Boker 02BO544 A-F Rubber Training Knife, 2-Pack,Multi

  • Official Applegate Fairbairn Training Knife - 2-Pack
  • 11-3/8 in. overall length with 6-1/2 in. blade
  • Can be chalked to verify scores on opponents
  • Take safety precautions when using
  • Limited lifetime warranty

How To Choose The Best Boker Esculta

Boker knives have been around since 1884, making them one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world. They offer a wide range of products, but their Escutla series has become increasingly popular over recent years. This article will help you decide whether the Escutla is the right choice for you.

What Is A Boker Esculta?

The Boker Esculta Knife is an excellent tool for any artist who wants to carve wood into beautiful sculptures. The blade has been sharpened to perfection, making this knife ideal for carving intricate designs into wood. This knife features a wooden handle made from Brazilian rosewood, giving it a natural look and feel. It comes complete with a leather sheath, allowing you to carry it around wherever you go. You will love using this knife because it makes sculpting easy and fun!

Where Can I Get More Information About The Boker Esculta Knife?

You can find all the information you need at There you will find detailed product descriptions, videos showing how to use the knives, and customer reviews.

Who Needs A Boker Esculta?

Boker knives are known worldwide for quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. Their products are made using only the highest grade materials and are designed to last a lifetime. But did you know that Boker has been producing knives since 1892?

The company was founded by Abraham Boker, a German immigrant living in New York City. He began selling his handmade knives door-to-door while working as a peddler. His customers were impressed with the quality of his knives and asked him to start manufacturing them. Soon after, he opened a shop where he sold his knives wholesale.

Today, Boker continues to produce top-quality knives. Each one is handcrafted using the finest materials and finished with precision. All of their blades are forged from specially selected steel. Then, each blade is carefully polished until its surface shines like glass.

Their knives are perfect for any type of cutting task. Whether you use them for slicing breads, meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, or anything else, these knives will do the job quickly and efficiently.

They're also ideal for everyday tasks such as opening bottles, cutting paper, and opening cans. No matter how you use yours, you'll appreciate the superior performance and durability of Boker knives.

But wait, there's more! Not only does Boker offer a wide variety of kitchen knives, but they also sell other tools including scissors, utility knifes, carving knives, steak knives, and more.

If you're interested in learning more about Boker knives, visit their website today. You can learn everything you need to know about buying a new set of knives, choosing the right size, and finding the best fit for your lifestyle.

These reviews will tell you exactly which features you should look for in a set of Boker knives.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Boker Esculta

Boker knives have become one of the most popular types of pocket knives available. They are easy to use and very affordable. There are many different styles of Boker knives to choose from including folding knives, fixed blades, utility knives, and even multi-tools. Regardless of style, they all share common features such as a steel blade, ergonomic handle design, and a reversible clip point tip.

However, just because a Boker knife looks like something you'd find in a kitchen doesn't mean that it's safe to use. You should never purchase a Boker knife unless you know how to properly care for it. Proper maintenance includes sharpening the blade after every use and storing it safely. This will ensure that your knife remains razor sharp and ready to go whenever you need it.

Look for a Boker knife that feels solid in your hand. A solid grip makes it easier to hold onto and control the knife. When selecting a Boker knife, make sure that the handle is comfortable to hold. Make sure that the handle is large enough to accommodate your hand size.

Make sure that the blade is securely locked in place. Check the locking mechanism to see if it's secure. If it isn't, then you may want to invest in a replacement lock.

Check the sheath to see if it's sturdy. Sheaths tend to wear down quickly so make sure that yours is durable. If it gets damaged easily, then you'll need to replace it.

If possible, try out the knife before buying it. Take it apart and examine the components to determine whether or not it works as intended. For example, do the scales move freely? Is the blade firmly secured? Does it come with any extras?

Don't forget about safety. Before using a Boker knife, make sure that you've read the instructions included with it.

Features To Consider When Buying A Boker Esculta

Blade material. The blade material used in a knife has a big impact on its performance. For instance, if you prefer knives made from stainless steel, they tend to hold their edge longer than carbon steel blades. But, carbon steel blades are easier to sharpen and maintain.

Handle design. Knives with ergonomic handles are more comfortable to hold and use. They also allow you to grip the handle firmly while cutting. Ergonomically designed handles are available in both wood and plastic.

Weight. Some knives weigh less than others. Lighter weight knives are easier to carry and maneuver. However, heavier knives are stronger and can withstand greater stress.

Length. Longer knives are easier to control and cut through thick materials. Shorter knives are easier to store and transport.

Shape. There are many shapes to choose from including drop point, clip point, straight, spearpoint, and even curved. Each shape has advantages and disadvantages. Drop points are great for slicing and chopping vegetables. Clip points are ideal for filleting fish. Spearpoints are useful for piercing items such as meat and poultry. And, curved knives are perfect for carving meats and vegetables.

Edge type. Edge types include serrated, jagged, and hollow ground. Hollow ground edges are popular among chefs because they produce cleaner cuts. Jagged edges are often preferred by hunters because they prevent food particles from sticking to the blade.

Finish. Knife finishes range from polished to brushed. Polished surfaces are smooth and shiny. Brushed surfaces are rougher and duller. Both options work well depending on how you plan to use the knife.

Color. Color can affect the way a knife looks and feels. Black, brown, gray, blue, green, red, black, and white are just a few colors available.

Size. Size refers to the length of the blade. Most knives fall into three categories: pocket knives, folding knives, and fixed blades. Pocket knives are typically smaller and lighter.

Different Types Of Boker Esculta

Boker Escutas are knives that were originally created by the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. He was known to use his own designs on various pieces of art including paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. His designs became so well known that they eventually inspired other artists to create their own versions. Today, Boker Escutas are highly sought after collectibles among collectors worldwide.

The original design of the Boker Escutas was created by Pablo Picasso himself. He wanted to create a blade that could be easily carried around without weighing down the hand. To accomplish this goal, he decided to incorporate a handle that was shaped like a human figure. The figure had arms, legs, and feet. The head was also included to give the knife a face.

In the early 1900s, the Boker Escutas gained popularity throughout Europe. At the time, they were mainly used for carving wood and stone. Over time, they evolved into what we know them as today. The modern version of the Boker Escutas features a wooden handle and a steel blade. The blade is curved and sharpened on each side. The handle is wrapped in leather and includes a sheath.

Today, Boker Escutas are widely collected due to their artistic value. They are highly valued by collectors because they represent the works of a true master. Their beauty lies in their simplicity and elegance. Each piece is handmade and crafted with care. Boker Escultas are truly works of art.


Boker Toolkit Torx Head

  • Bits are stored inside of the handle to prevent loss
  • Made in Germany
  • Convenient and ergonomically designed
  • High quality bits for intricate work

Boker Magnum 01RY769 Hero Folding Knife with 3 3/8 in. 440 Stainless Steel, Silver

  • 440 stainless steel blade boasts a two-tone finish
  • Heavy duty aluminum handle
  • Features a glass-breaker, seatbelt cutter and partial serrations for maximum functionality
  • Blade length: 3 ⅜ in. Overall length: 7 ¾ in. Weight: 4.8 oz.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 440 stainless steel blade
  • Includes thumb stud
  • Liner locking mechanism

Boker 02SC743 Magnum Lil Friend Micro with 1-3/8 In. 440 Stainless Steel Blade,Multi-Color

  • 440 stainless steel blade
  • G-10 handle scales
  • Includes Kydex sheath
  • Blade length: 1-3/8 in. Overall length: 3-3/8 in. Weight: 1.3 oz
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

BOKER PLUS 09BO097 Tactical Tablet Pen 6 in, Black

  • Featuring a rubber tip for use on touchscreens
  • Standard ball point pen tip
  • Body is crafted of durable milled aluminum
  • Overall length: 6 in. Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Boker 02LG115 Persian Fixed Knife with 440 Stainless Steel Blade, 4-3/4", Magnum

  • 440 stainless steel blade
  • G-10 handle scales
  • Includes Kydex sheath and belt adapter
  • Blade length: 4-3/4 in. Overall length: 9 -7/8 in. Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Boker Plus 01BO734 Urban Trapper 3 1/2 in. Blade

  • Extremely low profile and slender design
  • Cocobolo wood handle scales
  • Made with refined materials such as VG-10, titanium and an IKBS hinge which result in an incomparable pocket knife for demanding users
  • Blade length: 3 ½ in. Overall length: 7 ¾ in. Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Boker 02BA3154 Arbolito Soul II El Negro Knife with N695 Stainless Steel Blade, 4-3/4"

  • N695 stainless steel blade
  • Black CNC milled Micarta handle scales
  • Includes premium Cordura sheath
  • Blade length: 4-3/4 in. Overall length: 10-1/4 in. Weight: 9.8 oz
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Boker Plus Tactical Folder Knife with Blade 3-3/7", 8-3/8"

  • G-10 scales with stainless steel liners
  • D2 stonewashed blade
  • Ball bearing supported blade
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Flipper deployed blade

Boker 02BA593B Arbolito Esculta Bk Guayacan

  • Premium knives
  • Innovative designs
  • For the professional or everday user
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