Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife with 4.7in Dual Edge Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC, Multi

  • Dimensions: 9 inch (22.9 centimeter) overall length with a blade length of 4.7 inches (12.1 centimeter) and a weight of 7.7 ounces
  • Durable: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel with a black rubber wrapped handle
  • Dependable: Quick and easy access with the convenient belt or boot sheath making it ideal for everyday carry
  • Secure: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the hand guard
  • BE PREPARED: Knife Features Lanyard Hole Makes For Ideal Neck Knife
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]

How To Choose The Best Bounty Hunter Knife

Bounty hunting knives have been around since the early days of America, but they really took off after World War II. The idea was simple: instead of sending soldiers into battle armed only with rifles, why not send them with a knife as well? This would allow them to fight back against their enemies, and also make sure they didn't lose their rifle during combat. Today, bounty hunters use a variety of weapons, but the classic style has remained largely unchanged over the years. If you're interested in getting yourself a good quality blade, then read our review of the best Bounty Hunter Knives today.

What Is A Bounty Hunter Knife?

The term "bounty" refers to an amount of money offered for the capture of a wanted criminal. The word was first used during the American Revolution, but has since become synonymous with any reward given for capturing criminals. In modern times, bounties are typically paid for the apprehension of fugitives who have committed crimes against society, including murder, rape, kidnapping, arson, robbery, burglary, counterfeiting, and drug trafficking. Bounties are sometimes called rewards because they are offered in exchange for information leading to the arrest of the fugitive.

Bounty hunters are individuals who track down fugitives and bring them into custody. They may work alone or in teams. Most bounty hunters operate under contract with law enforcement agencies, although some freelance bounty hunters work independently. Bounty hunters generally receive a fee for each successful arrest. If the fugitive dies while being pursued, the bounty hunter receives nothing. However, if the fugitive is captured alive, the bounty hunter will receive his or her payment.

Who Needs A Bounty Hunter Knife?

The best knives are made from quality materials and designed for specific tasks. But sometimes, you just want a knife that works well enough to do its job. Maybe you're looking for a utility knife, or maybe you'd prefer a hunting knife. Whatever your preference, we've found a selection of blades that fit the bill.

We've rounded up our favorite hunting knives here. These are the best hunting knives money can buy. We tested each one using our standard testing methods. Then, we looked at how they performed during real world use. Finally, we compared these knives against other similar models to see which was the most versatile.

Our top picks are the . These knives are built tough. They're lightweight and comfortable to hold. And they perform flawlessly in the field. Best of all, they're affordable.

But if you're looking for a more traditional style, check out the This kit includes everything you need to start cutting wood, trimming branches, and whittling. It comes complete with a wooden handle, blade, and sheath.

Finally, if you're looking for a multi-purpose tool, the is perfect. It has everything you could ever need. From pliers to saws, this tool does it all. And it's compact and light. It only weighs 3 ounces, yet it packs a punch. It's ideal for camping trips, hiking, fishing, and any outdoor activity where you need a multipurpose tool.

That said, you shouldn't expect every knife to cut through anything. Some knives are better suited for certain jobs. For instance, a serrated edge is useful for slicing bread, but it doesn't work very well on hard surfaces. Similarly, a straight edge is best for drawing lines, but it's not the best choice for chopping meat. As such, you'll probably need several knives to cover all your bases.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Bounty Hunter Knife

Bounty hunting is one of those jobs where you have to go after criminals who have committed crimes. You might think that you could just walk up to them and ask them to turn themselves in. Unfortunately, most people aren't willing to do that. Instead, they'll try to hide their criminal activity by running away. So, if you want to catch them, you'll need to use a tool like a Bounty Hunter knife. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a quality Bounty Hunter knife:

Look for a blade length that suits your needs. A short blade makes it easier to maneuver through narrow spaces. Longer blades are better suited for larger areas. When you're looking for a knife, you should also take into account how often you plan on carrying it. Do you carry it every day? Or would you rather leave it at home?

Consider the type of material used to construct the handle. Wood handles tend to hold up better against moisture. Metal handles are typically sturdier. Plastic handles are lighter and less expensive. Leather handles are very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

You may also want to consider the size of the pocket clip. Small clips are easy to conceal, but large ones are harder to hide. You may even want to consider getting two knives. One for everyday use and another for concealed carry. This way, you won't have to worry about losing one.

If you're interested in learning more about Bounty Hunting, then visit They offer training courses and other services related to bounty hunting.

Features To Consider When Buying A Bounty Hunter Knife

The right blade shape. The first step in finding the perfect knife is figuring out what kind of knife you want. Do you prefer a fixed blade? A folding knife? An assisted opening knife? There are many options available, so take time to think about what type of cutting experience you want to have while using your new knife. Then, narrow down your search based on the features you want in your knife.

Blade material. Blades made from carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, or wood are just a few examples of materials used to create blades. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel knives tend to hold their edge longer than other types of blades, but they may rust over time if left outside. Wood blades are great for outdoor activities, but they can chip easily and break off if dropped. Ceramic blades are durable and heat resistant, but they can become brittle over time.

Handle design. Knives come in a variety of handle designs, including drop point, clip point, thumb stud, flipper, and others. Some handles are comfortable to grip, while others are more difficult to control. Consider how you plan to use your knife and pick a style that fits your needs.

Finish. Most knives feature either black or blue finishes. Black looks sleek and professional, while blue adds a touch of color to your kitchen. Both finishes are easy to clean, although black tends to wear faster than blue. Choose a finish that matches your decor and lifestyle.

Length. How long do you want your knife to be? Longer knives are easier to carry and work well for tasks such as carving meat or chopping vegetables. Shorter knives are ideal for slicing bread or cutting paper. Pick a length that suits your needs.

Weight. Weight matters when carrying your knife. Heavy knives are bulky and hard to maneuver. Lightweight knives are easy to carry and handle, but they lack heft. Find a balance between weight and ease of handling.

Edge geometry. Edge geometry refers to the sharpness of the tip and spine of the blade.

Different Types Of Bounty Hunter Knife

Bounty hunting is a dangerous job. Hunters are always on the lookout for bounties. When a bounty goes unpaid, hunters go after those responsible. A bounty hunter needs to know how to use his weapon effectively. He also needs to know what kind of knife is right for him. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a knife.

Blade Length. Blade length is important. Longer blades mean longer reach. Shorter blades mean shorter reach. Larger blades mean larger cutting surface area. Smaller blades mean smaller cutting surfaces. Blades should never be too long though. Too long blades can become unwieldy and awkward to handle. Also, they can easily slip off targets.

Handle Material. Handle material matters. Wood handles are strong and durable. Plastic handles are light and flexible. Titanium handles are lightweight and corrosion resistant. Ceramic handles are heat treated and scratch proof. Stainless steel handles are heavy duty and last forever. Leather handles are soft and comfortable. Rubber handles are cheap and disposable. Hard plastic handles are brittle and break easily.

Weight matters. Heavy knives are harder to control. Lightweight knives are easier to maneuver. Knives that weigh less than 2 pounds are good choices. Anything heavier than 3 pounds is too big for most people.

Tip Size. Tip size is important. Large tip sizes are better for chopping and slicing. Small tip sizes are better for piercing and stabbing. Bigger tips are stronger and more stable. Smaller tips are lighter and easier to manipulate.

Edge Type. Edge type is important. Plain edge is sharpest. Serrated edges are useful for cutting through tough materials. Hollow ground edges are useful for piercing. Flat grinds are useful for scraping and sawing. Sharpening stones are necessary to maintain edge retention. For example, a stone that is flat grinded and honed is called a flat hone. Honing stones are used to sharpen hollow ground edges. Honing stones are used to smooth dull edges.

Sharpness. Sharpness is important. Dull knives are useless. Dull knives cannot cut anything. Dull knives are dangerous. Sharp knives are safer. Sharp knives are easier to control.


KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight

  • Edge Angles - 20 Degrees
  • Overall length 11.875 inches
  • The most famous fixed blade knife design in the world
  • 1095 Cro-van steel
  • Leather Handle, USMC Fightning Knife
  • 7" Straight Edge Blade
  • Knife Made in USA, Leather Sheath made in Mexico

KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Straight Edge Knife

  • Black metal belt Clip (1480Clip) included
  • Designed by john benner, founder and owner of tactical defense institute
  • Aus 8a stainless steel blade
  • Zytel handle
  • Overall length 5-5/8 inch
  • Law enforcement knife ideal as "last option" knife
  • Sheath wears on pant belt in well-concealed location
  • Black powder-coated blade made of AUS 8A stainless steel
  • Available with choice of serrated or straight edge
  • Textured Zytel handle; measures 5-5/8 inches overall
  • Law enforcement knife ideal as "last option" knife
  • Sheath wears on pant belt in well-concealed location
  • Black powder-coated blade made of AUS 8A stainless steel
  • Available with choice of serrated or straight edge
  • Textured Zytel handle; measures 5-5/8 inches overall

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife with 3.1in Serrated Clip Point Blade and Aluminum Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC

  • DIMENSIONS: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 3.5 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, aluminum handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features jimping and serrations
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]

Victorinox Swiss Army Rangergrip 78 Multi-Tool Pocket Knife, Red, 130mm

  • A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Compact, agile and ready to face any adventure head-on. Our range of Swiss Army Knives have been established since 1897 and continue to be an icon of utility and smart design.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Swiss made stainless steel construction encased in our popular scales offers a slimmer profile and is extremely resistant.
  • COMPACT CARRY: Bring this knife with you on your daily adventures without sacrificing space. It makes a great gift for any occasion or stocking stuffer for Christmas.
  • FIT FOR ALL TASKS: At their heart, all our pocket knives are a survival tool; multitaskers that deliver in any situation. At their most evolved they have surpassed basic function to pioneer space travel and restart engines.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Made in Switzerland; Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Making a lifetime commitment has never been so easy. No assembly required, money back guarantee.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Swiss made pocket knife with 12 functions. Height: 0.9 in, Length: 5.1 in., Weight: 6.1 oz., MM: 130mm, Scale Material: two-component
  • FUNCTIONS: key ring, toothpick, tweezers, can opener, screwdriver 3 mm, large blade, bottle opener, screwdriver 5 mm, wire stripper, wood saw, reamer/punch and sewing awl, Phillips screwdriver 1/2

Outdoor Edge 3.5" Onyx EDC - Replaceable Blade Folding Pocket Knife with Dual Thumb Opener and Pocket Clip with 3 Blades

  • NEVER SHARPEN YOUR KNIFE AGAIN – Change blades fast and easy! When a blade goes dull, simply push the lock release button in the handle to remove and insert a shaving-sharp new one.
  • JAPANESE 420J2 STAINLESS STEEL REPLACEMENT BLADES – Blades are precisely heat-treated to ensure excellent edge retention, then hand finished shaving sharp; Includes 3 replacement blades total; Additional drop-point replacement blade packs sold separately.
  • BLACK-OXIDE COATED BLADE HOLDER – Rigid 420J2 stainless steel blade holder supports the razor blade for the strength of a traditional knife and the sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel; Dual thumb studs allow easy one-handed opening.
  • GLASS/NYLON GRIVORY POLYMER HANDLE WITH POCKET CLIP – Incredibly strong, lightweight Grivory handle with Trimond texture provides a secure, nonslip grip; The stainless-steel pocket clip is securely fastened to the polymer handle keeping the knife readily available at all times.
  • SERVICE FOR LIFE – Outdoor Edge produces quality cutting tools that are built to last; If you have a problem with your Outdoor Edge knife contact us; we address all replacement and service requests.

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) Tool 9909 Black, 1 Pack

  • Introducing our new 2 in one multifunction Ka-Bar Tactical Spork perfect for various occasions like camping, hunting and fishing.
  • Highly recommended sturdy polymer plastic material plastic spork is durable and long lasting making it effective and long lasting.
  • One of the best feature of camping spork is that it could be separated in half and becomes multifunctional. Pretty cool little setup also contains a pretty decent knife with it.
  • Multitool, fairly in expensive, Food and detergent safe, perfectly designed to be an advanced compliance tool You could eat with it also helpful in self-defense. Dishwasher safe
  • Overall length: 6.875-inch folding spork is made in USA, Extremely light weight.

CooB EDC Paracord Lanyard for Knife with Hand-Casted Solid Metal Paracord Bead Pendant Bounty Hunter. Custom Paracord Lanyard Keychain

  • Please Note: The price is specified for 1 Finished Paracord Lanyard with Bead! To your attention this EDC High-Quality Hand-Made Paracord Knife lanyard, decorated by Exclusive Author's Hand-Casted Bead.
  • Paracord Bead has unique Author's design and hand-casted in High-quality metal by using the method of vacuum casting. Then was blackened and polished to the high shine finish.
  • This lanyard can be attached to Flashlights, Cameras, Phones, Knives etc. You can use it for anything you liked...
  • All Our Paracord Knife Lanyards and Paracord Beads - are Authentic, Not a cheap replica! Please Note: Due to handwork, color of metal and some polished elements of Bead and Color of Cord may slightly vary from the picture!
  • FEATURES: Length: 125-135mm = 5-5,3 inches. Lanyard material: US 550 type III paracord (100% nylon, 7 strands), micro cord. Bead material: Bronze

BigCat Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife | Bushcraft Knife with Sheath | 10' EDC Survival Knife for Men | Fixed Blade (Walnut Wood Handle)

  • HIGH QUALITY DAMASCUS STEEL KNIFE: Each fixed blade is handcrafted and offers perfect edge retention. Excellent durability guaranteed. 15N25 and 1080 and 288 layers of Damascus steel.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall Length: 10 inches; Blade Length: 4.80 inches; Handle Length: 5.20inches; Knife Weight: 235g. This camping knife will enhance your survival gear.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Handmade hunting knife with ergonomic artisanal walnut wood handle. Strong and comfortable grip with metal safety guard gives this knife rugged style and balance
  • MULTIPURPOSE: We don't care if you're more of a Rambo knife, a Bear Grylls knife, or a knife lover type cowboy knife. This one is yours for hunting, camping, hiking, skinning, fishing, or any outdoor task.
  • STUNNING LEATHER SHEATH: Our Damascus steel knife is not a pocket knife. It;s a sheathed fixed blade knife with integrated EDC belt loop and snap closure. Easy to access and portable. A beauty to behold.
  • UNIQUE GIFT: No two of our cool tactical knives are the same, they are one of a kind Damascus steel works of art. Ideal for collectors, hunters, campers and perfect for occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Father's Day.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We stand 100% by our knives. We warrant that they are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a lifetime.

CIVIVI Minimis Fixed Blade Knife with Kydex Sheath, a Lanyard and a Black Bead Chain C20026-2

  • Designed by Ostap Hel.
  • Drop point 10Cr15CoMoV blade.
  • Skeletonized One-Piece steel handle.
  • Kydex sheath with a reversible pocket clip, lanyard, Bead Chain included
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.
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