Cold Steel Master Hunter in San Mai

  • Without a doubt, the Master Hunter is one of the finest hunting knives we have ever produced.
  • Perfect for field dressing and opening body cavities without piercing the entrails
  • Broad blade
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Handle: 4 3/4" long kray ex
  • Blade: 4 1/2"
  • Overall: 9 1/4"
  • Weight: 6.4oz
  • Steel: VG-1 San Mai III
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

How To Choose The Best Cold Steel Master Hunter

Cold Steel has been making knives since the 1970s, but their reputation as a knife manufacturer was cemented by the release of the original Cold Steel Master Hunter back in 1983. This iconic knife remains one of the most sought after blades today, and now they have released a new version of the legendary knife called the Cold Steel Master Hunter Fixed Blade Knife. We take a closer look at what makes this knife special, and why you might want to pick up a copy.

What Is A Cold Steel Master Hunter?

The Cold Steel Master Hunter is an excellent knife for hunting, camping, fishing, survival, and any outdoor activity where you need a versatile tool that will perform well in all conditions. The Cold Steel Master Hunter has been tested under extreme conditions including high heat, freezing temperatures, and even underwater! This knife features a drop point style blade made from 1095 carbon steel, making this knife ideal for cutting through tough materials like wood, bone, leather, rope, and more. It comes equipped with a black G10 handle and a lanyard hole for easy carry.

Who needs a Cold Steel Master Hunter?

Cold Steel has been around since the early 1980s. Their knives were designed to perform under extreme conditions. From military use to hunting, Cold Steel products are built tough. But did you know that Cold Steel makes other tools as well?

One of these tools is the Cold Steel Master Hunter. This tool was created specifically for hunters. It features a unique design that allows you to easily remove the knife from its sheath while keeping the point protected. It comes with a leather belt loop and a nylon pouch for storing the knife.

The Cold Steel Master Hunter is made from stainless steel. Its handle is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. It weighs only 1.5 ounces. It measures 3 inches long and 2.25 inches wide.

This Cold Steel product is perfect for anyone who wants a versatile tool. Whether you hunt big game or small game, this knife will do the job. It's ideal for field dressing deer, skinning rabbits, cutting meat, and slicing through thick hides.

It's also useful for self defense. With its large size and sturdy construction, you can take it anywhere. Even better, it's affordable.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Cold Steel Master Hunter

Cold Steel knives have become increasingly popular among knife enthusiasts worldwide. There are many reasons why people love their Cold Steel products so much. For starters, they offer excellent value for money. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, materials, and colors. Another reason why people like Cold Steel knives is because they are extremely versatile. These knives are perfect for everything from camping trips to hunting expeditions. Whether you want a utility knife, tactical folder, or survival tool, you'll find something suitable for your needs here.

However, buying a Cold Steel product isn't just about getting a great deal. Quality matters. A poorly constructed Cold Steel knife won't hold up under heavy use. It might even break if used improperly. This is why it's important to purchase a quality Cold Steel knife. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a quality Cold Steel knife:

Look for a sturdy handle. When selecting a Cold Steel knife, make sure the handle is solid. Solid handles provide better grip and control. Look for one that feels secure in your hand. The best way to determine whether a handle is strong and durable is by picking it up and holding it. If it feels light, then it probably isn't going to stand up to heavy use.

Check the sheath. Check the stitching on the sheath. Is it strong? Does it seem to be sewn together properly? Do the seams appear to be reinforced? Are the rivets secure? All of these factors should be checked before making any final decisions. If the answers aren't positive, then move on to another option.

Make sure the blade length is correct. Cold Steel offers several models of knives. Each model may vary slightly in size. Be sure to measure the distance between the tip of the blade and the end of the handle. If the measurement differs from the stated measurements, then you've found a bad knife.

Features To Consider When Buying A Cold Steel Master Hunter

Blade shape. The first thing you'll notice about a Cold Steel Master Hunter is its unique blade shape. This design gives the knife a more aggressive appearance than other knives in the line. But this isn't just a gimmick. Blade shape has a big impact on how well a knife performs. The longer the blade, the easier it is to control and maneuver. And the shorter the blade, the harder it is to handle.

Handle material. Another thing you'll notice about the Cold Steel Master Hunter is its handle. Unlike most knives in the line, the Cold Steel Master Hunter features a full tang construction. This means there's no gap between the handle and the blade. That makes the knife stronger and less prone to breakage.

Stainless steel construction. Stainless steel blades are durable and corrosion resistant. They're also lightweight, which makes them great for everyday carry. However, stainless steel doesn't hold an edge as well as carbon steel. That's why many Cold Steel knives feature a carbon steel core surrounded by stainless steel scales.

Cold hammering. Cold forging is a process where metal is heated and hammered repeatedly until it becomes malleable. Cold forged knives are made using this technique. Because they've been hammered multiple times, Cold Steel knives tend to be thicker and heavier than traditional knives. Cold forged knives are also very strong.

Edge geometry. Cold Steel knives feature straight edges instead of serrated ones. Straight edged knives are easier to sharpen and maintain. Serrations can become dull over time, especially if you're carrying the knife in your pocket. Plus, serrations take up space on the blade, which could affect how easily you can access the knife during combat.

Length. Cold Steel knives usually measure somewhere between 5" and 6". Longer knives are great for larger tasks such as cutting through thick materials. Shorter knives are ideal for smaller jobs.

Weight. Cold Steel knives weigh anywhere from 3 ounces to 4 1/2 ounces. Lighter weight knives are easier to wield and pack smaller. Heavy weight knives are generally used for bigger projects.

Cold Steel Master Hunters are a line of knives produced by Cold Steel Knives. These are designed to be highly versatile hunting tools. They feature blades that are thin enough to slice through bone yet strong enough to cut through anything else. These are also lightweight and comfortable to hold. Each knife features its own unique design and style. Here we will look at three of the most popular models.

Master Hunter Fixed Blade Knife. This model is the original version of the Master Hunter series. It was released in 1998 and remains one of the most popular models ever created. It features a 3.5 inch drop point blade that is made from CPM S35VN stainless steel. It weighs 2.2 ounces and measures 5 inches overall. The handle scales are black G10 synthetic material. The sheath is leather lined and includes a belt loop attachment. The pocket clip allows for quick access to the knife without having to remove the sheath.

This model is identical to the previous model except it has a 4.0 inch drop point blade instead of a 3.5 inch drop point blade. It weighs 1.9 ounces and measures 6 inches overall.


Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, Hunter Lite

  • Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Handle: 4 7/8" Long High Impact Polypropylene
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Steel: German 4116 Stainless
  • Sheath: Secure-Ex Sheath
  • Replica model of renowned custom knife maker Lloyd Pendleton's most popular mode
  • 4.875-inch, high impact polypropylene handle and 4116 German stainless steel blade; includes Cor-Ex sheath
  • Replica model of renowned custom knife maker Lloyd Pendleton's most popular model
  • 4.875-inch, high impact polypropylene handle and 4116 German stainless steel blade; includes Cor-Ex sheath
  • 3.625-inch blade length, 8.5-inch overall length, and 2.7-ounce weight
  • Includes limited manufacturer's warranty; details included with purchase
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Tactical Fixed Blade Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath - Standard Issue Knife of The Navy Seals, San Mai Steel

  • EXTREME TOUGHNESS: The SRK (Survival Rescue Knife) was built with one aim in mind: to produce the toughest multi-purpose survival tool in the industry and is a knife you can trust with your life
  • TRUSTED BY SPECIAL FORCES: The SRK is the standard issue knife for Navy SEALs B.U.D.S. training and is trusted by the Military and Special Forces community for its versatility and durability in even the worst conditions
  • PREMIUM STEEL: Made with our exclusive San Mai steel, a 3-layer expertly laminated stainless steel that features a hard carbon center layer sandwiched between 2 layers of tough lower carbon spring steel, maximizing edge holding ability and toughness
  • COMFORTABLE, SECURE GRIP: The handle sports a single quillon finger guard and a deeply checkered Kray-Ex grip for a safe, secure hold in all conditions

Cold Steel Recon Tanto Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, San Mai Steel, 7.0"

  • DEVELOPED AND REFINED: Through our pioneering research, this blade shape has proven the value of the "American Tanto" style reinforced point beyond question
  • TRUSTED: Having seen active military application in numerous conflicts, it is on its way to becoming the preferred fixed blade for special military units and SWAT teams
  • This blade shape has proven the value of the “American Tanto” style reinforced point beyond question
  • The Recon Tanto continues to redefine the standard for combat knives around the globe

Cold Steel San Mai Tanto Series Fixed Blade Knife - Made with Premium San Mai Steel, Magnum Tanto XII, One Size (35AE)

  • All of our Tantos feature a deep lustrous satin finish on the hollow ground blade bevels and a contrasting line grain finish on the blade flats; Blade Thickness: 3/16”, Blade Length: 12”
  • The Tanto’s come with our famous flattened oval Kraton handle; Handle Length/Material: 5-5/8" Kray-Ex
  • The oval shape provides a solid grip and resists rolling or twisting in the hand under hard use, the kind that, over time, would destroy a lesser knife; Overall Length: 17-5/8"
  • Designed to concentrate the full force of a crushing blow in a small area so that even a moderately powerful blow can be remarkably effective in disarming or otherwise incapacitating an attacker; Weight: 14.2oz

Cold Steel Espada Series Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip, Espada Large

  • Inspired by the classical Navaja knives of Spain, but utterly modern in appearance and materials; Expertly designed to fit comfortably in your pocked, despite their imposing size; You'll soon forget you're carrying such a large and impressive blade
  • Equipped with the patented Demko Thumb Plate which can be used to open the knife as you draw it by snagging it on your pocket
  • Blade is made from premium American S35VN Alloy Steel, chosen for its ability to not only take a super-fine cutting edge, but to hold it for an exceptionally long time
  • Equipped with our patented Tri-Ad locking mechanism, proven to have amazing shock resistance and strength; In our testing, the lock was capable of holding 600 lbs of free-hanging weight, and we even used it to support a hanging engine block

Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip, Orange

  • Weight: 4.9oz
  • Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Blade Length: 3-1/2"
  • Overall Length: 8-1/2"
  • Blade Steel: American S35VN
  • Handle Length/Material: 5" 3D Machined G-10
  • Blade Shape: Drop Point
  • Locking Mechanism: Tri-Ad Lock

Cold Steel Drop Forged Series Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, Hunter

  • Perfectly balanced with a sturdy yet needle sharp point and wasp waisted so it cuts coming and going
  • Extremely strong and tough because there is nothing to break, become loose or wear out; Its monolithic construction makes the blade, guard and tang one inseparable piece
  • The handle scales are the only “add on” and they are quickly and easily replaced in the very unlikely event they break or wear out
  • Light enough to carry all day and sure to last a lifetime if it’s given a reasonable amount of maintenance; Includes a Secure-Ex sheath

Cold Steel Outdoorsman Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, Outdoorsman in San Mai Steel, 6.0 Inch Blade (35AP)

  • Overall Length 11 1/8"
  • Blade Length 6"
  • Blade Thickness 3/16"
  • Steel / Material VG-10 San Mai

Cold Steel Click N Cut Hunter / 6 1/2" Overall / 2 1/2" Blade

  • Hunting Knives Folding Blade
  • Hunting Knives Folding Blade
  • Hunting Knives Folding Blade
  • Hunting Knives Folding Blade
  • Hunting Knives Folding Blade
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