Buck Knives 285 Bantam Folding Pocket Knife with Pocket Clip, Black

  • Razor sharp & lightweight - 3-1/8" drop point 420HC steel blade delivers excellent strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. A perfect folding knife. Closed length 4-3/8", weight 2.4 oz
  • Convenient one hand opening - a thumb stud on the blade facilitates a smooth one-handed opening action. The lockback mechanism locks the blade open for reliable strength and safety while you work
  • Secure grip - the finger swells in the grip make this knife easy to hold, and provide a sure grip in any Condition. The Bantam series is available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Convenient carry- the 285 Bantam has a removable Clip for convenient carry on your belt or in your bag. It also has a lanyard Hole for additional carry options. It's lightweight, stylish and compact
  • Made in the USA - Forever Warranty - since 1902 Buck Knives has offered a Lifetime Warranty on our knives because we believe in the integrity of our products. This knife is proudly made in the USA

How To Choose The Best Folding Knives

They were originally used for hunting and warfare, but now they are also used for everyday tasks such as cutting food, opening bottles, and even playing games. This article will help you understand what makes a good knife, and how to pick the best ones for your needs.

What Are Folding Knives?

Folding knives are small knives that fold up into a compact size for easy carrying around. They are perfect for people who want something smaller than a regular knife but still need a blade. Folding knives come in many different designs and sizes, including fixed blades, clip point, drop point, serrated, and more.

Where Did The Name "Folding" Come From?

The term "folding" comes from how the knife folds up. The handle folds over the blade, making it easier to carry around. This design makes it much easier to carry around because there is less bulk and weight. It also means that if someone picks up the knife, they won't accidentally cut themselves.

Who Needs Folding Knives?

Knives are one of the most useful tools around. Whether you use them for cutting food, opening packages, or whittling wood, they're indispensable. But sometimes, you don't want to carry a big knife everywhere you go. Folding knives are perfect for this situation. They take up less space and are lighter than regular knives.

Foldable knives are designed to fold flat. When folded, they fit easily into pockets or bags. Most models have blades that lock closed while others open automatically when opened. Some models even have locking mechanisms that prevent accidental closing.

The classic model is the fixed blade. These knives feature blades that remain locked in place until opened. Once opened, the blades retract inside the handle. Fixed blade knives are usually made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong and durable.

Another type of folding knife is the clip point. Clip points are similar to fixed blades but have a longer blade that extends past the handle. When opened, the blade folds back behind the handle.

Clip points are typically made of carbon steel. Carbon steel is softer than stainless steel. However, it has a higher melting temperature. As such, it's stronger than stainless steel.

Finally, there are the drop point folders. Drop point knives are similar to clip points except that the blade drops down when opened. This design makes it easier to cut through thick materials.

All these designs offer unique benefits. Each offers its own advantages over the other. Choose the right style based on how you plan to use it. Then, practice using it before taking it anywhere.

Blade length - Blade length refers to the distance from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. Blades shorter than 4 inches are called utility knives. Blades longer than 5 inches are called hunting knives. Blades longer than 6 inches are called large knives.

Handle material - Handle material refers to the material used to create the handle. Wood handles are common. Plastic handles are lightweight and inexpensive. Leather handles are expensive and last forever.

Lock mechanism - Lock mechanisms are either spring loaded or friction activated. Spring loaded locks require extra effort to activate. Friction activated locks are simpler to operate.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Folding Knives

Knives have become increasingly popular lately. They come in many different shapes and sizes. There are even specialty knives such as butterfly knives, utility knives, and tactical knives. And if you want to carry one with you everywhere, then you'll definitely want to invest in a quality knife. After all, they could save your life someday.

Look for a knife that feels solid in your hand. A quality folding knife should feel like it won't break easily. You shouldn't notice any flex when opening and closing the blade. This means that the knife is strong and durable.

Look for a knife that opens smoothly. When opening a knife, you want to open it quickly and smoothly. If the knife takes several seconds to open, chances are it isn't going to work very well. Make sure that the knife is easy to use.

Look for a knife that closes smoothly. When closing a knife, you want it to close securely so that it doesn't accidentally open again. Again, if the knife takes several seconds to close, it may not function properly.

Look for a knife that locks closed. Locking mechanisms prevent accidental openings. If you find that the locking mechanism is difficult to operate, then you probably won't be able to lock the knife safely. So, make sure that the locking mechanism works easily.

Look for a knife that holds up well. Quality knives hold up better over time. They tend to stay sharp longer and perform better than cheap knives. Of course, you'll pay more for a quality knife, but it's worth it.

If you're looking for a quality folding knife, then you've found the perfect product. Just make sure that you buy a quality knife that meets your needs.

Features To Consider When Buying Folding Knives

Blade length. The blade length of a knife is important. The longer the blade, the more cutting power you'll have. However, if the blade is too short, it may slip off food items during use. In general, most folding knives fall between 3 inches and 6 inches in length.

Handle material. Handle materials can affect how well a knife cuts through food. Some handle materials are harder than others, meaning they hold their edge longer. Others are softer, which means they tend to wear down faster.

Weight. Weight matters. Heavy knives are easier to carry and less likely to tip over. But heavy knives are difficult to control and hard to maneuver.

Size. Knife sizes range from tiny pocketknives to large hunting knives. Smaller knives are easier to store and transport. Larger knives are great for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

Comfort. Comfort is another consideration when shopping for a folding knife. Knives made of plastic or wood are generally lighter and easier to grip. Leather handles are heavier and more durable, but leather tends to become slippery when wet.

Durability. Durable knives stay sharp longer and resist rusting. Stainless steel blades are often used in kitchen knives, while carbon steel blades are common in outdoorsmen's knives.

Tip shape. Tip shapes can determine how easily a knife slices through food. Round tips are easiest to slice through food, while pointed tips are ideal for piercing. Pointed tips are also useful for carving meats and vegetables.

Edge type. Edge types can determine how well a knife holds its edge. Plain edges are typically found on inexpensive knives. Sharpening stones are helpful for maintaining these edges.

Stainless steel vs. Carbon Steel. There are two main types of stainless steel: regular stainless steel and Damascus steel. Regular stainless steel is stronger and tougher than carbon steel. Damascus steel has been forged into a pattern that creates a unique texture and color.

Knives are essential tools for any survival situation. Whether you are camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, or gardening, having a knife is important. Knives come in various shapes and sizes. Each shape offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Below we will go through each category and explain what makes each style of knife special.


Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Lock-back Knife, Brass Bolsters, Ebony Handles, 3-3/4" 420HC Blade with Leather Sheath

  • Razor Sharp Blade - 3-3/4" 420HC stainless steel blade has excellent strength , edge retention and is corrosion resistant. The blade has a very sharp controllable point, and is good for detail work, piercing and slicing
  • Strength and Safety - Easy to open with a nail notch on the blade. The lockback mechanism locks the blade open for reliable strength and safety while you work. Closed Length 4-7/8" Weight 7.2 oz.
  • Durable and Multi Use - Meant to withstand even the toughest conditions and stay sharp for long. Great for hunting, camping, bushcrafting, fishing, hiking, and overlanding
  • Convenient Carry - Includes a genuine high quality protective leather sheath with snap fastener. The integrated belt loop allows for safe and secure carry on your belt for easy access. The 110 is perfect as a hunting companion or for general outdoor use
  • Made in the USA - Forever Warranty - Since 1902 Buck Knives has offered a lifetime warranty on our knives because we believe in the integrity of our products. This knife is proudly made in the USA.

CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Special Forces Everyday Carry, Black Serrated Edge Blade, Tanto, Automated Liner Safety, Dual Hilt, G10 Handle, 4-Position Pocket Clip

  • Safe And Secure: Automated liner safety provides extra layer of lock security
  • Extremely Sharp: Veff Serrations provide superior cutting power of rope and straps
  • Exceptional Grip: G10 handle provides exceptional grip in all conditions
  • Designed by Kit Carson in Vine Grove, Kentucky
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife with 3.1in Serrated Clip Point Blade and Aluminum Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC

  • DIMENSIONS: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 3.5 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, aluminum handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features jimping and serrations
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]

Zero Tolerance 0350TS; Folding Pocket Knife; 3.25 in. S30V Stainless Steel Blade with Tiger-Stripe Tungsten DLC Coating, G-10 Handle, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and Quad-Mount Pocketclip; 6.2 OZ.

  • High performance and premium quality S350V stainless steel makes the powerful blade extremely versatile, durable, corrosion resistant and wear resistant
  • Tiger-striped Tungsten DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) blade coating and textured black G-10 handles cleanly pair together to make a wild, aggressive knife
  • Quad-mount pocketclip convenient for left or right-handed, tip-up or tip-down, carry
  • Ideal EDC, easy folding pocket knife for everyday tasks—survival tool, precision cutting, self-defense, tactical use or the perfect gift
  • General all-purpose knife great for EDC or use while working, camping, fishing, hunting, utility or outdoor activities

Gerber Gear 31-001709N Swagger Knife, Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Pocket Knife, 3.25 In Blade, Black

  • The everyday tactical blade for the job
  • Smooth, one-handed assisted opening
  • Easy-to-sharpen drop point blade
  • 3.25 inch partially serrated blade with black titanium nitride coating for excellent corrosion resistance
  • The G-10 composite handle sets a high bar for durability and all-conditions grip.
  • Country of origin : China

Outdoor Edge 3.5" RazorLite EDC - Replaceable Blade Folding Knife with Pocket Clip and One Hand Opening for Everyday Carry (Blue, 6 Blades)

  • NEVER SHARPEN YOUR KNIFE AGAIN – Change blades fast and easy! When a blade goes dull, simply push the lock release button in the handle to remove and insert a shaving-sharp new one.
  • JAPANESE 420J2 STAINLESS STEEL REPLACEMENT BLADES – 3.0 inch Drop-Point blades are precisely heat-treated to ensure excellent edge retention then hand finished shaving sharp; Includes 6 blades total; Additional 3.5 inch Drop-Point blade packs sold separately.
  • BLACK-OXIDE COATED BLADE HOLDER – Rigid 420J2 stainless steel blade holder supports the razor blade for the strength of a traditional knife and the sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel; Dual thumb studs allow easy one-handed opening.
  • GLASS/NYLON GRIVORY HANDLE WITH TPR INSERTS AND POCKET CLIP – Incredibly strong, lightweight Grivory fiberglass/nylon polymer frame with rubberized gray TPR molded into the grip; The stainless-steel pocket clip is securely fastened to the polymer handle keeping the knife readily available at all times.
  • SERVICE FOR LIFE – Outdoor Edge produces quality cutting tools that are built to last; If you have a problem with your Outdoor Edge knife contact us; we address all replacement and service requests.

Damascus pocket knife-folding hunting knives 6.5" Buffalo Horn Handel Damascus-blade knife-knife folding-camping pocket knife-small folding knife-hand knife-folding knives- pocketknife-sharpest pocket knife-hiking knife- outdoor knife-best pocket knife-me

  • RAZOR SHARP CLIP POINT BLADE - BUFFALO HORN A PRECIOUS 100% HAND MADE DAMASCUS STEEL POCKET KNIFEReal Buffalo Horns unique piece of art made by Best.Buy.Damascus1! Manufactured of 100% Real BUFFALO HORN, STAG or RAM HORN, CAMEL BONE or premium OLIVE WOOD, ROSE WOOD, BLUE WOOD, GREEN WOOD, MICARTA or MULTI WOOD, this exquisite Damascus steel makes a unique handmade folding pocket knife you will be proud of!
  • CONVENIENT CARRY - AN EXCELLENT BEAUTIFUL BUFFALO HORN BEST QUALITY DAMASCUS STEEL YOU ENJOY WITH ALL YOUR SENSESFeast your eyes on the classy: Design of this elegant Custom handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Folding knife! Feel its sleek texture with your hand and enjoy its lightweight, compact shape in your pocket! Enrich your collection with a priceless Gift of art and enjoy the touch of style it offers! You always keep with you Good for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Tactical, Survival, Hiking
  • A BEAUTIFULLY HAND FORGED PIECE OF ARTWith a Damascus STEEL BLADE nicely hand forged with above (276) layers combining (1095) and (15N20) high carbon steel and Low Carbon steel with a durable nickel layer, our steel Blade has been given excellent heat treatment to get a (58to60) HRC, ensuring top functionality and guaranteed longevity.& You always keep with you Buffalo Horn Pocket Knife Good for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Tactical, Survival, Hiking, and all Outdoors & Sports activities.
  • THE 100% GENUINE BROWN COW LEATHER SHEATH:The pure leather sheath of this amazing Damascus steel Folding pocket knives is made of 100% prime quality thick cow skin to ensure excellent manufacture. The durable double stitching with the strong thick threads, in combination with the elegant, rust-resistant brass button make a high-standard leather knife sheath to host safely your precious Damascus steel.

KATSU Handmade D2 Steel Blade G10 Handle Bamboo Style Japanese Razor Pocket Folding Knife with Pocket Clip

  • 4.5-Inch closed, Total Length 7.5 inches
  • Handmade D2 Tool Steel Knife with Double Bevel Blade
  • Bamboo Style G10 Handle Knife with Pocket Clip
  • Traditional Japanese Style Thumb Lever One Hand Opening System
  • High Quality Modern Higonokami. Well Built and Beautiful!

Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Folding Knives - Military EDC USMC Tactical Jack Knifes - Best Camping Hunting Fishing Hiking Survival Knofe - Travel Accessories Gear - Boy Scout Knife Gifts for Men 0207

  • Pocket knife is made of high quality materials. Blade material is 440c stainless steel, handle - wood and metal. Equipped with a glass breaker. Pocket clip available. Assisted opening knife. Tactical knife.
  • Rosewood and black metal handle hunting knife is a stand out design. Since the knife is comparingly small- it can be stored in the truck, car or the boat to be available for camper at any emergency event. Small pocket knife for women, men. Perfect combat knife, cutting knife. Tactical gear. Pocket knife with a clip. Multitool knife.
  • Spring assisted knife is equipped with a safe and reliable liner lock. Equipped with the thumb studs for right and left hand opening. Sharp foldable pocket knife. Jack Knife. USMC marine knifes. Belt, boot, work and hobby knives.
  • Cool folding knife for camping, hiking, fishing, travel, survival, climbing, biking. Deer duck hunting. EDC, work, self defense, rescue, safety, military and army knife. Cool camp and boy scout survival gear. Camping accessories cooking, kitchen tools. Hunting and fishing gear for men.
  • Perfect gift idea - Gifts for husband from wife, proving hugely popular as dad gifts, gifts for men, brother, college gifts for guys and even father in law gifts, perfect gift for Christmas, graduation, anniversary, birthday, thanksgiving day. Stocking stuffers for men.

Puma IP Marmota Stag Handle Spanish Made Folding Hunting Knife

  • Handmade by Skilled Knife Craftsman
  • Steel / hardness: Molybdän-Vanadium / 56-58 HR
  • Blade Length: 92 mm, Closed Length: 115 mm, Knife Weight: 150 g
  • Natural Staghorn Scales with Stainless Steel Bolster

NedFoss Pocket Knife, Damascus Pocket Knife with Abalone Shell Handle, Handmade Forged Damascus Steel Folding Knife with Gift Box, Excellent Gifts for Men Women (A-Polar Bear)

  • ❤This Damascus Pocket Knife design with handmade premium quality 67-layers of damascus steel, an excellent damascus knife you enjoy with all your senses, feast your eyes on the classy, design of this elegant handmade damascus steel knife & pocket knives!
  • ❤The damascus folding pocket knife design with colorful abalone shell with Resin handle, beautiful and comfortable, and the pocket knife also equiped with liner locking system secures the blade open and prevents unwanted blade closure.
  • ❤Raindrop pocket knife with thumb stud, allow you to apply manual pressure to the thumb stud with a light push or pull back the Damascus Steel Folding knife blade to overcome resistance of the torsion bar, and the blade opens smoothly and locks into place for confident handling without premature closure.
  • ❤Convenient Carry, Enjoy its lightweight, compact shape Knife in your pocket! You always keep this edc Folding Pocket knife with you. Good for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Survival, Hiking.
  • ❤An excellent gift idea, We Offer this Beautiful Damascus Steel Folding knife to a special friend, good for pocket knife for women & pocket knife for men ! Make this amazing gift to any seasoned or amateur handmade knives collector and enjoy their smile upon unwrapping this fascinating gift!!

NedFoss Huge Pocket Knife for Men, 11'' Hunting Folding Knife with Wood Handle, 5'' Large Blade with Titanium Plated, Fishing Hiking Survival Knife, with Safety Liner Lock and Belt Clip (DA52)

  • The hefty Pocket knife is made of high-quality materials. 5'' large blade with Titanium Carbo-Nitride finish has excellent toughness, wear resistance, and edge retention.
  • Rosewood and gray metal handle of this hunting knife is an outstanding design, which provides a stable grip with gentle contour and a comfortable in-hand feel.
  • NedFoss hunting folding knife is equipped with a safe and reliable liner lock, lanyard hole, and convenient pocket clip. This big knife can be stored in a car or backpack or worn around the waist to be available for the camper at any emergency.
  • NedFoss large pocket knife is perfect for tackling everyday tasks like camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, survival, wilderness endurance, actual use.
  • PRODUCT WARRANTY: We offer 30-day money refund and 12 months sale warranty. If there is any problem kindly feel free contact us. We will reply you asap.
  • The Large Folding Knife DA52 is a gift ideal for any hiker, hunter, angler, gardener, mechanic, backpacker, or anyone in need of a solid, reliable long folding knife. Rugged all-around quality. Large sized knifes pocket knives are designed nicely enough to do any knife work easily.

GVDV Pocket Folding Knife with 7Cr17 Stainless Steel, Tactical Knife for Camping Hunting Hiking, Safety Liner-Lock + Belt Clip, Wooden Handle, Fathers Day Gifts for Men Husband Dad

  • High quality - The blades are made of reliable 7Cr17 stainless steel for excellent cutting performance and corrosion resistance. Ergonomic wooden handle design, comfortable operation, beautiful appearance, worth more than the price paid.
  • Well-designed - It has a really nice wooden handle with a great feel in your hand, a finely detailed and gorgeous laser etching on the blade. The locking mechanism is well designed with zero worry of accidentally closing it.
  • Easy to Carry - Weight 7.36 OZ, folded 4.5 inches (115mm), easy to carry. EDC knife with potable and convenience belt clip design easy to clip on your belt or backpack.
  • A wide range of USES - You can use it for camping, hiking, fishing, travel, survival, climbing, cycling, EDC, work rescue, safety and any outdoor activity, as well as general use and daily cutting housework.
  • Perfect Gift - Exceptional craftsmanship, value and gift-ability. Practical design and safety measures make it the best gift of choice. With sharpening stone, flannel bag, exquisite black gift box. It's a wonderful gift for someone you love.

ALBATROSS EDC Mini VG10 Damascus Camping Folding Pocket Knife; 2 Damascus Blade,Ebony Wooden Handle,Gifts Box/Collections (HGDK024)

  • ⭐With liner locking function, safe and convenient to use; Open Length: 5" Blade Length: 2" Closed Length: 3"
  • ⭐Damascus Steel Blade nicely hand forged with above (71) layers combining (high carbon steel & Low Carbon steel) with a durable VG10 steel, our steel Blade has been given excellent heat treatment to get a (58to60) HRC, ensuring top functionality and longevity.
  • ⭐Ergonomically designed handle with Natural Ebony Wooden,comfortable to hold.
  • ⭐With lanyard and lanyard Hole,with small size, only 2.7 OZ. easy to carry.
  • ⭐Nice tool for camping, hunting, hiking, adventure, and home use; Valentine Gift for Friends,Dad,Brother,Boss,Boyfriend,Husband,Ideal gift for Hunter,Fisherman,Camping Lover.

Man Crates Folding Knife Making Kit Includes Heat-Treated, Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade, Linen Micarta Handle Scales, Vise, File and More Great Gifts for Men

  • LIVIN' ON THE EDGE. The Folding Knife Making Kit gives any guy the opportunity to assemble and shape his own flip-out folding knife. This AUS 8 Drop Point Blade is made of heat-treated and sub-zero quenched stainless steel and boasts an incredible temper and hardness of 57-58 HRC. The knife's thumb studs and liner lock make it easy to open and difficult to accidentally cut fingers off.
  • TOUGH AS LINEN. For exceptional presentation and durability, we've selected Linen Micarta handle scales made from layers of hardened resin linen. We've also included a portable bench vise, file, and rasp set, sandpaper, and Torx wrenches for assembling and shaping the knife handles to its perfect, palm-fitting specifications, as well as an instruction booklet to make sure the knife gets assembled pointy end out.
  • AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. Your Folding Knife Making Kit gives you the equipment, expertise, and unforgettable experience of assembling and shaping a trusty and true folding knife. He's sure to flip out. This project is packed inside an awesomely unassuming cardboard box with everything needed to craft the perfect piece.
  • 1 MILLION+ HAPPY CUSTOMERS. We’re proud to have already received thousands of verified, five-star reviews and be featured on the Today Show, NBC, Esquire and The Wall Street Journal. Let us help you celebrate the men in your life with unique and exciting gifts you’ll be proud to give, and he’ll be thrilled to receive.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. It’s pretty simple really. We think our products are awesome, and we guarantee you will too. We believe giving gifts should be exciting, nay, unforgettable! If you’re unhappy with your purchase or experience for any reason, we’ll make it right and give you the kind of service you’ll want to high five us for.

NEWOOTZ Japanese Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath,Liner Lock Rosewood Handle,3.1in Tanto Blade EDC Knives for Men Camping

  • 【Beautiful Handmade Damascus Art】:Japanese craftsmen hammer knife blades with layers carbon steel and VG10 core.There are hundreds of natural steel fusion lines between different layers on the surface after polishing.It is mysterious damascus pattern.Blade core gets a 60-62 HRC for excellent heat treatment while both sides carbon steel keep it from broken.
  • 【Cool Rosewood Handle】:It creates a comfortable holding.The handle will become more delicate and smooth after long term use.Traditional Japanese style decorative pattern is wonderful.Hidden liner lock keeps it perfect appearance and protects you from accidents.
  • 【Classic Leather Sheath】:The first layer of cowhide is adopted, which is cut by hand and sewed by wax rope.Belt hole back makes it suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities,such as hiking.It is your best outdoor camping EDC choice.
  • 【One Hand Opening and Folding Knife】:It has an extremely durable and sharp 3.1 inches blade,while 4.1 inches closed and total length 7.1 inches.Ergonomically designed,Japanese style forefinger opening lever and balls bearing make user open the knife with one hand fast and smoothly.
  • 【Craftsmanship to be the Best】:NEWOOTZ is an original brand of craftsman.We try our best to supply better hand-made folding knives. We are responsible for our products life-long.LIFETIME WARRANTY against defect.Free delivery and return service are supplied,try it risk free.

Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight Folding Utility Pocket Knife with 3.39" Black Stainless Steel Blade and Black FRN Handle - Everyday Carry - PlainEdge - C122PBBK

  • Game Changer - Being tenacious means you are persistent and cohesive. It's being tough and tireless in achieving your best performance; all worthy descriptive words for a hard-use knife
  • Superior Blade Steel - The 3.39" 8Cr13MoV stainless blade is ground-flat from the spine to cutting-edge for non-stop cutting
  • A Secure Grip - This all-new lightweight version raises the bar even further with injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) handle scales that reduce the knife's overall weight by almost 12 percent
  • Easy-to-Use - The blade's shape coupled with an oversized Spyderco Round Hole and textured spine jimping allows you to open the blade and position your thumb on the spine in slip-proof confidence ready for work
  • Pocket-Friendly - The Tenacious includes a Walker LinerLock and a black 4-way pocket clip lets the folder be set in a variety of carry and draw positions: Tip-up/tip-down left-hand/right-hand.

DuraTech Folding Pocket Knife, 3-1/4" Satin 8CR13MOV Blade, Black Smooth G10 Handle with Liner Lock Knife For EDC

  • Dimensions : Blade length: 3-1/4"; Blade thickness: 9/64 inch; Handle length: 4-1/2"; Overall length: 7-3/4"; Folded length: 4-1/2"; Weight: 3.88 oz
  • Stainless steel blade : Made of 8CR13MOV, Anti-rusting, HRC55-60, matte stonewashed non-reflective surface provides improved edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance
  • Black smooth G10 handle with pocket clip: lightweight and textured G10 handle provides comfortable grip and balance, ergonomic handle groove is non-slip. Featured with pocket clip for convenient daily carry and store
  • Secure liner lock: Secure liner lock prevents the blade from accidental close during use. To close, push left on the front of the liner lock, releasing the lock
  • Multi-functional knife: Versatile EDC folding knife can work as cord cutter, box cutter, wood cutter, and branch cutter. Suitable for outdoor adventure, hunting, hiking, camping and household use

Pocket Knife, Jellas Professional Folding Knife for Men D2 Stainless Steel with Figured Wood Handle - Tactical Knife with Safety Liner Lock for Camping Survival Indoor and Outdoor, Best Gift for Men and Women KN05

  • Each Knife is Unique in the World: Created from original figured wood with Nature Wood Fragrance, and naturally formed grain on the high-quality timber makes each of our folding knives unique in the world. The handle is streamlined and ergonomically designed, you’ll be extremely comfortable when holding it
  • Well-selected Blade Material: Created in D2 stainless steel, features a clip point shape blade for improved piercing power. Excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening. This pocket knife also provides razor sharp cutting performance. Weight: 4.7oz(134g). Total Length: 20.6cm(8.11inch). Foldable Length: 12.2cm(4.8inch)
  • Ideal for Gift - Exceptional craftsmanship, value and gift-ability. Practical design and safety measures make it the best gift of choice. The knife a wonderful gift for your friend, teen, lover and classmate. A cool gift always makes you stand out
  • What's in the box? Comes with an exquisite box with a pocket folding knife, leather case and detailed user manual. The box is suitable for gift giving, also convenient in good collection after they received, and no easy to lost; Leather case for clipping the folding knife to the belt
  • Perfect Tactical Knife For Everything: Jellas's pocket knife features a 3 11/32 inch stainless steel blade; traditional pocket knife measures 8 5/64 inches in total length. It can help you cut ropes, wood and meat when you are in the wild, and you can also cut carpets, cartons, etc. when you are indoors

ARTISANCUTLERY Folding Knife Arroyo (ATZ-1845) AR-RPM9 Powder Steel Balde Micarta Tactical Handle Pocket Folding Knife EDC OD Green Micarta

  • THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT SLICER: The Arroyo has been trimmed down in order to make it the best cutting tool possible without adding extra bulk or weight in the pocket. At the same time, it features a set of ultralight Micarta scales that have been carefully milled to reduce weight without sacrificing grip.
  • AR-RPM9 A NEW INNOVATIVE STEEL: Artisan Cutlery designed AR-RPM9 to meet the demanding needs of daily pocket knife users. With exceptional corrosion resistance, excellent edge retention, and easy maintenance AR-RPM9 is simply a cut above other steels.
  • SMOOTH RELIABLE ACTION ON BEARINGS: We outfitted this pocket knife with a set of high-quality ceramic ball bearings to ensure lightning-fast deployment in any situation. The flipper tab is positioned perfectly for easy access in any hand.
  • COMFORTABLE AND RELIABLE LINER LOCK: The Arroyo is outfitted with a sturdy full-length liner lock that will ensure this folding knife locks open securely and stays that way until you need to stash it back in your pocket.
  • DESIGNED BY DIRK PINKERTON: USA Designer Dirk Pinkerton has always been able to take a simple design and make it into an ergonomic masterpiece. His designs feature clean lines and dramatic shapes that straddle the line between practical and tactical, but once you hold one of them in hand, it’s all business.

CJRB CUTLERY Folding Knife Crag (J1904) AR-RPM9 Powder Steel Black PVD Blade Carbon Fiber Handle Pocket Knife EDC Knife

  • The CJRB folding tactical knife equipped a flipper to allow you to open the knife with either hand.
  • The cleaver-style blade is crafted with durable AR-RPM9 steel, the blade measures 3.43 inches long.
  • The blade material of this pocket knife for men is ARTISANCUTLERY patent AR-RPM9 powder steel.
  • Handle material consists of patterned carbon fiber to improve grip and prevent slipping.
  • A steel clip is attached to the handle so you can carry the knife conveniently in your pocket.

CIVIVI Brazen Folding Pocket Knife,3.5-Inch 14C28N Drop Point PlainEdge Blade,Outdoor Camping Hiking Knife with Thumb Stud and Flipper opener,,G-10 Handle Tool for EDC C2102A (Purple)

  • 【Superior Blade Steel】With a premium 14C28N stainless steel for excellent edge retention.Featuring a flat grind razor sharp blade that makes short work out of your daily cutting and slicing needs.Pocket knife at just 3.67 oz weight in total
  • 【Liner Lock Knife Easy-to- Use】 Features a sturdy stainless steel liner lock,when fully opened,keeps the blade firmly in place. Portable everyday carry knife with dual thumb studs on blade and the flipper mechanism with caged ceramic ball bearing allows for easy one-handed opening
  • 【Grippy Handle Material】Gently textured G10 handle scales with comfortable finger grooves for a strong reliable grip.Jimping on the top of the blade allows for increased grip when you need precise control
  • 【Utility Knife Comfy to Carry】 A classic good knife that supports deep-carry tip up pocket clip,make it an excellent choice as an ambidextrous knife for left handed users as well. Quality knife good for exploring,hiking, fishing,backpacking
  • 【CIVIVI CARE】CIVIVI knives and tools provide a limited lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.Get in touch wih us for any help,we do everything we can with 24 hrs to serve your needs

Pocket Folding Knife, Father's Day Gifts for Men Dad Husband, Hunting Fishing Survival Hiking EDC Knife for Women, Camping Accessories, Unique Anniversary Birthday Gift Ideas for Him Boyfriend, Cool Gadgets

  • Easy-opening Spring Assisted Pocket Knives: This camping accessories with a built-in flipper ensures quick one-handed access, and it has a reliable liner lock that keeps the blade securely open. Perfect pocket knife with clip for men and women.
  • Cool & Unique Camping Gear: 7 in 1 survival knife is equipped with multitools - Sharp Blade(Updated version: half-serrated), FIRE Starter, Emergency Whistle, Rope Cutter, Slotted Screwdriver, Bottle Opener, Window Breaker, and Hex WRENCH. Durable pocket clip and light weight design makes the perfect EDC knife tools for men.
  • Prepared for Emergency: This camping supplies has seatbelt cutter and glass breaker to help keep you safe and have peace of mind while you're camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, backpacking or in any emergency escape, adventure and other outdoor situations.
  • Perfect Gifts Idea: This knifes is a wise choice for Birthday Father's Day Gifts for Men who have everything, also perfect boyfriend, husband, uncle, dad, brother, man gifts. Fishing gift hiking accessories for women teen boy scouts or family who are adventure lover.
  • Trusted in Quality and Service: Quality and Customer Satisfaction are our top priorities. If stocking stuffers for men doesn’t live up your expectations, contact us and we will solve it to make sure that you are happy with your purchase.

Folding Pocket Knife,Carbon Fiber Lightweight Handle and D2 Steel Black Blade, Perfect for EDC

  • ✔【100% Carbon Fiber Handle】The handle material consists of lightly textured 3K carbon fiber to improve grip and prevent slippage. Significantly reduces the weight of the small pocket knife, making it a better carrying experience for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • ✔【Light and Delicate,Only 3.6oz】The weight is a staggering 30% lighter and stronger than ordinary knives. It is very lightweight while offering excellent performance, making it especially suitable for outdoor tactical use.
  • ✔【Premium D2 Steel Blade】3.26-inch blade length,7.72-inch total length. The blade material of this small pocket knife for men is D2 steel.it has very good wear resistance and toughness, and is extremely sharp and durable.
  • ✔【Original American Designers】The five-finger grip groove design makes the five-finger grip and comfort perfect, and the non-slip design of the back on the knife opens for one-handed operation, giving the user a strong and pleasant cutting experience.
  • ✔【Fit for All Tasks】Great anticipatory and emergency EDC whether at home, on the road or in the field. suitable for camping, hiking, farming, grazing, traveling, hunting, backpacking, gardening or boating.
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