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How To Choose The Best Kizer Begleiter Micarta

If you have ever used a knife, then you already know what a great tool it is. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share one thing in common - they make life easier. If you are looking for a new knife, then you may not know where to start. This article will help you decide whether a knife is right for you, and give you tips on choosing the best knife for your needs.

What Is A Kizer Begleiter Micarta?

Kizer Begleiter Micarta is an extremely durable material made from wood fiber and resin. It has been used for many years in the manufacturing of fine tools and instruments because of its strength and durability. The name "Begleiter" means "begleiter, " which translates into "helper." This is a fitting name for this tool since it was created to help people who need a little extra assistance getting around. If you're looking for something sturdy and reliable, look no further than the Kizer Begleiter Mini!


The Kizer Begleiter Mini features a solid wooden handle with a micarta grip. The top of the handle is covered in soft leather while the bottom is wrapped in black suede. There is a hole at the end of the handle where you can attach a keychain if you wish. The blade measures 3 inches long and is made of stainless steel. The knife comes complete with a sheath that fits perfectly inside the handle.

The Kizer Begleiter Mini Folding Pocket Knife is designed specifically for use with the Kizer Begleiter knives. It has been crafted using only the highest quality materials. These features ensure that this knife will last a lifetime.

This pocket knife comes complete with a black Micarta handle and a stainless steel blade. It measures 5 1/2 inches long and weighs approximately 0.8 ounces. This knife is perfect for everyday carry.

It includes a lanyard hole for attaching to your keychain or belt loop. The Kizer Begleiter Mini Folding Pocket Knife is one of our most popular products. We recommend purchasing several of these knives to store in your kitchen drawer.

Kizer Begleiter Knives are made in Germany and are proudly manufactured here in America. Each knife is handcrafted and tested before being shipped to us. All of our knives are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

International orders ship via USPS Priority Mail. Please allow 3 - 7 business days for delivery.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Kizer Begleiter Micarta

If you want to carry something in style, then you should invest in a quality Kizer Begleiter Micarta knife. This type of knife is perfect for everyday use. You'll find them in every kitchen drawer because they're so versatile. They're great for cutting food, opening jars, slicing bread, and even carving meat. And best of all, they come in many different sizes and shapes. So whether you prefer a large chef's knife or a tiny paring knife, you'll find one here.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a Kizer Begleiter Micarta knife:

Look for knives that have a blade length of between 8 inches and 12 inches. Blades shorter than 8 inches tend to be awkward to hold and control. Blades longer than 12 inches are difficult to maneuver and may slip off your hand if you accidentally bump it against another object. A knife with a blade length of 10 inches is ideal.

Knives with handles made of wood or plastic are better than those with metal handles. Metal handles rust easily and become brittle over time. Wooden handles are typically lighter than metal ones, making them easier to wield. Plastic handles are usually less expensive than wooden handles, but they scratch easily. When looking for a knife with a wooden handle, try to find one that has a natural finish. Natural finishes prevent scratches and stains.

Steel bolsters provide greater strength and durability. Aluminum bolsters are lightweight and easy to grip, but they wear down quickly. Try to buy a knife with a bolster made of stainless steel instead of carbon steel. Stainless steel bolsters resist corrosion and maintain their sharp edge longer.

Try to purchase knives that are designed specifically for the task you plan to perform with them. For example, a serrated knife is useful for cutting through tough foods like carrots and potatoes. A non-serrated knife is better suited for chopping vegetables and fruits.

Features To Consider When Buying A Kizer Begleiter Micarta

Quality construction. The first step when shopping for a knife is to determine if you prefer a fixed blade or folder. Fixed blades tend to be heavier than folders, but they are more durable and easier to sharpen. Folders are lighter weight and easier to carry, but they may take longer to hone.

Blade material. Blades made from carbon steel are strong and hardwearing, while stainless steel blades are lightweight and corrosion resistant. Both materials are great options.

Handle design. Knives with ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold and allow you to grip the knife easily. Ergonomically shaped handles are also beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis or other joint issues.

Edge profile. Sharpening tools are available for both knives, allowing you to maintain their edge over time. Some sharpening systems even give you the option of honing multiple edges simultaneously.

Blade length. Blade lengths range from 3 inches to 10 inches. Longer blades are ideal for larger tasks such as cutting through bone, while shorter blades are perfect for smaller jobs like slicing vegetables.

Weight. Weight plays a role in how well a knife performs. Lighter weights are easier to wield, while heavier ones are more stable.

Finish. There are many finishes available for knives including satin, matte, polished, and brushed. Satin finish gives the most rust protection, while polished has a mirror shine.

Color. Colors include black, blue, brown, green, gray, orange, pink, red, silver, tan, white, yellow, and wood.

Shape. The shape of the blade varies depending on the type of work being done. For instance, a paring knife is used for peeling fruit and vegetables, while a bread knife is used for slicing bread.

Different Types Of Kizer Begleiter Micarta

Begleiters are a special kind of knife that folds up compactly. These are commonly known as Swiss Army Knives. These are useful tools that are easily carried in your pocket. They are perfect for camping trips or hiking. They are also great for everyday use. Here we will discuss three different kinds of Beglieiter knives.

Kizer Begleiter Micarta. This is the original version of the Beglieiter. It was originally created by Kizer Cutlery Company. It is manufactured in Switzerland and is now owned by Victorinox. It is a classic style knife that is simple yet elegant. It features a black steel blade and a wooden handle. It is a good size for beginners.

Mini Beglieiter Mini. This is a smaller version of the standard Beglieiter. It is slightly shorter and thinner than its larger counterpart. It is perfect for those who don’t want to carry a large knife in their pockets. It is also perfect for travel since it fits nicely in your bag.

Small Beglieiter Small. It is perfect for those who want something smaller than a miniature knife. It is also perfect for travel since it doesn’t weigh much.


Kizer Domin, Black Micarta Handle with Black N690 Blade Folding Pocket Knives, Vanguard Series-V4516N5

  • New black N690 blade version, thumb-stud opening, cooler and more rust-proof.
  • Black micarta handle prefer good anti-skid effect and comfortable grip.
  • It has a replaceable tip-up pocket clip and a lanyard hole for easy carrying.
  • Blade length:3.46", Overall length:8.00", Weight:3.7 oz.
  • Same designer as begleiter, kizer internal designer: Azo.

Kizer Matanzas EDC Flipper Knife, Brown Micarta Handle with Recurve Drop Point Blade, Ki4510A4

  • Its titanium handle is outfitted with a micarta inlay.
  • This model has a recurve blade made from CPM-S35VN steel in a bead.blasted finish.
  • It is a slim EDC knife with good flipping action and it can fit and finish well.
  • Blade length:3.5", Overall length:8.125", Weight:3.86 oz.
  • It has a tip-up pocket clip for comfortable daily carry.

Kizer Matanzas Folding Knives, Black S35VN Drop Point Blade with Brown Micarta Handle, Ki4510A3

  • Designed by Nick Swan.
  • It sports a drop point blade made from CPM-S35VN stainless steel with a fuller groove.
  • Its titanium handle is outfitted with a micarta inlay.
  • A secure titanium pocket clip allows comfortable daily carry.
  • Blade length:3.5", Overall length:8.125", Weight:3.86 oz.

Kizer Pinch, Non-Locking Slip Joint Pocket Knife with N690 Blade and Micarta Handle, Use for EDC -V3009 (Black Micarta handle+Black N690 blade)

  • N690 steel prefer good edge retention and the drop point shape blade can be used to finish EDC tasks easily.
  • Black micarta handle looks cool and it prefer anti-skid during use even though your hand is wet.
  • Slip joint blade will not close too easily but don't apply too much pressure to the spine of the blade during use.
  • Reversible deep carry pocket clip, Pinch is a travel-friendly knife. If you travel abroad or live in places with restrictive knife laws, then this is a great knife for you.
  • Blade length: 3.03", Overall length: 6.89", Weight: 2.96 oz.

Kizer Yorkie, Lightweight Pocket Knife with 2.56in M390 Blade and Black Micarta Handle for outdoor and EDC -Ki3525A4

  • Yorkie is attractive, lightweight, EDC-friendly knife with tip-up clip fits comfortably in pocket.
  • M390 steel blade with black titanium coating provides excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and cutting performance.
  • Sharp Drop Point can be used to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting tags off clothes, etc.
  • The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock and the micarta handle prefer good anti-skid effect during use.
  • Blade length: 2.56"(65mm), Overall length: 6.18"(157mm), Weight: 2.22 oz.(63g)

Kizer Deviant Pocket Knife, 3 Inches M390 Sheepfoot Blade with Copper/Micarta Handle, EDC Knives with Clip -V3575(Copper+Green Micarta handle+M390 blade)

  • M390 blade steel provides excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and cutting performance.
  • Cooper bolster with green linen micarta handle has a awesome look and prefer anti-skid effect during use.
  • Sheepfoot shape can be used to finish EDC tasks easily, like opening boxes, cutting pizza/tags off clothes, etc.
  • Deviant can better fit and finish with the ball bearings design, you can open it via the flipper.
  • Blade length: 3"(77mm), Overall length: 7.2"(183mm), Weight: 4.55 oz.(129g)

Kizer Begleiter Folding EDC Knife,

  • Begleiter designed by Azo and precision engineered by Kizer.

Kizer Rapids 154CM Blade with Blue and Black G10 Handle, Large Deep Carry Pocket Knife, Gift for Men, V3594FC1

  • 154CM Knife: Nice compact knife that holds a good edge.
  • Blue G10 scales provide solid feelings when holding in hand.
  • Drop point blade style makes the knife more gentlemen and elegant for daily use.
  • Large EDC Knife: very suitable for daily carrying.
  • Blade length: 3.46" / Total length: 8.03" / Weight: 3.63oz.

Kizer Gemini EDC Knife N690 Blade Black Micarta Handle, Pocket Knife Deep Carrp Clip V3471N4

  • The unique black Micarta handle is soft to the touch and has excellent grip.
  • The N690 steel has extremely good corrosion resistant properties.
  • Drop Point blades are durable, versatile, and effective at stabbing strikes.
  • Blade Length: 3.15"(80mm)/ Overall Length: 7.25"(184mm)/Weight: 2.79 oz(79g)
  • Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, it ideal for everyday carry.
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