How To Choose The Best Kizer Junges

Kizer Junges knives have been around since 1884, but they were only recently brought back into production after being discontinued by their previous owner. The company has now taken over the brand and rebranded it as its own. This means that the quality of the blades is guaranteed, and the prices are much more affordable than other manufacturers. If you're interested in getting yourself a new knife, then read our review of the Kizer Junges N690 Blade Folding Pocket Knife.

What Are Kizer Junges?

Kizer Junges knives are made by Kizer Knives Inc., an American company based in Chicago, Illinois. They make high quality fixed blades for hunting, camping, and everyday carry. The Kizer Junges line was created in 2010, and has since become one of the most popular brands of fixed blade knives available today. Their products are known for their innovative designs, attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship. All of their knives come with lifetime warranty.

Why Should I Buy Kizer Junges Knife?

The Kizer Junges line offers some of the best value in the industry. For example, the Kizer Junges N690 is a 6 inch drop point folder that weighs only 2 ounces! It features a black G10 handle scales, a stainless steel liner lock mechanism, and a titanium frame lock. This knife comes with a leather sheath and a lanyard hole. Its overall length is 5 inches, and its blade measures 3.5 inches long x 1.25 inches wide. It has been tested and proven to hold up well against any type of abuse. You will find this knife to be very comfortable in your hand.

Who Needs Kizer Junges?

The Kizer Junges N690 is one of our most versatile knives. It has a 3" stainless steel blade which makes it perfect for cutting through almost anything. But this isn't just any ordinary knife. It comes equipped with a patented "Folding Blade System".

This system allows you to fold the blade back against the handle to create a compact size. Then, simply unfold the blade to use it as a regular knife.

It's ideal for camping trips, hunting, fishing, home defense, and everyday tasks. No matter where you use it, you'll appreciate its versatility.

The Kizer Junges N690 features a black G10 handle with a rubberized grip. It measures 7 1/4" overall length and weighs 2 lbs.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Kizer Junges

Kizer Junges knives have become increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts because they offer many advantages over other types of blades. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and extremely versatile. These features make them perfect for camping trips, fishing expeditions, hunting excursions, and any other adventure where portability is key. And best of all, they come in a variety of sizes so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in a quality Kizer Junges knife:

Lightweight. A Kizer Junges knife weighs less than 1 pound. This makes them ideal for carrying in your backpack or even strapped to your leg. You won't notice how light they are until you try one out. When you do, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Easy to use. Unlike traditional fixed-blade knives, Kizer Junges knives fold up easily and compactly. This means you can take them along wherever you go. Plus, they open quickly and smoothly thanks to their unique design. No matter what type of cutting task you want to perform, you'll never have trouble opening a Kizer Junges knife again.

Versatile. Because Kizer Junges knives fold up easily, they can be used for a wide range of tasks. For example, you can use them to chop wood, skin game, gut fish, clean meat, and much more. There's really nothing they can't handle.

Sharp. Kizer Junges knives are designed to stay sharp for years. Their patented steel construction ensures that they remain razor sharp for extended periods of time. So whether you're chopping wood, skinning game, cleaning meat, or anything else, you can rest assured knowing that your Kizer Junges knife will slice through whatever you send its way.

Unbreakable. Thanks to their innovative design, Kizer Junges knives are virtually unbreakable. This means that if you drop one, you won't have to worry about losing it forever.

Features To Consider When Buying Kizer Junges

Quality materials. The first step when shopping for a knife is to ensure that the material used to make the knife is strong enough to hold its own against daily wear and tear. Look for knives made from stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, ceramic, or other durable metals. These types of materials are more resistant to corrosion and can withstand heavy duty tasks.

Sharpness. Next, check to make sure the knife has sharp edges. This ensures that the knife cuts through whatever you put in front of it. Sharp blades cut faster than dull ones, saving time and effort.

Comfort. After checking the quality of the knife, take into account how comfortable it feels in your hand. Does it fit comfortably? Is there a handle that fits well in your grip? Do you prefer a fixed or clip point blade?

Blade length. Blade length refers to the distance between the tip of the blade and the end of the handle. Blades longer than 10 inches tend to be more versatile, while shorter blades are easier to control.

Handle style. There are many styles of handles available. Some are ergonomic, meaning they are shaped to fit naturally in your hand. Others are flat or contoured, allowing you to grip them easily.

Finish. Knife finishes range from matte black to polished chrome. Matte finishes are less expensive and may scratch over time. Polished finishes add shine and durability, but they can become slippery if wet.

Size. Knives come in various sizes ranging from pocket knives to large hunting knives. Smaller knives are great for everyday carry, while larger knives are ideal for big jobs such as cutting meat or chopping wood.

Tip shape. Most knives feature either a straight edge or a curved edge. Straight edged knives are typically sharper, although they lack versatility. Curved edged knives are usually wider and therefore less maneuverable, but they can slice through anything.

Different Types Of Kizer Junges

Kizer Junges are knives that fold up small enough to fit in your pocket. Kizer Junges are becoming increasingly popular among outdoorsmen and survivalists. They are especially useful for camping trips and hiking expeditions. Kizer Junges are also perfect for everyday use. Here are some of the top models currently available on the market.

The N690 is a good example of a traditional style junege. It features a black handle and a steel blade. It weighs about 2 ounces and measures 3 inches long by 1 inch wide. It folds down to less than half its original size making it incredibly compact. It is a great tool for campouts and outdoor adventures.

The G10 is a modern version of the classic junege. It is constructed from stainless steel and aluminum. It weighs about 4 ounces and measures 5 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. It is slightly larger than the N690 model. It is also slightly heavier. It is a great choice for those who want something smaller and lighter.

The Boker Jumbo is a large junege. It is 7 inches long by 2.25 inches wide. It is made from carbon steel and weighs about 6 ounces. It is a heavy duty model that is perfect for serious outdoor activities.

The Gerber Folding Pocket Knife is a lightweight junege. It is made from titanium and plastic. It is 8.75 inches long by 2.25 inches wide. It weighs about 0.8 ounce and is perfect for everyday use.


Kizer Cutlery C01C 3.25" Flipper Titanium Stonewash Plain Flooding Knife, Gray

  • Handle material: Titanium
  • Blade material: CPM-S35VN
  • Blade length: 3.25 inch
  • Overall length: 7.75 inch
  • Weight: .39

Kizer Folding Knife S35VN Blade Titanium Handles Pocket Knife Flipper Knife (2.57" Stonewash) Yorkie Ki3525 (Ki3525A1)

  • This knife Designed by Ray Laconico and precision engineered by Kizer
  • 2.5-inch CPM-S35VN blade features excellent toughness, edge retention and wear and corrosion resistance
  • Handle Material:6AL4V Titanium /Blade Material:CPM-S35VN /Weight:2.93 oz /Overall:6.125"
  • Great companion for any hiker, landscaper, backpacker, hunter, wilderness guide, electrician or anyone in need of a reliable everyday carry knife
  • Excellent everyday carry for numerous tasks including opening packages, stripping wire, removing splinters, cutting zip-ties,aggressive animal defense

Kizer Cutlery, 3.48 inches S35VN Blade Titanium Carbon Fiber Handle Folding Pocket Knives, Ki4518 Ginesis

  • Blade Material: CPM-S35VN allowing for good edge retention and wear resistance.
  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber/Titanium The handle has a carbon fiber inlay with a grooved texture that is both visually fascination and ergonomically secure.
  • Blade Length:3.48 inch(8.84cm)/Total Length:8.23 inch(20.9cm).
  • Weight:3.48 oz.
  • Use: Great EDC Pocket knife for anyone in need a reliable knife, be used for fishing,hiking, biking, etc

Kizer Quell Survival Knife, Titanium Handle, 3.125" Stonewash Finished, Ki4530

  • BLADE:CPM-S35VN Wharncliffe blade holds an excellent edge and corrosion resistance.
  • HANDLE:Titanium Handle make it comfortable in hand, it is strong and easy on the pocket, and the handle with frame lock can ensure safety during use.
  • Closed Length: 4.25 Inches, Overall Length: 7.375 Inches, Blade Length: 3.125 Inches
  • Weight: 3.42 oz.
  • USE:Quick and easy access with the tip-up pocket clip for convenient carry. It is an EDC Pocket knife for anyone to use for outdoor, fishing, hiking, etc. Easy to use, perfect everyday carry.

CIVIVI Odium Small Folding Knife 2.65" Black Stonewashed D2 blade, G10 Handle, Ball Bearings Pivot, Flipper Opening Knife with Reversible Deep Carry Clip C2010D (Black)

  • ✅【Razor Sharp Blade】D2 steel blade offers outstanding strength and razor sharp cutting performance, everyday carry knife for utility cutting tasks.
  • ✅【Lightweight G10 Handle】Lightweight G10 scales offer sesure and comfortable grip.
  • ✅【Smooth Opening System】The blade deploys effortlessly on a smooth ball bearing pivot.
  • ✅【Designed by Ferrum Forge】CIVIVI Odium will be a nice and cool gift for wife,girlfriend, daughter,dad,whether or not they're into knives.
  • ✅【Civivi Care】Civivi knives and tools provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship, see company site for details.

Kizer Deviant Pocket Knife, 3 Inches M390 Sheepfoot Blade with G10/Micarta Handle, EDC Knives with Clip -V3575 (G10+Black Micarta handle+Black M390 blade)

  • M390 blade steel provides excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and cutting performance.
  • G10 bolster with black lenin micarta handle prefer anti-skid effect during use and it is comfortable in hand.
  • Sheepfoot shape can be used to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting pizza/tags off clothes, etc.
  • Deviant can better fit and finish with the ball bearings design, you can open it via the flipper.
  • Blade length: 3"(77mm), Overall length: 7.2"(183mm), Weight: 3.56 oz.(101g)
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