Swiss+Tech BodyGard Car Emergency Escape Tool 3-in-1 Car Escape Tool with LED Flashlight, Seat Belt Cutter and Glass Breaker Heavy-Duty Construction, Batteries and Keyring Included

  • CAR EMERGENCY ESCAPE TOOL – The Swiss-Tech BodyGard Auto Emergency Escape Tool is a must-have for any vehicle. It easily attaches to a keyring, rear-view mirror post, or sun visor for quick, easy access when needed. Keyring and batteries included
  • CAR GLASS BREAKER – The emergency glass breaker feature is a spring-loaded, high-carbon steel pin designed to break automobile glass when pressed flush against the surface
  • SEAT BELT CUTTER – The sharp safety blade on this emergency car escape tool frees both the driver and passengers if seat belts do not unlatch. The blade is housed securely inside to prevent accidental cutting
  • LED FLASHLIGHT – A bright LED is also included on this car emergency tool that can be used anytime. It can help you safely light up a walking path, unlock the car or house door, or signal for help
  • DURABLE DESIGN – This car emergency tool kit is stringently tested for fit and function. It features rugged ABS construction and high-carbon steel components, so it’s always dependable when you need it most

How To Choose The Best Benchmade Glass Breaker

Nowadays, however, anyone can use a glass breaker as part of their everyday carry kit. This article will help you decide whether a glass breaker is something you'd benefit from having in your pocket.

What Is A Benchmade Glass Breaker?

Benchmade has been making knives for over 30 years, but they didn't start making glass cutters until recently. The first glass cutter was introduced in 2011, and since then there have been several different models released. This glass breaker is made of stainless steel and features an ergonomic handle design, allowing you to hold the tool comfortably while cutting through glass. It comes equipped with a blade guard and a safety lock mechanism to prevent accidental cuts.

Who needs a Benchmade Glass Breaker?

When you break a bottle of wine or champagne, you usually use a corkscrew. But sometimes, breaking bottles isn't enough. Sometimes, you need to cut through the cork. Luckily, there are tools designed specifically for this task. These tools are called "corkscrews" but they aren't actually made of metal. Instead, they're made of plastic. Plastic corkscrews are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to carry around. They're perfect for camping trips, picnics, and other outdoor activities where carrying heavy knives isn't necessary.

Plastic corkscrews are also useful for opening beer cans. Most of these tools feature a long handle and a short blade. When you pull down on the handle, the blade cuts through the top of the can. Then, you simply twist the tool to remove the lid.

But, while plastic corkscrews are handy, they do have one drawback. They can only open standard sized bottles. Some types of bottles require special tools. Fortunately, there are several alternatives. One of the most common is the Benchmade Glass Breaker. This tool features a curved blade that makes cutting through thick glass easy. It has a comfortable grip and a sturdy aluminum handle.

The Glass Breaker is ideal for breaking large pieces of glass such as windows and windshields. It's also great for removing broken shards of glass from clothing or skin. Unlike other glass breaker blades, the Glass Breaker doesn't slip off the glass. It stays securely attached until you decide to remove it.

Another alternative is the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Like the Glass Breaker, the Swiss Army Knife includes a variety of tools. However, unlike the Glass Breaker, the Swiss Army Knife comes with a number of specialty blades. These include saws, scissors, tweezers, and ice picks. The Swiss Army Knife is also known for its quality construction and durability. It's been tested against military standards and has proven itself time after time.

While the Glass Breaker and Swiss Army Knife are two excellent choices, there are still others. For example, the Leatherman Wave is another popular brand of multi-tool. It offers similar functionality to the Swiss Army Knife. However, it does offer additional functions including a file, wire cutter, and nail clippers. The Leatherman Wave is also very durable. It has a lifetime warranty.

Whatever type of corkscrew you prefer, you'll find that it's a versatile tool. Whether you're using it outdoors or indoors, you'll appreciate how easily it opens bottles and cans.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Benchmade Glass Breaker

Benchmade knives have become synonymous with quality. They've built their reputation by making great products that people love to use. Their line of Benchmade Glass Breakers is no exception. These knives are designed specifically for breaking glass windows and doors. This makes them perfect for emergency situations where you may need to break a window quickly and quietly. You'll find that they work very well for cutting through tempered glass, even if it's covered in adhesive tape. And because they feature a patented design, they won't leave any marks behind after being used to break glass.

If you want to purchase a Benchmade Glass Breaker, here are some things to keep in mind:

Look for a Benchmade Knife that's made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable and easy to maintain. It doesn't rust and it holds up well against extreme temperatures.

Look for a Benchmade Knife that features a titanium handle. Titanium handles provide excellent grip strength and durability. They're lightweight and non-corrosive.

Look for a Benchmade Knife that's equipped with a blade guard. Blade guards protect your fingers from injury and prevent accidents. A blade guard should come standard on every Benchmade knife.

Look for a Benchmade Knife that's equipped with a reversible pocket clip. Reversible clips allow you to carry the knife in either direction. For example, you could carry it in your front pants pocket or attach it to your belt loop.

Look for a Benchmade Knife that's equipped with a lanyard hole. Lanyards are useful for attaching keys, cell phones, wallets, etc., so you can easily access them when needed.

Look for a Benchmade Knife that's equipped with a sheath. Sheaths are handy for storing your knife when not in use. They also offer protection for your knife.

Look for a Benchmade Knife that's equipped with a locking mechanism. Locking mechanisms ensure that your knife stays securely closed. They also prevent accidental opening.

Features To Consider When Buying A Benchmade Glass Breaker

Glass breaker. When you're using a glass cutter, you'll want a tool that's strong enough to cut through glass safely and easily. That's where a glass breaker comes into play. These tools are made specifically for cutting glass. They're lightweight and compact, so they're great for travel and everyday carry.

Stainless steel blade. The stainless steel blades used in these tools are durable and corrosion resistant. This means they won't rust over time. Plus, they're heat treated, which makes them more resilient than other types of knives.

Blade shape. Most glass breakers feature a straight edge. However, there are also glass breakers with curved edges. While this design may seem less efficient, it does allow users to create thinner cuts. And if you're planning on breaking large pieces of glass, you'll want a tool that has a wide opening.

Handle material. There are two main materials used to construct handles on glass breakers: plastic and wood. Plastic handles tend to be lighter weight and easier to grip. But they lack durability. Wood handles are stronger and more durable, but they weigh more.

Size. Depending on how big you plan on cutting, you'll want a glass breaker that fits comfortably in your hand. Smaller models are easier to handle, while larger ones are easier to control.

Weight. As mentioned above, most glass breakers are constructed of plastic. Some manufacturers even add weights to their designs to prevent accidental drops. Others opt for heavier duty versions that are built to withstand heavy loads.

Durability. Durable glass breakers are important. After all, you'll be using them often. Make sure the glass breaker you choose is built to stand up to daily wear and tear.

Versatility. Many glass breakers are designed to work equally well with both left-handed and right-handed users. But others are only compatible with either handedness. Be sure to check the specifications on the box or packaging to ensure compatibility.

Different Types Of Benchmade Glass Breaker

Benchmade Glass Breakers are a staple among knife enthusiasts. These are commonly known as “glass breakers” due to their ability to easily cut through glass. These are also known as “tactical knives” because they are small enough to fit in a pocket yet large enough to perform well. They are also known as “pocket knives” because they are small enough to fit in a pocket yet large enough to perform well.

The main difference between Benchmade Glass Breakers and traditional kitchen knives is that they are designed specifically for breaking glass. Traditional Kitchen Knives are designed to slice food items and chop vegetables. Benchmade Glass Breakers were created to quickly and efficiently cut through glass windows and doors. Benchmade Glass Breakers are also useful for cutting through plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

There are three basic models of Benchmade Glass Breakers. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will now go over each model and explain what makes them special.

Model 1 – Model 1 Glass Breakers are the original Benchmade Glass Breakers. They are inexpensive and durable. Benchmade Glass Breakers are also fairly heavy and bulky. Because of this, they are not recommended for beginners. Benchmade Glass Breakers are also less likely to slip out of your hand when you are performing tasks requiring precision.

Model 2 – Model 2 Glass Breakers are lighter and smaller than Model 1s. These are also slightly cheaper than Model 1s. Benchmade Glass Breakers are also more comfortable to hold and use. They are also more likely to slip out of your hand when you are performing tasks requiring precision.

Model 3 – Model 3 Glass Breakers are the newest version of Benchmade Glass Breakers. They are light, compact, and affordable. These are also ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and improve grip. These are also more durable than older models.


Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen and Survival Glass Breaker Best for Discreet Self Defense, Men, Women, Police, and Military with Titanium Coated Aluminum Body

  • DURABLE AND RUGGED - Made from impact resistant aircraft grade aluminum and hand-machined out of one solid high-quality block, you will be proud to own this titanium coated black pen
  • GLASS BREAKER - The beveled edge works equally well for a self-defense weapon or for breaking glass if you need an emergency escape through a car window
  • DISCREET AND COOL - Whether wearing jeans and a tee, or a professional suit, or you're law enforcement, military, police, SWAT, just like a spy, no one will know you're carrying this badass tactical pen in your pocket, every day carry EDC kit, or purse
  • EASY TO USE - Regardless of size or sex, virtually anyone could use this premium multipurpose pen - which can take replaceable ballpoint ink cartridges! - either as their regular writing tool...or a powerful (and comfortable) self-defence tool
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Rest easy because your precision, multifunction pen is protected by Hoffman Richter's Ironclad Lifetime Warranty; Their satisfaction & quality guarantee makes these new multi-purpose best tactical pens great gifts for family or friends

2 PCS High Carbon Steel Hard IPOW Car Safety Hammer Escape Tool With Antiskid Seatbelt Cutter, Life-Saving Emergency Glass/Window Punch Breaker Auto Rescue Disaster Hammer

  • Practical design.Carbon steel double-sided tip head,razor blade built-in,anti-skid handle and with protective bracket.
  • Invaluable.It's priceless when use in a life threatening situation.2 hammers,share with your families,friends.
  • Strong.Shatter car window and cut off seatbelt easily.NOTICE-Strike 4 glass edges first then smash it in middle.
  • Convinient.Lightweight-101.3 g/0.22 lb.6.7" long can be put in armrest box ,door pocket,glove compartment or center console.
  • More purpose.Protective bracket can be fixed,in easy to find bright orange color.

ANVIL BLADESMITHS BULLSHARK G-10 8CR13 Knife with Glass Breaker and Seatbelt Paracord Cutter - Straight Blade Assisted Open

  • Total Length 8 1/4" - One Handed Open - Liner Lock
  • 8CR13 MOV Blade (3 1/2") for a Perfect Combination of Razor Sharp Edge Retention And Durability
  • BLACK on BLACK - Partial SERRATED Blade OR STRAIGHT Blade Option
  • Glass Breaker, Seatbelt/Paracord Cutter and Strong Belt Clip
  • G-10 Handle Provides Excellent Grip While Wet or Dry and a Lighter Carry Weight 5.5 oz

StatGear SuperVizor XT Auto Emergency Rescue Escape Tool - Seatbelt Cutter & Window Glass Breaker Hammer Survival - Mounts Right to Your Sun-Visor! Pack of 2

  • ESSENTIAL AUTO EMERGENCY TOOL – This life-saving tool is essential for anyone with a car or truck. Small in size, but powerful and easy to use. Features a window punch and seatbelt cutter for escape during accidents and emergencies. Be prepared! This pack of 2 is perfect to have 1 on each visor, for owners of multiple vehicles, or to share with family or friends.
  • SEATBELT CUTTER – Seat belt cutter cuts through car restraints of you and your passengers, freeing you in an accident. Solid piece of 440 stainless steel for reliable use.
  • WINDOW PUNCH – A carbide tip glass breaker is used to free yourself, your passengers, or children and pets from emergency situations. Essential for trapped in burning vehicles or when unconscious.
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE, EASY TO USE – Clips onto your car visor for easy accessibility. Simple to use for any driver or passenger. Nylon grip for best use. Essential addition to your roadside emergency kit.
  • The SuperVizor XT was Designed by a NYC Paramedic who understands the necessity for having easy-to-use, life saving tools accessible in your vehicle.

SOG Flint Survival & Defense Tool Safety Whistle, Fire Starter, Glass Breaker (FT1001)

  • Packs survival and defense features in a tool the size of a pencil.
  • Built-in fire starter, steel wool tinder compartment, carbide-tipped glass breaker, safety whistle
  • Small size and light weight makes it easy to carry on a lanyard, in a pocket or in a pack
  • Durable anodized aluminum construction

Ztylus Stinger Car Emergency Tool, Spring-Loaded Window Breaker, Car Safety Hammer, Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass breaker, Car Escape Tool, USB Car Charger, 2 USB Ports Max 2.4A (2 pcs Black Combo)

  • LIFE-SAVING: The Stinger Car Emergency Tool is the original design, patented emergency escape tool that can be integrated into everyday life. It is a useful gadget that you should have one in the car. It provides a daily function as a phone charger that you can use every day. And plus two emergency tools that could save your live when involving in the car accident.
  • BREAK AND ESCAPE: The spring-loaded car glass breaker works easily smash the tempered glass side window (NOT windshields or laminated glass) and gives you the best chance for escaping the vehicle. The spring-loaded design is more efficient than a emergency car safety hammer, just simply push the Stinger all the way down against the window with a small force, even a kid can use it. In some scenario, there is no space for swinging your arm to use the glass hammer. You need a spring loaded one!
  • RAZOR SHARP SEAT BELT CUTTER and GLASS BREAKER: Stinger emergency escape tool comes with a razor sharp blade to help you cut your seatbelt quickly if you find yourself unable to release it normally.
  • ALWAYS WITHIN REACH: The multifunctional design keeps the car glass breaker within reasonable reach when needed. It serves an everyday function, so if there is a critical situation, it will always be easily accessible to you.
  • CHARGER SAFETY CERTIFICATED: Our unique innovation doubles as a dual USB port charger, which plugs into your car charger for charging. The Stinger USB Car Charger passed rigorous test by USB compliance standard, certified by RoHS and CE ensures complete protection for you and your devices. It features an intelligent circuit design to protect against short circuiting, over-heating, over-currents and over-charging. The input of the emergency escape tool is 12-24V and has an output of 5V, 2.4A

Kershaw Barricade (8650) Orange Multifunction Rescue Pocket Knife with 3.5 Inch Stainless Steel Blade; SpeedSafe Opening, Glass Breaker Tip, Belt Cutter, Pocketclip; 4.5 oz

  • The ultimate value in multi-use rescue blades for everyday carry or storage in every automobile, glove box, tool box, garage or camp site
  • Includes bright orange handle that proves easy to find when unexpected emergencies arise
  • Features carbide tip hard glass breaker for auto emergencies that require breaking the car windshield or passenger window for rescue
  • Includes a protected sharpened edge shaped to trap and cut tangled cords or seatbelts in emergency release situations without harming or further injuring oneself or the victim edit
  • Blade coated with carbon enhanced black oxide to hold a sharp edge and allow ease of sharpening

LOYMR 2 PCS Car Safety Hammer Auto Car Window Glass Hammer Breaker and Auto Safety Seatbelt Cutter 2-in-1 Rescue Disaster Escape Tool.

  • Every car must have an car escape tool that ,car safety hammer can make life and death a huge difference;
  • High hardened steel double hammer heads car window breaker and sharp blade can quickly cut off the car safety belt——2-in-1 car safety tool;
  • Easy to carry, light weight, small size, powerful, without it, you'd better not drive.
  • In case of danger, avoid being trapped in the car,Use it Escape out of your car to protect yourself;
  • It can be a Holiday gift to your parents, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, friends and teachers, even more people.Worry-free 3-year warranty (If needed, a free new replacement).

MTP-6 Tactical Pen Military-Inspired Multitool Pen - Pen for Women & Men Safety Tactical Gear & EDC Glass Breaker +LED Flashlight +Ballpoint Pen + Bottle Opener 3 Ink Refills + 12 Batteries

  • ▶ The World's Original Most Loaded Pen - The MTP-6 combines the most-needed EDC tools in one sturdy, well-designed tactical pen. You'll feel confidently equipped with a multi-mode LED tactical pen flashlight, a premium glass breaker, a multi tool and smooth writing ballpoint pen. EXTRAS included: 3 black ink cartridges, 4 sets of batteries, online self defense class and limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • ▶ Built To Last - This tactical metal pen is in it for the long haul. Custom desgined for ease of use and superior durability. Machined with precision from AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM for extreme strength and ease of maneuverability in self defense situations. This is one of the top rated self defense pens for women.
  • ▶ Smooth Operator - This lightweight ballpoint pen writes like a dream; smooth and precise. Carry it in your pocket, purse, clipped to your belt or Molle system. It easily goes everywhere.
  • ▶ Ain't Just A Pen - At first glance, this robust self defense tool looks like a pen. With one swift move, this effective tactical multi tool pen flashlight becomes your most trusted self defense protection. Using our online training, you'll be able to scare off or defeat a predator as well as break a car window in 2 seconds.
  • ▶ Best Pen Gift - Surprise your mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife or anyone you want to keep safe with this useful and practical gift. It's the perfect stocking stuffer, birthday, graduation, Christmas, employee recognition, Mother's Day and Father's Day gift...not to mention, just because gift!

KEPEAK Military Tactical Pen, Professional Self Defense Pen, Emergency Glass Breaker Pen - Tungsten Steel, Writing Tool with 6 Refill

  • Emergency glass breaker: The tactical pen cap is made of tungsten steel, and the pen body is made of aerospace grade aluminum, which has excellent strength and portability. Break the window to escape in an emergency
  • Security: Hidden, low-key, unique attackers can suddenly have amazing attack capabilities, protect themselves from attackers and identify with DNA collectors
  • Writing: A comfortable tactical pen with a round nib. Suitable for everyday use or emergency situations
  • Practical: Suitable for everyday use, travel or outdoor activities. Head design, handle thread design, excellent slip resistance
  • The package includes: 1 tactical pen and 6 tactical refills stainless steel

LEATHERMAN, Raptor Rescue Emergency Shears with Strap Cutter and Glass Breaker, Blue w/Utility Sheath

  • READY FOR ANYTHING: Features the necessary tools for medical professionals to handle emergency situations; When it's a question of survival, the Raptor Rescue answers loud and clear
  • INSTANT RESPONSE: Equipped with 6 essential tools, including folding emergency response shears, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, a ruler, an oxygen tank wrench and a carbide glass breaker
  • SIMPLE, SAFE ACCESS: The specially designed sheath allows you to carry your Raptor Rescue open or closed so you're always prepared; Choose between belt-friendly utility or MOLLE-compatible styles
  • OUR GUARANTEE: We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our factory in Portland, Oregon; That’s why we offer our 25-year warranty, so you can be confident your Leatherman lasts a lifetime
  • ALWAYS ON HAND: No belt on your scrubs? The pocket clip ensures it'll never leave your side; Alternatively, attach your Raptor Rescue with the integrated lanyard hole

GoDeCho 2 Pack Car Safety Hammer Emergency Escape Tool with Seat Belt Cutter and Vehicle Window Glass Breaker with Light Reflective Tape

  • A Essential Vehicle Safety Kit. One End Is A Seat Belt Cutter for Cutting Seatbelt, And The Other End Is Solid Hammer Head Window Breaker Tool With Wwo Hardened Sharp And Heavy Carbon Steel Points.
  • Reflective Tape On Both Side, Make It More Visible, Especially Insufficient Light.
  • 2 Pack Car Escape Tool. Come With Set Of 2 Car Safety Hammer And 2 Mounting Brackets. Anti-skid Clear Plastic Handle Long is 6.7inch, Each 0ne Hammer Weigh 4.8oz. Easy Swing It To Using.
  • Mounting Bracket Included But Don’t Included Mounting Screws. Protective Bracket Included For Safe Storage; Store In Center Console Or Driver-side Door Pocket Armrest Box etc.
  • Helping Escape From A Sinking, Over-turned, Crashed, Or Burning Car.

SEMTION Window Breaker Seatbelt Cutter Glass breaker Keychain Car Emergency Escape Tool for Land and Underwater, Pack of 2 (Black-Black)

  • 🔶2 in 1 Life Keychain - This keychain is a car window breaker and seatbelt cutter;
  • 🔶Powerful & Easy to Use - Spring loaded, hit the black end against the window CORNERS by 12 lbs power, It instantly caused the tempered glass to shatter, all male and female can do the job;
  • 🔶Underwater Applicable - Compared with normal Safety hammers, this mini car escape tool performs better at water pressure resistance;
  • 🔶Compact and Light weight - Compact size and easy to carry on the keychain or with velcro tape to the center console of vehicles;
  • 🔶12-month warranty & 100% money refund.

Premium Car Glass Breaker Safety Hammer - Emergency Escape Tool with Car Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter, Life Saving Survival Kit with Heavy Carbon Steel Points and Hardened Sharp (2-Pack)

  • [ Car Emergency Escape Tools ] Essential safety tool. This life-saving multifunctional car safety hammer and seatbelt cutter is durable and reliable, allowing you to quickly exit your vehicle in an emergency situation. One end is a seat belt cutter for cutting seatbelt, and the other end is the window breaker tool with two hardened sharp and heavy carbon steel points.
  • [ 2 Pack ] Come with set of 2 car safety hammer and 2 mounting brackets. Don't gamble with your life and that of your passengers. Give it to your children or family as a gift, making them feel peace of mind when driving.
  • [ High performance and durable ] Double-tipped solid cone head car glass breaker hammers which are made of high grade carbon steel combined with engineering plastics, This car hammer is very sharp and easy to break out the window for life-saving. so you can easily make a way to escape. The high-quality razor-sharp steel blade effectively slices through seatbelts to free you and your passengers.
  • [ Ergonomic design] The anti-skid handle is long enough, about 6. 7in, making it easy to control. Only weighing 0. 3lb, it is so light that you can swing it easily. An invaluable addition to your vehicle safety kit, the emergency hammer breaks side window glass with minimal effort, thanks to its solid steel double-sided strike point.Our safety hammer emergency tool combines a protective bracket for the cone head hammer, making it fine from all aspects.
  • [ Mounting bracket included ] Keep the car hammer stationary and ready to use If needed. Easy to keep it in Glove compartment, door pocket or armrest Box etc. Note: Mounting screws is not included.

Serjur 8 in 1 Multi Function Flash Light,USB Rechargeable Solar Powered Flashlight with Glass Breaker,Seatbelt Cutter,Alarm and Phone Charger, Car LED Tactical Flashlight for Emergencies

  • [Appearance] Gentleman-like atmospheric black, easy-to-grab non-slip handle, simple-to-recognize operation buttons, at a glance will fall in love with this rechargeable car flashlight.
  • [Multi Function] Outstanding USB/solar dual rechargeable flashlight with 7 working modes(Headlight-High, Medium and Strobe, White sidelight- High and Medium, SOS mode-flashing red and blue alternately like a police light. It can also play the role of window breaker, seatbelt cutter, 120DB alarm and even power bank. A tactical flashlight for camping, hiking, or outdoor survival challenging.
  • [Storage] Strong magnets make it possible hang in the car and the glove box is also a good choice. Please be sure to place it in a conspicuous and accessible place for fast escape. This solar patriot flashlight is portable with lanyard so that you can hang it up everywhere.
  • [Package] Independent and exquisite packaging, which is very suitable for gifts or personal use. A special present for your family-full of love and tenderness. This roadside hero flashlight is exactly what you are looking for to increase safety confidence in your car.
  • [After-sale]If any problem,please contact us first. We will offer free replacement or full refund as you need. ▲Please charge in time before the battery is completely exhausted

TONIFE Elite Tactical Screw Cap Pen with Emergency Glass Breaker Pen Tungsten Steel Aluminum Refillable Professional Self Defense Pen Outdoor, Survival, Camping and EDC Writing Tool (Champagne)

  • DIMENSIONS: 5.12 inch (13 cm) overall length and a weight of 1.55 oz.
  • DURABLE: Pen is made of reliable CNC Machined 6060 T6 Aluminum
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip and screw-off top making it ideal for everyday carry.
  • SECURE: Have confidence that this tool will perform when needed for self-defense, the tail made of tungsten steel can be use as glass breaker.
  • DALIY USE: Pen can be used for writing, and can be refilled with Schmidt P900M parker style black ball point cartridges.

WONDER POINT Premium Car Glass Breaker with Seat Belt Cutter - Automotive Safety Hammer - Emergecy Escape Tool, Car Autoaccessory Metal Window Hammer, Vehicle Hard Aluminium Alloy Head Design

  • [☀Usage ] Escape from the car in a car accident or emergency. Reliable essential equipment.
  • [☀Function ] Break the car window, Quickly cut the safety seat belt on the driver seat.
  • [☀Details ] L: 6.7 inch, W: 2.9 inch Weight: 11 oz.
  • [☀Advantages] Aluminum alloy material is extremely strong, non-slip design grip comfortable, do not release at critical moment. high hardness tungsten steel hammer tip hard and sharp, can immediately break the window, with a sharp hidden cutter can quickly cut the safety belt.
  • [☀Application environment] Cut off the seat belt when it fails. Escape from a broken window in a car accident. Help the passengers escape from the accident. Or break a nut while camping in the wild. I don't recommend it. Because this is a special tool.

Tungsten Steel Tactical Pen for Glass Breaker Mutifunction Defense Pen (Silver 4Pack)

  • ★【METAL PEN】: Tactical pen body material was made of sturdy & solid Aviation 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, can break the glass in an emergency situation. No slip from your hand by skid-proof design, and gives you a very comfortable grip.
  • ★【MULTIFUNCTIONS】: 4 PCS tactical pens can use for defending yourself from an unexpected attack, also broken glass apparatus for quickly escaping from dangerous place under emergent & unexpected circumstance. High-strength precision rolling ballpoint pen for fluent writing. Compatible with standard refills.
  • ★【SMOOTH WRITING】: High-strength precision rolling ballpoint pen built for fluent writing and compatible with standard medium point refills. Pen Tip:1.0mm.
  • PROTABLE: These pen won't be confiscated as a prohibited goods & weapon by security personnel, but go through the airport security check easily. You can bring it with you everyday, everywhere.
  • ★【EXCELLENT GIFT】: 4 Pack of self defense pens will be a paramount birthday and christmas present for your family & friends. We provide 2 YEAR warranty (Not included refills). Value for money, buy with confidence!

ECBANLI Bracelet Car Window Breaker, Wrist Strap with Tungsten Carbide Bead Car Emergency Self Rescue Tool, Vehicle Rapid Escape Wristbands Tempered Safety Glass Breaker, Black

  • A Essential Vehicle Safety Product : ECBANLI car safety escape tool is a wristband bracelet style window breaking device.The tool offer the capability to break tempered safety glass in a confined space.
  • Easy to Use : Our bracelet car window glass breaker is very easy to use, just remove wrist strap, place around thumb and forefinger, pull back on the projectile and release.It will break glass and looks innocuous.
  • Easy to Carry : Lightweight, fully adjustable, and discreet. This car emergency self rescue tool are made of an elastic rubber band and a tungsten striker bead, which has excellent strength and portability.
  • Fashion With Purpose : The little piece of gear look very cute, and the adjustment of it gives you the perfect fit. The wrist strap window breaker not only an escape tool but also a good accessory, cool piece of gear, can goes with the rest of other fashion bracelets. Simple unassuming look but that gives you options in times of need.
  • Best Gift : Our bracelet glass breaker is suitable for various vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, etc. It can be given as a gift to your parents, husband, wife, siblings, friends and teachers, and even more.This gadget can help you in unexpected situations.
  • Please Note : The ECBANLI bracelet window breaker does not work on car windshields. It is effective only against tempered glass commonly used in side windows.

Tactical Pen, EDC Multitool Pen - Self Defense Tip, Glass Breaker, Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel Keychain, Mini Pocket Size Necklace Pen Included Key Ring Hook for Driver Mailman Hostess

  • EASY TO CARRY: Our multi-tool pen, made of 303 solid stainless steel, 3.26* 0.35 inches, weighs only 1 oz. Easy to use and carry. Ideal edc gear for everyday carry, camping.
  • GET OUT OF TROUBLE: On the top of the pen, there is a tungsten tip for glass breaking and self-defense. The tempered window-breaking tip is strong and durable for emergencies and emergencies to help you get out of harm's way.
  • KEY FOB DESIGN: This pen features a key fob design. Whether you're in the car, walking outside or working indoors, you can conveniently use this tactical pen as part of your everyday gear.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR YOUR LOVED ONES: This tactical pen comes in a beautiful gift box. Whether you're shopping for mom or dad, brother or sister, son or daughter, friend or relative, this is always a great add-on gift to your purchase. Just buy with confidence!
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Not only as an emergency backup pen, but also as an emergency tactical tool and bottle opener; this is a true anti-loss pen that you can remove anywhere, such as on your pants, on your car/truck, on your car keys, on your necklace, in your purse or kept in a small space.

LYroo 4 Pack Car Window Breaker Bracelet Glass Breaker Escape Bracelet Wrist Strap with Tungsten Carbide Bead for Car Accidents Emergency Escape Tools

  • ESSENTIAL SAFETY TOOL: Our car window glass breaker escape bracelet can shatter the car window glass, and is an indispensable escape tool in case of emergency.
  • Window Breaker Bracelet Bead: This bracelet is made of elasticized cord with an integral striker bead. The bead is made from tungsten carbide,Hard and light. Just a single strike directed from this device can instantly destroy tempered glass.
  • EASY TO USE:Take off the bracelet loop it around your thumb and first finger, then position the bead against the vehicle’s side or rear window. with your other hand grasp the bead and pull it straight back as far as you can, turn your head away, and then release the bead.
  • EASY TO STORE & WEAR: It's a great escape tool,4 pack glass breaking bracelet in jewelry box for easy storage,and can be placed in the glove box when not wearing them.It can also be used as a gift for friends and family.
  • BEST GIFT: Our handy glass breaker is suitable for all kinds of vehicles, such as tempered glass in cars, buses, trucks, etc. it can be given as a gift to your parents, husband, wife, couple, siblings, friends,grandparents and teachers, and even more. This gadget can help you in unexpected situations.

Uxinuo 2PCS Bracelet Car Window Breaker,Vehicle Rapid Escape Wristbands Tempered Safety Glass Breaker,Wrist Strap with Tungsten Carbide Bead Car Emergency Self Rescue Tool

  • Essential safety products for cars: Uxinuo wristband window breaker is a new type of car safety escape tool.which can quickly break the car glass in a limited car space without hurting yourself.
  • Easy to use: When using, just take off the wristband, put the wristband loop on the thumb and index finger, pull back the projectile and release it, you can break the car window glass and escape safely. Our bracelet car window breaker is very easy to use. simple.
  • Simple and stylish: The wristband window breaker is not only a car escape tool, but also a good accessory to wear on your hand. It will not feel bulky at all, and it can also be matched with other fashion bracelets. It is a very good choice.
  • our car bracelet window breaker can be applied to all kinds of vehicles, such as family cars, taxis, buses, trucks, etc
  • Uxinuo bracelet window breaker is only effective for tempered glass commonly used for side windows, not for car windshields

MOSROAD 2 PCS Window Breaker Bracelet, Wrist Strap with Tungsten Carbide Bead Car Emergency Self Rescue Tool, Vehicle Rapid Escape Wristbands Tempered Safety Glass Breaker Bracelet

  • 💎2 PCS! This glass breaking bracelet is made of elastic rubber bands and tungsten carbide bump beads, which is extremely strong.
  • 🚗The window breaker bracelet provides the ability to break the toughened safety glass in a limited space, and make emergency evacuation from the vehicle through the side window or the rear window.
  • 🔨Very easy to use, just take off the wrist strap, place the thumb and index finger on the thumb and index finger, pull back the tungsten carbide bump and release it.
  • 😀Our bracelet glass breaker is suitable for all kinds of transportation and can help you in unexpected situations.
  • 🤝Colour: Black. Weight: 0.033IB/0.015KG
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