Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife (1670S30V); 3.4 S30V Blade with Stonewashed Finish and Anodized Aluminum Handle with Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 4 OZ., Small

  • Manufactured with premium materials and built to last a lifetime
  • Premium S30V powdered steel blade, takes and holds an extremely fine edge for increased longevity
  • Ideal for a wide variety of tasks including cleaning game, cutting rope, bushcrafting, slicing fruits and vegetables, cutting zip ties and more
  • Stonewashed blade and basic black anodized aluminum handle with grip-tape give the S30V Blur its discreet, rugged appearance for a stealthy EDC
  • The handle provides secure gripping power in almost any environment and is ideal for hunters, backpackers, fisherman, hobbyists, wilderness guides, farmers, homesteaders, or first responders

How To Choose The Best Kershaw Link

A good quality knife is essential for anyone who spends much time outdoors. If you have been searching for the ideal outdoor tool, then you may well have come across the name Kershaw. The company has become famous for its range of excellent products, and their latest offering is the Link series. This is a great addition to the already impressive line up of Kershaws, as it offers a number of features not found elsewhere.

What Is A Kershaw Link?

The Kershaw Link is an innovative tool for cutting through thick leather, plastic, wood, and even metal. It features a serrated blade made of stainless steel that cuts through all materials without leaving behind any marks. The link has been tested against many different types of material including leather, vinyl, cardboard, paper, aluminum foil, and more. This versatile tool makes it easy to cut through almost anything!

Where Can I Get A Kershaw Link?

The Kershaw Link is one of our most popular folders. But did you know that this folder was designed specifically for women?

It has been specially engineered to fit comfortably in a woman's hand. And it features a unique locking mechanism that allows you to open the blade quickly and easily.

This makes it perfect for everyday use. Whether you're cutting paper, opening mail, or slicing tomatoes, the Link is sure to become your favorite kitchen tool.

Plus, the Link comes with a lifetime warranty. So, if anything goes wrong, we'll fix it free of charge.

That's right - we guarantee it. We stand behind every product we sell. No questions asked.

We think you'll agree that the Link is a must-have for any home cook. So, order yours today.

These are all important considerations when choosing which type of knife works best for you.

Use the Link for everything from chopping veggies to slicing bread to dicing onions. It's ideal for tasks where you need a strong blade but still want to avoid accidentally nicking yourself.

To chop garlic cloves, simply place them flat side down on the cutting board. Hold the Link over the top of the clove and press firmly. Then, slide the blade along the length of the garlic until you hear the blade hit the bottom of the garlic bulb. Repeat this process for each clove.

When preparing fresh herbs, such as basil, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, or oregano, simply grab the leaves off the stem and roll them around the handle of the knife. Place the herb inside the hollowed area of the handle and then push down to secure it.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Kershaw Link

If you want to buy a great knife, then you should definitely invest in a quality knife. There are many different types of knives available on the market, so how do you decide which one is best? Well, here are some things to keep in mind when buying a knife:

Look for a knife that feels solid in your hand. A solid knife will provide you with better control and accuracy. You'll also notice that a solid knife will have less vibration and noise when cutting through materials. This means that you won't have to strain your ears when working with a solid knife.

Look for a knife that is easy to clean. When cleaning your knife, use soap and warm water. Never use harsh cleaners such as bleach or ammonia. These products may damage the blade of your knife.

Look for a knife that is durable. Durability is very important if you plan on using your knife every single day. Make sure that the handle of your knife is strong and secure. You don't want to worry about dropping your knife because the handle isn't sturdy.

Look for a knife that is lightweight. Lightweight knives are easier to carry around. They are also easier to manage when opening and closing. Plus, they weigh less, making them easier to transport.

Look for a knife that is ergonomic. Ergonomics refers to the design of the handle of the knife. An ergonomic handle provides a firm grip and allows you to hold the knife easily. This makes it easier to perform tasks like chopping vegetables.

Look for a knife that is sharp. Sharp blades are essential for performing tasks efficiently. Sharp blades are also able to slice through material quickly. For example, if you're slicing tomatoes, a dull blade will take forever to accomplish the task. On the other hand, a sharp blade will complete the job within seconds.

Look for a knife that is affordable. While you might think that you can save money by purchasing cheap knives, you'll end up paying more in the long run. Cheap knives tend to break down faster.

Features To Consider When Buying A Kershaw Link

Sharp blade. The first thing you notice about a pocket knife is its sharpness. But there's more to a quality pocket knife than just a sharp edge. You'll want a knife that feels comfortable in your hand. And you'll want a knife that has a sturdy handle made of wood, plastic or metal. These materials add strength and durability to the knife.

Blade shape. There are many types of blades available. Some are straight while others curve slightly upward toward the tip. Blades can be either serrated or smooth. Serrated blades cut through food faster, but they tend to dull quickly. Smooth blades are easier to sharpen, but they may slip off food if you're cutting something hard.

Handle design. Knives come in two basic designs: fixed and clip. Fixed handles stay put no matter how you hold the knife. Clip handles move freely with your grip. This type of handle makes it easier to control the knife during chopping tasks.

Lock mechanism. Most knives feature a locking mechanism that keeps the blade securely closed until you push down on the button. Locking mechanisms prevent accidental opening of the knife.

Size. Pocket knives come in three sizes: 2 inches, 3.25 inches and 4 inches. Choose the right size based on the task you plan to perform with the knife.

Weight. Weight matters. Heavy knives are harder to maneuver and carry. Lightweight knives are easier to wield and less tiring to hold.

Comfort. Comfort matters. Your pocket knife should fit comfortably in your hand. If it doesn't, you'll end up using it less often.

Durability. Durable knives stand up to heavy use over time. They're built to withstand repeated sharpening and heavy use. Look for knives that boast a lifetime warranty.

Versatility. Whether you're cooking, carving meat or slicing bread, you'll want a versatile knife that does multiple jobs well.

Different Types Of Kershaw Link

The Kershaw Link is a small tool that allows users to quickly open any standard size zipper. It was created by Kershaw Knives. It works by inserting the tip of the blade between the teeth of the zipper. Then, simply pull down on the handle to release the zipper.

Kershaw Links are available in three sizes. Each size is named according to its length. The smallest is called the 3.25 inch link. The next larger version is the 4 inch link. Finally, the largest model is the 5 inch link.

There are two main advantages to owning a Kershaw Link. First, it makes opening zippers quick and simple. Second, it saves space. A regular zipper takes up a lot of room. By comparison, the Kershaw Link requires less space. It is also lightweight and compact. This means that it does not add bulk to your bag or backpack.

If you own a Kershaw Knife, you should consider getting a Kershaw Link. Not only will it save you time, but it will also save you space.


Kershaw Leek Olive Handle with 14C28N Sandvik Steel; Ken Onion Classic Design with SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and 3 Inch Medium-Sized Drop Point Precision, Slicing and Piercing Blade

  • Sandvik 14C28N steel with extra carbon for hardness while also able to sharpen and consistently keep its edge in order rarely to need maintenance
  • Excellent multi-function everyday gentleman’s utility knife for slicing, piercing and precision detailing
  • Unassuming, low key and unassertive drab olive handle with anodized aluminum fade-resistant color permanently bonded to the handle
  • Lightning fast, trustworthy and authoritative SpeedAssist ambidextrous opening that is fun to use
  • Reversible pocket clip allows the user to switch handle side and to keep the Leek ready to hand even when discreetly concealed

Kershaw Knockout Olive/Black Pocket Knife, 3.25 inch Cerakote 14C28N Steel Blade, Anodized Aluminum Handle, SpeedSafe Opening, Sub-Frame Lock and Deep-Carry Pocketclip, 1870OLBLK

  • Flipper allows the user to open the Knockout easily with either hand for tactical use in strategic combat
  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening provides a safe, quick and easy open
  • The Sub-Frame Lock gives extra frame support for hard to cut materials like branches, plastic piping, cartilage and bone
  • The pocketclip can be easily moved in 4 unique positions using pre-drilled holes for ambidextrous use, allowing users to choose left or right-handed, tip up or tip down carry
  • Deep carry pocketclip allows comfortable carry and easy concealment, while keeping the knife readily accessible

Kershaw Flourish Pocket Knife (3935); 3.5-Inch Blackwash Clip Point Blade with Black Carbon Fiber Handle; Features SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Flipper, Lanyard Hole and Reversible Pocket Clip; 5.3 OZ.

  • Flipper gives users the ability to open the knife blade with just the flick of a thumb
  • Patented SpeedSafe Assisted Opening allows users to swiftly open the pocket knife with minimal effort; designed by famed Kershaw knife maker, Ken Onion
  • Reversible clip allows users to flip pocketknife blade to yield right or left-handed use for optimal ambidextrous carry options
  • Built-in liner lock keeps knife securely locked in place during use to ensure safe and sturdy handling
  • Conveniently placed lanyard hole is located at the tip of the pocketknife to allow easy storing and concealment options

Kershaw Eris Folding Pocket Knife (1881); 3-Inch Stainless Steel Drop-Point Blade Featuring SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Titanium-Coated Handle, Secure Frame Lock and Reversible Pocket Clip , Black

  • Showcase two-tone finish includes stonewash on the grinds, satin on the flats
  • Eris has three custom features: right or left-handed flipper to operate SpeedSafe, pre-drilled holes for four-position pocket clip and lanyard hole for preferred carry
  • Indispensable in emergencies and daily tasks, the Eris is a great gift for co-workers, groomsmen, graduates, best friends, relatives and service personnel
  • Closed length: 4.1 inches; open length: 7.5 inches; weight: 4.7 ounces
  • Affordable, quality blade cuts seat belts, cardboard, roots, vegetables, twine, rope, lines and most everything found on the trail, in the field, around the house or along the road

Kershaw Payout Folding Pocket Knife, 3.5 Inch Blade with SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Frame Lock (2075), Steel

  • The Payout’s big, 3. 5-inch D2 steel blade features a unique top swedge that gives a dynamic look and relieves some of the long blade’s weight.
  • Its G10 fiberglass laminate and machined steel handle is enhanced by a custom pivot and an aluminum pivot ring anodized in copper, accented with a custom over-travel stop.
  • SpeedSafe technology makes this knife quick and easy to open with a pull back on the flipper. A wrap-around pocketclip makes the Payout a great deep-carry EDC.
  • A beautiful design that offers functional, decorative touches, the Payout also features a copper standoff that doubles as a lanyard hole.
  • The Payout measures 8. 3 inches end to end when opened, 4. 9 inches when folded, and weighs 5. 3 ounces.

Kershaw Link Folding Pocket Knife, Olive, 3.25 Inch Upgraded CPM 20CV Steel Blade with SpeedSafe Assisted Opening (1776OLSW)

  • Kershaw takes the Link to the next level with CPM 20CV blade steel, which offers superior hardness, corrosion resistance, toughness, and wear resistance.
  • The aluminum handle is anodized in olive green; its machined pattern gives it a unique look while providing enhanced grip.
  • SpeedSafe technology makes this knife quick and easy to open with a pull back on the flipper. The reversible pocketclip enables carry on either side.
  • Made in America - the Link's signature bead-blasted drop point blade, slender top swedge, and solid, comfortable weight make it a confident EDC choice.
  • he new Link knife measures 7. 6 inches end to end when opened, 4. 4 inches when folded, and weighs 4. 7 ounces.

Kershaw Natrix Copper XL Folding Pocket Knife, 3.7-Inch Blade with Manual Opening, Sub Frame Lock (7008CU)

  • Solid and satisfying to hold and use, the largest Natrix features a drop-point blade made of performance D2 high-carbon tool steel.
  • The denser-than-steel copper handle gives this large knife some real heft and style; in time, the copper will take on a patina, making each copper Natrix unique.
  • Opens manually with a flipper and butter-smooth KVT ball bearings - perfect for one-handed deployment. The custom pivot adds an industrial/classic car inspired touch.
  • A high-end, monster-sized knife, the Natrix XL gives large hands a good grip and enables deep-carry in big pockets - it's distinctive, functional, and beautifully designed.
  • The Natrix XL measures 8. 75 inches end to end when opened, 5 inches when folded, and weighs a hefty 8. 6 oz.

Kershaw Dividend Composite Folding Pocket Knife, Olive, 3-Inch Blade with SpeedSafe Opening (1812OLCB)

  • The USA-made Dividend's Composite Blade Technology permanently joins two steels in one blade; hard, corrosion-resistant N690 on the blade upper and tough, wear-resistant D2 on the cutting edge.
  • The distinctive anodized, olive green, 6061-T6 aluminum handle is decked out with machined details and an American flag silhouette.
  • SpeedSafe technology makes this knife quick and easy to open with a pull back on the flipper. The position is then safely secured with liner lock technology.
  • A versatile, deep-carry pocketclip is adjustable for tip-up or tip-down, left- or right-handed carry.
  • The Dividend knife measures 7. 25 inches end to end when opened, 4. 25 inches when folded, and weighs just 2. 8 ounces.
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