CRKT M21-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Special Forces Everyday Carry, Black Serrated Edge Blade, Veff Serrations, Automated Liner Safety, Dual Hilt, G10 Handle, Reversible Pocket Clip

  • Safe And Secure: Automated liner safety provides extra layer of lock security
  • Extremely Sharp: Veff Serrations provide superior cutting power of rope and straps
  • Exceptional Grip: G10 handle provides exceptional grip in all conditions
  • Designed by Kit Carson in Vine Grove, Kentucky
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details

How To Choose The Best Crkt Bivy

A good quality bivy bag is essential for anyone who spends their nights outdoors. They provide shelter from rain, wind, and other elements, and they also keep you warm during colder weather. However, not everyone has the budget for a fancy sleeping bag, and even those who have the funds often struggle to find something that fits their needs perfectly. This article will help you decide whether a cheap bivy is suitable for your camping trips, and what features you should look for in a more expensive option.

What Is A Crkt Bivy?

The CRKT Bivy is an ultralight sleeping bag made for camping and hiking. The Bivy features a waterproof shell fabric that protects against rain and snow while allowing air flow through the insulation layer. It has a drawstring hood that allows you to adjust the fit of the Bivy according to how much space you want between yourself and the ground. This makes the Bivy perfect for those who like to camp under trees or in rocky areas where there may be some risk of getting wet if you sleep directly on the ground.

Who needs a CRKT Bivy?

The cold weather has arrived. Now that winter is here, we know how hard it is to stay warm. But staying warm isn't just about keeping your hands warm. It's also about protecting your head. After all, your head is where most of your vital organs reside. So, now that the temperatures are dropping, it's time to think about protecting your head.

There are several things you can do to protect your head during the colder months. First, wear a hat. Hats are inexpensive and effective. They can block wind, rain, snow, and other elements that could cause discomfort. Second, use a scarf. Scarves are lightweight and comfortable. They can be worn around your neck, wrapped around your face, or tied under your chin. Third, bring along a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are light and compact. They can easily fit inside your backpack or car trunk.

But perhaps the best thing you can do to protect your head is to invest in a quality bivy sack. Bivys are lightweight and compact. They're made from durable materials, such as ripstop nylon. They're designed to withstand harsh conditions. They're also waterproof, which makes them ideal for camping trips.

Bivys are useful for many reasons. First, they allow you to sleep comfortably outdoors. When you're outside, you're exposed to the elements. Cold air can chill you down quickly. By using a bivy, you can avoid getting chilled while still enjoying the outdoors. Second, bivies are versatile. They can be used as shelter, a ground cover, or a pillow. They can even double as a hammock.

Finally, bivys are affordable. Some companies offer discounts for bulk orders. So, if you plan on taking long hikes this season, consider investing in a bivy. Your head will thank you.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Crkt Bivy

If you've ever camped outdoors, then you probably have seen a bivy sack. They come in many different sizes and styles, so they're perfect for camping trips, hiking adventures, and even just hanging out in your backyard. There are several reasons why you should invest in a bivy sack instead of sleeping outside. Here are three things you'll want to keep in mind when buying one:

A bivy sack keeps you warm by trapping heat inside. This means that you won't freeze if temperatures drop overnight. A bivy sack also protects you from bugs and other critters that may crawl up against you while you sleep. When you purchase a bivy sack, you can rest easy knowing that you'll stay warm and bug free.

Bivys are designed to protect you from wind. If you're going to go camping in cold weather, then you'll definitely appreciate having a bivy sack. Cold winds can chill you to the bone, especially if you're exposed to them for extended periods of time. A bivy sack prevents wind from blowing through your tent, keeping you warmer and drier.

You might think that privacy isn't something you'd worry about when you're camping, but it's actually very important. If you're planning on staying somewhere private, such as a campsite, then you'll definitely want to bring along a bivy sack. Sleeping bags aren't great for privacy because they tend to flap around in the breeze. A bivy sack provides complete privacy, allowing you to enjoy your night away without being disturbed.

Features To Consider When Buying A Crkt Bivy

Waterproofing. The first step toward keeping yourself comfortable while camping is finding a way to stay dry. This means waterproofing your sleeping bag and tent. But if you plan to spend time outside during cold weather, you'll also want to protect yourself against wetness. That's where a bivy sack comes into play.

Lightweight. While most bivys weigh less than 1 pound, they still pack down easily. And since they're made from lightweight materials, they're perfect for carrying along with you when you head outdoors.

Versatile. Most bivys fold flat for storage, allowing them to fit inside your backpack or even under your bed. They can also serve as a pillow, a rain cover, or a ground sheet.

Easy setup. Once you've packed everything you need, setting up a bivy is quick and simple. Just unfold it and slip it over your sleeping pad. Then zip it closed and you're ready to sleep.

Portable. Many bivys are designed to be carried using their own straps. Others feature carabiner attachments that allow you to attach them to your backpack or other gear.

Value. With so many options available, there's no reason why you shouldn't invest in a quality bivy. Shop around and compare prices on different models to find the right fit for your needs.

Different Types Of Crkt Bivy

The term “Bivy” refers to a small shelter that allows users to sleep outside without having to use a tent. A typical bivy consists of two pieces of fabric sewn together. One piece covers the head and shoulders while the second piece protects the rest of the body. Bivys are lightweight and compact making them perfect for camping trips. CRKT Bivys are also inexpensive and easy to pack away.

CRKT Bivies are manufactured by the company called CRKT. Their name stands for Cold River Knife & Tool Company. They were founded in 1989 and have since become one of the leading manufacturers of survival gear. Today, they produce everything from knives to flashlights to tents. All of their products are designed to withstand harsh conditions and last longer than traditional alternatives.

There are three main categories of CRKT Bivies. Each category offers something slightly different. We will go through each one below.

Folding Bivies. Folding Bivies are the cheapest models offered by CRKT. They consist of two pieces of material stitched together. The top piece covers the user’s head and shoulders while the bottom piece protects the rest of the body. The top piece folds down to create a sleeping bag style cover. When folded up, the entire thing fits into a backpack or fanny pack.

Pocket Bivies. Pocket Bivies are the next step up from Folded Bivies. They offer the same basic design as the Folded Bivies but add pockets to the sides of the top piece. This makes it possible to keep items close at hand while sleeping.

Multitools. Multitools are the highest quality Bivies produced by CRKT. They are essentially the same as Folded Bivies except they include extra features like compartments, pouches, etc. They are designed to protect against extreme weather conditions and are built to last.


CRKT M16-14SFG EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Special Forces Everyday Carry, Black Serrated Edge Blade, Tanto, Automated Liner Safety, Dual Hilt, G10 Handle, 4-Position Pocket Clip

  • Safe And Secure: Automated liner safety provides extra layer of lock security
  • Extremely Sharp: Veff Serrations provide superior cutting power of rope and straps
  • Exceptional Grip: G10 handle provides exceptional grip in all conditions
  • Designed by Kit Carson in Vine Grove, Kentucky
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details

CRKT Keramin Fixed Blade Knife: Compact Utility Neck Knife, Folts Razor Edge Karambit Knife with Bead Blast Blade, Resin Infused Fiber Handle, and Sheath 2389

  • Easy To Sharpen: High carbon stainless steel blade takes an edge well
  • Precision Tip: Needle sharp blade tip for scoring tasks
  • Minimizes Reflectivity: Bead blast finish reduces reflection
  • Gear Compatible: Durable thermoplastic sheath with mounting options
  • Compact Utility: Lightweight and easy to carry

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) Tool 9909 Black, 1 Pack

  • Introducing our new 2 in one multifunction Ka-Bar Tactical Spork perfect for various occasions like camping, hunting and fishing.
  • Highly recommended sturdy polymer plastic material plastic spork is durable and long lasting making it effective and long lasting.
  • One of the best feature of camping spork is that it could be separated in half and becomes multifunctional. Pretty cool little setup also contains a pretty decent knife with it.
  • Multitool, fairly in expensive, Food and detergent safe, perfectly designed to be an advanced compliance tool You could eat with it also helpful in self-defense. Dishwasher safe
  • Overall length: 6.875-inch folding spork is made in USA, Extremely light weight.

SOG PowerAccess Multi-Tool Pliers with 2.4 inch Folding Knife - Lightweight EDC Utility Tool w/ 18 Multi-Purpose Tools, One-Handed Open (PA1001-CP)

  • 18 HAND TOOLS IN STONE-WASH STAINLESS STEEL: The load out for this EDC outdoor , camping and hiking includes pliers, screwdrivers, bottle and can openers and a ¼ inch magnetic hex bit holed
  • 2X PLIERS POWER W/ PATENTED COMPOUND LEVERAGE: A tough and lightweight multi-tool knife, tool kit and survival kit in one; this powerhouse pocket cuts, crimps and tightens twice as easy
  • 4. 1 INCH CLOSED / 5. 9 OUNCE COMPACT DESIGN: A great small EDC pliers set for hunting, camping, fishing or warehouse work, with practical specialty tools you’ll use every day
  • 2. 4 INCH STAINLESS STEEL FOLDING KNIFE BLADE: This 5Cr15MoV stainless steel straight edge is an essential knife that works as a utility knife, hunting knife and survival knife
  • A SOG MULTITOOL FOR LIFE: Take care of your multitools and we’ll take care of you; we gladly consider repairs and replacements for properly maintained SOG gear

SOG Multitool with Hex Driver Set - Baton Q4 EDC Multi Tool Kit with Pliers, Pocket Knife, Torx and Hex Screwdriver Set with 12 Bits (ID1031-CP)

  • POCKET MULTITOOL AND SCREWDRIVER BIT SET: The SOG Baton Q4 is a small tool kit, a magnetic hex tool and Torx screwdriver set; includes bottle opener, can opener, pliers and wire cutter
  • A HOME TOOL KIT FOR YOUR EDC GEAR: These EDC tools serve as a Torx tool set for computers, phones and even a gun multitool; multi tool pocket knife, pliers and torx screwdriver set stows easy in the included custom leather case
  • STAINLESS STEEL POCKET TOOLS: This survival kit includes a multitool pocket knife made with 5Cr15MoV steel; lightweight multipurpose tool features an anodized aluminum handle
  • 7 INCHES, 6 OUNCES: One of the world’s most compact, lightweight multi tool kits; this all in one tool refines the average outdoor and camping multitool with a sleek, lightweight design
  • A SOG MULTITOOL FOR LIFE: Take care of your EDC multitool and we’ll take care of you; we gladly consider repairs and replacements for properly maintained SOG Baton gear

XUANLAN Emergency Survival Kit 13 in 1, Outdoor Survival Gear Tool with Survival Bracelet, Fire Starter, Whistle, Wood Cutter, Water Bottle Clip, Pen (Survival Kit 1)

  • ➤【ALL IN ONE SURVIVAL KIT FOR EXTREME ADVENTURES】This all in one survival kit contains everything that any survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would need. Includes emergency blanket, fire starter, scraper, compass, swiss card, flashlight, whistle, Survival Bracelet and black box etc
  • ➤【UPGRADED - MORE SAFETY AND PRACTICAL】5-IN-1 paracord bracelet with embedded compass, fire starter, whistle; Luminous Compass of military grade: Features 360 degree rotating bezel; Thermal Blankets are essential for preventing hypothermia as they retain 90% of body heat; They can also be used as a signal, to make a shelter, or as an extra layer in cold weather
  • ➤【BREAKING CAR GLASS IN EMERGENCY & SIGNAL TO RESCUERS】 the whistle that made by Aluminum Alloy generates sound as loud as 120db, Double Tube with high frequency design can be heard from far distance, help you easier to be found by rescuers
  • ➤【FITS INTO BACKPACK, LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE AND WATERPROOF CARRY CASE】 The dimensions of our professional survival gear is 4.1 x 1.8 x 6.3 inches. The entire box weighs only 0.98 pounds. This ultimate kit is compact enough to easily fit into your backpack and car
  • ➤【PERFECT GIFT】 It's necessary when camping, hiking, adventures, survival and in emergency situations. You would find this pretty cool as a stocking stuffer or birthday gift. And also can develop the child's ability to survive with kids hiking and camping kit. Giving a surprise to your Darling

CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife: Compact and Lightweight Black Knife with Carbon Steel, Plain Edge Blade, G10 Handle and Glass Reinforced Nylon Sheath Case 2082

  • High performance steel: SK5 carbon steel holds an edge well
  • Compact size: Easy to carry
  • Enhanced Protection: Black coating improves corrosion resistance
  • Designed by Darrin William Sirois in Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details

RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding Knife Tactical Survival Camping Knife with Pliers Screwdriver Bottle Opener Liner Lock Durable Sheath Gifts for Men Perfect for Camping Fishing Hiking Hunting

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS AND WARRANTY. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship and no reason return policy to guarantee you the BEST purchase experience.
  • A Perfect Fathers Day Gift: This is a Year round useful tool for Campers, Hikers, DIYer's for Father, Son, Boyfriend, Men or Women for Birthdays, Christmas, and Father’s Day. It makes a special gift for teenage boys as well. Will be used year round, not tossed aside like most gifts.
  • Versatile, Durable & Practical: RoverTac pocket knife has a 9 in 1 screwdriver bits set for many tasks/jobs. It’s made of solid stainless steel, and has a durable black oxide coating. Perfect for Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Adventuring, Outdoor activities, and Home Improvements.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: RoverTac folding knife has a discretely integrated liner lock that securely locks the blade and screwdriver in place for use. Simply depress the internal lever to unlock and fold the blade or the screwdriver.
  • Easy to Carry: RoverTac multitool knife comes with a durable nylon sheath, with a belt loop for fast and easy access. It's a must-have in your daily life.

REAPR 11015 Versa TAC Wrecking Bar, Tactical Multitool Pry Bars for Demo, EDC, and Survival Gear, Nail Puller Tool w/Ripper Hook, 4" Blade Head, and More

  • TACTICAL EDC WRECKING BAR: Get an EDC pry bar with bite for the outdoors and versatility for demo; This small pry bar's mix of style and performance puts you at a tactical and work advantage with its 4” blade head, ripper hook, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm wrench, and more
  • RUGGED BUG OUT BAG COMPANION: Too many survival tools can weigh you down; Travel lightly with a puller bar multitool that excels at tearing through forest thickets, pulling up tent stakes, ripping cloth, or cutting rope; Excellent outdoor multi tool
  • TEAR THROUGH DEMO PROJECTS: Pull boards, carpet, and trim with our EDC pry tool; Perfect for demo days, the pry bar EDC tool's non-slip TPR molded handle and full-tang 420 stainless steel give you maximum leverage you need in a metal pry tool
  • BUILT FOR STENGTH AND ENDURANCE: Come to every job or camping trip with the right EDC emergency hand pry tool; Built with 420 stainless steel and a powder-coated wrinkle finish for rust resistance, use the 4.0mm thick tactical pry bar blade to pry boards, slice bushes, and more
  • BY YOUR SIDE: Portability is key on the job and in the woods; Our demo bar tactical tools come with a 1680D ballistic nylon belt sheath with MOLLE attachment so that your tactical pry bar tool can sit on your hip or in your bug-out bag; Always there when you need it
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