Kizer Cutlery Pocket Knives Flipper Knife Frame Lock Titanium Handles Tactical EDC Folding Knife, Sheepdog C01C Ki4488A

  • 3. 3" sheep foot blade tactical flipper folding pocket knife with clip, Sharp edge blade
  • Fast Draw folding knife deploys quickly and easily with one hand
  • The EDC-ready pocket knife includes a reversible tip-up carry clip for easy and safe carry.
  • Custom pivot and pivot collar, a lock bar over travel prevention mechanism, replaceable steel insert
  • Handle: Titanium /Blade: CPM-S35VN /Overall Length: 7. 74 inch(19. 66 cm) /Blade Length: 3. 30 inch(8. 38 cm) /Weight: 6. 03 oz(0. 38 pounds)

How To Choose The Best Kizer Quell

If you have ever been camping, then you probably already know what a good quality knife is capable of doing. If not, here is a brief introduction to the basics of knives and their uses. This article will help you decide whether a knife is suitable for your needs, as well as give you tips on where to get the best deal.

What Is A Kizer Quell?

The Kizer Quell is an all purpose tool for camping, hunting, fishing, and just about any outdoor activity where you need a versatile multi-purpose tool. The Quell has been around since the early 1900s, but was re-introduced in 2012 by Kizer Knives. It features a titanium frame lock blade made from CPM S35VN steel, a black G10 handle, and a lanyard hole at the base of the blade. This allows you to attach the Quell to a belt loop, backpack strap, or even a keychain. The Quell comes with a nylon sheath that holds the blade securely while allowing you to carry the tool without worrying about losing it. You can choose between two different sizes of blades; a 3.5 inch drop point blade or a 5.0 inch clip point blade. Both blades feature a sharpened edge and serrations along the spine. The Quell is available in both fixed blade and folding versions.

Who needs a Kizer Quell?

The Kizer Quell is one of our most versatile knives. It has been designed to perform in any situation. From camping trips to backpacking expeditions, this knife will take you anywhere. Whether you're cutting through dense brush or slicing through thick meat, the Kizer Quell will do the job quickly and efficiently.

It features a titanium handle which makes it lightweight and durable. Its blade is made from stainless steel and is extremely strong. With its serrated edge, you can cut through anything. Even though it's only 3 inches long, it packs a punch.

This knife is perfect for anyone who wants a compact tool that does everything. It comes with a leather sheath and belt clip. It's also TSA approved. It weighs 1 pound, 8 ounces.

The Kizer Quell is ideal for campers, hikers, hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen. It's also great for everyday use around the house.

Whether you're chopping wood, carving a turkey, or preparing dinner, the Kizer Quell will get the job done fast and easily.

With its sleek design and versatility, the Kizer Quell is sure to become your favorite kitchen companion.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Kizer Quell

If you've ever used a kitchen knife, then you already understand how important knives are. They are essential tools that are needed to prepare food, chop vegetables, slice bread, dice onions, and so much more. When buying a knife, it's important to purchase one that feels comfortable in your hand. You want something that you'll use every single day. So if you're looking for a great knife, here are some things to keep in mind:

Look for a blade length that matches your needs. For example, if you like to cook a lot, you may want to invest in a larger blade. On the other hand, if you prefer to do most of your cooking with a smaller blade, then you might want to go with a shorter blade. Blades come in different sizes, so take note of the size that best suits your needs. A large blade allows you to work quickly and efficiently. A small blade is perfect for chopping fruits and veggies. Both blades have their place, so find the one that works best for you.

Look for a sharp edge. Sharp edges are necessary to ensure that you won't accidentally nick yourself with the blade. Make sure that the blade is completely smooth. This ensures that you won't hurt yourself by cutting yourself with the blade. Smooth edges also mean that you won't scratch anything. Scratches are unsightly and they could damage surfaces such as countertops, glassware, and dishes.

Look for a durable material. Durability is key because you'll be using the knife daily. Investing in a knife that is made of stainless steel is a wise decision because it's strong and sturdy. Stainless steel doesn't rust and it holds up against heat and moisture. Titanium is another option. Titanium is lightweight and easy to sharpen. Look for a blade that has a nonstick coating. Nonstick coatings prevent foods from sticking to the blade. Finally, look for a blade that is ergonomic. Ergonomics means that the blade is shaped specifically for your hand.

Features To Consider When Buying A Kizer Quell

Blade length. The longer the blade, the more cutting power it has. But if you're looking for something smaller, you may prefer a shorter blade. Consider how often you plan to use the tool, and decide based on your needs.

Weight. How heavy the knife feels in your hand is important. Heavy knives tend to be less maneuverable than lighter ones. Choose a weight that feels comfortable in your hands.

Comfort. Comfort matters. If you're using the knife for camping or hunting, comfort is key. Look for a handle made of materials that are soft enough to hold comfortably while still being strong enough to withstand rough handling.

Stainless steel. Stainless steel blades are durable and rust resistant. However, they lack the ability to take a sharp edge. Look for stainless steel blades that feature a black oxide finish, which gives them a nice shiny appearance.

Handle material. Handle material affects how well the knife stays put in your hand. Look for handles made of leather, wood, plastic, or rubber. Leather is natural, but it tends to wear down over time. Wood and plastic are harder and more durable, but they can become slippery when wet.

Size. Size matters. Smaller knives are easier to carry and conceal. Larger knives are heavier and more powerful, but they're easier to control.

Durability. Durability is another factor to consider. Look for knives that are built to last. They should be able to stand up to hard use.

Sharpness. Sharp knives cut through whatever you're trying to chop. Look for a razor-sharp edge. This means the blade is very thin and pointed.

Edge retention. Edge retention refers to how well the blade holds its shape under stress. Look for knives that retain their edges well. This makes chopping vegetables and slicing breads easier.

Versatility. Versatile tools are useful for many tasks. Look for knives that can do double duty as a utility knife and a paring knife.

Different Types Of Kizer Quell

Kizer Quell is a line of knives created by Kizer Knives. Their goal was to create a quality blade that could withstand harsh conditions. To accomplish this, they developed a special steel called Titanium Steel. This steel allows the blades to hold up well under extreme temperatures and pressures. Additionally, the handles were constructed from aircraft grade aluminum. This makes the knives lightweight and durable.

The Kizer Quell Survival Knife is a good example of how the company went about creating a tough yet light knife. Its titanium handle provides excellent grip and comfort. The blade is made from CPM 154 stainless steel. This material is known for its ability to resist corrosion and rust. The blade is serrated for added cutting power. A lanyard hole is located on the spine of the knife. This allows users to attach a cord or rope to keep the knife close at hand.

The Kizer Quill Survival Knife is slightly smaller than the previous model. It features a black finish instead of the original silver color. It is serrated for improved cutting performance. The handle is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum. This gives the knife a sleek look and feel. The lanyard hole is located on the spine of the knife.

The Kizer Quill Pocket Knife is a small pocket knife. It measures 3 inches long. It is made from CPM 154 stainless steel. The blade is serrated for increased cutting power. This gives the knife a sleek appearance.

The Kizer Quill Utility Knife is a larger version of the Kizer Quill Pocket Knife. It measures 4 1/2 inches long. The blade is serrated for enhanced cutting performance.


Kizer Quell Survival Knife, Titanium Handle, 3.125" Stonewash Finished, Ki4530

  • BLADE:CPM-S35VN Wharncliffe blade holds an excellent edge and corrosion resistance.
  • HANDLE:Titanium Handle make it comfortable in hand, it is strong and easy on the pocket, and the handle with frame lock can ensure safety during use.
  • Closed Length: 4.25 Inches, Overall Length: 7.375 Inches, Blade Length: 3.125 Inches
  • Weight: 3.42 oz.
  • USE:Quick and easy access with the tip-up pocket clip for convenient carry. It is an EDC Pocket knife for anyone to use for outdoor, fishing, hiking, etc. Easy to use, perfect everyday carry.

Kizer Folding Knife Titanium Handle, 3.15 Inches S35VN Blade(Satin finished), Flipper & Thumb Hole, Ki3549A1 Assassin

  • BLADE: Clip point CPM-S35VN powder steel. Assassin has a thumb hole like the eyes under the assassin mask and a knife style with a deterrent knife head.
  • HANDLE: Titanium Handle. A smooth, elegant and cool titanium handle with frame lock ensure safety during use.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Closed Length: 4.125 Inches, Overall Length: 7.28 Inches, Blade Length: 3.15 Inches
  • Weight: 3.21 oz.
  • USE:It has a tip-up pocket clip and a lanyard hole for convenient carry. It is an EDC Pocket knife for anyone to use for outdoor, fishing, hiking, etc. Easy to use, perfect everyday carry.

Kizer Genie, Lightweight Folding Pocket Knives for EDC, CPM-S35VN Blade with Titanium Handle, Thumb Hole, Front Flipper, Ki4545A1

  • Thumb hole and front flipper for easy one-handed opening.
  • The blade deploys effortlessly on a smooth ball bearing pivot, and locks up solid.
  • Stainless blade made of S35VN steel for edge retention, you can use it to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting tags off clothes, etc.
  • Overall Length: 7.70 inch/Blade Length: 3.40 inch/Weight: 2.47 oz.(70g)
  • Titanium/Carbon fiber handle prefer comfortable grip in hand.

Kizer Pelican mini EDC Knife, 3.37" Clip Point Blade with Thumb-stud, Ball-bearing system - Ki4548A1

  • S35VN stonewash finished blade steel offers great edge retention and durability.
  • The thumb-stud is positioned for effortless, smooth opening action.
  • Titanium handle with scales can keep the weight down and it has a pocket clip for easy carry.
  • Blade length:3.37", Overall length:7.83", Weight:4.94 oz.
  • Though this version is known as the Mini, it is still quite a large knife with ball-bearing system.

Kizer Black Stonewashed S35VN Blade Pocket Knife, Titanium Handle Folding Knife,M_STEALTH Ki3564A1

  • The Kizer M_STEALTH is a full black folding knife with pocket clip.
  • You can open the blade with front flipper opening method.
  • Designed by Joel Scott-Turer.
  • StoneWashed coating protects from corrosion.
  • Blade Length:3"/Overall Length:7"/Weight:2.33 oz

Kizer Yorkie, Lightweight Pocket Knife with 2.56in M390 Blade and Black Micarta Handle for outdoor and EDC -Ki3525A4

  • Yorkie is attractive, lightweight, EDC-friendly knife with tip-up clip fits comfortably in pocket.
  • M390 steel blade with black titanium coating provides excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and cutting performance.
  • Sharp Drop Point can be used to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting tags off clothes, etc.
  • The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock and the micarta handle prefer good anti-skid effect during use.
  • Blade length: 2.56"(65mm), Overall length: 6.18"(157mm), Weight: 2.22 oz.(63g)

Kizer Deviant Pocket Knife, 3 Inches M390 Sheepfoot Blade with G10/Micarta Handle, EDC Knives with Clip -V3575 (G10+Black Micarta handle+Black M390 blade)

  • M390 blade steel provides excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and cutting performance.
  • G10 bolster with black lenin micarta handle prefer anti-skid effect during use and it is comfortable in hand.
  • Sheepfoot shape can be used to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting pizza/tags off clothes, etc.
  • Deviant can better fit and finish with the ball bearings design, you can open it via the flipper.
  • Blade length: 3"(77mm), Overall length: 7.2"(183mm), Weight: 3.56 oz.(101g)

Kizer Mini Bay Pocket Knife, 1.9 Inch S35VN Blade, Non-Locking Lightweight Knife with Clip, Unique Gift for Men Women, EDC -Ki2583 (White&Black G10 handle)

  • Blade length: 1.9"(48mm), Overall length: 4.76"(121mm), Weight: 2 oz.(57g)
  • S35VN sheepfoot shape blade allowing for good edge retention and G10 handle is comfortable in hand.
  • It is lightweight and Mini. The design of deep carry allows the knife to be better fixed in the pocket for everyday carry.
  • Nice tool for camping, hunting, hiking, adventure, and home use; Gift for Men, Women, Friends, Brother, Sister, Boss, Lover.
  • It is a non-locking travel-friendly knife. If you travel abroad or live in places with restrictive knife laws, then this is a great knife for you.

Kizer Sheepdog C01C Titanium Pocket Knife, S35VN Sheepsfoot Blade with Thumb Hole Knife, Ki4488A4

  • High-quality steel: excellent CPM-S35VN steel, very tough, durable, highly corrosion-resistant, and able to hold and maintain a sharp blade.
  • The titanium handle is strong, lightweight and anti-magnetic.
  • Nail nick is traditional and unassuming, a nail nick ensures that the knife is opened carefully; Thumb hole is unique and easy to use.
  • The pocket clip is strong and wide, which helps to hold the knife in the pocket well.
  • Blade length:3.3", Total length:7.75", Net weight:5.54 oz.
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