How To Choose The Best Carabiner Knife

Carabiners have become increasingly popular over recent years. They are used by climbers as well as hikers, mountain bikers, rock climbers, kayakers, campers, sailors, and even dog owners who use their dogs' leashes as makeshift carabiners. Carabiners come in various shapes and sizes, but they all share two things in common: they are designed to hold onto something else, and they are made of metal.

What Is A Carabiner Knife?

Carabiners are small metal clips that attach to ropes, lanyards, and webbing for easy carrying. They come in many different sizes and shapes, but all work similarly. Carabiners are commonly used by climbers, hikers, and mountaineers because they allow people to carry items like food, water bottles, and tools without having to tie knots. Carabiners are also useful for attaching climbing gear to anchors, trees, and other objects.

Where Did Carabiners Originate?

The first carabiners were invented in 1884 by an Austrian climber named Karl Gutzkow. He was inspired by his experience using a rope sling to help him climb up a mountain. The original design consisted of two loops connected by a short bar. This type of carabiner is still known today as a "Gutzkow" style carabiner.

Who needs a carabiner knife?

Carabiners are useful tools for climbers, hikers, campers, and anyone else who enjoys outdoor activities. Carabiners are versatile pieces of equipment that attach to ropes and other objects. They allow you to clip items such as packs, tents, and food to your backpack or belt loop.

They're also handy for attaching things to trees, posts, and other structures. When you're climbing, you use carabiners to hold gear while you climb. But they can also be used to secure loads to trees, poles, and other surfaces.

There are several types of carabiners. Some are designed specifically for climbing. Others are multipurpose. Still others are made for hanging bags and backpacks. Whatever type you choose, make sure you know how to use it before heading outdoors.

Always check the instructions included with your carabiner. Make sure you understand how to operate it properly. Don't assume that you know how to use it. Take time to practice until you become familiar with its operation.

Don't overload your carabiner. Overloading increases the risk of damage to the device. Keep your load within the capacity of the carabiner.

Never place your carabiner over a branch or tree limb. Doing this could cause serious injury or death.

When you're finished using your carabiner, remove it from any object. Never leave it attached to anything permanently.

Be careful when removing your carabiner from a rope or cable. Always pull away slowly and steadily. Otherwise, you could injure yourself.

These safety guidelines apply whether you're using a carabiner for hiking, camping, rock climbing, or another activity. Use common sense and follow these rules whenever you head outside.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Carabiner Knife

A carabiner is a versatile tool used by climbers to attach their gear to anchors, trees, and other objects. Carabiners come in many different sizes and shapes depending on how they are intended to be used. When buying a carabiner, it's important to buy one that best suits your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a carabiner:

Size matters. A small carabiner may work fine for attaching a rope to a tree, but if you plan to use it to clip onto a harness, then you'll want something larger. You should also take into consideration whether you intend to use the carabiner to attach to a fixed anchor or to a belay device. For example, if you plan to climb with a partner, you might want to purchase a carabiner that attaches to a belay device so that you can easily communicate with your climbing partner. On the other hand, if you plan to solo climb, you probably won't need a large carabiner because you'll have access to a belay device.

Material matters. There are two main types of materials used to manufacture carabiners - aluminum and steel. Aluminum carabiners are lighter and easier to carry than steel carabiners, but they tend to rust quickly. Steel carabiners are stronger and more durable than aluminum carabiners, but they weigh more. If durability is essential to you, then steel is the way to go.

Look for a carabiner that feels solid. A solid carabiner will hold up better under heavy loads. This means that it won't bend or break easily. Look for a carabiner that feels sturdy and strong.

Consider the shape of the carabiner. Round carabiners are generally less expensive than square ones, but they often lack strength. Square carabiners are usually more expensive, but they offer greater strength. Try to find a carabiner that offers the features that you need at a price point that works for you.

Features To Consider When Buying A Carabiner Knife

Locking mechanism. The most important feature of a carabiner knife is its locking mechanism. This allows you to lock the blade into place while keeping the handle free to carry. Some knives only allow you to clip them onto a belt loop, which makes it difficult to access the blade quickly if needed.

Blade length. Carabiner knives typically range between 3 inches and 6 inches in length. Longer blades give you more control over the cutting process, whereas shorter blades are easier to maneuver.

Handle material. Most carabiner knives are made from stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, or carbon steel. Stainless steel is durable and strong, but it doesn't hold an edge well. Aluminum and titanium are lightweight and heat resistant, but they tend to bend easily. Carbon steel holds an edge longer than other materials, but it's heavy and brittle.

Carbon steel vs. stainless steel. There are two types of carbon steel: cold-rolled and hot-forged. Cold-rolled carbon steel has been rolled thinner than hot-forged carbon steel. Cold-rolled carbon steel is stronger, but it tends to chip faster. Hot-forged carbon steel is harder and less prone to chipping, but it's thicker and heavier.

Blade shape. Blades can take many shapes, including straight, curved, serrated, and drop point. Straight blades are ideal for chopping vegetables, whereas curved blades work well for slicing breads and meats. Serrated blades are useful for peeling fruit and veggies, and drop points are great for piercing items such as tomatoes.

Stainless steel vs. carbon steel. Both stainless steel and carbon steel are excellent options for carabiner knives. However, there are differences between the two. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, which means it won't rust unless exposed to moisture. Carbon steel, on the other hand, is susceptible to rusting. That said, both materials are sturdy enough to withstand normal wear and tear.

Different Types Of Carabiner Knife

Carabiner knives are versatile tools that are commonly used by climbers. These are small and compact making them easy to transport. Carabiner knives are also useful for opening cans and bottles. They are also handy for cutting rope and webbing. Here we will look at three main types of carabiner knives.

Fixed Blade Knife. Fixed blade knives are the traditional style of carabiner knife. They consist of two blades connected by a hinge. When closed, the blades lock together. To open the knife, simply pull apart the blades. Fixed blade knives are the easiest to use and are suitable for beginners. They are also cheap and easy to replace.

Sliding Knives. Sliding knives are a newer design. They consist of two blades that slide past each other. carabiner knifes are held together by a spring loaded mechanism. To open the knife, push down on the handle until the blades separate. Sliding knives are slightly harder to operate than fixed blade knives. These are also more expensive. carabiner knifes are better suited to experienced users.

Locking Knives. Locking knives are the newest design. carabiner knifes are essentially a sliding knife with a locking mechanism. These are similar to sliding knives except that the blades cannot move unless the user pushes down on the handle. This makes them safer than sliding knives. These are also more expensive than fixed or sliding knives.


Petzl SPATHA knife Yellow S92AY

  • Smooth/serrated combo blade easily cuts ropes and cordage
  • Carabiner hole allows the knife to be easily attached to the harness
  • Hole for attaching the knife to the harness with a CARITOOL tool holder or a carabiner
  • Stainless steel blade for improved durability

Petzl SPATHA Knife - Folding Knife With Carabiner Hole for Rock Climbing - Black

  • FOR WHEN YOU NEED IT: The convenient carabiner clipping hole on the SPATHA KNIFE makes it easy to always carry a little security on your harness.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: The SPATHA is easy to operate whether you are wearing gloves or not. Mechanism for locking the blade in the open position.
  • MULTI-USE: Smooth or serrated blade combo great for cutting rope or cordage. Stainless steel increase durability.
  • LOCKS IN PLACE: Locking mechanism holds the blade in the open position preventing injury.
  • DURABLE: Stainless steel design for long-lasting durability.

SZHOWORLD EDC Sandalwood Mini Pocket Camping Keychain Knife, World's Smallest All Purpose Pocket Knife Flat Blade, Easy to Open Grips, The Ideal Every Day Carry

  • Handle Material: Brass + Precious Ebony Handle
  • Blade Material: AUS-8 (Steel Imported From Japan)
  • Surface: Sanding
  • Hardness: 57 HRC. Package included: 1 X Mini Pocket Camping Knife
  • Easy to carry, suitable for outdoor survival,such as climbing,hiking,and so on.

RED SHIELD 5-in-1 Survival Tool Keychain. Multitool Includes Slotted & Phillips Screwdriver, Bottle Opener, Blade Carabiner Aluminum Frame, Stainless Steel Locking Liner & Latch. Hang Keys.

  • SURVIVAL TOOL: Do you enjoy camping, fishing, or hiking? Use this carabiner survival tool that is suitable for any outdoor activities, as well as for indoor uses. It's an essential multitool for those who enjoy being outdoors.
  • 5-in-1 MULTITOOL: 5 in 1 carabiner survival tool is conveniently portable which includes Phillips & slotted screwdriver, bottle opener, stainless steel knife, and an aluminum alloy frame carabiner. The blade has partially serrated edges with plain edges.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Our multitool is made with aluminum frame that is built to last for a long time. It is durable enough to hold up well even with daily uses. The blade, locking liner, and locking latch are made with stainless steel for a longer durability.
  • ON-THE-GO: You can use the carabiner as a regular keychain so that you can have it with you all the time for those emergency situations. Keep this handy tool with you, you never know when you'll need it!
  • COMPACT & HANDY TOOL: The survival tool is only 4.25 x 2.25 inches and 0.375 inch thick. It's small and compact for you to carry around anywhere or use it as a keychain daily. Keep it handy for any situations that may arise in the future.

Trixie and Milo Multitool (Keychain Carabiner)

  • FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD: An extremely useful carabiner multitool that comes with a neat engraving.
  • SURVIVAL KEYCHAIN: Be prepared for camping, hiking, fishing, and more with our keychain multitool.
  • FUNCTIONS: This key carabiner also works as a clip, saw blade, bottle opener, file, and more!
  • Fathers Day GIFT: Our survival tool gifts for men make perfect birthday or Fathers Day gifts.
  • QUALITY MULTITOOL KEYCHAIN: Crafted with an aluminum handle and stainless steel blade.

BlueSunshine Stainless Steel EDC 5 in 1 Aluminum Climbing Carabiner Hook Gear Multi-functional Tool Buckle Rock Lock Keychain with Knife+Screwdriver+Bottle Opener for Mountain Climbin

  • 100% Brand New and high quality
  • Material:Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 80g(Approx)
  • Item Dimensions: 18 * 5.5cm
  • Sophisticated processing technology

ZEINZE Carabiner Clip 3" Aluminum D-Ring Spring Loaded Gate Small Keychain Carabiners Clip Set for Outdoor Camping Mini Lock Hooks Spring Snap Link Key Chain Durable Improved Design 8 Pack (Assorted)

  • ✅LATEST IMPROVED DESIGN 2022 - This is the latest design 2022. We improved the structure to make it stronger and lighter. The bonus Stainless Wire keychain allows you to easily hook your keys on the carabiner.
  • ✅LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG - ZEINZE Caribeaners are made of superior durable lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy. So it is elegant durable strong and light. You don’t have to worry about it will rust. Never Rust!
  • ✅MULTIFUNCTIONAL - ZEINZE D Ring Carabiners are very suitable for outdoor hiking, fishing, camping, traveling etc. the lock system will keep you staff safe. Also you could use the carabiner clip as a key chain clip. Use it to attach the sports bottle, backpack, ropes of camping tent, hiking pole, small travel EDC tools etc.
  • ✅DIMENSION - Length:3”(76mm); Width:1.6”(41mm); Diameter: 0.24”(6mm); Weight:0.52ounce. WARNING: NOT applicable for climbing, swing, hammock, punching bag, etc (Note: Max load 150LBS)
  • ✅HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY - Every order is backed by a one-year “NO QUESTION ASKED” warranty. If you don’t love this product, contact us and we’ll either replace them or issue you a full refund.

sprookber Stainless Steel Spring Snap Hook Carabiner - 304 Stainless Steel Clips, Set of 6

  • Perfect for backpack, key ring, chains, ropes, camping, hiking, fishing, pet, indoor outdoor equipment gear, DIY accessories.
  • Capacity:264lb. Versatile binding, rigging & anchoring hardware - quick connect/dis-connect of ropes, chains, straps.
  • Opens and closes smoothly as the spring- loaded gate makes it easy to attach important items to it.
  • Product include: 2.25 inch 304 Stainless snap hook 6 pcs.
  • MADE TO LAST: The premium spring snap hook is made with 304 stainless steel that protects against corrosion

Carabiner Keychain Stainless Steel Multitool - 10 in 1 Tactical Emergency Survival Gear - Glass Breaker,Bottle Opener, Wrench, Screw Drivers, Key Clip, EDC Pocket and Backpack Tool

  • 【10 in 1 Multifunctional Tool】 This newest design edc gear including a glass breaker, Phillips & Slotted screwdriver, 3 wrenches, bottle opener, a keychain clip and 2 key loops. The multiple purpose tool do everything from tighten bolts and screws, open a beverage to use as repair Bike Tool Kits.
  • 【Premium material】Glass breaker made of Cemented Carbide (Hardness index 9 close to diamond,Heat resistant 1000°C). Key chain body 100% featuring 420 high quality stainless steel and corrosion resistance for durability and functionality. Solid metal and right weight edc to use for camping, backpacking, hiking, traveling and cycling.
  • 【Compliant with TSA Regulations】You can take the carabiner into any airport in the world. This multitool keychain is an allowable carry-on emergency survival gear fit easily on your Car/keychains or in your pocket, purse and bag.
  • 【Great Gift Ideas】This sleek and cool tool looks tough and elegance which is a perfect birthday gift, Father's Day gift, Christmas gift, graduation gift, wedding gift, business gifts and office gifts for men and women.
  • 【100% NO Risk Purchase】Free replacement or 100% order amount back in 30 days in case item do not live up to your expectations.

30PCS Small Aluminum Carabiner Lightweight D Shape Spring-Loaded Keychain Clip Hook Carabeaner for Home Outdoor Traveling Camping Hiking Fishing Sport (Silver)

  • Made of superior durable lightweight aircraft aluminum material
  • DIMENSION - 1.85"(4.7cm); Width:0.9"(2.3cm); Diameter: 0.16"(0.4cm). Each Hook Weight: 3.1g. WARNING: NOT applicable for climbing, swing, hammock, punching bag, etc
  • This pack carabiner keychain is great for outdoor activity, e.g. camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, keychain etc. You could use it as a key chain clip. Use it to attach sports
  • Order Includes: 30 pieces mini carabiner clips
  • HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY: Every order is backed by a one-year “NO QUESTION ASKED” warranty,100% money back guarantee. NO RISK.

3inch Locking Carabiner Clips-Twist Auto Lock Caribeener, Heavy Duty Keychain Key carabeaner Hooks, 7075 Aerial Aluminum Ultra Light, for Hammock, Hiking, Yoga Swing, Camping, Backpack etc, Black

  • 【QUICK LOCK】- Instantly lock and 2 Way Locking, a simple twist the barrel and push against the spring load will open, automatic re-locking when you release the pressure
  • 【STRONG CARABINER】- Major axis strength 12KN (2698lbs), it's very safety to hang heavy stuff such as hammock, hammock chair, swing, aerial yogo, punching bags etc
  • 【ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT】- It's only 1.09oz/31g per piece, minimizing your carry weight; It's a middle size carabiner, L: 3.19"/8.1cm, Width 1.69"/4.3cm, perfect size to hang keys or put in pocket; D-shaped design, wider basket to carry more things
  • 【RUST FREE 】- It's made of a special rust free material-7075 Aluminum, and it has an Anti-oxidation coating for a glossy and scratch-resistant finish; A durable carabiner could last for 10years
  • 【QUALITY CARABINER】- A very smooth lock and gate surface, and it allows new users not to worry about getting blood blisters or scratching themselves if they are not used to the carabiner; Full refund if you don’t like it, please buy without worry; Package: 2pcs

Kershaw Reverb XL Pocketknife; 3 in. 8Cr13MoV Titanium Carbo-Nitride Coated Blade; Carbon Fiber Overlay Handle with Steel Back; Manual Opening, Carabiner Clip and Frame Lock (1225), Black

  • Slim yet big-bladed, easy to carry, corrosion resistant, sharp straight from the box, eye-catching, popular and backed by the long-respected brand of Kershaw, Reverb XL is the knife for a full range of outdoor activities
  • Large and in charge 3-Inch Titanium carbo-nitride coated blade is skillfully designed in an upswept blade shape perfect to handle any cutting or slicing task
  • Ideal all-weather material, the front handle is constructed of blue-gray G10 with an attractive and carbon fiber overlay; back handle is titanium carbo-nitride coated stainless steel
  • Offers a large lanyard Hole to accommodate thick Para cord and a built-in carabineer clip conveniently attaches to a backpack or harness; extra deep-carry pocket Clip allows low and comfortable carry
  • A size worth flaunting and bragging about, Reverb XL is a conversation piece for anyone who works or plays in the outdoors; hikers, backpackers, campers, and more

COOK'N'ESCAPE Titanium Camping Cutlery Set, 3 Pieces Flatware Sets Knife Fork Spoon, Lightweight Utensils Set with Carabiner Clip and Case for Traveling Camping Picnic Hiking Backpacking Outdoors

  • ✔Durable & Ultra Lightweight: The Titanium cutlery set is sturdy and lightweight. Weighs only 0.12lb/ 55.8g. It includes a titanium spoon (6.29"), titanium fork (6.29"), and titanium knife(6.88"). The flatware set comes with a carabiner clip, can be used solely as a key carrier or to hold things.
  • ✔Outdoor Titanium 3-Piece Camping Cutlery Set: The camping utensil sets material of Titanium doesn’t corrode and has no flavor residue, very easy to clean, no fingerprints left after use.
  • ✔Reusable & Dishwasher Safe: These camping spoon knife forks are corrosion & high temperature resistant. Avoid wasteful disposable plastic and less durable wooden cutlery with a light, reusable metal utensil set that's built to last.
  • ✔Portable: The cutlery set comes with a carrying pouch and you can also easily take the cutlery set with the carabiner clip. It is convenient for traveling camping picnic hiking backpacking outdoors.
  • ✔The Perfect Gift: This is an essential part of the necessary equipment for every outdoor enthusiast. And this Ti flatware ware set is also the perfect gift for your friends or family for outdoor cooking.

SZHOWORLD Mechanical Style Aviation Aluminum Keychain Carabiner Car Carabiner Keychain High Elasticity Hard Metallic Sensation Clip Carabiner Awesome Gift Collection (Green)

  • NEW!Strong mechanical/metallic style Aviation Aluminum Keychain Carabiner/Car Keychain/Carabiner Clip/Keychain hook, each carabiner equipwith 3pcs keyrings
  • Hard Metal Combined with Fashion Style, daily use, cool accessories, backpack accessories, it's a unique Carabiner !
  • Material: quality stainless steel + aviation aluminium alloy; Dimensions: 7.4x4.2x0.7CM (2.9x1.7x0.3inch), Weight: 40g(1.4oz), carabiner knife weight : 45g(1.6oz).
  • High spring and withstand pressure test 100000 times, strong and durable, durability and flexibility.
  • Fashionable rivets design, make a hung a whole more stable, solid and durable, also increased the aesthetic feeling. SZHOWORLD brand trademark lifelong after-sale protection, rest assured that there is no risk in shopping!

Smith & Wesson M&P Repo 8in High Carbon S.S. Assisted Folding Knife with 3.2in Tanto Blade and Aluminum/Overmold Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC

  • DIMENSIONS: 8 inch (20.32 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.2 inches (8.13 cm) and a weight of 4.96 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel with an OD and black, aluminum/overmolded handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, carabiner and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock and manual safety
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features a serrations and tanto blade

Carabiner Keychain Multitool - 8 in 1 Tactical Emergency Survival Gear - Bottle Opener, Wrench, Screw Drivers, Key Clip, EDC Pocket and Backpack Tool

  • 8 IN 1 VERSATILE SURVIVAL TOOL: Sharp Stainless Steel Blade and Aluminum Hand Holder, Lightweight and Compact,This multi-purpose tool can be used as a knife, and a hanging carabiner, a Phillips screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, a bottle opener and a EDCkeychain.

Sprookber 3" Aluminum Carabiner D Ring, CaribeenerClips, Spring Snap Hookfor Keychain Clip,Set of 10 (Multicolor)

  • ✔【Product Include】- 3" Carabiner Clip(10 Pcs) and 30mm Steel Rings(10 Pcs). These Aluminum Snap Hooks are perfect for Backpack, Key Ring, Chains, Ropes, Water Bottle, Dog walking, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Pet, Indoor/Outdoor Equipment Gear.
  • ✔【Design】- Multicolor Aluminum Caribeener Clips, Silver Steel Ring. Spring-Loaded Closing Gate Makes it smoothly to open and close. Coloring through an oxidation process, which makes it very difficult to fade/rust, except scratching.
  • ✔【Carabiner Clip】- The Break Limit for Static Force is 150lb(68kg), you can use on Camping Gear, Hiking, Fishing, Dog walking, Light, Indoor/Outdoor Equipment Gear, Hang Lantern, or any other DIY Accessories etc.
  • ✔【Quality】Durable and easy to use, improved spring clip can be opened and closed more than 5000+ times in our test.
  • ✔【Extra】- We Give you the Standard Size of the Split Key Chain Rings. These Key Clips can assist you in using carabeaner hooks in many aspects of life that provide great convenience.

KeyUnity KU03 Titanium EDC 6 in 1 Multi-tool Quick Release Carabiner | Keychain Holder | Screw Bit Driver | Slotted Screwdriver | Bottle Opener | Pry Bar | Scraper

  • 【6 TOOLS IN 1】 The Compact Functional Multitool packs 6 functions into a carabiner, including 1/4" Hex bit driver; Flathead screwdriver; Bottle/box opener; Pry bar; Scraper; Key ring holder; Great to use when you go on a picnic, use the side of carabiner to open the beer, soft drinks, soda water, coca cola and more, great for your everyday carry
  • 【QUICKDRAW BUCKLE】 Quick release to hold your keys or hook onto bags, backpacks and pant loops in a snap; The EDC Carabiner Clip is in good resilience controlling and hard to get deformed
  • 【ANTI SLIP DESIGN】 This Carabiner Keychain has ratchet grip on the both side for more securely grip, prevent slipping while in use
  • 【QUALITY & STURDY】 Our titanium keychain is CNC machined from full Ti-6Al-4V titanium, non corrosive, 4x strength of steel and non-metallic smell; Superior craftsmanship with antique finish & sandblasted process, inset a red copper and 1.5x6mm luminous slot make this Carabiner Multitool one of a kind
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】 KU03 titanium carabiner, brand sticker, nylon bag, and friendly customer service

CIVIVI Polymorph Titanium Carabiner Multi-Tool with Utility Blade , Bottle Opener, Screwdriver C20045-1

  • Titanium carabiner, 9Cr18MoV blade, steel screwdriver
  • Extra 3PCS 9Cr18MoV replacement blades.
  • Rotating screwdriver with 6 heads and bottle opener.
  • Length:2.87", width: 1.65",weight:0.97oz
  • Perfect for attaching to keys, pocket or pack.

ZE&XUAN Folding Pocket Knife,Everyday Carry,3.76-In DC53 Steel PlainEdge Stonewashed Blade,With 4.5-In Solid G-10 Handles,Tactical Folding Knife.Deep Carry Pocket Clip for EDC,Hunting Outdoor EDC knife (Green Handle)

  • ZX2107 Pocket Knife : 3.76-In DC53 Steel PlainEdge Stonewashed Blade features razor sharp cutting performance, blade deployment is Ball bearings and blade flipper for effortless knife blade deployment
  • Superior Blade Steel:With a premium DC53 steel for excellent edge retention.Featuring a flat grind razor sharp blade that makes short work out of your daily cutting and slicing needs.Pocket knife 4.62 oz weight in total
  • Practical Knife Handle : 4.5-In G10 Handles features a lightweight and comfortable in hand grip in diverse environmental conditions
  • Durable Pocket Knife Tool: Capable of accomplishing various daily tasks,deep carry pocekt clip,make it reliable for everyday
  • Product Parametere:Total length:8.26in.Blade length:3.76in.Handle length:4.5in.Blade width:2.7CM(1.06in).Blade thickness:3.5MM.Knives weight:4.27 oz,Packing:knife*1+box*1

WEREWOLVES Paracord Keychain with Carabiner, Paracord Lanyard Clip for Keys, Paracord Carabiner Keychain Clip for Men Women (5 Pack Colorful)

  • HIGH QUALITY - WEREWOLVES paracord carabiner keychain is made of Type III 7 strand 350 paracord rope, metal ring and high strength carabiner.
  • PERFECT COMPANION FOR YOUR KEYS - Our paracord keychains are practical, durable, the braiding is tight, Keychain ring and Carabiner D ring at the 2 ends, easily attach to a backpack, survival kit, purse, belt or anything providing easy access. With a sturdy ring hook to hold and store your house keys, car keys, school keys, locker keys, equipment keys, work keys and whatever other things needs to NOT LOSE.
  • VARIETY OF POTENTIAL USES FOR YOU - This paracord carabiner keychain can hold and store your keys. Carabiner hooks can be used to hang your clothes, water bottles, backpack, shopping bags, USB driver, mini flashligh, and more. Braided paracord can be used for fishing line, shoe laces, sewing, crafting, etc.
  • PARACORD KEYCHAIN WITH CARABINER FOR MEN/WOMEN - Our paracord keychain uses personalized weaving and color matching, and is made of high quality materials, not only beautiful in appearance, but also very strong and lightweight. It is an ideal gift for your friends or family.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED - If for any reason our product doesn’t meet your standards, just send it back our way for a replacement or a full refund! We are proud of the quality of our Paracord Keychain Carabiner and we know you’ll love it. This is why we back it with 100% Money Back Guarantee to help you buy with confidence.
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