Uncle Henry LB8 Papa Bear Traditional Lockback Pocket Knife with 3.7in Clip Point High Carbon S.S. Blade, Staglon Handle, Brass Bolsters, and Leather Belt Sheath for EDC, Hunting, Camping, and Outdoor

  • DIMENSIONS: 8.7 inch (22.1 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.7 inches (9.4 cm) and a weight of 6.9 ounces
  • DURABLE: Large clip point blade is made of reliable High Carbon Stainless Steel and is ideal for precision tasks with an extra fine point
  • DEPENDABLE: Knife’s convenient size and nail pull make it ideal as an everyday carry either in your pocket or the included leather belt sheath
  • BE PREPARED: Have confidence that the blade will not slip while in use with the security of the lockback
  • SECURE: Realistic staglon handle features brass pins and bolsters for a classic aesthetic and a solid build
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. For all your questions please contact Uncle Henry's customer service

How To Choose The Best Buck 501

A good quality Buck Knife is essential for every man who wants to carry around his tools. The main reason why they are called 'Buck' Knives is because they were originally made by hunters who used their knives as a tool to cut down deer. They have been designed to be easy to use and comfortable to hold, while still being able to perform its job well. This article will help you decide whether a Buck Knife is the right choice for you.

What Is A Buck 501?

The Buck 501 is an excellent hunting knife for those who want something small enough to carry around but still big enough to get the job done. The blade length is 3 inches long, making this knife perfect for cutting through brush, branches, and even smaller game like rabbits and squirrels. This knife has been made famous because of its unique design, which allows the user to fold the handle down into the body of the knife without having to remove any parts. This makes it easy to pack up and take along wherever you go. It is available in both black and brown finishes, and comes with a leather sheath.

Who needs a buck 501?

The Buck® 501 Knife is one of our most popular folders. Why? Because it's versatile and reliable. It's perfect for everyday use, whether you're cutting paper, opening cans, or slicing tomatoes. But this knife isn't just any old folder. It has features that set it apart from other folders. Let's take a look at these special features.

Blade Steel - The blade steel is made from 440C stainless steel. This type of steel gives the knife its durability and toughness. It's ideal for heavy duty tasks such as chopping wood, splitting firewood, and carving meat.

Stainless Steel Blade Lock - The blade lock secures the blade in place while allowing you to open and close the knife easily. Simply press down on the thumb stud to release the blade, then pull the handle away from you to open the blade.

Thumb Studs - These two knurled thumb studs allow you to adjust the blade angle. Use the left side to raise the blade slightly, or the right side to lower the blade.

Locking Handle - The locking handle makes it easy to carry the knife around. When closed, the knife stays securely in position. Open the knife, and the handle automatically locks back into place.

Ergonomic Grip - The ergonomically designed grip provides comfort and control. It feels comfortable in either hand and allows you to hold the knife comfortably for extended periods of time.

Tapered Tip - The tapered tip makes it easy to cut through tough materials such as cardboard, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil. The tip tapers toward the point, which reduces the risk of nicks and cuts.

Textured G10 Handles - The textured handles offer excellent gripping power and are grippable even after repeated use. The handles feature a non-slip rubberized coating that keeps the knife secure during use.

Pocket Clip - The clip holds the knife securely in place when clipped to a belt loop or bag strap.

Buck Knives & Tools is proud to introduce the new Buck 501 Folders. These folders are built to last. With a lifetime warranty, you know you're getting quality every time you purchase a Buck Folder. Order yours today!

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Buck 501

If you want to buy a great knife, then you should start by looking at the blade. This is where most people go wrong. They focus solely on the handle and ignore the blade. A quality blade is just as important as a quality handle. You wouldn't use a cheap knife to slice through steak, so why would you use a cheap knife to chop vegetables?

A quality blade is sharpened properly. Sharpening blades is a skill that takes practice. When buying a knife, ask the seller if they sharpen their blades themselves. If they do, then they have already mastered the art of sharpening. If they say they don't sharpen their blades, then they probably don't understand how to sharpen them properly. Either way, you'll want to find a reputable dealer who knows how to sharpen knives.

Look for a quality blade that feels solid in your hand. Quality blades tend to weigh less than cheap ones. Cheap blades often feel flimsy and break easily. They may even bend or snap off when used improperly.

Look for a quality blade that holds an edge. If the blade doesn't hold an edge after being sharpened, then it isn't worth owning. Poor quality blades won't hold an edge for very long.

Look for a quality blade that is easy to clean. Cleaning a blade is one of the easiest ways to prolong its life. Make sure that the blade is completely dry before storing it away. Never leave wet blades lying around because moisture can dull the blade.

Look for a quality blade that is lightweight. Lightweight blades are easier to carry around and are better suited for outdoor activities like camping and hunting. Heavy blades are difficult to wield outdoors.

Look for a quality blade that is ergonomically designed. Ergonomic designs provide a natural grip that makes it easy to control the knife. Good ergonomic designs prevent fatigue and injury.

Look for a quality blade that is corrosion resistant. Corrosion resistance prevents rust from forming on the blade.

Features To Consider When Buying A Buck 501

Blade length. The blade length of a buck knife has a big impact on how well it performs. Blades longer than four inches tend to be more effective for cutting through tough materials. However, blades shorter than three inches may work just fine if you're using them for tasks like opening cans or slicing vegetables.

Handle material. Buck knives feature handles made from wood, plastic, leather, or rubber. Leather and rubber handle options are usually less expensive than wooden ones, while plastic handles are typically sturdier and easier to clean.

Stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most durable option available. But, stainless steel isn't always the right choice for everyone. Some people prefer carbon steel because it's lighter and easier to sharpen. Others love ceramic-coated steel because they think it looks cool.

Edge type. There are two types of edges used on a buck knife: serrated and straight. Serrated edges are great for cutting through thick items such as cheese, bread, and meats. Straight edges are ideal for chopping veggies and other delicate items.

Weight. A heavier knife means it will stay put during heavy use. Lighter knives are often easier to carry, especially when you're traveling.

Size. Knives come in many sizes. Smaller knives are perfect for everyday use. Bigger knives are useful for larger projects.

Shape. Round knives are generally considered safer than square knives. They're easier to control and hold, and they're less likely to slip off of surfaces.

Tip shape. Most knives feature either a flat tip or a pointed tip. Flat tips are great for piercing food and removing seeds from fruit. Pointed tips are ideal for peeling apples and tomatoes.

Color. Many models come in black, brown, blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple, silver, white, yellow, and gray. Choose colors based on personal preference.

Different Types Of Buck 501

Buck knives are a staple among hunters and outdoorsmen. buck 501s are small, light, and fold up easily. These are also incredibly versatile. Buck knives are commonly used for hunting, camping, fishing, and survival situations. buck 501s are also useful for everyday tasks like cutting wood, opening cans, and slicing food.

There are two main categories of buck knives. One category is fixed blades. Fixed blade knives are those that stay open. buck 501s are good for general use and chopping tasks. These are also great for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Their drawback is that they cannot be closed without tools. Another category is folder knives. Folders are those that close automatically. These are better suited for indoor uses like cooking and cleaning. Their downside is that they are harder to operate.

These are cheap. They are lightweight and compact. These are also durable. They can last for years if cared for properly.

These are bulky. These are heavy. These are awkward to handle. buck 501s are also prone to breaking.

These are inexpensive. These are lighter than fixed blades. buck 501s are also smaller. They are also easier to handle. These are also safer to use. buck 501s are also more reliable.

buck 501s are bulkier. buck 501s are heavier than fixed blades. They are also larger. They are also more fragile.

If you plan on doing any serious outdoor activity, you should consider investing in a folder. buck 501s are more practical for daily use. If you plan on spending most of your time indoors, you might want to invest in a fixed blade. buck 501s are cheaper and easier to maintain.


Uncle Henry LB5 Smokey Lockback Folding Pocket Knife Brown, 6-1/2"

  • DIMENSIONS: 6.5 inch (16.5 cm) overall length with a blade length of 2.8 inches (7.1 cm) and a weight of 3.1 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel and a wood handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient nail pull
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the lockback
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features nickel silver bolsters and a leather sheath

Old Timer 7OT Cave Bear 8.7in Stainless Steel Traditional Folding Lockback Pocket Knife with 3.9in Clip Point Blade and Sawcut Handle for Hunting, Camping, EDC, and Outdoors

  • DIMENSIONS: 8.7 inch (22.1 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.9 inches (9.9 cm) and a weight of 6.8 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable High Carbon S.S. with a saw cut handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient size, nail pull and brown leather belt sheath
  • BE PREPARED: Have confidence that the blades will not slip with the security of the heat treated back springs and lockback action
  • SECURE: Knife features nickel silver pins and bolsters
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by Old Timer’s Lifetime Warranty. For questions, please contact Old Timer's customer service

SOG SlimJim Folding Pocket Knife- SOG Assisted Technology w/ Tactile Bumps and Cutout Aid, Reversible Carry Clip, AUS-8 Stainless Steel Body (SJ31-CP)

  • SLIMMEST ASSISTED OPENING KNIFE ON EARTH: The SlimJim compact knife is a super-thin clip pocket knife, backpacking knife and camping knife; measures 4.22 inches closed and .25 inches thick (without removable clip); model number: SJ31-CP
  • 3.18 INCH AUS-8 MINI KNIFE: An industrial knife tool with surprises; a formidable small EDC knife, fishing knife, shipping knife and survival knife, if push comes to shove; carries easy at 2.4 ounces
  • EVERYDAY CARRY KNIFE W/ LOCKBACK: This lightweight every day pocket knife includes SOG Assisted Tech (S.A.T.); these utility knives and rescue knives open one-handed, Lockback secures the blade
  • 420 STAINLESS STEEL KNIFE HANDLE: SOG outdoor survival knives, camping knives and hunting knives are of the highest quality; even the SlimJim handle is stainless steel
  • SOG CARE: SOG knives and tools are built to last but may require initial tuning adjustments along with regular cleaning, lubrication and sharpening; we consider all repair and replacement requests

KA-BAR 3189, Folding Hunter,Black

  • package dimensions :2.2 cm L x 5.0 cm W x 13.4 cm H
  • Product type :KNIFE
  • country of origin:China
  • Package weight :3.0lbs
  • Handle material: G10

BigCat Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife | Bushcraft Knife with Sheath | 10' EDC Survival Knife for Men | Fixed Blade (Walnut Wood Handle)

  • HIGH QUALITY DAMASCUS STEEL KNIFE: Each fixed blade is handcrafted and offers perfect edge retention. Excellent durability guaranteed. 15N25 and 1080 and 288 layers of Damascus steel.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall Length: 10 inches; Blade Length: 4.80 inches; Handle Length: 5.20inches; Knife Weight: 235g. This camping knife will enhance your survival gear.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Handmade hunting knife with ergonomic artisanal walnut wood handle. Strong and comfortable grip with metal safety guard gives this knife rugged style and balance
  • MULTIPURPOSE: We don't care if you're more of a Rambo knife, a Bear Grylls knife, or a knife lover type cowboy knife. This one is yours for hunting, camping, hiking, skinning, fishing, or any outdoor task.
  • STUNNING LEATHER SHEATH: Our Damascus steel knife is not a pocket knife. It;s a sheathed fixed blade knife with integrated EDC belt loop and snap closure. Easy to access and portable. A beauty to behold.
  • UNIQUE GIFT: No two of our cool tactical knives are the same, they are one of a kind Damascus steel works of art. Ideal for collectors, hunters, campers and perfect for occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Father's Day.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We stand 100% by our knives. We warrant that they are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a lifetime.

CIVIVI Folding Pocket Knife Baklash C801H (Double Black)

  • 🔪【Solid Pocket Knife】9Cr18MoV stainless steel drop-point blade offers you an excellent corrosion resistance folding knife
  • 🔪【 Pocket Knife with Durable G-10】Textured G-10 handle scales provide a secure grip and a lightweight build folding knife
  • 🔪【Pocket Knife with Ball Bearings】Ball bearings in the pivot allow effortless blade deployment via Flipper.A flipper pocket knife just fits everyone.
  • 🔪【 Pocket Knife with Reversible Pocket Clip】Pocket knife for men with a reversible tip-up deep carry pocket clip suitable for everyday carry
  • 🔪【Pocket Knife with Lifetime Guarantee】Civivi folding knives provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

BUCK Scientific 737 501 73 Series Genova Nano by Jenway with Warranty

  • BUCK Scientific 737 501 73 Series Genova Nano by Jenway with Warranty

CIVIVI Elementum Pocket Knife C907T (Dark Green)

  • Sharp Pocket Knife
  • Lightweight Folding Knife
  • Smooth effortless blade opening
  • Utility Folding Knife
  • ✅【Civivi Care】Civivi is a subset brand of We Knife,Civivi knives and tools are built to last,welcome to contact Civivi for any help that you need for your Civivi knives.

CIVIVI Pocket Knife for EDC, Appalachian Drifter II Folding Knife with 2.96" Clip Point Blade C19010C-3

  • Premium Nitro-V clip point blade.
  • Micarta with carbon fiber bolster handle.
  • Front flipper and nail nick opener.
  • Caged ceramic ball bearing pivot.
  • Liner lock mechanism.
  • Deep carry tip-up pocket clip.
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.
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