Gerber Air Ranger Knife, Serrated Edge, Grey [45860]

  • Textured anondized aluminum handle
  • One-hand opening
  • Overall Length: 7.32-Inch, Length Closed: 4.16-Inch, Length of Blade: 3.26-Inch, Weight: 2-3/5-Ounce
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
  • Handle Material: CNC Machined Aluminum

How To Choose The Best Gerber Knives

Gerbers were originally designed to help farmers cut down trees more efficiently, but now they are used by hunters, campers, chefs, and even gardeners. They are also great gifts for men who love to cook and craft. This article will teach you everything you need to know about choosing the best knife for your needs.

What Are Gerber Knives?

Gerbers are a type of knife that has been around for decades. They were originally developed for military purposes, but today they are commonly used by civilians as well. Gerbers come in many different shapes and sizes, including fixed blades, folders, and even multi-tools. The most common types of gerbers include utility knives, pocket knives, and survival knives. Gerbers are very popular because they are easy to carry and use, making them perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, and any outdoor activity where you need a small tool that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Where Did Gerbers Originate?

The first gerbers were made in Germany during World War II. These early models had no blade guards, and were just meant to cut through barbed wire and other obstacles. However, these early models proved to be too dangerous for civilian use, so they were replaced with more refined versions that included safety features like blade guards and locking mechanisms. Today, there are hundreds of different brands of gerbers available, each offering a wide variety of designs and styles.

Who needs a gerber knives?

Gerber Knives are one of the most trusted names in cutting tools. Their products are known for being tough, reliable, and durable. But did you know that Gerber has been around since 1946?

That makes them over 100 years old! To celebrate this milestone, Gerber is offering special discounts on its entire line of knives. From pocketknives to fixed blades, every knife is 50% off during the sale.

This offer is only valid online through the Gerber website. Orders must be shipped within the United States.

To take advantage of this deal, simply add items to your shopping cart and enter code "GERBER100" at checkout.

There are several reasons why Gerber is such a trusted brand. First, it offers top quality products. Second, it stands behind its products. Third, it provides excellent customer service. Finally, it offers lifetime warranties on its products.

But if you have never purchased a Gerber product before, now is a perfect time to start.

Plus, Gerber's warranty covers accidental damage. So, if you accidentally cut yourself while using your new knife, Gerber will replace it.

Gerber knives are made from stainless steel. This material is strong and corrosion resistant. It doesn't rust easily, which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Gerber's knives feature a variety of blade styles. Some are designed specifically for camping and hiking. Others are built for everyday tasks like chopping veggies and slicing bread.

Finally, Gerber offers a wide range of colors. Whether you prefer black, brown, blue, green, pink, red, silver, tan, white, yellow, or another color, you can find a style that matches your home decor.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Gerber Knives

Gerber Knives have become one of the most popular knife lines in the world. Gerber is known for their innovative designs and superior craftsmanship. They offer a wide variety of products including kitchen utensils, camping gear, outdoor equipment, and even tools for DIY projects. Their line of knives is designed to provide users with everything they need to perform any task efficiently and safely. Whether you want to chop vegetables, skin game, or just slice bread, Gerber offers a product to meet your needs. Below are three reasons why you should purchase a quality Gerber Knife.

These materials ensure that your blade will hold up under heavy use. When selecting a knife, you'll notice that many manufacturers use inferior materials like plastic or aluminum. While these materials may seem cheap, they won't stand up to daily wear and tear. A quality knife will last you years if properly cared for.

You'll find that Gerber knives are often used by professionals who work outside. For example, hunters use them to skin game and campers use them to prepare food. This means that you can count on your knife to handle whatever life throws at it. Gerber knives are built to take abuse and keep working.

Gerber knives feature safety features such as finger guards and thumb studs to prevent accidental injury. These features are especially useful when cutting hot foods or sharpening your blade. Gerber knives are safe because they were engineered to do exactly what they say they will do. Gerber knives are built to last and provide excellent value.

Features To Consider When Buying Gerber Knives

Quality materials. Gerber knives are made using quality materials. They're crafted from stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, titanium, and other metals. The blades are heat treated to ensure they hold their edge well over time. And the handles are constructed from wood, plastic, rubber, leather, and more.

Comfort. Gerber knives are comfortable to handle. They feature ergonomic designs that fit comfortably in your hand. Some models even have finger guards to protect your fingers while cutting.

Versatility. Gerber knives are versatile enough to tackle just about anything. From camping trips to fishing expeditions, these knives can do it all.

Easy maintenance. Gerber knives are built to withstand tough conditions. That means they're durable and easy to clean. Plus, they're dishwasher safe.

Value. Gerber knives are affordable. But if you're willing to spend a little more, you can find great deals on higher end knives. These knives are worth the investment.

Different Types Of Gerber Knives

Gerber Knives are known for making quality tools that last. Their line of Gerber Folding Knives are well respected by hunters across the country. They offer a variety of models ranging from pocket knives to fixed blades. Each model offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Below we will go through each knife and explain why you should consider getting one.

Pocket Knife. Pocket knives are small and compact. These are perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse. They are also lightweight and easy to use. They are perfect for everyday tasks like opening jars and cutting paper. gerber knives are also great for camping trips and hiking.

Folding Knife. Folding knives are larger than pocket knives. gerber knives are perfect for outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. These are also good for home defense purposes. They are heavier than pocket knives and are better suited for chopping wood and splitting logs. They are also less likely to slip out of your hand.

Hunting Tactical Knife. Hunting tactical knives are large and heavy. They are meant for serious outdoorsmen. They are also very durable. These are perfect for big game hunts and long distance hikes. gerber knives are also great for self defense.

Knife Folders. Knife folders are smaller than traditional fixed blade knives. These are great for everyday tasks like opening jars and slicing bread. gerber knives are also lighter than fixed blades and are perfect for women. These are also cheaper than fixed blades.

Fixed Blade Knives. Fixed blades are the largest category of knives. They are perfect for outdoor activities like hunting and camping. These are also great for self defense. These are heavier than folder knives and are more suitable for men. They are also more expensive than folders.


Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife, Coyote Brown [22-01463]

  • Survival knife developed to free an aircrew from a downed aircraft
  • Purposeful break between the tang and the butt cap, providing insulated protection against stray wires and absorbing any shock from hammering
  • Molle compatible sheath with built-in sharpener
  • Overall Length: 10.59"

Gerber Gear 22-47162N Fast Draw Folding Assisted Opening Pocket Knife, Fine Edge, Black

  • Tactile texturing on nylon handle
  • High carbon surgical stainless steel blade
  • Fast Draw folding knife deploys quickly and easily with one hand
  • Sturdy pocket clip keeps it close by during use
  • Overall length 7.13 inches, closed length 4.17 inches, blade length 2.99 inches, weight 3.6 oz.

Gerber Gator Folding Knife, Fine Edge, Clip Point [46069]

  • Gator grip handle texture for maximum grip
  • Lock-back design
  • Ballistic nylon sheath
  • Overall Length: 8.5", Length Closed: 4.96"
  • Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Steel

Gerber Gear 22-48485 Paraframe Mini Pocket Knife, 2.2 Inch Fine Edge Blade, Stainless Steel

  • Quality crafted knives and tools for every task: Whether saving time, the day, or a life, Gerber delivers professional-grade pocket knives, multitools, and equipment. Hunting, survival, tactical, and everyday carry – a Gerber blade has you covered.
  • Functional and safe: The Paraframe Mini Pocket Knife is has an smooth stainless steel handle and open frame that is minimal and lightweight. The frame lock holds the sharp blade open and safely closes for secure storage.
  • Easy to carry and open: This EDC knife is an effortless addition to your pocket or belt clip. This mini pocket knife has a lightweight design and easy-to-clean fine-edge blade that opens effortlessly, complete with a sturdy clip for secure travel.
  • Built to handle any and all tasks thrown at it: at the job site, around the house, the campground, and everywhere in between. Whether used to explore, work, defend, or as survival tools, Gerber knives tackle the tasks of daily life head on.
  • Includes 1 Gerber Gear Paraframe Mini Pocket Knife with clip, 1.6 oz, 5.25.” Fine edge knife blade measures 2.2.” Stainless Steel. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

GERBER Covert Knife, Serrated Edge, Black [22-01966]

  • Rugged And Reliable Design In All Our Products
  • Can Be Used In Various Military, Hunting, Survival, Tactical, Industrial And Outdoor Situations
  • All Products Are Field Tested
  • Tough Titanium Coated Blade

Gerber Gear 31-000345N EAB Lite Pocket Knife, Stainless Steel

  • Contractor-Grade Replaceable Utility Blade
  • Deep Finger Grooves For Secure Fit
  • Handle Also Doubles As Pocket Or Money Clip
  • 5.1-Inch Open Length, 2.3-Inch Blade Length, 2.8-Inch Closed Length, 2.5-Ounce Weight

Bear Grylls Survival Series, Folding Sheath Knife

  • Serrated high carbon stainless steel drop point fixed blade w/ textured rubber grip.
  • Dual sided thumb stud, lock back, textured rubber grip nylon sheath allows for vertical or horizontal carry.
  • Includes Bear's "Priorities of Survival" pocket guide.
  • Overall length: 8.5".
  • Blade length: 3.6".

Gerber Gear 31-001159N Hunting Gear Myth Field Dress, Hunting Knives, Brown

  • Packable Dual Hunting Knife Kit Offering A Complete Field Dressing Solution, Packed Together In A Compact, Puncture-Proof Sheath
  • Hunting Knife Set Contains The Myth Fixed Blade Pro, Myth Compact Fixed Blade, And A Sheath With A Built-In Carbide Sharpener To Keep You On The Go
  • Packaged Together In A Slim, Piggyback-Style Puncture-Proof Sheath, This Hunting Knives Kit Will Fit Neatly Into Your Pack Or On Your Belt Loop
  • The Myth Field Dressing Hunting Knives Kit Is The Ultimate Hunting Companion

Gerber Gear 31-001709N Swagger Knife, Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Pocket Knife, 3.25 In Blade, Black

  • The everyday tactical blade for the job
  • Smooth, one-handed assisted opening
  • Easy-to-sharpen drop point blade
  • 3.25 inch partially serrated blade with black titanium nitride coating for excellent corrosion resistance
  • The G-10 composite handle sets a high bar for durability and all-conditions grip.
  • Country of origin : China

Gerber Gear 31-002521N GDC Pocket Knife Money Clip, GDC Fixed Blade Knife and Case, EDC Gear, Stainless Steel

  • Gerber multi tool is slim, portable, and holds up to five credit cards in the clip, this pocket knife also contains a discreet 1.75" fine edge blade
  • Main feature of this everyday carry is that it can be easily stored in your pocket and simple to deploy, this tool is seamlessly integrated into any daily task
  • Money clip knife has a large surface, rust proof materials, titanium coated steel body, and a G-10 front plate
  • Carry with confidence; Multi tool is a great addition to any EDC gear. Money clip serves as a sheath for included knife and is a great alternative to a wallet
  • Overall Length: 3.7", weight: 2.9 oz. ; Included limited lifetime warranty

Gerber Gear 31-002736N Vital Pocket Folding Hunting Knife Exchangeable Blade, Orange/Black

  • Highly visual, orange rubber handle is easy to spot plus grip.
  • Replaceable razor blade is safely switched out w/ the push of a button.
  • Larger finger choil plus width offer solid, comfortable grip
  • Don't be without it on the big hunt.
  • Blaze orange handle makes it easy to spot
  • Exchange-a-blade
  • Comfortable, safe and lightweight
  • 6 Replaceable Blades, No.60 razor blade is industry standard
  • Large safe finger choils

Gerber Gear 30-001005N Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife, Black

  • Compact, Skeletal 420Hc Steel Frame.
  • Black Ceramic Coating For Minimal Reflection + Corrosion.
  • Diamond Texture Rubber Handle For Superior Grip.
  • Modular Sheath System For Concealed Or Open Carry.
  • Includes a modular sheath system that can be worn horizontally or vertically
  • 420HC blade steel with black ceramic coating offers superior corrosion resistance
  • The skeletonized handle allows for a low profile carry
  • The diamond textured, rubber over-mold handle give exceptional grip in many situations
  • Overall length: 6.9 inches, Blade length: 3.3 inches

Gerber Gear 30-001006N Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife Deluxe Kit with Ankle Wrap, Black

  • Compact, Skeletal 420Hc Steel Frame
  • Black Ceramic Coating For Minimal Reflection + Corrosion
  • Diamond Texture Rubber Handle For Superior Grip
  • Modular Sheath System For Concealed Or Open Carry
  • Includes a neoprene ankle wrap with sheath mount
  • The sheath can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a belt
  • Handle features rubberized diamond texture for enhanced grip
  • 420HC blade steel with black ceramic coating offers superior corrosion resistance
  • Overall length: 6.9 inches, Blade length: 3.3 inches

GERBER StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife with Serrated Edge - Black

  • StrongArm tactical knife features a black handle and a serrated edge, full tang 420HC steel blade
  • Durable survival knife has ceramic blade coating and rubberized diamond texture grip
  • Break through hard surfaces in emergencies with the tactical knife’s striking pommel
  • Four mounting pieces and sheath can be used for mounting on MOLLE, belt, or in drop-leg fashion
  • Gerber gear is proudly made in USA at Gerber's Portland, Oregon factory

Gerber Air Ranger Knife, Fine Edge, Black G-10 [31-002950]

  • Features an ultra-tactile black G-10 composite handle
  • Black oxide coating on the fine edge drop point blade offers low-profile corrosion resistance
  • Deploy the blade easily with one-hand using the dual thumbstuds
  • The blade is liner locking for safe use and safe storage
  • Multiple security options are available via the pocket clip and lanyard hole

Gerber Gear 30-001494N Flatiron Folding Pocket Knife Cleaver, 3.6 Inch Blade, Black

  • Arguably the most prominent feature, the cleaver blade is bold and trend forward
  • The sleek thumb-hole opening allows for smooth one-hand engagement while operating
  • A large finger choil ensures solid hand placement for secure control when choking up
  • The pocket clip is specifically designed for low profile carry that doesn't draw attention
  • Machined aluminum handle is smooth yet secure - perfect for everyday carry
  • The dependable blade shape is easy to operate with one hand and simple to stow when not in use.

GERBER Fastball Folding Knife with Lock Release - Black

  • Pocket knife made from high carbon S30V steel with machined aluminum handles
  • Manual finger flipper deployment and reliable detent make this EDC knife safe and secure
  • Finger flipper won’t tear fingers up, yet stiff enough for smooth flip knife deployment every time
  • Designed as a slim, lightweight knife with single liner for off-centered 3 in. blade
  • Gerber knife features Wharncliffe/drop point blade with shallow flat grind and needle tip point

Gerber Gear 31-003731 Quadrant Fixed Blade Knife, Folding Knife with Pocket Clip, EDC Gear, 2.7 Inch Blade, Bamboo

  • Features 2.7 inch straight edge sheep foot blade for the everyday carrier
  • Slim design fits compactly in a pocket with bamboo handle scales and pocket clip
  • Finger flipping opening allows blade to be used with ease and frame lock to hold blade steady when in use
  • Designed for where function meets style; Folding knife makes a great addition for job sites and daily tasks
  • Overall length: 6.75 inches, weight: 4.5 ounces; Included limited lifetime warranty

Gerber Principle Fixed Blade Knife - Coyote Brown

  • Includes triple mounting system and sheath that can be used for MOLLE, drop leg, or scout carrying
  • Full-tang and drop blade shape provides rustic strength and durability to this 7.5 inch knife
  • 90-degree fire striking spine allows for users to start a roaring fire with most striking rods
  • Bushcraft knife's zero-edge Scandinavian grind is built to retain its edge and easy to resharpen
  • Ergonomic design supports the hand in baseball, precision, and chest lever grips

Gerber Highbrow Compact, Pocket Knife, Black

  • The Highbrow Compact is an everyday carry folding knife with an Assisted Opening Drop Point Fine Edge Blade
  • The Finger Flipper Assisted Opening mechanism smoothly springs the blade into use
  • A pivot lock allows for smooth, one-hand operation when closing the knife and an additional slide lock safety acts as a secondary lock for added security
  • The knife features anodized aluminum handles, lanyard hole and 2-position pocket clip for left or right carry

Gerber Gear Ultimate Knife, Tactical Knife with Fire Starter, Sharpener, and Knife Sheath, 4.75 Blade (31-003941)

  • Quality Crafted Knives And Tools For Every Task: Whether Saving Time, The Day, Or A Life, Gerber Delivers Professional-Grade Pocket Knives, Multitools, And Equipment. Hunting, Survival, Tactical, And Everyday Carry – A Gerber Blade Has You Covered.
  • Loaded With Innovations: The Gerber Ultimate Survival Knife And Sheath Features A Half Serrated, Drop Point Blade Ideal For Edge Retention And Cutting Rope, A Stainless Steel Hammer Pommel, An Emergency Whistle, Sharpener, And Firestarter.
  • Optimized For Your Survival: Durable Nylon Sheath Includes A Sharpener; Fire Starter Locks Into The Sheath And Striker Notch Is Incorporated On Back Of Blade For Emergency Fire Needs; Ergonomic Textured Rubber Handle Provides A Precise Non-Slip Grip.
  • Built To Handle Any Task: Operate Like An Expert With The Partially Serrated Knife Specifically Designed To Address All Your Needs In The Wild. Whether Used To Explore, Work, Defend, Or Survive, Gerber Knives Tackle The Tasks Of Daily Life Head On.

Gerber Gear Fastball EDC Cleaver Knife - Urban Blue,30-001837

  • Folding knife made from 20CV steel with cleaver style blade and machined aluminum handle
  • Manual finger flipper deployment and reliable detent make this pocket knife safe and secure
  • Finger flipper won’t tear fingers up, yet stiff enough for smooth flip knife deployment every time
  • Designed as a slim, lightweight razor knife with single liner for off-centered durable blade
  • The Gerber knife is proudly made in USA at Gerber's Portland, Oregon factory

Gerber Randy Newberg DTS Hunting Knife with Sheath

  • Features serrated knife blade tendon tool used to cut tough-to-reach tendons deep in joints
  • Folding knife has oversized 440C recurved primary blade for excellent meat processing
  • Barrel construction and dual steel liner allows for easy cleaning and enhanced durability
  • Retroreflective material makes night locating easy while hunting, camping, or fishing
  • Randy Newberg Gerber Knife has ambidextrous design and compact sheath for transport

Gerber 3 Piece Paraframe Trio Pocket Knife Kit

  • Each utility knife made from durable stainless steel for everyday carry and tasks
  • Knife set includes 3 pocket knives, 2 plain edge blades and 1 serrated edge blade
  • Folding knife set has open frame lock handle for minimal and lightweight design
  • Carry on either your pocket or belt clip with the sturdy pocket clip on each Gerber knife
  • Paraframe mini, Paraframe I, and Paraframe II have Gerber limited lifetime warranty
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