Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife (1670S30V); 3.4 S30V Blade with Stonewashed Finish and Anodized Aluminum Handle with Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 4 OZ., Small

  • Manufactured with premium materials and built to last a lifetime
  • Premium S30V powdered steel blade, takes and holds an extremely fine edge for increased longevity
  • Ideal for a wide variety of tasks including cleaning game, cutting rope, bushcrafting, slicing fruits and vegetables, cutting zip ties and more
  • Stonewashed blade and basic black anodized aluminum handle with grip-tape give the S30V Blur its discreet, rugged appearance for a stealthy EDC
  • The handle provides secure gripping power in almost any environment and is ideal for hunters, backpackers, fisherman, hobbyists, wilderness guides, farmers, homesteaders, or first responders

How To Choose The Best Benchmade S30V Automatic

Benchmade knives have been around since the early 1900s, and they continue to be among the top manufacturers of quality blades today. They make everything from pocketknives to hunting knives, and their products are known for being durable and reliable. If you're interested in getting into the knife business yourself, then you might want to check out our guide to starting your own custom knife company.

What Is A Benchmade S30V Automatic?

The Benchmade S30V is an automatic folding knife made from stainless steel. It has a black G10 handle scales and a blade made from high carbon stainless steel. The blade features a drop point style tip for cutting through materials like paper, cardboard, plastic, leather, etc. This knife comes with a pocket clip and a lanyard hole. The blade length is 3.25 inches long and the overall size of this knife is 5.5 x 2.75 x 1.25 inches.

Where Can I Buy A Benchmade S30V Knife?

You can choose between different colors and finishes including matte finish, satin finish, and polished chrome. If you want to learn more about this knife, check out our review here!

Who Needs A Benchmade S30V Automatic?

Benchmade knives are known for being tough and durable. But they aren't cheap. Fortunately, you can save money by buying one of these knives online. These knives are made using stainless steel blades. They're designed to hold up against heavy use and abuse. And they're built to last.

But how do you know which model is right for you? Here are three things to look for when shopping for a new Benchmade knife.

Blade Material. Look for a blade material that feels comfortable in your hand. Some models feature carbon steel blades while others use stainless steel. Carbon steel tends to be lighter and sharper. Stainless steel is stronger and tougher. Both materials offer excellent edge retention. However, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Handle Style. Choose a handle style that fits your grip. Some handles are flat while others are curved. Flat handles are better suited for lefties. Curved handles are better for right handed users. Handle styles vary depending on whether you prefer a traditional pocketknife or a tactical folder.

Lock Type. Most Benchmade knives feature a flipper lock mechanism. Flippers open and close automatically. This makes opening and closing the knife easier. But it also increases the risk of accidentally locking the blade closed. To avoid this problem, check the manual to see if the knife features a thumb stud. Thumb studs allow you to manually unlock the blade.

With these tips in mind, you can shop around until you find the perfect knife for you. Then, you can start enjoying the benefits of owning a quality knife today.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Benchmade S30V Automatic

Benchmade knives have become synonymous with quality. They've built their reputation by making great products that offer excellent value. And now they've taken things one step further by introducing the S30V automatic knife. This knife features a unique blade design that allows users to easily change blades simply by pushing the button located on the handle. It also includes a patented "Auto Griptilian" system that automatically adjusts the cutting angle based on how the user holds the knife. So whether you prefer to use the knife like a traditional fixed blade or hold it like a folding knife, the S30V offers unparalleled versatility.

Each size is designed specifically for left handed users. For those who want even greater control, the S30V also comes equipped with a reversible pocket clip. You'll never lose track of this knife again!

So if you're looking for a truly versatile knife that offers unmatched performance and convenience, then the S30V is definitely worth checking out.

Features To Consider When Buying A Benchmade S30V Automatic

Blade shape. The blade shape of a knife has a big impact on how well it performs. Choose a knife with a straight edge if you prefer blades that slice through food quickly. Blades with curved edges tend to cut more slowly than those with straight edges.

Edge profile. The edge profile of a knife affects its ability to hold an edge. Look for knives with a satin finish, which provides a smooth cutting surface. Satin finishes also allow you to sharpen the blade easily.

Handle material. Handle materials affect how comfortable the knife feels in your hand. Materials such as wood, plastic, and rubber are typically used for handles. Leather, bone, and stag handle materials are often found on custom knives.

Comfort. Comfort matters. When you're using a knife, comfort makes a difference. Look for a knife that fits comfortably in your hand. This means finding a knife that isn't too heavy or light.

Size. Knife sizes range from pocket knives to large chef's knives. Consider the size of the knife you plan to use most frequently. Smaller knives may be easier to carry while larger ones can take longer to clean.

Material. There are many types of materials used to create knives. Some common materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, ceramic, and aluminum. Each type of material has advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel knives are durable and rust resistant, but they lack flexibility.

Finish. Finishes determine how a knife looks. Most knifes feature black, blue, gray, green, red, pink, purple, silver, gold, copper, and rosewood finishes.

Color. Color options include matte, polished, and brushed finishes. Matte finishes are usually preferred over polished finishes.

Different Types Of Benchmade S30V Automatic

Benchmade knives are known for making quality blades. Their reputation extends beyond the kitchen and into the outdoors. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking, Benchmade makes a variety of tools that are suitable for any situation. One of their most popular models is the S30V. It features a full tang blade design and a stainless steel construction. It is built to last and is capable of cutting through anything you throw its way.

The S30V is a versatile tool that can handle everything from carving wood to skinning animals. Its thin profile allows it to fit comfortably in your hand without feeling bulky. It is also lightweight enough to use anywhere. The blade is sharpened on both sides allowing you to cut efficiently. The ergonomic pocket clip keeps the knife secure and comfortable in your hands. The black finish provides a sleek look that blends well with almost any environment.

There are three main variations of the S30V. Each variation includes a slightly different style of pocket clip. The standard version uses a traditional style clip that holds the knife securely in place. The second model adds a lanyard hole for attaching the knife to a belt loop. Finally, the third model replaces the traditional clip with a slimline version that fits easily in your pocket. All three models include a reversible thumb stud for added security.

If you’re looking for a reliable knife that won’t break the bank, the S30V is the right tool for you. It is affordable, durable, and offers excellent performance. It is a great value for the price.


Spyderco Military Model Signature USA-Made Knife with 4" CPM S30V Stainless Steel Blade and Durable Camo G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C36GPCMO

  • Iconic Design - Originally created to meet the demanding needs of forward-deployed military personnel, it incorporates all the best elements of Spyderco's unmistakable style while exemplifying our commitment to "Reliable High Performance."
  • Superior Blade Steel - Since the steel is the spirit of the knife, CPM S30V seemed the logical choice for the blade given its reputation for long-term edge retention and rust resistance. It is available in satin finish or non-reflective DLC coating.
  • Light and Durable - The Military Model is modified with a clip-point profile and a full-flat grind for balance strength and exceptional cutting performance.
  • Versatile - A defining feature of the Military Model is the fully accessible 14mm Round Hole. It ensures swift, ambidextrous, one-handed opening - even while wearing gloves.
  • Dependable - Each knife includes a nested LinerLock mechanism, textured G-10 scales, lined lanyard holes, and right-side, tip-down pocket clips that keep your knife poised and ready for immediate access.

Zero Tolerance 0350 Folding Pocket Knife; 3.25 S30V Stainless Steel Blade with Black Tungsten DLC Finish; Textured G-10 Handle Scales, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Liner Lock, Quad-Mount Clip; 6.2 OZ.

  • High performance and premium quality S350V stainless steel makes the recurve blade extremely durable, corrosion resistant and wear resistant
  • Non-reflective black Tungsten DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) blade coating and black G-10 handle scales cleanly pair together for a sleek, smooth, aggressive knife
  • Quad-mount pocket clip convenient for left or right handed, tip-up, or tip-down carry
  • Ideal EDC, easy folding pocket knife for everyday tasks—survival tool, precision cutting, self-defense, tactical use or the perfect gift
  • General all-purpose knife great for EDC or use while working, camping, fishing, hunting, utility or any outdoor activity

Spyderco Yojimbo 2 Specialty Tactical Knife with 3.2" CPM S30V Steel Black Wharncliffe Blade and Durable Black G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C85GP2

  • Superior Quality - The Yojimbo 2 is an evolved expression of its original Spyderco Yojimbo design. The refined Ergonomics of the Yojimbo 2 complement the natural contours of the hand, ensuring maximum surface contact and positive control.
  • Versatile - A unique attribute of the Yojimbo 2 is the thumb forward grip. It allows the 3.2" CPM S30V blade to feel like a natural extension of the hand.
  • Ergonomic - The PlainEdge straight cutting edge of the hollow-ground blade offers extreme cutting performance by transferring power all the way to the tip and ensures improved point strength.
  • A Secure Grip - Our Yojimbo 2 features a textured G-10 handle and a four-position clip which allows a non-slip grip and rapid deployment from all carry position.
  • Durable - The Yojimbo 2 has nested stainless steel liners which provide structural strength and form the backbone of the knife's high-strength Compression Lock mechanism.

Spyderco Tenacious Folding Utility Pocket Knife with 3.39" Black Stainless Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - Everyday Carry - PlainEdge - C122GBBKP

  • Game Changer - Being tenacious means you are persistent and cohesive. It's being tough and tireless in achieving your best performance; all worthy descriptive words for a hard-use knife
  • Superior Blade Steel - The 3.39" 8Cr13MoV stainless blade is coated in a non-reflective black coating and ground-flat from spine to cutting-edge for non-stop cutting.
  • A Secure Grip - It has a black G-10 laminate handle, Ergonomically milled with prolonged fatigue-free cutting in mind.
  • Easy-to-Use - The blade's shape coupled with an oversized Spyderco Round Hole and textured spine jimping allows you to open the blade and position your thumb on the spine in slip-proof confidence ready for work
  • Pocket-Friendly - The Tenacious includes a Walker LinerLock and a 4-way pocket clip lets the folder be set in a variety of carry and draw positions: Tip-up/tip-down left-hand/right-hand.

Zero Tolerance 0350TS; Folding Pocket Knife; 3.25 in. S30V Stainless Steel Blade with Tiger-Stripe Tungsten DLC Coating, G-10 Handle, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and Quad-Mount Pocketclip; 6.2 OZ.

  • High performance and premium quality S350V stainless steel makes the powerful blade extremely versatile, durable, corrosion resistant and wear resistant
  • Tiger-striped Tungsten DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) blade coating and textured black G-10 handles cleanly pair together to make a wild, aggressive knife
  • Quad-mount pocketclip convenient for left or right-handed, tip-up or tip-down, carry
  • Ideal EDC, easy folding pocket knife for everyday tasks—survival tool, precision cutting, self-defense, tactical use or the perfect gift
  • General all-purpose knife great for EDC or use while working, camping, fishing, hunting, utility or outdoor activities

Zero Tolerance 0350TSST Pocket Knife; 3.25 Partially Serrated Crucible S30V Blade, Tiger Stripe Tungsten DLC Coating, Textured G-10 Handle, SpeedSafe Open, Liner Lock, Quad-Mount Pocketclip; 6.2 OZ

  • 3. 25” partially serrated blade made of S30V stainless steel; finished with a bold tiger-striped Tungsten DLC coat
  • Textured black G-10 handle scales offer excellent gripping power and mechanical strength, even in rough conditions
  • Sturdy EDC for outdoor enthusiasts, active military, construction workers, first responders, wilderness guides, landscapers and more
  • Ideal for hard-use tasks like prying apart stubborn materials, cutting tough insulation, aggressive animal defense, tackling vegetation and wood carving
  • Handle features Speed Safe assisted opening, a secure liner lock, quad-mount pocket clip and pre-drilled lanyard attachment point

Benchmade - Grizzly Creek 15060-2 Knife, Drop-Point, Brown, One Size

  • BUILT FOR THE HUNT : The perfect blade size and shape for just about any game cleaning chore, and a folding gut hook that's only there when you want it.
  • WELL DESIGNED: A manual-opening knife with a plain drop-point blade and stabilized wood handle.
  • AXIS LOCKING MECHANISM: Ensures safety and a smooth open and easy close
  • MADE IN THE USA : Proudly made in the USA.

Spyderco Dog Tag Non-Locking Knife with 1.23" CPM S30V Steel Blade and Durable Black Carbon Fiber Handle - PlainEdge - C188CFBBKP

  • Folding Knives - Locking folding knives are safe, compact, and easy to carry. They also happen to be where the Spyderco revolution began.
  • Carbon Fiber - Graphic fibers (the size of a human hair) woven together then fused with epoxy resin. Lightweight with a high level of tensile strength it is three dimensional in appearance.
  • PlainEdge Blade - This knife has a sharpened blade with no serrations or teeth sometimes referred to as a smooth blade.
  • SLIP JOINT - A non-locking mechanism in which the blade is held open by spring pressure on a flat section on the back of the blades tang.
  • Specifications - Closed Length (Inches): 2, Overall Length (Inches): 3.23, Blade Length (Inches):1.23, Blade Steel: CPM S30V, Grind: Flat chisel

F Benchmade Guided Field Sharpener

  • 20° Controlled angle guides for a consistent bevel angle
  • Fully sharpen knives in the field with five different Grit stages
  • Dual ceramic rods fit most serration sizes
  • Quickly sharpen scissor blades and fish hooks using the ceramic rod
  • Portable size for easy carry and storage

Spyderco Sliverax Premium Flipper Knife with 3.48" CPM S30V Stainless Steel Blade and Carbon Fiber G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C228CFP

  • One of a Kind -The Sliverax is the first factory-made folding knife to combine Spyderco
  • Superior Quality - Its lightweight, open-backed handle design features stunning carbon fiber/G-10 laminate scales and nested stainless steel liners. This advanced construction style provides impressive structural strength, keeps the knife slim and pocket
  • Reliable High Performance - Its sleek drop-point blade is crafted from CPM
  • Pocket-Friendly - To allow convenient carry and keep the Sliverax instantly accessible, its handle includes a reversible deep-pocket wire clip that can be configured for right or left-side tip-up carry.
  • High-Strength Lock - Spyderco

Spyderco Lil' Native Signature Folding Knife with 2.42" CPM S30V Stainless Steel Blade and Black Back-Lock G-10 Handle - SpyderEdge - C230MBGS

  • An Improved Classic - The Lil Native takes the highly refined ergonomics of the popular Native 5 and scales them down into a more compact package. It provides a four-finger grip that allows it to perform with the authority of a full-sized knife.
  • A Secure Grip - It's black scaled G-10 handle has a unique non-slip checked texture. This handle provides a special kind of comfort, creating a reliable, long-term carry.
  • Low Friction -This knife features a blade ground with flat bevels that extend from the spine all the way to the cutting edge. This grind reduces drag during cutting and decreases overall weight.
  • Versatile - Our SpyderEdge serrated blades are most popularly known for their powerful cutting performance on fibrous materials. The SpderEdge pattern increases the cutting edge's surface area by up to 24%.
  • Extreme Lock Strength - The Back Lock mechanism is known for it's high-strength and ease of use. The locking system is positioned on the back of the handle.

Benchmade - Bugout 535 Folding Knife for Everyday Carry and Camping, Drop-Point Blade, Plain Edge, Coated Finish, Green Handle

  • HIGH-QUALITY: The CPM-S30V coated stainless steel blade holds an edge exceptionally well and provides great corrosion resistance. The glass-filled Grigori handle is comfortable, thin, tough, and attractive, making it ideal for outdoor use and everyday car
  • WELL-DESIGNED: Benchmen's AXIS Lock is exceptionally strong and fully ambidextrous. The Bugout 535-1 is a manual knife that can be opened and closed with just one hand.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The 535-1 weighs less than 2 ounces, making it ideal for backpackers and others concerned with saving weight. The reversible, mini deep-carry pocket clip offers ultimate accessibility.
  • VERSATILE: The Bugout 535-1's drop-point, utility blade style and all-around functionality make it ideal for outdoor adventures and everyday use.
  • FOR LIFE: Benchmen's limited Lifetime and Life Sharp Service ensure that your knife is in the best condition for its entire life. Whether you need your knife repaired or sharpened, Bench made will take care of it for free.

Spyderco Amalgam Premium Flipper Knife with 3.8" CPM S30V Stainless Steel Blade and Textured Carbon Fiber G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C234CFP

  • High Performance - Designed from the ground up as a practical, versatile working knife, the Amalgam combines all the advantages of Spyderco
  • Ergonomic - The Amalgam's handle features skeletonized stainless steel liners nested into textured carbon fiber/G-10 laminate scales.
  • Superior Quality - The brainchild of a Mechanical Engineering student and knife enthusiast named Brian Lai, the Amalgam features a broad, drop-point blade crafted from American-made CPM S30V stainless steel
  • Versatile - It also rides on special low-friction ball-bearing washers that give it an incredibly smooth action and help ensure swift, positive, one-handed opening with either its index-finger flipper or its Round Hole
  • Pocket-Friendly - It features a four-position clip and lined lanyard hole support all possible carry preferences. This allows the Amalgam to be brought into action quickly and positively with either hand.

Spyderco Sage 5 Lightweight Folding Utility Pocket Knife with Black FRN Handle and Full-Flat CPM S30V Steel Blade - PlainEdge - Everyday Carry - C123PBK

  • SAGE - A unique family of knives that showcases the innovative lock mechanisms that have helped define modern folding knife technology. Every knife features the same basic design parameters a full-flat-ground, leaf-shaped CPM S30V blade.
  • Full-Flat Grind - This knife features a blade ground with flat bevels that extend from the spine all the way to the cutting edge. This grind reduces drag during cutting and decreases overall weight.
  • FRN Handle - Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon is a polymer mixed with glass fiber then injection molded into formed and textured lightweight high-strength knife handles.
  • SLIPIT - A non-locking system that combines the convenience of clip carry and one-hand opening with a socially friendly notch-joint mechanism that helps hold the blade safely open during use, but does not mechanically lock it.
  • Specifications - Weight (oz): 2.9, Overall Length (Inches): 7.13, Blade Length (Inches): 3, Blade Steel: CPM S30V, Grind: Full-Flat

Spyderco Canis Folding Knife with 3.43" CPM S30V Stainless Steel Blade and Carbon Fiber G-10 Laminate Handle - Plainedge - C248CFP

  • Iconic Design - The Canis is a no-nonsense folding knife optimized for personal protection. Designed by Kelly McCann, one of the world's leading experts in counterterrorism and antiterrorism.
  • Precise And Reliable - Its dramatic CPM S30V stainless steel blade combines a straight, Wharncliffe-style edge with narrow bevels, a reinforced tip, and a weight-saving mid-blade swedge to maximize strength and cutting power
  • Superior Quality - The Ergonomic handle features peel-ply-textured carbon fiber/G-10 laminate scales and nested stainless steel liners
  • Pocket-Friendly - The Canis offers a versatile four-position clip that supports all possible carry options. choice of tip-up or tip-down carry on both sides of the body.
  • The New EDC - While it was unapologetically designed to excel as a personal-protection tool, it is equally at home as a utilitarian, everyday-carry folder

Benchmade - 15017-1 Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife, Drop Point Blade, Plain Edge, Chocolate/Brown/Maple, Orange G10 Richlite Handle

  • BUILT FOR THE HUNT: Despite it’s compact profile, this knife provides ample real estate throughout the handle and cutting edge, making it just as effective on big game as it is on smaller species.
  • COMFORTABLE IN HAND: The thoughtful geometry and ergonomic design of the knife will make the last cut feel just as effortless as the first.
  • HIGH QUALITY: A satin CPM-S90V (59-61 HRC) steel blade with a wood pattern Richlite and Orange G10 handle.
  • MADE IN THE USA : Proudly made in the USA.

Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Knife with CPM S30V Premium Black Steel Blade and Brilliant Pink FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C11FPPNS30V

  • Reliable High Performance - The Delica 4 family includes a full range of handle colors, blade grinds, and edge configurations, as well as a blunted training version and a model with the Emerson Opening
  • Superior Blade Steel - The CPM S30V premium steel blade has a full flat grind with a stronger tip and larger 13mm opening hole.
  • Ultra-Lightweight - Inside the handle are dual skeletonized stainless steel liners which strengthen the knife without additional weight and double as an anchor for external and internal components to attach through generating more sturdiness.
  • Ergonomic - Added to the blade's spine is slip resistant jimping. Phosphor bronze washers smooth out the open/close action and the clip is upgraded to a four-way tip-up, tip-down, left-or right-handed clip.
  • A Secure Grip - Molded onto the FRN Handle's surface is Bi-Directional Texturing for slip-free tactile traction. It provides resistance to slipping in the hand.

Tsinghwang Complete Blue Titanium Screw Pivot Dress Kit Compatible with Benchmade Bugout 535

  • Only suitable for genuine Benchmade Bugout 535
  • Package include:One set of spindle, 11 pieces T6 shank screws
  • Material: Titanium ,color blue
  • Solid heads, no camming out, very consistent threads. When you lost scale screws,the scale screws are just perfect.
  • 【Guarantee】If there are any product problems, please contact us in time, we will give you a refund in time and do not need to return, thank you
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