Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Hunting Knife, 6" 420HC Blade, Black Phenolic Handle with Leather Sheath

  • Razor Sharp Blade - 6" 420HC steel blade has excellent strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance for lasting durability. The blade is good for piercing, detail work, and cutting in tight places
  • Comfortable Grip & Balance - Traditional black phenolic handle has palm swells for a comfortable grip. The aluminum pommel/guard provide the perfect combination of beauty and balance. Overall length 10-1/2", Weighs 7.5 oz.
  • Durable and Multi Use - Meant to withstand even the toughest conditions and stay sharp for long. Great for hunting, camping, bushcrafting, fishing, hiking, and overlanding
  • Convenient Carry - Includes a genuine high quality protective leather sheath with snap fastener. The integrated belt loop allows you to carry the knife securely and safely on your belt
  • Forever Warranty - Since 1902 Buck Knives has offered a lifetime warranty on our knives because we believe in the integrity of our products. This knife is proudly made in the USA

How To Choose The Best Blackjack Knives

Blackjack knives have been around since the early 1900s, but they haven't always been as well known as they are today. They were originally used by gamblers to cut cards, but now they are also used by hunters, campers, and even chefs. If you're interested in picking up a new knife, then read our guide to help you make the right choice.

What Are Blackjack Knives?

Blackjack knives are a type of knife that has been around for many years. They were originally made for military purposes, but today they are popular among hunters and outdoorsmen because they are easy to carry and very versatile. Blackjack knives come in different sizes and shapes, including straight blades, serrated edges, drop point blades, and even folding knives. The most common types of blackjack knives include pocketknives, combat knives, utility knives, and survival knives.

Who Needs Blackjack Knives?

Blackjack knives are designed to do one thing - cut through whatever comes in its path. Whether it's wood, plastic, metal, or bone, these blades are built to handle any job. But while they're ideal for cutting, they aren't necessarily the best tool for other jobs around the house.

That's where our selection of kitchen knives comes in. These tools are made specifically for tasks like chopping veggies, slicing bread, peeling apples, and dicing onions. They're also perfect for opening bottles of wine, cracking eggs, and serving guests.

But before we dive into the details, let's take a look at how these knives differ from traditional steak knives. First off, they're usually smaller. Most models measure 8 inches long, which makes them ideal for everyday use. Second, they're typically lighter. Blackjack knives are generally made from carbon steel, stainless steel, or titanium. Finally, most models feature a non-serrated edge. Serrations are useful for cutting meat, but they can damage softer materials such as cheesecloth.

Now that we know what these knives are capable of, let's talk about the features that set them apart from other types of kitchen knives. First, they're ergonomic. Unlike regular knives, they have rounded handles that fit comfortably in your hand. This allows you to hold them securely during tough cuts. Next, they're lightweight. Even though they're shorter than standard knives, they still pack a punch. Lastly, they're dishwasher safe. No need to soak them after each use.

While these knives are designed for daily use, they're also ideal for special occasions. From barbecues to holiday dinners, these knives are sure to impress. Best of all, they're affordable.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Blackjack Knives

Blackjack knives have become increasingly popular among hunters and outdoorsmen because they offer many advantages over other types of blades. Blackjack knives are extremely versatile and easy to use. They are lightweight and compact so they are perfect for carrying in your pocket or backpack. And best of all, they are affordable. So if you want a knife that offers great value, then blackjack knives should definitely be on your list of must-have items.

Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in a quality blackjack knives:

They are durable. Unlike traditional folding knives, blackjack knives do not break easily. This means that you won't have to worry about replacing them often. You'll enjoy years of reliable service from your blackjack knives.

They are safe. Because blackjack knives are designed specifically for cutting through thick branches and tree limbs, they are built to withstand heavy duty tasks. Plus, their serrated edges mean that they are ideal for slicing through tough materials like meat and bone.

They are sharp. Traditional folding knives tend to dull quickly. This makes them difficult to use effectively. On the other hand, blackjack knives stay razor sharp for hours and even days after being used. This means that you can slice, chop, and dice with confidence.

They are stylish. When you carry a quality blackjack knife, people will notice how sleek and modern it looks. A quality blackjack knife will add style to any outfit.

They are light. Compared to traditional folding knives, blackjack knives weigh less. This means that you can carry one in your pocket or purse without noticing it.

They are functional. Blackjack knives are designed to perform multiple functions. For example, they can be used as a utility tool, a camp cooking utensil, a field dressing knife, or a survival tool.

So whether you are looking for a camping knife, a kitchen knife, a hunting knife, or a survival knife, a quality blackjack knife is a wise investment.

Features To Consider When Buying Blackjack Knives

Blade length. The longer the knife's blade, the more control you'll have over how far into the target you strike. Longer blades mean less chance of accidentally cutting yourself if you slip while using the knife. But they also mean more time spent sharpening the blade. And sharper blades mean faster cuts.

Handle material. Knives made from wood, plastic, or metal are available in many shapes and sizes. Choose a handle material based on its weight, grip comfort, and durability. Wood handles tend to hold their shape well, but they may splinter or warp over time. Plastic handles are lightweight and durable, but they can break easily. Metal handles are strong and heat resistant, but they can rust.

Edge type. There are three types of edges used on most kitchen knives: serrated, straight, and curved. Serrated edges are useful for slicing through food, but they can cut fingers and hands when used improperly. Straight edges are great for chopping vegetables and other tasks where you need a clean slice. Curved edges are ideal for carving meats and poultry. They're also great for opening bottles and cans.

Weight. Heavy knives are easier to wield and maintain than light ones. But heavier knives are harder to store and transport. Consider the balance between portability and ease of storage when selecting a knife.

Length. Some larger knives are even longer. Larger knives are often preferred for tasks such as filleting fish and deboning large game birds. Smaller knives are usually better suited for smaller jobs like peeling garlic cloves.

Tip size. Knife tips range from tiny to huge. Tiny tips are perfect for delicate work like mincing herbs and finely grating cheese. Bigger tips are great for heavy duty tasks like breaking down bones and skinning animals.

Shape. Round knives are versatile and easy to sharpen. Their rounded sides allow them to roll smoothly across surfaces. Flat-ground knives are great for cutting breads and cakes.

Different Types Of Blackjack Knives

Blackjack knives are a staple among hunters. These are useful for everything from skinning animals to cleaning fish. These are also incredibly versatile. Hunters use them for almost every task imaginable. Below we will look at some of the main categories of blackjack knives.

Fixed Blade Knives. Fixed blades are the traditional style of knife. These are long and thin and feature a handle that wraps around the entire length of the blade. These are excellent for cutting through bone and flesh. blackjack knives are also good for opening cans and boxes. These are heavy and bulky though and should never be carried in a pocket.

Bowie Knife. Bowie knives are short and wide. These are designed to be easily concealed. These are also light and handy. Bowies are great for opening packages and cutting rope. blackjack knives are also great for self defense purposes.

Hunting Tactical Knives. Hunting tactical knifes are small and lightweight. These are designed to be carried in a sheath attached to your belt. These are great for close quarters fighting and self defense. They are also great for removing ticks and insects.

Knife Sets. Knife sets are collections of multiple knives. These are convenient and easy to use. blackjack knives are also inexpensive. These are especially helpful for beginners.


KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight

  • Edge Angles - 20 Degrees
  • Overall length 11.875 inches
  • The most famous fixed blade knife design in the world
  • 1095 Cro-van steel
  • Leather Handle, USMC Fightning Knife
  • 7" Straight Edge Blade
  • Knife Made in USA, Leather Sheath made in Mexico

Du-Star DUS01-BRK model 1-Arad Combat Knife

  • Made in: Israel
  • Category name: knives
  • Made in USA or imported

Blackjack Halo Attack - Model 13 Green

  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in United States

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

  • Durable and Multi Use - Meant to withstand even the toughest conditions and stay sharp for long. Great for hunting, camping, bushcrafting, fishing, hiking, and overlanding
  • Rugged and Built to Last - Full Tang Construction with Integrated Finger Guard and a Deep Choil help make this knife one of the best options for the serious outdoorsman or hunter who value a sharp edge to depend on
  • Razor Sharp Blade - 6-1/4" Straight-back Bowie 420HC Steel Blade has excellent strength, edge retention and corrosion resistance. Overall Length 11-3/4", Weight 13.3 oz.
  • Safe and Secure Grip - Black Micarta Handle has curves and palm swells for a comfortable sure grip. The Aluminum Pommel / Guard provide a perfect combination of durability and balance.
  • Convenient Carry - Includes a Genuine High Quality Protective Leather Sheath with Snap Fastener. The integrated belt loop allows you to carry the knife securely and safely on your belt for easy access
  • Made in the USA - Since 1902 Buck Knives has offered a lifetime warranty on our knives because we believe in the integrity of our products. This knife is proudly made in the USA

CELTIBEROCOCO - Outdoor / Survival / Hunting / Tactical Knife - Cocobolo Wood Handle, Stainless Steel MOVA-58 with Genuine Leather Multi-positioned Sheath + Sharpener Stone + Firesteel

  • Stainless Steel Molybdenum-Vanadium 58 (MOVA-58) / HRC 56-59
  • Made in Spain. Handmade knife with blade cut by laser
  • Blade Length: 145 mm / 5,70 inches; Overall Length: 275 mm / 10,82 inches; Blade Thickness: 4-3/4"
  • Genuine leather sheath, Sharpener Stone and firesteel (Included)
  • Cocobolo wood handle

Spyderco Perrin Street Bowie Fixed Blade Utility Knife with 5.05" VG-10 Steel Black Blade and Premium Injection-Molded Polymer Sheath - Everyday Carry - PlainEdge - FB04PBB

  • Reliable High Performance - Spyderco fixed blade knives offer the same performance you expect from our ground-breaking folding knives. Proudly Crafted for Life with highly evolved Ergonomics to minimize fatigue and increase cutting power.
  • Iconic Design - The Street Bowie is an incredibly versatile knife that is ideal for utilitarian applications. It is also a reflection of its designer, Fred Perrin, and his exceptional understanding of functional simplicity.
  • Superior Blade Steel - The Street Bowie blade is machined from VG-10 stainless steel and features a straight clip point that centers the tip on the knife
  • Ergonomic - Perrin
  • PORTABLE - To maximize its carry options, the Street Bowie comes with an injection-molded, snap-fit polymer sheath with a G-Clip attachment

Buck Knives 0120BKS GENERAL Fixed Blade Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath,Black/Silver

  • RAZOR SHARP CLIP POINT BLADE- 7-3/8" Clip Point 420HC steel blade has excellent strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The clip blade makes the task of de-boning a lot simpler. This is an exceptional choice for a hunting knife, or simply as a collectible
  • SOLID BUILD, SMART DESIGN - Full tang construction with integrated finger guard and a deep choil help make this knife one of the best options for the serious hunter who values quality knives. Overall Length 12", Weight 8.3 oz.
  • EXCLUSIVE, ELITE & LUXURIOUS - Traditional black phenolic handle has curves and palm swells for a comfortable sure grip. The aluminum pommel/guard provide a perfect combination of beauty and balance. This knife is definitely a conversation starter!
  • CONVENIENT CARRY- Includes a genuine high quality protective leather sheath with snap fastener. The integrated belt loop allows you to carry the knife securely and safely on your belt
  • MADE IN THE USA - FOREVER WARRANTY - Since 1902 Buck Knives has offered a lifetime warranty on our knives because we believe in the integrity of our products. This knife is proudly made in the USA

TR-1166, Custom Handmade Tracker Knife - Special Promotional Price

  • Handmade Damascus Steel Tracker Knife
  • Beautiful Black Micarta Handle with Muzik Pin
  • Special Promotional Price - Don't miss out Deal - Limited Stock
  • Handstiched Leather Sheath included. New Improved Stock
  • Disclaimer : Only "Pohsland-Knives Official" reserve rights to Sell Authentic Poshland Knives, we request other buyer do not create fake copies and sell on Amazon

Knife King Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath - 12.15" Knife with Black Micarta Handle - Camping Knife Best Gift for Men and Women

  • ✅ Truly Hammered Forged Damascus Steel Blade: Knife King Damascus Knives are made up of high-quality, forged material 15N25 & 1075 with 200 layers of Damascus Steel. Blade hardness is 58-60 HRC on Rockwell scale and it comes with an oil coating to protect the blade surface.
  • ✅ Sharpness: The Drop Point blade has long, sharp curved top and bottom edges that gives controlled cutting.
  • ✅ Strength and Beauty: The Blade has exceptional Strength and Durability. The Anti-slip, Comfortable and Eye-Catching Black Micarta Handle makes this knife a masterpiece of art. Genuine Leather Sheath comes with non-rusting buttons for increased safety and security.
  • ✅ Applications: It is specially designed with passion to enjoy the Tactical, Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor situations.
  • ✅ Warranty: We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like our product for any reason.

REG-274, Handmade Damascus Steel 13.00 Inches Hunting Knife - Rose Wood with Damascus Steel Guards Handle

  • Great Piece of Art. Fully handcrafted.
  • Walnut Wood Handle With Damascus Steel Guard/Pommel
  • Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

Black Mamba Knives BMK-105 Dragon Knife 12 Long 7 Blade 9.5 Ounce Damascus Hunting Fixed Blade Bowie Knife Hand Made Word Class knives

  • BMK-105 DRAGON Knife 12″ Long 7 “Blade ” 9.5oz Damascus Hunting Fixed Blade Bowie Knife Black mamba Hand Made Word Class knives
  • HANDLE MATERIALS: stabilized electric wood with buffalo horn dye bones and fiber spacers Brass bolster
  • – 352 Layer (1095/15N20) Steel Blade Oil Tempered to 58-60 HRC
  • ☆ AN EXCELLENT GIFTING IDEA: Offer this unique handmade pocket knife to a special friend, family member or co-worker and have them thankful for your excellent taste! Make this amazing gift to any seasoned or amateur handmade knife collector and enjoy their smile upon unwrapping this fascinating gift!
  • ☆ THE 100% COW LEATHER SHEATH The pure leather sheath of this amazing 316 stainless pocket knife: is made of 100% prime quality thick cow skin to ensure excellent manufacturing. The durable double stitching with the strong thick threads, in combination with the elegant, rust-resistant brass button make a high-standard leather knife sheath to host safely your precious KNIFE


  • New Improved Design with Perfect Scout Carry sheath
  • Stunning Rose Wood Handle - Sharp Edge blade
  • Unique Design - Perfect Grip
  • Sturdy item with Best Quality Guaranteed
  • Over all length 10.00 Handle length 04.40 Blade length 05.60

Puma SGB Bowie White Bone Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

  • 1.4116 German cutlery steel manufactured in Solingen Germany
  • Overall length is 11", 6.7" clip point hollow ground satin finished blade weighing 7.2 oz
  • White Bone handle brass pins and bolsters with antique medallion
  • 55-57 Rockwell hardness tested and proofmarked with limited lifetime warranty
  • High quality leather sheath

ESEE RB3 Reuben Bolieu Fixed Blade Survival Knife, Leather Sheath, Made In USA (Black Oxide Finish, Brown Leather Sheath (Right))

  • ESEE Tactical Survival Knives.
  • Overall Length: 8.125 Inches. Blade Length: 3.50 Inches. Blade Thickness: 0.13 Inches.
  • Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel. Blade Style: Drop Point. Blade Grind: Scandi. Finish: Stonewash. Edge Type: Plain.
  • Handle Length: 4.625 Inches. Handle Thickness: 0.80 Inches. Handle Material: Micarta. Weight: 5.87 Ounces.
  • "Best In The Industry" No Questions Asked Lifetime Guarantee, Made In The USA

Condor Tool & Knife, Atrox Fixed Blade Knife, 17.69 in Overall, Black

  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in El Salvador

Price Reduced - BC-T-1092 - Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Knife- Beautiful knife

  • Great piece of Art
  • Handle made of Camel Bone, Buffalo Horn and beautiful Brass Work.
  • Exotic Handle with stunning Blade
  • Leather Sheet included and may vary a bit from picture

Cold Steel Drop Forged Series Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, Survivalist, Hunter, 8"

  • Perfectly balanced with a sturdy yet needle sharp point and wasp waisted so it cuts coming and going
  • Extremely strong and tough because there is nothing to break, become loose or wear out; Its monolithic construction makes the blade, guard and tang one inseparable piece
  • The handle scales are the only “add on” and they are quickly and easily replaced in the very unlikely event they break or wear out
  • Light enough to carry all day and sure to last a lifetime if it’s given a reasonable amount of maintenance; Includes a Secure-Ex sheath

Spag-9613 - Damascus Folding Knife - Handmade Damascus Steel Knife - Damascus Pocket Knife

  • CLIP KNIFE: Total length 8 Inches approx Blade Length 3.4 Inches and handle length 4.4 Inches approx - beautiful handle of Rose Wood And Olive Wood with guard Hand engraved steel and inside of handle a beautiful art work with copper and brass.
  • you can get discount on each additional item purchased after the first item .
  • Solid Built , Durable , Sharp and Hard Cutting Edge .
  • Handmade , Forged Damascus Steel (1095 / 15N20) .
  • Quality Finished , Perfect Grip , Balanced Knife , With Leather Sheath.

Condor Tool & Knife, SBK Knife (Straight Back Knife), 1075 High Carbon Steel, Micarta Handle, Kydex with Leather Belt Loop Sheath

  • Blade Length: 5.28 in, Overall Length: 10.47 in
  • CARBON STEEL BLADES - Made from 1095 or 1075 High Carbon Steel and are heat treated and annealed to about 50-55 HRC
  • CONDOR TRACTION POWDER COATING - A non-reflective powder coating with a texture, designed for tactical use, rust, and abrasion resistance
  • MICARTA HANDLE - Used in some of our tools, enhancing both the look and function while delivering indestructible phenolic performance
  • CONDOR KYDEX SHEATH - Hand crafted with quality and pride, and are impervious to the elements

10 Inch Handmade Forged Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Hunting Tri-Edge Kris Dagger Knife with Leather Sheath WE-ALSO-MAKE Sharp Chef Cleaver Bowie Axe Sword Pocket Outdoor Knives Full Tang Handle 9815

  • Overall Length is 10.00" Long and 5 Inch Blade Approx - handle made of Damascus and Brass Rings, Amazing art on the knife with hand work on the Handle - please see our others Amazing Items in our Shop.
  • All our Items are 100% Handmade And 100% Original Damascus Steel - If you have any type of question about our items feel free and contact us.
  • sharp edge blade best quality guaranteed - perfect grip - quality finish , hard and cutting edge , retains sharp edge after rough and tough use - great piece of art for a perfect gift knife as well as fully functional.
  • Quality Material Used 1095/15N20 ALLOY STEELS (352 true Layers). Hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60.
  • handmade durable LEATHER SHEATH of high quality of COW SKIN included.Buy With Confidence.

CJRB CUTLERY Tactical Knife Tigris (J1919) AR-RPM9 Powder Steel Black PVD Blade Black&Blue G10 Handle Pocket Knife Folding Knife EDC Knife

  • The CJRB folding tactical knife equipped with a flipper to allow you to open the knife with either hand.Perfect as Father's day gifts,Chirstmas gifts ,gifts for daughter and son.
  • The cleaver-style blade is crafted with durable AR-RPM9 steel, the blade measures 3.5 inches long.
  • The blade material of this pocket knife for men is ARTISANCUTLERY patent AR-RPM9 powder steel.
  • Handle material consists of lightly textured double-deck G10 to improve grip and prevent slipping.
  • A steel clip is attached to the handle so you can carry the knife conveniently in your pocket.

ARTISANCUTLERY Tactical Knife Proponent (1820P) D2 Steel Black PVD Blade Black G10 Handle Pocket Knife Folding Knife EDC Knife

  • ARTISANCUTLERY Tactical Knifetemperature resistant, water resistant, non-reactive, non-conductive, and exceptionally tough under pressure
  • The distinctive angled Wharncliffe blade shape makes this knifeexcellent tactical option and a very effective large EDC
  • The Tactical Knife Proponent has been builtbe exceptionally strong with a robust full liner construction and a liner lock
  • Package Dimensions: 5.94 inch L x 2.68 inch W x 1.42 inch H
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