Cold Steel Training Sword - Made of High-Impact Polypropylene

  • Blade length: 32.25 inch
  • Overall length: 39.5 inch
  • Material: Polypropylene

How To Choose The Best Cold Steel Training Sword

Cold Steel has been making swords since the early 1980s, but they have only recently started producing their own line of training swords. These blades are designed to help trainees develop their skills without having to use real weapons. They come in various lengths and weights, and each blade is made from premium quality carbon steel. The blades are available in both single and double edged versions, and they also make a range of other accessories such as sheaths and scabbards.

What Is A Cold Steel Training Sword?

Cold Steel swords are made for self defense purposes. They are made from stainless steel, making them extremely durable. The blades are sharpened at both ends, giving them an edge that will cut through anything. These swords are ideal for people who want something that is easy to carry around but still provides protection if needed. They are perfect for beginners because they are light weight and easy to handle. If you are looking for a weapon that is versatile, this is the sword for you!

Who Needs A Cold Steel Training Sword?

Cold Steel has been around since the early 1980s. Since then, they've become one of the most trusted names in quality knives. Their products are known for being tough and durable. But did you know that they also make swords?

That's right - Cold Steel makes swords. Not only do they sell blades, but they also offer a wide variety of other items including sheaths, scabbards, and accessories. These items are designed to protect your blade while allowing you to use it safely and effectively.

But what exactly does this mean? What kind of swords do they make? How do they differ from regular swords? Let's take a look at these questions and more.

The company offers two types of swords. One type is called "Training" swords. These are made specifically for self defense purposes. They're lightweight and flexible. They're perfect for beginners learning how to fight.

Another type of sword is called "Combat". Combat swords are heavier and stronger than Training swords. They're meant for experienced fighters. They're usually longer and thicker. They're designed to withstand heavy blows.

Yes. Even though Cold Steel makes Training swords, they still recommend using a real sword for practice. Why? Because they believe that using a real sword gives you better results. Also, a real sword is far safer than a Training sword.

Cold Steel recommends that you train with your sword for 1 hour per week. After that, you should switch over to a real sword.

Sure. As long as you follow the proper safety precautions. First, never point your sword at anything that could hurt someone else. Second, avoid carrying your sword outside of your home or school. Third, make sure that you store your sword properly.

Absolutely. Cold Steel sells their swords through their website. All orders are shipped directly to your door. Shipping is free.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Cold Steel Training Sword

Cold Steel swords have become increasingly popular among martial artists and collectors alike. They offer many advantages over traditional wooden swords such as durability, sharpness, and ease of maintenance. But did you know that they can also provide a great deal of value?

Here are four reasons why you should invest in a quality Cold Steel Training Sword:

This means that you won't have to replace your sword as often. You'll save money by having less frequent replacements.

Because they are forged from hardened steel rather than wood, they retain their edge far longer. This makes them ideal for cutting through thick leather armor and other materials.

This means that if anything happens to your sword, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you've got a replacement ready to go.

If you want to learn how to properly train with a Cold Steel Training Sword, then visit There you'll find helpful videos and articles about everything from basic techniques to advanced moves.

Features To Consider When Buying A Cold Steel Training Sword

Blade length. The longer the blade, the more control you have over your weapon. But if you're using a shorter blade, you may miss opportunities to strike vital areas. Choose a blade that's between 5" and 6".

Weight. Weight matters. Lighter blades are easier to wield, but they're less effective against opponents who know how to parry and block. Heavy swords are harder to maneuver, but they pack a powerful punch. Find a balance between these two extremes.

Handle style. Some swords feature a straight handle, while others have a curved grip. Curved handles allow you to hold the sword closer to your body, giving you greater leverage. Straight handles give you more reach, allowing you to strike farther away from your opponent.

Comfort. Comfort matters. Your hands shouldn't hurt when you practice with your sword. Look for a comfortable handle that fits comfortably into your hand. And make sure the hilt doesn't dig into your palm during extended periods of fighting.

Finish. What kind of finish does your sword have? Does it have a matte black coating? Or maybe it has a shiny silver finish? How about a brushed stainless steel finish? There are many options available, so experiment until you find something you love.

Length. Is your sword short enough to fit easily into your sheath? Longer blades are great for striking multiple targets, but they take up more room than shorter blades. Consider the space you have available before purchasing.

Width. Do you prefer a wide sword or a narrow sword? Wide swords are great for cutting through crowds, but they're hard to swing quickly. Narrow swords are easier to move quickly, but they lack power. Experiment with both types until you find the perfect width for you.

Different Types Of Cold Steel Training Sword

Cold Steel swords are known for their durability and quality. These are manufactured by a company called Cold Steel. Their blades are forged from carbon steel and stainless steel. These are produced in various lengths and weights. Each blade is hand sharpened and finished to perfection. Cold Steel Training Swords are also heat treated to ensure maximum hardness. All Cold Steel swords are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Cold Steel line includes everything from folding knives to full length sabres. They also produce a variety of accessories including sheaths, scabbards, pommels, etc. For those who are serious about learning how to use a sword, Cold Steel offers classes and seminars throughout the country.

There are two main categories of Cold Steel Swords. One category is the traditional style. These swords are meant to mimic historical European swords. They are heavy and long. They are also quite large. These are intended to be used for cutting and thrusting. The second category is the modern style. These swords are lighter and shorter. These are meant to be used for self defense purposes. They are also smaller and thinner than traditional styles.

If you are looking for a Cold Steel sword, there are three basic models to choose from. They include the Cold Steel Classic, Cold Steel Saber, and Cold Steel Sabre. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will now go through each model individually.

Classic Cold Steel Swords. These are the oldest and heaviest of the Cold Steel lines. Cold Steel Training Swords are traditionally styled swords. They are longer than most other Cold Steel swords. They weigh between 5 and 6 pounds. These are also fairly heavy. Cold Steel Training Swords are meant to be used for cutting and thrusting. They are also meant to last forever. These are constructed from carbon steel and stainless steel. They are also heat treated for extra hardness.

Saber Cold Steel Swords. These are the lightest of the Cold Steel swords. These are also small and thin. Cold Steel Training Swords are also lightweight.


BladesUSA E503-PP Martial Arts Polypropylene Training Medieval Sword, 34-Inch Length

  • Martial Arts Training Equipment
  • 34" Overall
  • High Quality Black Polypropylene Roman Sword
  • Perfect Weight And Balance For Martial Art Training
  • Round Handle
  • Lead And Phthalate Free Material
  • Made In Taiwan

Cold Steel Samburu Spear, Multi, One Size

  • Overall length: 7 Ft.
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz
  • Handle: U.S. made hickory
  • Sheath: Secure-Ex Sheath
  • Overall Length: 7 Ft
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Handle: Hardwood

Cold Steel Bokken Martial Arts Training Sword 92BKKC Polypropylene,Black

  • Made from super tough polypropylene
  • With no sharp edges or points they are perfect for armored sparring, training, conditioning drills and “pell work”
  • Each model also features an intricately detailed imitation cord wrap grip, offering superior control even when wearing heavy gloves
  • Superior heavy-duty training potential for the modern Martial Artist
  • Specifications - Blade Length: 30 inches; Handle Length: 11 1/2 inches; Weight: 19.9 ounces

Cold Steel 92R35Z Kukri Trainer with 12" Blade, 17.25"

  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Product Type: Sporting Goods
  • Item Package Dimensions: 2.5 L X 20.3 W X 53.3 H (Cm)
  • Item Package Weight: 0.295 Kilograms

Cold Steel 92BKGMZ Gladius Trainer

  • Impervious to the elements
  • Made of the heaviest grade Polypropylene available
  • Duplicate their real counterparts in length, size and feel

Cold Steel Karambit Trainer Black, 4.0"

  • Overall Length 9 1/8"
  • Blade Length 4"
  • Blade Thickness 12mm
  • Steel / Material Santoprene
  • Handle - 5 1/8" Long

Cold Steel San Mai Tanto Series Fixed Blade Knife - Made with Premium San Mai Steel, Master Tanto

  • All of our Tantos feature a deep lustrous satin finish on the hollow ground blade bevels and a contrasting line grain finish on the blade flats; Blade Thickness: 3/16”, Blade Length: 6"
  • The Tanto’s come with our famous flattened oval Kraton handle; Handle Length/Material: 5-1/2" Kray-Ex
  • The oval shape provides a solid grip and resists rolling or twisting in the hand under hard use, the kind that, over time, would destroy a lesser knife; Overall Length: 11-1/2"
  • Designed to concentrate the full force of a crushing blow in a small area so that even a moderately powerful blow can be remarkably effective in disarming or otherwise incapacitating an attacker; Weight: 9.5oz
  • The Tanto series knives in San Mai all come with a thick, high quality Secure-Ex sheath that is sure to give years of hard service and keep your Tanto at your side, ready for action; Blade Steel: VG-10 San Mai

Polypropylene Training Swords Knives Medieval Knights Roman Chinese Historical & Modern Long And Short Swords Knives One Hand Two Hand Training Costume 75325 (27.5" Spartan Sword)

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Cold Steel Mini Buckler / 9" Diameter Overall / 10mm Thick

  • Collectibles Knives & Blades Shields
  • Collectibles Knives & Blades Shields
  • Collectibles Knives & Blades Shields
  • Collectibles Knives & Blades Shields
  • Collectibles Knives & Blades Shields
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