Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger 7.1in S.S. Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with 3.3in Clip Point Skinner Blade, Black Sawcut Handle, and Leather Belt Sheath for Hunting, Camping, Skinning, EDC, and Outdoors

  • DIMENSIONS: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.3 inches (8.4 cm) and a weight of 3.1 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient brown, leather belt sheath making it ideal for everyday carry
  • BE PREPARED: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the thumb rise and finger choil
  • SECURE: Knife features a full tang design complimented by an ergonomic handle made of sawcut delrin slabs
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by Old Timer’s Lifetime Warranty. For questions, please contact Old Timer's customer service

How To Choose The Best Benchmade Drop Point

Benchmade knives have been around since the early 1900s, but they only really started making their name known in the last decade. They are now considered by many as the premier brand of tactical knifes, and for good reason - they make great quality products that are affordable and easy to use. This article will help you decide whether you should invest in a Benchmade Knife, and what kind of knife you should get.

What Is A Benchmade Drop Point?

The Benchmade Drop Point is an extremely popular fixed blade knife made by the company called Benchmade Knives. The Drop Point was first introduced in 1992 and has been produced ever since. It is available in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. There are even some models that come with a sheath!

Where Did The Name "Drop Point" Come From?

Benchmade Knife Company founder Bill Boggs wanted his new line of knives to stand apart from the rest. He decided to call his new line of knives "drop points". This would make sense because the shape of the blade resembles a drop point style knife. However, he didn't want people thinking that this type of knife had anything to do with hunting. So, he added the word "point" to the end of the name to help clarify what kind of knife it was.

Is There Any Difference Between A Drop Point And A Fixed Blade Knife?

There isn't really much of a difference between these two types of knives. They both have blades that fold up into a handle for easy carrying.

Who Needs A Benchmade Drop Point?

The Benchmade Knife Company has been around since 1875. Since then, they've made knives for hunters, outdoorsmen, chefs, and everyday folks. Today, they offer a wide variety of blades for every type of task. But one thing hasn't changed over time - their commitment to quality. Their products are designed to perform flawlessly under any conditions.

That's why they're known for producing top-notch fixed blades. These blades feature a solid steel core surrounded by a hardened stainless steel liner. This combination makes these blades extremely durable while maintaining a lightweight design.

Benchmade fixed blades are perfect for anyone who wants a reliable tool that performs well in the field. Whether you're hunting game or cutting firewood, you can count on a Benchmade fixed blade to do its job quickly and efficiently.

But what if you prefer a folding knife? Maybe you'd rather carry a folder in your pocket than a fixed blade. No problem. Benchmade offers several models of folders. From classic designs to tactical folders, you'll find a model that fits your style and budget.

Whether you're looking for a traditional fixed blade or a modern folder, the right knife will fit your lifestyle. Find yours today!

How Long Does It Take To Sharpen A Knife?

Sharpening a knife takes practice. Most people think that sharpening a knife is simple. After all, it only involves using a whetstone to grind away the dull edge of the blade. However, this process doesn't happen overnight. It requires patience and dedication.

To begin, you must start with a properly prepared stone. Many stones are sold with abrasive material already embedded inside. While this works fine for most tasks, it isn't ideal for sharpening a knife. Instead, use a waterstone. Waterstones are smooth, flat pieces of rock that are cut down to size.

Next, place the knife on the stone and hold it firmly against the surface. Use light pressure until the knife starts to shave off the dull edge. Keep doing this until the entire length of the blade is shiny. Then remove the knife and wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Repeat this step until the knife feels sharp enough for your liking.

Now that you know how to sharpen a knife, you can spend less time sharpening and more time enjoying your favorite hobby.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Benchmade Drop Point

If you've ever used a knife, then you probably already understand how important knives are to survival. Knives are one of the most useful tools available to us. They're indispensable for cutting food, opening cans, digging holes, and so much more. When it comes to buying a knife, however, there are many things to keep in mind. Here are some things to think about when looking for a knife:

Look for a knife that feels good in your hand. A knife should have a smooth handle and a comfortable grip. You want something that feels like it belongs in your hands. This way, you'll use it every single day.

Look for a knife that cuts easily. There's nothing worse than having a dull knife. Dull blades aren't very effective. So, if you find a knife that doesn't cut easily, move on to another option.

Look for a knife that holds up under heavy use. Heavy use means lots of chopping, slicing, and dicing. If you plan on using your knife often, you'll want to buy a knife that won't break down after several uses.

Look for a knife that's easy to sharpen. Sharpeners come in different sizes and shapes. For example, some sharpeners are designed for small knives, while others are meant for large knives. Make sure you pick a sharpener that works best for the size of your knife.

Look for a knife that's affordable. So, try to stick within your budget. If you do decide to splurge on a knife, make sure you purchase a knife that will serve you well for years to come.

When you're ready to begin hunting for a knife, start by browsing online. Online retailers offer a wide variety of knives at great prices. Plus, they usually ship quickly and securely. Once you find a knife that meets your needs, click "add to cart" and checkout.

Features To Consider When Buying A Benchmade Drop Point

Blade length. The longer the blade, the more control you have over where you place your cuts. But if you plan on using this knife for everyday tasks, you may prefer a shorter blade. In either case, make sure you pick a blade that feels comfortable in your hand.

Handle material. Choose a handle made from materials that are durable and comfortable. Leather handles tend to hold their shape well, while plastic handles wear down quickly. Wood handles are great options, especially if you enjoy woodworking.

Stainless steel blades. Stainless steel blades are strong and corrosion resistant. They're also easier to sharpen than carbon steel blades.

Edge geometry. Some knives feature straight edges, while others have serrations along the edge. Serrated edges allow you to cut through tough items such as rope and twine.

Weight. Knives with heavier blades are stronger and more stable. Lighter blades are easier to maneuver, but they lack power. Experiment with different weights until you find the balance between strength and ease of handling.

Length. However, there are many styles available, including folding pocketknives, fixed-blade folders, and even multi-tools.

Tip shape. There are several types of tips, each offering its own advantages. Flat-ground blades are typically used for skinning and filleting. Hollow ground blades are ideal for chopping vegetables and mincing herbs. Spade points are useful for piercing heavy objects. And spear points are perfect for stabbing and thrusting.

Blade thickness. Blade thickness affects how easily the knife slices through food. Thicker blades slice through tougher items faster. Thin blades take longer to penetrate thick items, but they're less likely to break during penetration.

Blade type. Blades are classified based on their composition. Carbon steel blades are inexpensive and rustproof, but they dull quickly. High-carbon stainless steel blades are harder and sharper, but they cost more.

Different Types Of Benchmade Drop Point

Benchmade knives are known for making quality folding knives. Their reputation extends beyond the kitchen though. They also make tactical folders, fixed blades, and custom knives. One of their newest offerings is the Drop Point. This folder features a drop point blade style design. It is meant to be a versatile tool that can handle everything from opening cans to skinning animals. It is also built tough enough to withstand heavy use.

The Drop Point is available in three sizes. Each size offers a slightly different feel. The smallest model weighs 3 ounces and measures 5 inches overall. The medium sized version weighs 4 ounces and measures 6 1/2 inches long. Finally, the largest model weighs 7 ounces and measures 8 1/4 inches long. All models feature a black G10 handle scales, titanium liners, and stainless steel bolsters.

Each model includes a lanyard hole located near the tip of the blade. This allows you to attach a keychain or carabiner to the end of the blade. This makes carrying the knife much easier. The handles are comfortable to hold and offer good grip strength. The Drop Points are well balanced and offer excellent control. The edge retention is outstanding and the knife feels durable.

The Drop Point is available in two finishes. Both finish options include a satin finished blade. The Satin Finish is matte black with a slight sheen. The Matte Black Finish is flat black with a mirror polish. Both finishes look great and perform equally well.


Benchmade - Grizzly Creek 15060-2 Knife, Drop-Point, Brown, One Size

  • BUILT FOR THE HUNT : The perfect blade size and shape for just about any game cleaning chore, and a folding gut hook that's only there when you want it.
  • WELL DESIGNED: A manual-opening knife with a plain drop-point blade and stabilized wood handle.
  • AXIS LOCKING MECHANISM: Ensures safety and a smooth open and easy close
  • MADE IN THE USA : Proudly made in the USA.

Smith & Wesson M&P SWMP13BS 8.2in High Carbon S.S. Folding Knife with 3.5in Serrated Clip Point Blade and Aluminum Handle for Tactical, Survival and EDC

  • DIMENSIONS: 8.2 inch (20.9 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.5 inches (8.8 cm) and a weight of 4.9 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black and tan, aluminum handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock and finger guard
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features lanyard hole

Kershaw Barstow (3960); All Black Pocket Knife with 3 Inch Stainless Steel Spear Point Blade; Features SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocket Clip, Flipper and Secure Frame Lock; 3.4 OZ

  • Liner Lock ensures the blade stays open during use, preventing accidental closure and user peace of mind
  • Flipper helps move the 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade safely out of the handle, for easy accessibility
  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening helps users open the pocketknife comfortably while the spear point single sharpened edge stays facing its proper folding position
  • Pre-drilled holes allow modified tip position and reversible sides for ambidextrous carrying options
  • Glass-filled nylon handle gives the quality grip users need for wet activities like animal skinning, for all-weather access, durability and enhanced protection

Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Folding Knife with Tri-Ad Lock and Pocket Clip - Made with Premium CPM-S35VN Steel, Spear Point

  • GREAT FOR THE TOUGHEST JOBS: The Recon 1 is a popular knife with Military and Law Enforcement Personnel, Fire and Rescue crews and civilians and is trusted to perform in even the toughest jobs and the most taxing conditions
  • PREMIUM STEEL: Features exceptional CPM-S35VN steel, which is very tough and durable, highly corrosion resistant, and able to take and hold a fine razor sharp edge; Commonly used steel in high-end, superior quality custom knives
  • COMFORTABLE, SECURE GRIP: Tough and durable G-10 handle material provides a secure and comfortable grip in all conditions
  • ULTRA-RELIABLE LOCKING MECHANISM: Features custom knife-maker Andrew Demko's famous TriAd lock that has been proven over time to be unsurpassed in strength, shock resistance and durability and gives unrivaled protection for your irreplaceable fingers

Benchmade - Bugout 535 Folding Knife for Everyday Carry and Camping, Drop-Point Blade, Plain Edge, Coated Finish, Green Handle

  • HIGH-QUALITY: The CPM-S30V coated stainless steel blade holds an edge exceptionally well and provides great corrosion resistance. The glass-filled Grigori handle is comfortable, thin, tough, and attractive, making it ideal for outdoor use and everyday car
  • WELL-DESIGNED: Benchmen's AXIS Lock is exceptionally strong and fully ambidextrous. The Bugout 535-1 is a manual knife that can be opened and closed with just one hand.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The 535-1 weighs less than 2 ounces, making it ideal for backpackers and others concerned with saving weight. The reversible, mini deep-carry pocket clip offers ultimate accessibility.
  • VERSATILE: The Bugout 535-1's drop-point, utility blade style and all-around functionality make it ideal for outdoor adventures and everyday use.
  • FOR LIFE: Benchmen's limited Lifetime and Life Sharp Service ensure that your knife is in the best condition for its entire life. Whether you need your knife repaired or sharpened, Bench made will take care of it for free.

Cold Steel Code 4 Folding Knife, 3 1/2" Satin Plain Blade, Clip Point, Aluminum Handle

  • Blade Length: 3. 50 In
  • Overall Length: 8. 50 In
  • Blade Material: S35Vn.Steel: Japanese Aus 8A Stainless
  • Handle Material: Aluminum

Cold Steel, Drop Forged Fixed Knife, Battle Ring II, 3 1/2" Grey Teflon Coated Blade, Secure-Ex Sheath with Ulti-Clip

  • Weight: 7. 5 oz.
  • Thickness: 6. 5mm
  • Blade Length: 3 1/2"
  • Extremely strong and tough because there is nothing to break, become loose or wear out; Its monolithic construction makes the blade, guard and tang one inseparable piece

Smith & Wesson Stonewash 5.25in Stainless Steel Folding Knife with 2.25in Drop Point Blade and Handle for Outdoor Survival, Camping and EDC

  • DIMENSIONS: 5.25 inch (13.34 cm) overall length with a blade length of 2.25 inches (5.72 cm) and a weight of 2.4 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 3Cr13 Stainless Steel with a stonewash handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip and nail nick making it ideal for everyday carry
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the frame lock
  • BE PREPARED: Knife features bottle opeaner

CIVIVI Knives Flipper Folding Knife Baklash with 3.5" DamascusDrop Point Blade and Black G10 Handles for EDC, OutdoorandDIYActivities C801DS

  • Nice cutting performance - Damascus drop-point blade offers you an excellent corrosion resistance folding knife
  • Lightweight - Textured G-10 handle scales provide a secure grip and a comfortable in hand pocket knife
  • Smooth action- Ball bearings in the pivot allow effortless blade deployment via flipper,easy open folding pocket knife
  • Deep carry reversible pocket clip- knife suitable for everyday carry,outdoor camping hunting activities
  • Knife warranty - Civivi folding pocket knives provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

Smith & Wesson Freelancer 8in High Carbon S.S. Push Button Folding Knife with 3.2in Clip Point Blade and G10 Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC

  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black and brown, G-10 handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient push button lock/deploy, pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
  • SECURE: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the button lock/unlock
  • DIMENSIONS: 8 inch (20.32 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.2 inches (8.13 cm) and a weight of 3.68 ounces
  • Sport type: Hunting

Hogue Folding Knife 3.25" Clip Point Blade Black Finish G10 Frame, Multi, One Size (24277)

  • Since 1968, fit, function, superior performance and world-class design have been hallmarks of the Hogue name
  • When you purchase a Hogue product you’re carrying a piece of Hogue family history
  • Designed from the ground up to enhance and improve your sporting experience
  • Our brightest ideas, the finest materials and the industry's best practices are united under the Hogue name and the supervision of the best people we can find to carry our legacy
  • Our products reflect our passion, our proud history, and our commitment to bringing you a full range of products designed and manufactured to enhance your sporting experience for years to come

Benchmade - 15017-1 Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife, Drop Point Blade, Plain Edge, Chocolate/Brown/Maple, Orange G10 Richlite Handle

  • BUILT FOR THE HUNT: Despite it’s compact profile, this knife provides ample real estate throughout the handle and cutting edge, making it just as effective on big game as it is on smaller species.
  • COMFORTABLE IN HAND: The thoughtful geometry and ergonomic design of the knife will make the last cut feel just as effortless as the first.
  • HIGH QUALITY: A satin CPM-S90V (59-61 HRC) steel blade with a wood pattern Richlite and Orange G10 handle.
  • MADE IN THE USA : Proudly made in the USA.

TEAMWILL 2PCS Stone Wash Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Benchmade 535 US

  • 2PCS Stone Wash Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Benchmade 535
  • Includes the 2*clips only. Knife not included.
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