Kershaw Leek, Black Folding Knife (1660CKT); 3 14C28N Sandvik Steel Blade, 410 Stainless Steel Handle, Both DLC-Coated; SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Liner Lock, Tip Lock, Reversible Pocketclip; 3 OZ.

  • Versatile 3” modified drop-point blade crafted with one of the world’s highest performing knife steels for increased corrosion resistance and edge retention
  • DLC-coated blade and handle for added hardness, superior scratch resistance and a stealthy matte-black finish
  • Handle features a stainless steel body, ambidextrous SpeedSafe assisted opening system, frame lock, tip-lock, reversible pocketclip and lanyard hole
  • Great gift for any special occasion- birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, employee appreciation and more
  • Made in the USA by Kershaw’s expert engineers, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty

How To Choose The Best Kershaw Otf

If you have ever used a manual knife, then you already know what a pain they can be. They require constant attention, and even the slightest mistake could result in serious injury. Thankfully, there are now automatic knives available that make life much easier. These knives are designed to cut food automatically, without requiring any effort from you. However, not all automatic knives are created equal. This article will help you decide whether an automatic knife is right for you.

What Is A Kershaw Otf?

Kershaw knives are made by the same company that makes famous brands like Victorinox Swiss Army Knives. They make some of the best quality kitchen knives around. Their blades are forged from high carbon stainless steel, making them extremely durable. The handles are ergonomically shaped for comfort while cutting, and the knifes come with a lifetime warranty.

Who needs a Kershaw Otf?

Its unique design allows you to easily change blades while keeping the blade perfectly aligned. No more fumbling around with dull blades or getting frustrated over misaligned blades.

It's also incredibly simple to use. Simply slide the new blade into place and push down on the button to lock it in place. Then, simply flip open the switch to release the blade. Done!

But this system isn't limited to kitchen tasks. It works equally well for any task where you need a knife that stays put. Whether you're cutting through paper, slicing bread, or chopping veggies, the OTF makes every job easier and faster.

Plus, its compact size makes it perfect for travel. With the OTF, you never have to worry about losing a knife during a trip. All you need is a standard pocketknife and the OTF to complete your kit.

So, whether you're looking for a new tool for your home or a portable solution for your travels, the OTF is the right choice.

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The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Kershaw Otf

If you've ever owned a kitchen tool, then you already understand how important it is to purchase a quality product. Kitchen tools are used every single day, so they should perform flawlessly. Unfortunately, many cheap products fail within just a short period of use. This is especially true if you buy them online. You never really know what you're getting until you receive the product. When you do receive the product, you'll find that it doesn't work properly. So, how do you ensure that you're buying a quality product? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Look for a warranty. A warranty ensures that the company stands behind their product. Companies like Kershaw offer lifetime warranties on their knives. They even go one step further by offering free sharpening services. These are great perks because they show that the company cares about their customers.

Check the reviews. People who have bought similar products often leave reviews about their experience. Read through the reviews and see what others think of the product. You may learn something valuable.

Read the instructions. Before you buy anything, read the instructions thoroughly. Make sure that you know exactly how to operate the product. For example, if you plan on using the product for cutting food, make sure that you know how to hold the blade properly. If you don't know how to use the product, then you shouldn't buy it.

Don't forget to ask questions. If you're unsure about a certain feature, ask the seller. They might be able to answer any question you have. After all, they want to make sure that you're happy with your purchase.

Features To Consider When Buying A Kershaw Otf

Otf blades. The Kershaw Otf is made from stainless steel, which makes it durable enough to handle heavy duty tasks. This means you can use this knife for everything from cutting through thick materials to slicing tomatoes.

Blade shape. The blade shape of the Kershaw Otf is curved, which allows you to easily cut through tough materials. Plus, the curve gives you more control over where you slice, which makes it easier to create precise cuts.

Stainless steel construction. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. And since the Otf has a lifetime warranty, you know you can count on its durability.

Locking mechanism. The locking mechanism of the Otf makes it easy to lock the blade into place during use. This prevents accidental opening while you're working.

Ergonomic design. The ergonomics of the Otf allow you to comfortably hold the knife in your hand. In addition, the handle provides comfort and stability while using the knife.

Versatile. The Otf is versatile enough to tackle just about anything you throw at it. Use it to chop vegetables, dice onions, mince garlic, slice cheese, and even carve meat.

Automatic Knife. The Otf is an automatic knife, which means you don't have to manually push down on the button to activate the blade. Simply press the button once to turn the blade on, then release it again to stop the blade.

Kapsel. The Otf features a Kapsel, which is a pocket clip that holds the knife securely in place. This feature keeps the knife close at hand, which saves time and effort when you're busy.

Lifetime Warranty. With a Lifetime Warranty, you can rest assured knowing that if something goes wrong with your Otf, we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

Different Types Of Kershaw Otf

Kershaw knives are known for their quality craftsmanship and durability. Their blades are forged from 18/10 stainless steel and feature a drop point blade design. These are manufactured by the company called Kershaw Knives. Each model features its own distinct style and feel. Here are some of the top models currently available.

Otf 1. This is the original model produced by Kershaw. It was released in 2007 and featured a black finish. Its handle is made from wood and measures 5 inches long. It weighs about 2 pounds.

Otf 3. This model was introduced in 2009 and features a satin finished blade. Its handle is made from aluminum and measures 6 inches long. It weighs about 4 ounces.

Otf 7. This model was introduced in 2012 and features a satin finished blade. Its handle is made from titanium and measures 8 inches long. It weighs about 5 ounces.

Otf 10. This model was introduced in 2013 and features a satin finished blade. Its handle is made from titanium and measures 9 inches long.

Otf 12. This model was introduced in 2014 and features a satin finished blade. Its handle is made from titanium and measures 11 inches long.

Otf 14. This model was introduced in 2015 and features a satin finished blade. Its handle is made from titanium and measures 13 inches long.

Otf 16. This model was introduced in 2016 and features a satin finished blade. Its handle is made from titanium and measures 15 inches long.


Kershaw Blur Black (1670BLK) Everyday Carry Pocketknife, 3.4 inch Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade, Cerakote Blade Finish, SpeedSafe Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 3.9 OZ

  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening makes for easy, safe and ambidextrous one-handed opening
  • Reversible pocketclip makes storing the pocketknife a breeze; choose to change the tip position of the blade or even the side the knife carries; sits deep in the pocket for discreet carry
  • Thumbstud perfectly placed for accessibility and ease of opening with just the push of a thumb
  • Handle reinforced with inset Liner Lock to give extra strength, durability and added safety
  • Trac-Tec gives quality grip and allows for easy carry in all conditions including freshwater, marine, snow, mud and messy skinning

GERBER Covert Knife, Serrated Edge, Black [22-01966]

  • Rugged And Reliable Design In All Our Products
  • Can Be Used In Various Military, Hunting, Survival, Tactical, Industrial And Outdoor Situations
  • All Products Are Field Tested
  • Tough Titanium Coated Blade

CRKT Endorser EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Assisted Opening Everyday Carry, Black Blade, Thumb Stud, Liner Lock, Two Tone G10 Handle, Pocket Clip 1105K

  • Fast Opening: Outburst assisted opening deploys the blade fast
  • Safe And Secure: Safety integrated thumbstud prevents accidental opening
  • Enhanced Protection: Black coating improves corrosion resistance
  • Designed by Matthew Lerch in Sussex, Wisconsin
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details

Kershaw Secret Agent (4007); Concealable Boot Knife with Strong Single Edge 4.4 Inch 8Cr13MoV Steel Blade; Arrives with Dual Carry Molded Sheath and Stealthy Non-Reflective Black Oxide Finish, 3 OZ

  • 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade with high carbon is heat treated for performance, hardness and durability
  • Handle is reinforced synthetic polymer encased by textured rubber for grip security; reinforcement provides increased strength, stiffness and stability
  • Tech rich black oxide coating converts steel to magnetite to boost appearance and corrosion resistance
  • High performing sheath provides clip for belt or UWB carry and slots for leg carry straps; both ensure users’ preference for accessibility
  • Blade’s first edition survives torture test seen on Survival Bros; fans claim it slices through plastic, aluminum, kelp, rope, jellyfish and fiberglass

Kershaw Leek Carbon Fiber Stonewash Finish with CPM 154 Steel; Ken Onion Classic Design with SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and 3 Inch Medium-Sized Drop Point Precision, Slicing and Piercing Blade

  • CPM 154 steel easier to polish and grind with improved toughness and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent multi-function everyday gentleman’s utility knife for slicing, piercing and precision detailing
  • Unassuming, low key and unassertive stonewash finish; broken-in look matches everything
  • Carbon Fiber handle unique to most variations on the Kershaw Leek gives this version an even lighter feel, added strength, and a grip that seems comfortably disproportionate to the knife size
  • Reversible pocket clip allows the user to switch handle side and to keep the Leek ready to hand even when discreetly concealed Hi team amazon

Kershaw Barstow (3960); All Black Pocket Knife with 3 Inch Stainless Steel Spear Point Blade; Features SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocket Clip, Flipper and Secure Frame Lock; 3.4 OZ

  • Liner Lock ensures the blade stays open during use, preventing accidental closure and user peace of mind
  • Flipper helps move the 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade safely out of the handle, for easy accessibility
  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening helps users open the pocketknife comfortably while the spear point single sharpened edge stays facing its proper folding position
  • Pre-drilled holes allow modified tip position and reversible sides for ambidextrous carrying options
  • Glass-filled nylon handle gives the quality grip users need for wet activities like animal skinning, for all-weather access, durability and enhanced protection

Kershaw Natrix - Copper Pocketknife (7006CU); 2.75-inch Drop-Point Blade with Stonewashed D2 Steel; Hefty Copper Handle Features Brushed Silver Hardware; Reversible, Deep-Carry Pocketclip; 3.7 oz

  • The upgraded, high-carbon, D2 steel Natrix with substantial copper handle is a deceptively hefty EDC; small but mighty pocket knife delivers, both in solid performance and in arresting good looks
  • High-performance steel yields excellent toughness, edge retention, wear and corrosion resistance; an easy to sharpen, long lasting and durable everyday carry that will quickly become a user favorite
  • Striking handle with silver hardware features a dramatic, oversized pivot and decorative backspacer; reversible pocketclip attaches to pocket, backpack, jacket, coat, day pack, duffel and gear bag
  • Kershaw’s patented sub-frame lock, a variation of the traditional frame lock, allows for a slimmer fit while still providing utmost strength, security and handsomely dramatic, contrasting lines
  • As eye-catching as it is functional, Kershaw’s Natrix with copper handle makes an ideal gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, groomsmen, weddings, promotions, anniversaries and other special occasions

Kershaw Decibel Pocketknife; 3 Inch 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel Blade, Titanium Carbo-Nitride Coated Blade and Handle, Manual Opening, Reversible Pocketclip, Thumb Stud, Frame Lock (2045), Black, Normal

  • The Decibel folding knife is the perfect accessory no matter the activity or the location: at work, for everyday carry, in the warehouse, garden, or car
  • Kershaw’s Decibel pocketknife features quality 8Cr13MoV stainless blade steel; both blade and handle have dark matte-gray titanium-carbo-nitride coating
  • Unlike a standard drop-point blade, the Decibel’s tip is positioned downward, allowing users to make piercing cuts with ease and confidence; blade steel offers good edge retention and corrosion resistance
  • Dark-gray finish is offset by an aluminum pivot collar and backspace, both anodized in bright blue for an eye-catching design; reversible pocket clip decoratively echoes the lines of the knife
  • Kershaw is dedicated to intensive craftsmanship; along with extremely tight tolerances and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Kershaw knives provide a lifetime of satisfying performance

Kershaw Leek Copper Folding Pocket Knife, 3-Inch Blade with SpeedSafe Opening, USA Made, Liner Lock (1660CU)

  • An all-new, solid copper handle pairs with the Leek's razor-sharp, high-performance CPM 154 blade.
  • Denser than steel, this Leek’s copper handle gives it a comfortable weight and will patina over time for a unique, custom look.
  • SpeedSafe technology makes this knife quick and easy to open with a pull back on the flipper. The reversible pocketclip enables carry on either side (tip-up or down).
  • Made in the USA with premium CPM 154 powdered metallurgy steel that provides an excellent edge, corrosion resistance, and toughness. The stonewashed finish hides scratches after use.
  • The Leek - Copper measures 7 inches end to end when opened, 4 inches when folded, and weighs 4 ounces.
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