Cold Steel Delta Dart Zytel Handle (No Sheath)

  • The Delta Dart’s ergonomic handle is knurled for a secure grip, while the butt is rounded for both thumb and palm reinforced positions. Its triangular cross section gives it phenomenal piercing power. An optional neck sheath is also available.
  • Zy-Ex
  • Tek-Lok Compatible Secure-Ex Neck Sheath & Bead Chain Lanyard is Available (#SK92DD)
  • Overall Length: 8.13"
  • Blade Length: 3.38"
  • Blade Material: Zytel
  • Handle Material: Zytel
  • Sport type: Hunting
  • Overall Length: 8.13"
  • Blade Length: 3.38"
  • Blade Material: Zytel
  • Handle Material: Zytel

How To Choose The Best Cold Steel Spike

Cold Steel has been making knives since 1884, and they have become famous for their quality products. Their line of spikes is no exception - here we take a look at what makes a good Cold Steel spike, as well as the features to look for in a great one.

What Is A Cold Steel Spike?

The Cold Steel Tanto Spike is an excellent tool for self defense. It has been made famous through movies like "True Grit" and "Kill Bill". The Tanto Spike is a small, lightweight, folding blade that is perfect for everyday carry. This little knife will fit into any pocket and is easy to conceal if needed. The Cold Steel Tanto Spike comes with a black nylon sheath and a leather belt loop attachment.

Who needs a Cold Steel Spike?

Cold Steel knives are known for being tough and durable. But do you know how tough they really are? To test this, we took one of our most popular models, the Cold Steel Bowie Knife, and put it through its paces. We tested it against other blades, including a traditional blade, a folding knife, and a fixed blade. Then we pitted it against a variety of objects, including a brick, a rock, and a piece of wood.

The results were surprising. Not only did the Cold Steel Bowie Knife hold up to everything thrown at it, but it actually outperformed several other knives. Here's what happened.

We started off testing the Cold Steel Bowie Knife against a traditional fixed blade. After cutting through a number of items, including a brick, a rock, and a piece of wood, the Cold Steel Bowie Knife was still holding up strong. Even after taking a beating, the Cold Steel Bowie Knife held its edge and kept going.

Next, we tried the Cold Steel Bowie Knife against a folding knife. While the Cold Steel Bowie Knife didn't fare quite as well as the fixed blade, it still performed better than the folding knife. When we cut through a brick, stone, and piece of wood, the Cold Steel Bowie Knife remained sharp and ready to use.

Finally, we pitted the Cold Steel Bowie Knife against a traditional fixed blade. Again, the Cold Steel Bowie Knife proved itself to be tougher than any of the other knives. Cutting through a brick, a rock, and a piece of wood, the Cold Steel Bowie Knife stayed sharp and ready to use. No matter what we threw at it, the Cold Steel Bowie Knife stood tall.

In short, the Cold Steel Bowie Knife is a versatile tool that performs well in almost every situation. Whether you're using it as a general purpose knife or as a tactical weapon, the Cold Steel Bowie Knife has what it takes to handle whatever comes along.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Cold Steel Spike

Cold Steel knives have become one of my favorite tools. I love their design, functionality, and versatility. They are extremely sharp and easy to maintain. And they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. So if you want to add a Cold Steel knife to your collection, here are some things to keep in mind:

Look for a Cold Steel knife that feels solid in your hand. A solid blade should never wobble or move when you hold it up against another object. This means that the handle is securely attached to the blade. You'll notice that most Cold Steel blades feature a black finish. Black finishes are harder than other colors like reds, blues, greens, etc., so they are less likely to chip off.

Don't buy a Cold Steel knife that doesn't include a sheath. Sheaths protect your knife from damage and provide a secure place to carry it. Without a sheath, your knife could easily fall out of your pocket or purse. Plus, sheaths prevent your knife from getting scratched by other objects.

If you're looking for a Cold Steel knife, try searching online. There are many different types of Cold Steel knives available.

Features To Consider When Buying A Cold Steel Spike

Blade length. The longer the blade, the more effective it is against human tissue. However, the longer the blade, the heavier the weight of the weapon. This makes it harder to wield and less comfortable to carry. On the other hand, shorter blades tend to be lighter and easier to handle.

Weight. The heavier the weapon, the more powerful it is. But, the heavier the weapon, the more difficult it is to maneuver. Lightweight weapons are easier to move quickly and strike hard. They're also easier to conceal.

Handle material. Some knives feature handles made from wood, bone, horn, ivory, or antler. Others feature grips made from leather, plastic, rubber, or synthetic materials. Leather and synthetic grips are soft and flexible, while wooden and bone grips are firm and rigid. Plastic and rubber grips are durable and lightweight, but they lack the strength of natural materials.

Stainless steel. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and rust proof. It's also strong enough to withstand heavy duty cutting tasks. But, stainless steel isn't very sharp. That means you'll need to sharpen it regularly if you plan on using it for stabbing or slicing.

Length. Longer blades mean greater reach and power. But, they're also heavier and more awkward to hold. Short blades are easier to control and easier to swing. They're also ideal for close quarters fighting.

Tip shape. Most spikes feature flat tips. Flat tips allow you to stab through clothing and flesh without piercing vital organs. But, they're less useful for slashing and thrusting. Pointed tips are better suited for these types of attacks.

Point type. Spikes may feature straight points or serrated edges. Straight point spikes are great for stabbing. Serrated edge spikes are useful for slashing and thrusting. But, they leave behind jagged cuts that could cause serious injury.

Edge design. Some spikes feature smooth edges. Smooth edged spikes are safer than their serrated counterparts. But, they're not as effective as serrated edges.

Different Types Of Cold Steel Spike

Cold Steel Spikes are a staple among martial artists everywhere. Cold Steel Spikes are useful tools for self defense, hunting, and even gardening. They are also a favorite amongst collectors. Here we will look at three main types of spikes. We will start by discussing the standard Cold Steel Spike followed by two special variations. Finally we will end with a discussion about how to care for your Cold Steel Spikes.

Standard Cold Steel Spikes. These are the original version of Cold Steel Spikes. Cold Steel Spikes are made from stainless steel and feature a flat blade. They are commonly referred to as “flat blades”. Cold Steel Spikes are the most basic model and are the cheapest option. They are also the easiest to sharpen. They are also the most durable. These are the most versatile and can be used for everything from cutting wood to piercing leather.

Bowie Knives. Bowie knives are named after the famous American frontiersman Davy Crockett. They were originally developed for use in hunting. Today they are primarily used for self defense purposes. These are often called “hunting knives”. These are sometimes confused with military knives. Military knives are designed to perform specific tasks. Bowie knives are designed to cut through anything. Their design makes them excellent for self defense.

Tantos. Tantos are Japanese swords. Cold Steel Spikes are traditionally used for ceremonial purposes. These are also known as “Japanese Swords”. These are often mistaken for Katanas. A katana is a traditional Japanese sword. Cold Steel Spikes are longer and thinner than tantos. They are also heavier and less flexible. They are also more expensive than tantos.

How To Care For Your Cold Steel Spikes. When it comes to caring for your Cold Steel Spikes, there are really only two things you should worry about. First, don’t let them rust. Second, keep them sharp. Both of these points are covered below.

Don’t Let Them Rust. Make sure you clean your Cold Steel Spikes regularly. Use soap and warm water. Don’t use harsh chemicals. Dry them off completely. Then apply a light coat of oil. Do this every few months. This helps prevent corrosion.


Cold Steel FGX Skean Dhu

  • Grid-Ex with Kray-Ex Grip
  • Hunting Knives
  • Overall Length: 7.75"
  • Blade Length: 3.75"
  • Blade Material: Grivory
  • Handle Material: Kraton
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

Cold Steel Spike Hawk Frontier Hawk, One Size

  • Features a differentially heat treated and drop forged blade and tough steel spike
  • This unusual hawk is very popular with sport throwers, who admire its ability to deeply stick into wooden targets by blade or by spike, effectively doubling the chances of a successful throw
  • Made of tough and durable drop forged 1055 carbon steel (Note: Sheath sold separately)
  • Durable American Hickory wood handle
  • Overall Length: 22 inches; Blade Edge Length: 3.1 inches; Weight: 24.5 ounces
  • Capable of performing utility chores
  • Made of steel
  • Face the edge in brutal chopping, cutting, slashing and gouging attacks
  • Comes with a stiff platform

Cold Steel Samburu Spear, Multi, One Size

  • Overall length: 7 Ft.
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz
  • Handle: U.S. made hickory
  • Sheath: Secure-Ex Sheath
  • Overall Length: 7 Ft
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Handle: Hardwood

Cold Steel 53NBS Bowie Spike

  • Overall length: 8 inch
  • Blade length: 4 inch
  • Blade steel: German 4116 stainless
  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Steel: German 4116 Stainless
  • Handle: 4" Long Faux G-10
  • Secure-Ex Neck Sheath With Bead Chain Lanyard

Cold Steel 53NHS Tokyo Spike Knife, Black, One Size

  • Care instructions: Hand Wash
  • Included components: bead lanyard chain
  • Sport type: Hunting
  • Steel: German 4116 Stainless
  • Weight: 2.3 oz.
  • Secure-Ex Neck Sheath With Bead Chain Lanyard
  • Super lightweight

Cold Steel 53NCC Drop Pt. Spike, Black/Silver

  • Blade length: 4 inch
  • Overall length: 8 inch
  • Handle: 4 inch long Faux G-10
  • Steel: German 4116 Stainless
  • Weight: 2.3 oz.
  • Secure-Ex Neck Sheath With Bead Chain Lanyard
  • Super lightweight

Cold Steel Bowie Spike

  • 4116 Stainless Steel
  • Secure-Ex Sheath

Cold Steel Mini Torpedo, Black, 12"

  • Weight: 15.8 oz
  • Thickness: 3/4"
  • Overall: 12"
  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
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