Ontario Knife Old Hickory Cook Knife 79-8, One Size, 7045TC

  • Hardwood handle
  • Overall length: 13 inch
  • Brushed steel blade
  • Material Name:Synthetic

How To Choose The Best Hickory Knives

Hickory knives have been around since the early 1900s, but they haven't always been as well known as other woods such as maple and oak. However, over the past few years, more and more people have started using hickory wood for their kitchen cutlery. This has led to a rise in demand for quality hickory knives, and now you can get great deals on top-quality hickory knives online.

What Are Hickory Knives?

Hickory knives are made from hickory wood. It was once thought to be too tough to cut into, but modern technology has changed all that! Today, there are many different types of hickory knives available. They come in various shapes and sizes, including straight blades, curved blades, serrated edges, and more. The most popular type of hickory knife is the pocketknife. Pocketknives are small, slim, and easy to carry around. They're perfect for everyday use, whether at home or work. You'll find hickory knives in every price range, from inexpensive models to high quality custom knives.

Where Does Hickory Grow?

The hickory tree grows throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and even parts of Antarctica. In fact, some people believe that the first hickory trees were planted in China over 5, 000 years ago.

Who Needs Hickory Knives?

Hickory knives are one of our most popular products. These knives are perfect for everyday use. Whether you're cutting veggies, slicing bread, or chopping herbs, these knives are sure to fit right in.

The blades are designed to cut through tough materials such as wood, bone, and plastic. But they're also strong enough to handle food prep tasks such as peeling potatoes and carrots. And since they're made from solid hickory, they're built to last.

These knives are versatile and durable. They're also affordable. We offer several sizes and styles including paring knives, utility knives, chef's knives, and serrated kitchen knives. All of our knives are backed by a lifetime warranty.

We know how important quality tools are to home cooks. That's why we only sell top-quality knives. Our Hickory knives are crafted using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Each blade is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans. Then each knife undergoes rigorous testing before being packaged and shipped to customers.

Our Hickory knives are designed for everyday use. They're ideal for preparing meals, cleaning dishes, and general cooking tasks. But they're also sturdy enough to tackle tougher jobs like peeling potatoes and carving meat.

Whether you're new to cooking or experienced, Hickory knives are a must-have tool. They're inexpensive, long lasting, and easy to clean. Pick yours up today.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Hickory Knives

If you want to buy a great knife, then you should start by looking at the blade material. There are many different types of blades available, including stainless steel, carbon steel, ceramic coated steel, titanium, and even exotic materials like kraton and damascus. Each type of blade has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, stainless steel knives are durable and easy to maintain, but they tend to dull quickly if used improperly. Carbon steel knives have a nice balance between durability and sharpness. Ceramic coated steel knives are very strong, but they can chip easily. Titanium knives are extremely light and flexible, making them ideal for tasks such as carving wood. Kraton knives are forged from a special alloy of iron, nickel, chromium, and other metals. Damascus knives are handcrafted from strips of steel that are folded and welded together. They are incredibly beautiful, but they take a long time to forge and finish.

Once you've decided on the blade material and size, you'll need to select the best knife maker. You may find that one company makes excellent knives in every category, or you might find that certain manufacturers specialize in particular styles. Regardless of who makes the knife, you'll want to ensure that the knife maker uses high quality materials and finishes. A poorly finished knife could leave scratches on your hands after use. This is especially true if you plan to sharpen your knife frequently. Sharpening stones are another option. These stones come in various sizes and shapes, so you can pick the stone that works best for your needs. You can purchase a set of whetstones that include a variety of grits, or you can invest in a separate sharpener. Either way, you'll want to keep track of the number of times you sharpen your knife. Once you reach 100 sharpenings, you'll want to replace the knife.

Features To Consider When Buying Hickory Knives

Blade material. The blade material used in a knife has a big impact on its performance. Look for knives made from materials such as stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, or wood. Each type of material has advantages and disadvantages.

Edge design. The edge design of a knife affects how well it performs. Look for knives with straight edges, serrated edges, or both. Straight edged knives tend to perform better than those with serrated edges.

Handle style. Handle styles affect comfort while using a knife. Look for handles that are comfortable to hold and grip. Some handle designs are more secure than others.

Size. Size matters when it comes to knives. Smaller knives are easier to carry and use. Larger knives may be more stable, but they take longer to sharpen.

Weight. Weight plays a role in how easily a knife cuts through food. Lightweight knives are easier to control and maneuver. Heavy weight knives are less prone to slipping during cutting tasks.

Comfort. Comfort is important when it comes to carrying a knife. Look for knives that fit comfortably in your hand. This means finding a knife that fits your hand naturally. Not only does this improve comfort, but it makes it easier to cut with a knife.

Durability. Durable knives stay sharp longer and resist rusting. Look for knives that feature blades made from materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or hardwoods.

Sharpness. Sharp knives are easier to use and maintain. Look for knives that are sharpened regularly.

Value. Value is another factor to consider when buying a knife. Make sure you know exactly what you're paying for. Don't pay more than you think you should. And if you do find a great deal, stick with it!

Different Types Of Hickory Knives

Hickory knives are a staple among woodworkers everywhere. Their popularity stems from their ability to hold up well against heavy use. They are also known for their durability and sharpness. Hickory knives are traditionally made from hickory wood. Today, manufacturers offer blades made from stainless steel and titanium. Each material offers its own advantages and disadvantages. We will go through each of these materials below.

Stainless Steel. Stainless steel is by far the most popular material used to manufacture kitchen knives. Its main benefit is that it does not rust. It is also highly resistant to corrosion. Unfortunately, it is also quite brittle. This means that it cannot withstand any kind of impact without breaking. For this reason, it is important to handle your blade carefully. Do not bang it against anything. Also, avoid dropping it on concrete floors.

Titanium. Titanium is a metal that is lightweight and strong. It is also incredibly durable. It is commonly used in medical devices and aerospace applications. It is also fairly inexpensive. Unfortunately, it is also fairly soft. This makes it susceptible to scratching and denting. To combat this issue, titanium blades should always be stored in a case. This keeps them safe from damage.

Hickory Wood. Hickory wood is a dense hardwood that grows naturally in North America. It is primarily used to make handles for hunting tools. Hickory wood is also used to make furniture. Hickory wood is a good alternative to stainless steel. It is less prone to breakage and scratches. It is also a natural material that feels nice in the hand. Hickory wood is also fairly affordable.


Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife, 10-Inch Blade

  • Quality material and craftsmanship
  • Designed for the toughest situations
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Ontario Knives proudly makes their cutlery in the USA

Ontario Knife Co. 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705

  • 8 inch Slicing Knife
  • 3.25 inch Paring Knife
  • 4 inch Paring Knife
  • 7 inch Butcher's Knife
  • 6 inch Boning Knife
  • 3.25 inch Paring Knife
  • 4 inch Paring Knife
  • 7 inch Butcher's Knife
  • 6 inch Boning Knife

Old Hickory Paring Knife.

  • Paring Knife - 4" blade carbon steel.

New Old Hickory 7-14 Usa 14" Inch Butcher Kitchen Knife Usa Made 6992648

  • CARBON STEEL may have some rust on it but cleans off with some oil and cloth
  • Brand:"OLD HICKORY"
  • Blade x Handle In. 14"
  • Made in the USA

New Old Hickory 76-7 Usa 7" Meat Cleaver Kitchen Knife

  • Handle Color Brown
  • Blade Grind Flat
  • Blade Finish Brushed
  • Blade Color Silver
  • Blade Thickness 0.1 in (0.3 cm)

Authentic XYJ Since 1986,Outstanding Ancient Forging,6.7 Inch Full Tang,Serbian Chefs knife,Chef Meat Cleaver,Kitchen Knives,Set with Leather Sheath,Take Carrying,Butcher,for Camping or Outdoor

  • 【XYJ Brand】Established in 1986, XYJ knives feature high quality, exceptional sharpness, simple design, great balance and good practicality. Applying ergonomics and mechanical levers principles, we greatly improve customers’ cutting experience. XYJ knives are terrific all-rounders and are especially designed for climbing, fishing, outdoors, kitchen cooking, etc. XYJ knives are practical work tools designed for various tasks, helping you to finish your job efficiently. XYJ explore your journey !
  • 【Handmade Forging Technology】XYJ knives are sharpened manually by workers with more than 30 years of experience. Compared with traditional knives, XYJ knives can provide a longer service life. The high-quality forged kitchen knife is made by sophisticated operations, including quenching, hammering, tempering, clamping, etc, and a series of continuous operating cycles.
  • 【Multi-purpose&High Quality Cleaver】XYJ knives are forged by high-manganese steel. Designed with a V-shaped fine processing blade and ergonomic full tang handle, they can provide a comfortable grip in your hand and are suited for cutting meat, fish, vegetable, fruits or any other food other than bones.
  • 【Convenient To Carry】XYJ knives come with an exquisite gift box and unique leather knife sheath to protect the knife blade, ensuring safety protection. A belt loop can be attached to the belt for easy carrying during outdoor activities. They are good outdoor knives for BBQ, hunting and camping (Please note that there may be an odor of leather sheath, please hang it in a ventilated place for a few days after receiving the knife.)
  • 【Maintenance】Due to the high carbon content of forged knives, please keep the knife blade away from acidic, alkaline, or corrosive substances, and make sure to clean the knife on a regular basis. Be sure to rinse it with running water, and wipe off the water stains subsequently with a cotton cloth. Cooking oil can be smeared on the blade for added effects. When no longer in use, store the knife in a dry place.

Old Hickory OH7026 kitchen knife

  • Crafted from the highest quality material
  • Perfect for every kitchen need
  • Made in United States
  • Model number : OH7026
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