style: can be used to carve, skin, slice, and even pry as well as dig.
  • 154CM stainless steel blade offers great corrosion and wear resistance, and it is easy to sharpen.
  • The handle is made of green & black G10 + Micarta with ball bearing system.
  • Caged ceramic ball bearing pivot for swift, responsive blade deployment.
  • Overall length: 8.03 inches / Blade length: 3.46 inches / Weight: 3.46 oz

Kizer Towser K Micarta Knife, 154CM Steel Sheepsfoot Blade with Thumb-stub, Daily Knife with Deep Carry Pocket Clip, V4593C2

  • The sheepsfoot blade can be closely controlled by your fingers being placed on the dull back, great for chopping.
  • Micarta pocket knife: It can be operated with one-hand, equipped with the thumb-stub for assist opening quickly and smoothly.
  • The liner lock safely secures the blade open and prevents unexpected closure.
  • It can be used for EDC knives, hunting knives, fishing knives, diving knives, and even kitchen knives.
  • Featured with pocket clip for convenient daily carry and store.
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