Cold Steel 90N Norse Hawk American Hickory Handle, One Size

  • Our Norse Hawk has a curved cutting edge to facilitate deep, slashing cuts and terminates in two sharp points
  • Traditionally, the bottom point would be used to capture an opponent’s shield, leg, arm, shoulder or neck, momentarily immobilizing or bringing him closer and easier to dispatch
  • Made of tough and durable drop forged 1055 carbon steel (Note: Sheath sold separately)
  • Durable American Hickory wood handle
  • Overall Length: 22 inches; Blade Edge Length: 4.5 inches; Weight: 25.3 ounces
  • Overall Length: 19.00"
  • Handle Material: American Hickory
  • Weight: 1.58 lbs.

How To Choose The Best Cold Steel Viking Seax

Cold Steel knives have been around since the early 1900s, but they didn't become famous until the 1980s. Since then, their popularity has only grown, and today, they are considered by many as the best knives available. This article will help you decide whether you should invest in a Cold Steel knife, and what type of knife would work best for you.

What Is A Cold Steel Viking Seax?

The Viking Seax was created for those who want a traditional looking knife but don't like the weight of a heavy blade. The Viking Seax has been made using high quality stainless steel blades and features a unique design that makes it easy to carry around without feeling bulky. It comes with an included leather sheath and belt loop attachment making it perfect for everyday carrying. This knife will make any man feel like he is wearing his sword!

Who needs a Cold Steel Viking Seax?

The Vikings were known for being fierce warriors. But did you know that they had other skills as well? One of these was using a sword made of iron. These swords could cut through anything. Even though they weren't very common, they were still useful tools.

But today, we use knives for everything. From cutting food to opening bottles, we rely on our knives every day. Unfortunately, most of us aren't trained to properly handle a knife. We don't know how to hold it correctly. We don't know where to put our hands while we're holding it. And we don't know how to sharpen it either.

This makes it hard to protect ourselves against accidents. When we accidentally stab someone with a knife, we're usually left with a scar. And sometimes, we end up getting sued. Which is why it's important to learn how to safely use a knife.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to avoid stabbing yourself. First, never point a knife towards your belly button. Doing this puts pressure on your stomach muscles which can cause serious injury. Second, keep your fingers away from the blade. Third, grip the knife firmly but gently. Fourth, don't let the tip touch any part of your skin. Finally, take time to practice before you start using a new knife.

These tips will help you prevent injuries. But if you ever do happen to injure yourself, you can call 911 immediately. Then, you can visit a hospital emergency department. Here, you can receive treatment for your wound. Afterward, you can file a lawsuit against the person responsible for injuring you.

In addition to preventing injuries, learning how to use a knife can save money. Because you can easily replace a damaged knife, you can spend less on replacement blades. And since it takes only seconds to sharpen a knife, you can save money on sharpening services.

So, whether you're planning to fight off attackers or simply chop veggies, a Cold Steel Viking Seax is a must-have tool. Learn how to wield one now.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Cold Steel Viking Seax

Cold Steel knives have become very popular among outdoorsmen because they provide excellent value for their price point. They are known for being extremely durable, easy to use, and lightweight. This makes them perfect for camping trips, hunting expeditions, and other outdoor activities. When it comes to buying a knife, however, it's important to understand how to properly care for your knife so that it remains sharp and ready to go whenever you need it. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a Cold Steel knife:

Buy a knife that feels comfortable in your hand. A great way to determine if a knife feels comfortable in your hands is by holding it up against your skin. You should be able to hold the handle comfortably between thumb and forefinger. If you find that you cannot do this, then you may want to try another knife.

Look for a blade length that works best for you. There are many different types of blades available, including fixed blades, folding blades, drop point, spearpoint, and others. Each type of blade has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a fixed blade is easier to sharpen than a folding blade, but it won't open as easily. On the flip side, a folding blade opens quickly and closes smoothly, but it takes a bit more work to sharpen.

Consider the size of the pocket clip. Pocket clips come in various sizes, depending on the model. Smaller models tend to be better suited for smaller pockets, while larger models are better for carrying in bigger pockets. Consider the size of your pocket before deciding on a particular model.

Look for a sheath that matches your style. Sheaths come in a variety of styles, such as belt loops, pouches, scabbards, etc. Depending on your preference, you might prefer one style over another.

If you plan to carry your knife on your person, make sure that the sheath allows you to carry it safely. Make sure that the sheath doesn't interfere with your ability to draw the knife quickly.

Features To Consider When Buying A Cold Steel Viking Seax

Sharp blade. The first thing you notice about a cold steel Viking Seax is its sharp blade. This means you'll be able to cut through whatever you're working with quickly and easily. And since this knife has been honed to perfection, you'll be able to do so without having to worry about dulling the edge.

Lightweight. Another great feature of a cold steel Viking Seax is how light it feels in your hand. Since it weighs only 1.5 ounces, you'll never have to struggle to hold onto it while cutting.

Ergonomic handle. The ergonomically shaped handle makes holding the knife comfortable and easy. Plus, the grip angle allows you to hold the knife comfortably even if you've got large hands.

Stainless steel construction. The stainless steel construction ensures that the knife stays rust free and corrosion resistant. In addition, the black oxide finish keeps the blade shiny and bright.

Blade length. One of the most important features of a cold steel Viking Seax is its blade length. With a 3" blade, you'll be able to cut just about anything you'd like.

Versatile. The curved spine allows you to work with both left handed and right handed cuts. Plus, the tip of the blade is serrated, allowing you to slice through tough materials such as bone.

Made in Japan. Made in Japan is another reason why you should buy a cold steel Viking Seax. Not only does this mean that it was made using quality craftsmanship, but it also means that it was made using Japanese manufacturing techniques.

Cold steel. Cold steel knives were originally developed in Japan during World War II. They were used to protect soldiers' lives by keeping them warm and protecting their skin from shrapnel wounds.

Since then, they've become more popular than ever. Today, there are many types of cold steel knives available. Some are meant for everyday use, while others are intended for hunting or self defense.

Different Types Of Cold Steel Viking Seax

The Viking Seax was originally created by Cold Steel Knives. Since its release, the company has released multiple variations of the original design. Today we will look at three of the newest models. Each model offers something slightly different.

Viking Seax - Original Design. The original version of the Viking Seax was introduced in 2009. It features a traditional Scandinavian style blade shape. The handle is constructed from wood and the pommel is covered in leather. The overall length of the knife is 9 inches. The blade is 3.5 inches long and 1 inch wide. The edge is flat ground and sharpened on both sides.

Viking Seax - Blackwood Handle. The second variation of the Viking Seax was released in 2012. This model features a blackwood handle instead of the traditional walnut. The pommel is now wrapped in leather and the overall length of the knife is 10.25 inches. The blade is 4.75 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.

Viking Seax - Carbon Fiber Handle. The third variation of the Viking Seax was released in 2014. This model features a carbon fiber handle. The pommel is now wrapped in leather and the overall length of the knife is 11.25 inches. The blade is 5.25 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.


Cold Steel Scottish Dirk

  • Sport Type: Fencing
  • Package Dimensions: 53.34 L X 8.128 W X 6.35 H (Centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 2.15 Pounds
  • Country Of Origin: China

Cold Steel Hand and a Half Dagger 88HNHD,Black

  • 13" long blade designed to cut and thrust
  • Handle is suitable for both a one or two handed grip and is fashioned out of wood covered in black leather
  • Includes wood and leather scabbard
  • Blade Length (inches): 13
  • Knife Open Length (inches): 19.25

Cold Steel Spike Hawk Frontier Hawk, One Size

  • Features a differentially heat treated and drop forged blade and tough steel spike
  • This unusual hawk is very popular with sport throwers, who admire its ability to deeply stick into wooden targets by blade or by spike, effectively doubling the chances of a successful throw
  • Made of tough and durable drop forged 1055 carbon steel (Note: Sheath sold separately)
  • Durable American Hickory wood handle
  • Overall Length: 22 inches; Blade Edge Length: 3.1 inches; Weight: 24.5 ounces
  • Capable of performing utility chores
  • Made of steel
  • Face the edge in brutal chopping, cutting, slashing and gouging attacks
  • Comes with a stiff platform

Cold Steel Samburu Spear, Multi, One Size

  • Overall length: 7 Ft.
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz
  • Handle: U.S. made hickory
  • Sheath: Secure-Ex Sheath
  • Overall Length: 7 Ft
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Handle: Hardwood

Cold Steel Bushman Knife With Sheath 95BUSKZ

  • Available in two blade styles (Standard and Bowie point) both feature curved blades that are ideal for skinning and a multitude of bushcraft chores.
  • Both come complete with a Secure-Ex sheath which houses a high-quality Ferrocerium Fire Steel.
  • Unlike the majority of hollow handled knives, there is no joint or seam between the blades and handles, instead the Bushman’s blade and handles are cold forged out of a single piece of SK-5 high carbon steel.
  • The resulting knives are expertly heat-treated and tempered to RC54 and, when subjected to our tests, have withstood over two tons of pressure on their blade/handle transition.
  • Every Bushman has been carefully ground to an extra thin edge, and then honed and buffed by hand until razor sharp.
  • Blade Length: 7"
  • Steel: SK-5 High Carbon
  • NEW Secure-Ex Sheath With Ferrocerium Fire Steel
  • Ferrocerium Fire Steel

Cold Steel 92BKGMZ Gladius Trainer

  • Impervious to the elements
  • Made of the heaviest grade Polypropylene available
  • Duplicate their real counterparts in length, size and feel

Cold Steel 36MC Drop Forged, Survivalist

  • 8 inch long blade, 5 inch long handle and overall 13 inch
  • One-piece construction it carries flat
  • Handle-has tremendous piercing power
  • Made from 52100 high carbon steel
  • Thickness : 6mm, weight 18.3 oz
  • Additional Feature: Secure-Ex Sheath

Cold Steel 1849 Riflemans Knife, Brown/Silver, 12"

  • Includes a leather scabbard with brass fittings
  • 12 inch beefy blade and solid guard
  • Hand forged from 1085 high carbon steel with brass guard
  • Beautiful Rosewood 5-1/2 inch handle scales encapsulate the sturdy full tang

Cold Steel SR1 Knife, OD Green, 4-1/2"

  • Crafted from 5mm thick American CPM-S35VN Premium powdered steel
  • 5-3/8” OD Green handle is made from premium G-10 with heat treated nested steel liners
  • Integrated lanyard hold and coarse-textured surface for a secure grip even in cold or wet conditions
  • Equipped with Tri-Ad locking mechanism
  • 9-3/8” Overall length; Thickness - 4.8mm

Cold Steel Recon Tanto Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, SK-5 Steel, 7.0" (49LRT)

  • DEVELOPED AND REFINED: Through our pioneering research, this blade shape has proven the value of the "American Tanto" style reinforced point beyond question
  • TRUSTED: Having seen active military application in numerous conflicts, it is on its way to becoming the preferred fixed blade for special military units and SWAT teams
  • this blade shape has proven the value of the “American Tanto” style reinforced point beyond question
  • The Recon Tanto continues to redefine the standard for combat knives around the globe
  • Specifications - Blade Length: 7 inches; Handle Length: 4 3/4 inches; Weight: 9 ounces

Cold Steel 49LCK Srk SK-5, Boxed, One Size

  • Included components: Knife, Sheath
  • Sport type: Fishing
  • Care instructions: Hand Wash

Cold Steel San Mai Tanto Series Fixed Blade Knife - Made with Premium San Mai Steel, Master Tanto

  • All of our Tantos feature a deep lustrous satin finish on the hollow ground blade bevels and a contrasting line grain finish on the blade flats; Blade Thickness: 3/16”, Blade Length: 6"
  • The Tanto’s come with our famous flattened oval Kraton handle; Handle Length/Material: 5-1/2" Kray-Ex
  • The oval shape provides a solid grip and resists rolling or twisting in the hand under hard use, the kind that, over time, would destroy a lesser knife; Overall Length: 11-1/2"
  • Designed to concentrate the full force of a crushing blow in a small area so that even a moderately powerful blow can be remarkably effective in disarming or otherwise incapacitating an attacker; Weight: 9.5oz
  • The Tanto series knives in San Mai all come with a thick, high quality Secure-Ex sheath that is sure to give years of hard service and keep your Tanto at your side, ready for action; Blade Steel: VG-10 San Mai

Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip - Made with Premium CPM-S35VN Steel, Tanto Half Serrated

  • GREAT FOR THE TOUGHEST JOBS: The Recon 1 is a popular knife with Military and Law Enforcement Personnel, Fire and Rescue crews and civilians and is trusted to perform in even the toughest jobs and the most taxing conditions
  • PREMIUM STEEL: Features exceptional CPM-S35VN steel, which is very tough and durable, highly corrosion resistant, and able to take and hold a fine razor sharp edge; Commonly used steel in high-end, superior quality custom knives
  • COMFORTABLE, SECURE GRIP: Tough and durable G-10 handle material provides a secure and comfortable grip in all conditions
  • ULTRA-RELIABLE LOCKING MECHANISM: Features custom knife-maker Andrew Demko's famous TriAd lock that has been proven over time to be unsurpassed in strength, shock resistance and durability and gives unrivaled protection for your irreplaceable fingers
  • Weight: 5.2oz
  • Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Overall Length: 9-3/8"
  • Blade Steel: American S35VN with DLC Coating
  • Handle Length/Material: 5-3/8" G-10

Cold Steel Damascus Long Sax, Unknown, 17 1/4"

  • Damascus
  • Leather Scabbard with Brass Fittings
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Blade Length: 17 1/4"

Cold Steel Kiridashi, 2.5 in

  • Weight: 2.4oz
  • Blade Thickness: 3mm
  • Blade Length: 2-1/2"
  • Overall Length: 6-1/2"
  • Blade Steel: 4034SS
  • Handle Length/Material: 4" Reinforced Nylong
  • Blade Shape: Sheepsfoot
  • Locking Mechanism: Tri-Ad Lock

Cold Steel SR1 Series Tactical Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip, SR1 Tanto Lite

  • While not significantly lighter in weight, our SR1 Lite is indisputably lighter on the wallet
  • Mimics its big brother in every respect with the exceptions of having substituted the G-10 handle with a Griv-Ex one
  • Uses the more affordable 8Cr13MoV blade steel
  • Comes razor sharp and ready for your toughest task or biggest adventure
  • Specifications - Blade Length: 4 inches; Handle Length: 5 3/8 inches; Weight: 6.9 ounces

Cold Steel FGX Nightshade Series Knife - Made of Griv-Ex Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer, Wasp, One Size

  • Looks and feels as close as possible to our Drop Forged Wasp
  • Made entirely of Griv-Ex and other strategic non-metal materials
  • Offers amazing piercing power and will glide through soft targets like they were made of butter
  • Equipped with our "grip and rip" serrations for excellent cutting power
  • Blade length: 7 inches; Handle length: 5.5 inches; Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Sport type: Tactical & Military

Cold Steel Sax Knife with Leather Sheath, Chieftan's Sax, One Size

  • Every Viking Chieftain was familiar if not an expert with sword, shield, spear and axe, but these are long and heavy and often bulky weapons that were not always within reach so for 24-hour protection they almost universally carried a large Sax
  • Forged from high carbon steel with a hard spring temper and satin polish; Features a “broke back” blade profile with a point similar to a clip point bowie knife but predating the bowie by many centuries
  • Comes with a modestly sized brass guard that serves to keep the fingers from sliding forward on to the blade while offering a modicum of protection from opposing weapons
  • Handle is intricately hand carved in a link pattern that is visually stunning and compliments the matching brass guard and pommel; Includes a period correct brown leather scabbard with brass accents, a leather laced seam and leather carrying straps
  • Specifications - Blade Length: 13 3/8 inches; Handle Length: 5 5/8 inches; Weight: 22.9 ounces
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