KA-BAR 1481 TDI Law Enforcement Serrated Edge Knife,Small,Black

  • 2 5/16" blade, 5 5/8" overall length
  • Non-reflective black powder coated AUS 8A stainless steel serrated blade and a textured Zytel handle
  • Hard plastic friction sheath
  • When worn on the pant belt, entire unit is well concealed
  • Non-reflective black powder coated AUS 8A stainless steel serrated blade and a textured Zytel handle
  • Hard plastic friction sheath
  • When worn on the pant belt, entire unit is well concealed

How To Choose The Best Clinch Pick Knife

They were used by miners as well as farmers, who needed a tool to cut through hard rock. Today, clinch picks are still widely used by miners, but they are also useful for other purposes such as cutting wood, metal, leather, rope, etc. This article will help you decide whether a clinch pick is right for you.

What Is A Clinch Pick Knife?

Clinch knives are small, sharp tools that are used for cutting through leather straps and buckles. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but all of them work in much the same way. The main difference between each type of clinch knife is how they are held while using them. For example, some clinch picks are made with a handle that wraps around the wrist, while others are shaped like a pen. There are even some models that look more like a pair of scissors than anything else! Clinch knives are perfect for cutting through leather, plastic, rubber, and metal. They are especially useful for cutting through thick materials like leather belts, shoelaces, and zippers. You may find these handy for cutting through heavy duty rope too.

Where Can I Get A Clinch Pick Knife?

You can purchase clinch pick knives at most hardware stores, sporting goods stores, and online retailers. If you want to buy a new set of clinch picks, you will probably need to go to a specialty shop. These types of shops sell only leather working tools, and they should be able to help you choose the right size and shape for your needs.

Who Needs A Clinch Pick Knife?

Clinch picks are useful tools for cutting through wood and other materials. But they aren't just for woodworkers. Clinch picks are also handy for opening cans, slicing bread, and chopping veggies. And they're perfect for DIY projects.

The best clinch picks are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong enough to cut through most types of material. However, it doesn't rust easily. This makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Stainless steel picks are also corrosion resistant. This means that they won't corrode over time. As long as you clean them properly, they'll last forever.

There are several brands of stainless steel clinch picks. Some are designed specifically for woodworking. Others are intended for general purpose use. Whichever type you choose, you'll find that they're sturdy and reliable.

When choosing a clinch pick, look for one that has a comfortable grip. This allows you to hold the tool firmly while using it. Also, look for a pick that fits comfortably in your hand. Too big or too small could cause discomfort during use.

Once you've found a clinch pick that works for you, take the plunge and start working with it. You'll soon see how versatile these picks really are.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Clinch Pick Knife

Clinch knives are used by many different types of people. From chefs to carpenters, clinch knives are essential tools. They come in various shapes and sizes, so they're perfect for any job. When buying a clinch knife, however, it's important to buy one that suits your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a clinch pick knife:

Look for a clinch pick knife that feels balanced in your hand. A knife should have a balance point where the blade meets the handle. This ensures that the knife won't slip out of your hands if you accidentally drop it. You'll want to purchase a clinch pick knife that feels comfortable in your hand.

Look for a clinch pick knife that has a sharp edge. Sharp edges are easier to use and maintain. Dull blades may dull quickly, making them difficult to sharpen. Look for a clinch pick knife that has a sharp edge.

Look for a clinch pick knife that has a solid steel core. Solid steel cores provide strength and durability. Look for a clinch pick knife that has a solid steel core.

Look for a clinch pick knife that has a non-slip grip. Grips with ridges or grooves prevent slipping and sliding. Look for a clinch pick knife that has a non-slip grip.

Look for a clinch pick knife that has a sturdy construction.

Look for a clinch pick knife that has a comfortable handle.

Look for a clinch pick knife that has a durable finish.

Look for a clinch pick knife that has a comfortable thumb rest.

Look for a clinch pick knife that has a comfortable pocket clip.

Features To Consider When Buying A Clinch Pick Knife

Blade length. The longer the blade, the more control you have over the tool. However, if you've never used a clinch pick before, start with a shorter blade.

Handle style. Some knives feature a straight handle while others have a curved design. Choose a handle style that feels comfortable in your hand.

Weight. How heavy does the knife feel? Heavy weight means it's going to take a lot of force to move it through thick materials. Lightweight knives tend to bend easier than heavier ones.

Stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable and rust resistant. But, stainless steel isn't always the most attractive option. Look for a finish that makes the knife stand out.

Size. Clinch picks come in many sizes. Smaller tools are great for smaller projects, while larger models work well for bigger jobs.

Finish. There are two main finishes available: black oxide and satin chrome. Satin chrome looks sleek and shiny, while black oxide tends to give off a matte appearance.

Tip shape. Round tips are generally considered safer than square or pointed tips. Square tips are useful for cutting corners or creating decorative cuts, while pointed tips are ideal for piercing items like wood or metal.

Length. Most clinch picks are between 4" and 6". Longer handles mean you'll have less leverage when using them.

Shape. Many clinch picks are shaped like a letter "C", while others resemble a cross section of a tree trunk.

Material. What material do they made from? Wood, plastic, or aluminum? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Different Types Of Clinch Pick Knife

Clinch knives are a staple tool in any martial artist’s arsenal. clinch pick knifes are used for everything from cutting wood to opening cans. Clinch knives are also known as “clinch picks” or “pick knifes”. They are sharpened on one side and rounded on the other. This allows them to easily cut through leather without damaging the surface underneath. These are also useful for picking up small items off the ground.

There are two main styles of clinch knives. One style is called a “straight edge”. Straight edged clinch knives are traditionally made from carbon steel. Carbon steel is a harder metal than stainless steel. Stainless steel is softer and therefore less durable. Carbon steel is also cheaper than stainless steel. Because of this, straight edged clinch knives are more affordable than their stainless steel counterparts. Another style of clinch knife is called a “round edge”. Round edged clinch knives are traditionally made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is stronger than carbon steel.

The size of clinch knives varies depending on what kind of use they are intended for. Smaller sized knives are better suited for smaller tasks. Larger sized knives are better suited for larger tasks. For example, a large knife might be good for cutting down trees or chopping firewood. A smaller knife might be good for slicing bread or opening jars.

When choosing a clinch knife, consider how you plan to use it. Do you intend to use it for multiple purposes? Will you be doing lots of heavy lifting? Are you going to be working outside? How big of a task are you planning to perform?


Cold Steel Double Agent Series Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, Double Agent II

  • Designed by custom knife-maker Zach Whitson, Cold Steel’s Double Agent neck knives are available with either a Karambit or Clip Point blade style.
  • Thin, flat, and super light (a little over 3 ounces including the secure-ex sheath!) they are easy to conceal and very comfortable to wear.
  • Their most notable and eye-catching feature, however, is their double ring handle design
  • Slip your index finger and your pinky finger through the integral steel rings and close your fist for a comfortable and secure grip.

KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Straight Edge Knife

  • Black metal belt Clip (1480Clip) included
  • Designed by john benner, founder and owner of tactical defense institute
  • Aus 8a stainless steel blade
  • Zytel handle
  • Overall length 5-5/8 inch
  • Law enforcement knife ideal as "last option" knife
  • Sheath wears on pant belt in well-concealed location
  • Black powder-coated blade made of AUS 8A stainless steel
  • Available with choice of serrated or straight edge
  • Textured Zytel handle; measures 5-5/8 inches overall
  • Law enforcement knife ideal as "last option" knife
  • Sheath wears on pant belt in well-concealed location
  • Black powder-coated blade made of AUS 8A stainless steel
  • Available with choice of serrated or straight edge
  • Textured Zytel handle; measures 5-5/8 inches overall

KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Knife Fixed Blade

  • Complete length- 5 5/8 inches, Blade length- 2 5/16 inches
  • Drop point edge
  • Blade quality- AUS-8A stainless steel blade
  • Hardness of steel- 57-59 HRC
  • Includes a black handle and sheath

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife with 3.1in Serrated Clip Point Blade and Aluminum Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC

  • DIMENSIONS: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 3.5 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, aluminum handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features jimping and serrations
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]

MTech USA Xtreme MX-8035 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife, Black Micarta Handle, 7-Inch Overall

  • Full tang neck/boot knife with sharp curved blade
  • 440 stainless steel, curved hollow ground blade with a brushed finish
  • Micarta handle for a solid grip
  • Includes a black molded Kydex neck/boot sheath with boot clip and lanyard hold (neck cord included)
  • 7-inch overall length, 3-3/4-inch blade length with 5mm thickness

Gerber Gear 31-002521N GDC Pocket Knife Money Clip, GDC Fixed Blade Knife and Case, EDC Gear, Stainless Steel

  • Gerber multi tool is slim, portable, and holds up to five credit cards in the clip, this pocket knife also contains a discreet 1.75" fine edge blade
  • Main feature of this everyday carry is that it can be easily stored in your pocket and simple to deploy, this tool is seamlessly integrated into any daily task
  • Money clip knife has a large surface, rust proof materials, titanium coated steel body, and a G-10 front plate
  • Carry with confidence; Multi tool is a great addition to any EDC gear. Money clip serves as a sheath for included knife and is a great alternative to a wallet
  • Overall Length: 3.7", weight: 2.9 oz. ; Included limited lifetime warranty

Gerber Gear 30-001005N Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife, Black

  • Compact, Skeletal 420Hc Steel Frame.
  • Black Ceramic Coating For Minimal Reflection + Corrosion.
  • Diamond Texture Rubber Handle For Superior Grip.
  • Modular Sheath System For Concealed Or Open Carry.
  • Includes a modular sheath system that can be worn horizontally or vertically
  • 420HC blade steel with black ceramic coating offers superior corrosion resistance
  • The skeletonized handle allows for a low profile carry
  • The diamond textured, rubber over-mold handle give exceptional grip in many situations
  • Overall length: 6.9 inches, Blade length: 3.3 inches

SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife - Instinct Boot Knife, EDC Knife, Neck Knife, 2.3 Inch Full Tang Blade w/ Knife Sheath and Clip, 4in. x 1in. x 8.5in. (NB1012-CP) , Black

  • SMALL KNIFE WITH SHEATH: The SOG Instinct is the perfect small fixed blade knife for your EDC gear; tactical neck knife measures 5.9 inches in total length; model number: NB1002-CP
  • LIGHTWEIGHT EDC KNIFE: 2.3 oz. Slim necklace knife is a great everyday carry knife; use as a belt knife or boot knife, and quickly access this compact knife from its swivel sheath clip for any emergency
  • FULL TANG FIXED BLADE KNIFE: Durable satin-polished 5Cr15MoV stainless steel construction handles various work tasks as a backup knife; full tang blade makes the knife more solid
  • FIXED KNIFE WITH TEXTURED G10 HANDLE: G10 handle with finger grooves and jimping enhances the ergonomics, grip, and blade control of this compact tactical knife; get maximum control from the SOG Instinct
  • SOG FIXED BLADE KNIVES FOR LIFE: Take care of your SOG EDC neck knives and we’ll take care of you; SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last, and we consider all repair and replacement requests

GERBER StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife with Fine Edge - Black

  • StrongArm tactical knife features a black handle and a fine edge, full tang 420HC steel blade
  • Durable survival knife has ceramic blade coating and rubberized diamond texture grip
  • Break through hard surfaces in emergencies with the tactical knife’s striking pommel
  • Four mounting pieces and sheath can be used for mounting on MOLLE, belt, or in drop-leg fashion
  • Gerber gear is proudly made in USA at Gerber's Portland, Oregon factory

Spyderco Ark Salt Fixed Blade Knife with 2.56" H-1 Corrosion-Resistant Steel Blade and Premium Injection-Molded Polymer Sheath - PlainEdge - FB35PBK

  • Reliable High Performance - With a Salt Series fixed blades, you can brave the elements with complete confidence. Each blade is made with advanced nitrogen-enriched alloys that are incredibly corrosion resistant.
  • ALWAYS READY KNIFE - The ARK is a lightweight tool that can literally be carried anywhere
  • Superior Blade Steel - The heart of the ARK is its deeply curved clip-point blade ground from H-1 steel - a nitrogen-based alloy that is extremely corrosion resistant
  • Ergonomic - The ARK
  • Ready for Anything - To ensure universal carry, the ARK includes an injection-molded polymer neck sheath with a breakaway ball chain. Best of all, the ARK and its sheath together weigh only 2.0 ounces, so you

Spyderco Street Beat Fixed Blade Knife with 3.51" VG-10 Steel Black Blade and Premium Injection-Molded Polymer Sheath - PlainEdge - FB15PBBK

  • Reliable High Performance - Spyderco fixed blade knives offer the same performance you expect from our ground-breaking folding knives. Proudly Crafted for Life with highly evolved Ergonomics to minimize fatigue and increase cutting power.
  • One of a Kind -It is exceptionally functional, extremely affordable fixed-blade knife that is ideal for both utilitarian applications.
  • Superior Blade Steel - The Street Beat Lightweight
  • Ergonomic - Its fiberglass-reinforced-nylon handle is injection molded directly onto the blade
  • PORTABLE - To maximize its carry options, the Street Beat Lightweight comes with an injection-molded, snap-fit polymer sheath with a G-Clip attachment

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) Tool 9909 Black, 1 Pack

  • Introducing our new 2 in one multifunction Ka-Bar Tactical Spork perfect for various occasions like camping, hunting and fishing.
  • Highly recommended sturdy polymer plastic material plastic spork is durable and long lasting making it effective and long lasting.
  • One of the best feature of camping spork is that it could be separated in half and becomes multifunctional. Pretty cool little setup also contains a pretty decent knife with it.
  • Multitool, fairly in expensive, Food and detergent safe, perfectly designed to be an advanced compliance tool You could eat with it also helpful in self-defense. Dishwasher safe
  • Overall length: 6.875-inch folding spork is made in USA, Extremely light weight.

Winkler Knives II Operator Knife Maple

  • BLADE HANDLE: Maple. STEEL: 80CrV2 - Otherwise Known As Swedish Saw Steel. It's An Absolute Workhorse Of A Steel That Is Tough As Nails, Will Hold It's Edge For A Long Time & Will Last You A Lifetime!
  • BLACK OXIDE FINISH: Gives Your Steel An Attractive Black Finish, Makes It Rust Resistant, Ensures That There Will Not Be Any Glare
  • DIMENSIONS: Blade Length - 4 1/8" | Overall Length - 9" | Blade Thickness - 5/32" | Blade Has A Thumb Index For Added Grip & Cutting Power
  • FULL TAPERED TANG: Tapering Of The Tang Reduces The Amount Of Steel Used And Therefore Reduces The Weight Without Sacrificing Too Much Strength.
  • SHEATH: Lined Kydex With Leather Cover Gives This Sheath Rugged Durability & Excellent Functionality. It Is Designed For Multiple Carrying Options

SOG Survival Knife with Sheath - Field Knife Fixed Blade Knives 4 Inch Tactical Knife and Bushcraft Knife w/Full Tang Hunting Knife Blade (FK1001-CP)

  • 4 INCH STAINLESS STEEL KNIFE BLADE: The Field Knife is a strong full-tang outdoor knife, camping knife, boot knife and combat knife with sheath; measures 8. 5 inches in overall length
  • 3. 8 OUNCE WT. W/ TPR GRIP: Made with a grippy, hunting survival handle for hand tools, utility knives and military knives; thermoplastic rubber offers great grip with zero maintenance
  • FULL-TANG CLIP-POINT DESIGN: Great as an all-weather camp knife, fixed blade belt knife and lightweight field knife; these sharp knives have excellent edge retention and resist rust
  • NOTCHED GRN SHEATH: A very versatile carry; great as a hunting knife, camp knife or fishing knife sheath with a notch for cutting cord or fishing line without exposing the sharp knife blade
  • SOG KNIFE FOR LIFE: Take care of your hunting knife and we’ll take care of you; SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last, and we consider all repair and replacement requests

Spyderco Tasman Salt 2 Lightweight Knife with 2.91" H-1 Ultra-Corrosion-Resistant Steel Blade and Black FRN Handle - SpyderEdge - C106SBK2

  • Superior Quality - The Tasman Salt 2 is a powerful fusion of a hawkbill blade profile, ultra-corrosion-resistant H-1 blade steel, and an enhanced, injection-molded handle design.
  • FRN Handle - It has tough, Ultra-Lightweight yellow or black fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN), it features improved Ergonomics, a non-slip Bi-Directional Texturing pattern, and a series of threaded stainless steel anchors.
  • Easy-to-Use Lock - The handle is also home to a stout back lock mechanism that locks the blade securely open during use. A true pocket powerhouse, the Tasman Salt 2 sets a new standard in mariner’s cutting tools.
  • Versatile - It is available with either PlainEdge or fully serrated SpyderEdge cutting edge, the radically curved hawkbill blade of the Tasman 2 literally “collects” the material it cuts, drawing it into the concave edge like an animal’s claw.
  • Durable - This dynamic generates extreme cutting power especially on fibrous hard-to-cut materials like netting, line, webbing, and rope. The Tasman Salt 2’s high-performance blade is housed in an improved handle design.

Smith & Wesson SW995 8.5in High Carbon S.S. Full Tang Karambit Knife with a 3.75in Clip Point Blade and Nylon Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC

  • DIMENSIONS: 8.5 inch (21.59 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.75 inches (9.53 cm) and a weight of 3.9 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV Stonewashed High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, nylon handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient nylon fiber neck sheath and breakaway chain
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the finger choil and pinky hole
  • COMPATIBLE: Sheath Includes Multiple Holes That Gives Users Several Cary Options

Sheffield 12152 Bolo 2.15 Inch Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife, Lightweight Neck Knife, Fixed Blade Knife Tactical, Fixed Blade Knife EDC

  • EASY CARRY: This fixed blade knife with sheath features a lanyard opening and a slim design, making it the perfect EDC knife
  • THE BLADE: This Sheffield neck knife has a 2.15 inch 420 stainless steel blade for maximum strength and durability; Sharp right out of the package, unlike some fixed blade knives
  • THE GRIP: This horizontal carry knife features a 3.25 inch black nylon-fiberglass handle; The finger grooves on the self defense knife allow for the most comfortable gripping during use
  • BUILT TO LAST: This tactical knife with holster is designed to last a lifetime; The hidden knife with knife lanyard won't bend or break
  • CUT WITH PRECISION: This clinch pick knife's knife-to-handle ratio maximizes leverage for precision cutting; Excellent tactical knife, hunting knife, fishing knife, or hiking knife

CRKT Provoke Kinematic EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Morphing Karambit, D2 Blade Steel, Kinematic Pivot Action, Integrated Safety Lock, Low Profile Pocket Clip 4040

  • Unique Innovation: Kinematic deploys the blade with push of the thumb
  • Superior Performance: D2 blade steel for excellent edge retention
  • Strong And Lightweight: Aluminum handle combines strength with minimal weight
  • Designed by Joe Caswell in Newbury Park, California
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details

Spyderco Yojimbo 2 Specialty Tactical Knife with 3.2" CPM S30V Steel Black Wharncliffe Blade and Durable Black G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C85GPBBK2

  • Superior Quality - The Yojimbo 2 is an evolved expression of its original Spyderco Yojimbo design. The refined Ergonomics of the Yojimbo 2 complement the natural contours of the hand, ensuring maximum surface contact and positive control.
  • Versatile - A unique attribute of the Yojimbo 2 is the thumb forward grip. It allows the 3.2" CPM S30V blade to feel like a natural extension of the hand.
  • Ergonomic - The PlainEdge straight cutting edge of the hollow-ground blade offers extreme cutting performance by transferring power all the way to the tip and ensures improved point strength.
  • A Secure Grip - Our Yojimbo 2 features a textured G-10 handle and a four-position clip which allows a non-slip grip and rapid deployment from all carry position.
  • Durable - The Yojimbo 2 has nested stainless steel liners which provide structural strength and form the backbone of the knife's high-strength Compression Lock mechanism.

Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Fixed Blade Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath - Standard Issue Knife of the Navy Seals, Great for Tactical, Outdoors, Hunting and Survival Applications, SK-5 Steel, Compact

  • EXTREME TOUGHNESS: The SRK (Survival Rescue Knife) was built with one aim in mind: to produce the toughest multi-purpose survival tool in the industry and is a knife you can trust with your life
  • TRUSTED BY SPECIAL FORCES: The SRK is the standard issue knife for Navy Seals B.U.D.S. training and is trusted by the Military and Special Forces community for its versatility and durability in even the worst conditions
  • SHARP, DURABLE STEEL: Made with Japanese high-carbon SK-5 steel, which is traditionally used for making a variety of hand tools and has great all-around toughness, excellent edge-holding capabilities and excellent abrasion resistance
  • COMFORTABLE, SECURE GRIP: The handle sports a single quillon finger guard and a deeply checkered Kray-Ex grip for a safe, secure hold in all conditions
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weight - 5.1 ounces; Blade Length - 5 inches; Handle Length - 4 1/2 inches; Overall Length - 9 1/2 inches

XYJ Full Tang Nakiri Chef Knife 7.5 Inch High Carbon Steel Vegetable Kitchen Knife With Whetstone For Home Restaurant or Camping

  • The knife is made of 5Cr15 carbon steel
  • Stainless steel blade minimizes chances of food sticking to the blade, make it more easier to slicing food

CIVIVI Minimis Fixed Blade Knife with Kydex Sheath, a Lanyard and a Black Bead Chain C20026-2

  • Designed by Ostap Hel.
  • Drop point 10Cr15CoMoV blade.
  • Skeletonized One-Piece steel handle.
  • Kydex sheath with a reversible pocket clip, lanyard, Bead Chain included
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.
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