Boker Magnum Lockback Hunter Knife Brown, Overall Length: 8.60"

  • 420 stainless steel blade, clip point
  • Pakkawood handles
  • Classic nail nick
  • Country Of Origin : China

How To Choose The Best Boker Arbolito Hunter

Boker has been making quality knives since 1884, and their products have become synonymous with excellence. The company was founded by two brothers who were inspired by the hunting traditions of their native Spain. Today, they continue to produce top-quality knives using only the finest materials available. This article will help you decide whether the Boker Arbolito Hunter is the knife for you.

What Is A Boker Arbolito Hunter?

The Boker Arbolito Hunter is an excellent knife for hunting game. It has a black handle and a stainless steel blade. The blade is made of high carbon steel and features a drop point design. This means that the tip of the blade points down towards the ground while the rest of the blade curves up slightly. This allows the user to stab into the animal without having to worry about cutting themselves. The Arbolito Hunter comes with a leather sheath and belt clip.

Where Did This Product Come From?

Boker was founded in Israel in 1972. They were originally known as "Boker" meaning "knife". In 1974, they changed their name to "Boker Knife Company", but later shortened it to just "Boker". Since its founding, Boker has been making quality knives. Their first line of knives included hunting knives, utility knives, and pocketknives. Today, Boker still makes these types of knives, but now offers many more styles including folding knives, tactical folders, fixed blades, and even kitchen knives.

Who Needs A Boker Arbolito Hunter?

Boker makes some of the best pocket knives around. Their line includes everything from folding knives to locking blades to hunting knives. But one thing that sets them apart from other brands is their quality. Every knife comes with a lifetime warranty. And every knife has been tested to ensure its durability.

But if you're looking for a new knife, you might wonder whether you really need a Boker. After all, there are plenty of other brands out there. What makes this brand special?

Well, let's start with the name. Boker stands for "Brothers Of Kabbalah" in Hebrew. This refers to the Jewish tradition of studying Torah while sitting next to a rabbi. The idea behind this practice is to learn from the wisdom of others. And that's exactly what these brothers do. They study the teachings of Judaism and apply them to everyday life.

The result is a company that combines traditional values with modern technology. As a result, they produce some of the most durable knives ever made. These knives are designed to last forever. And thanks to their unique design, they're also incredibly versatile. You can use them for almost anything.

In addition, Boker offers a wide variety of styles. From classic designs to tactical models, you'll find something here that suits your style. And each model features a sleek handle that feels comfortable in your hand. So, if you're looking for a reliable knife, look no further than Boker.

Another reason to love Boker is their customer service. When you purchase a Boker, you can rest assured knowing that you'll receive prompt delivery and outstanding customer support.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Boker Arbolito Hunter

Boker Arbolito Hunters have become one of the most popular hunting knives available. They feature a unique design that allows them to perform multiple tasks. This knife features a drop point style blade that makes it easy to use for skinning game. Its handle provides excellent grip and balance. Finally, the Arbolito Hunter is built tough so you can depend on it to hold up under heavy loads. When you purchase a Boker Arbolito Hunter, you'll receive everything you need to start enjoying the great outdoors.

It's affordable. You won't find many people who would argue that buying a Boker Arbolito Hunter isn't worth every penny. These knives are priced affordably, making them perfect for beginners and experts alike.

It's versatile. Whether you want to hunt small game like rabbits, squirrels, or larger game such as deer, elk, moose, etc., the Arbolito Hunter is ready to take on any task.

It's durable. Made from stainless steel, the Arbolito Hunter is built to withstand heavy loads. Plus, the Arbolito Hunter is designed to maintain sharp edges even after years of use.

It's ergonomic. The Arbolito Hunter features a contoured handle that offers exceptional control and comfort. The Arbolito Hunter is also lightweight, allowing you to easily maneuver through brush and thick vegetation.

It's reliable. The Arbolito Hunter is backed by a lifetime warranty. So if anything goes wrong, just contact Boker and they'll replace or fix your knife free of charge.

This knife is a must-have for anyone looking for a quality hunting tool. Buy yours today!

Features To Consider When Buying A Boker Arbolito Hunter

Blade length. The longer the knife, the more cutting power you'll have. But if you prefer shorter blades, you may still enjoy using this model. Just remember that a short blade means less control over the knife. This could cause accidents.

Handle material. Whether you prefer stainless steel or carbon steel, you'll want to know how well the handle holds up under heavy use. Stainless steel handles tend to hold up better than carbon steel ones. However, both types of handles work equally well.

Weight. Some models weigh just 2 ounces while others weigh 5 pounds. Choose a lighter weight if you plan to carry the knife often. On the other hand, heavier weights mean the knife will stay put even during rough handling.

Comfort. How comfortable does the knife feel? Does it fit comfortably in your hand? Do you feel confident holding the knife? These questions will help you determine whether you'll enjoy carrying the knife.

Edge type. Most knives feature either a straight edge or serrated edge. Straight edges are easier to sharpen and maintain. Serrated edges are great for slicing through tough materials. They're also useful for removing stubborn food items such as bones.

Stainless steel vs. Carbon Steel. Both types of blades are durable. But there are advantages to each. Stainless steel blades are harder and stronger than carbon steel blades. That makes them ideal for outdoor activities where they'll encounter extreme weather conditions. In addition, stainless steel blades are dishwasher safe.

Length. What do you prefer - a short or long knife? Longer knives give you more room to maneuver. But shorter knives allow you to reach into tight spaces.

Tip shape. Round tips are generally safer than pointed tips. Pointed tips are great for piercing hard substances. But round tips are better for chopping and general kitchen tasks.

Color. Black, brown, gray, blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple, silver, yellow, white, and black are available.

Different Types Of Boker Arbolito Hunter

The Boker Arbolito Hunter is a knife that was originally created by Boker Cutlery. It is now manufactured by Benchmade. It is a fixed blade knife that features a drop point style blade. It is commonly referred to as a “hunter” due to its ability to perform multiple tasks. It is a versatile tool that can be used for hunting, camping, fishing, and everyday use.

There are three main models of the Boker Arbolito Hunter. Each model differs slightly in terms of size, shape, and handle material. We will go through each of these variations below.

It is a straight edge knife that measures approximately 6 inches long. It weighs about 2 ounces. It is constructed from stainless steel and features a black G10 handle. It includes a lanyard hole and a pocket clip. It is available in two sizes; small and large.

It is a drop point knife that measures 7 1/2 inches long. It weighs about 3 ounces.

It is a slim line knife that measures 5 inches long. It weighs about 1 ounce.


Boker 112007 Buffalo Horn Hunter Blade Pocket Knife

  • 440C stainless steel blade
  • Handsome water buffalo horn handles
  • Lock back mechanism
  • Blade Length: 3 1/10 Overall Length: 4 1 1/10 Weight: 5.6 oz.
  • Comes in a collector's case and includes a high quality leather sheath

Boker Arbolito 02BA5130H Hunters Gutting Hook and Caper Knife Set with Steel Blades

  • Big game hunter‘s complete package
  • Set includes the original Arbolito gutting hook (8-1/2 in. overall) and caper (5 in. overall)
  • 440A stainless steel blades
  • Gutting hook: 8-1/2 in. overall. Caper: 5 in. overall.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Boker 112004ST Stag Lock Blade Hunter Pocket Knife with 7-1/4 in. Straight Edge Blade

  • 3-1/8 in. straight edge blade constructed of 440C stainless steel
  • Lock back mechanism to prevent accidental closing
  • Nickel silver bolsters add style
  • 3-1/8 in. blade length. 7-1/4 in. overall length. 5.6 oz. weight
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Boker 02BA319H Arbolito Stag Hunter Knife,Black

  • Blade made of N695 stainless steel
  • Notched thumb ramp for stability and control under adverse conditions
  • Premium stag scales and tapered tang make for a comfortable grip
  • Overall length: 7 ½ in. Weight: 5 oz.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • N695 stainless steel blade
  • Notched thumb ramp for stability and control
  • Premium stag handle scales
  • Includes high grade leather sheath

Boker 110624 Davis Classic Hunter Folding Knife with 3 1/2 in. N690 Steel Blade

  • Scales provide an excellent grip, even under wet conditions
  • Blade steel is high quality N690
  • Slim construction guarantees comfortable carry
  • Blade length: 3 ½ in. Overall length: 8 ½ in. Weight: 5.3 oz.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Boker 110273BB Traditional Series Folding Hunter Knife with Jigged Bone Handle and 3 In. Straight Edge Blade, Brown

  • Durable and sharp 440C stainless steel blade
  • Faux Tortoise Handle
  • Nickel silver bolsters
  • Blade length: 3 inches. Overall length: 6 4/5 inches. Overall weight: 5.1 ounces
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Boker Traditional Series Stockman Hunter Knife with Faux Tortoise Handle, Brown

  • Nickel silver bolsters
  • Featuring brass liners
  • High carbon stainless steel blades

Boker 02BA351H Arbolito Hunter Stag Knife with 4 3/4 in. Steel Blade, Brown

  • Blade is satin finished N695 steel
  • Rugged stag handle scales and red fiber layers
  • Includes high grade brown leather sheath
  • Blade length: 4 ¾ in. Overall length: 9 ⅝ in. Weight: 7.8 oz.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Boker 110639 Hunters Knife Trio CPM with 3.3-in. Blade

  • An attractive and durable pocket knife for all occasions
  • Features a stag handle with a CPM-CruWear blade
  • Perfect for knife enthusiasts, collectors, every day carriers, and outdoor admirers
  • Every Boker product is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product to the original owner
  • Blade Length: 3.3 in. Overall length: 7.7 in. Weight:6.1 oz.
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