Kershaw Damascus Steel Leek Assisted Opening Stainless Handles

  • Steel: Damascus
  • Handle: 410 stainless-steel
  • Blade Length: 3 in. (7.5 cm)
  • Closed Length: 4 in. (10.3 cm)
  • Weight: 3.1 oz.

How To Choose The Best Benchmade Damascus

Today, there are hundreds of different styles of knives available, ranging from pocketknives to hunting knives to kitchen knives. If you're new to knifemaking, then you might not know where to start. This article will help you understand what makes a good knife, and give you tips on choosing the best type of knife for your needs.

What Is A Benchmade Damascus?

Damascus steel is an ancient type of steel developed in China around 1000 AD. It was originally made for weapons but has since been adapted for many different uses including kitchen utensils, jewelry, tools, and even some musical instruments. The name "damascus" comes from Damascus, Syria where the first known examples were forged. Today, most damascus blades are still handcrafted using traditional methods. They are typically forged from high carbon steels like 1095, 1475, 15N20, etc., tempered to achieve desired properties and heat treated after forging to create the distinctive patterned surface called a satin finish. This process creates a unique look and feel that makes each blade truly special.

Where Does The Word "Benchmade" Come From?

The term "benchmade" refers to the fact that these knives are handmade by skilled craftsmen who work at home rather than in factories. There are several reasons why this method of production is more desirable. First, it allows the craftsman to control every aspect of the product from start to finish. Second, it provides better quality because there is no need to cut corners.

Who Needs A Benchmade Damascus?

But only recently has its popularity grown. Today, most modern kitchen knives feature blades made from this type of steel. Why? Because it makes a beautiful blade. And it gives a unique look to any knife.

But while it looks amazing, it's actually quite difficult to create. To do so requires skill and patience. And that's where a professional comes in. He or she will start with a piece of carbon steel. Then, he or she will heat the metal until it becomes red hot. Next, the artisan will use a hammer to beat the metal back and forth over a wooden block. Finally, the artisan will cool the metal down before finishing the process.

The result is a very thin layer of steel that's layered over the original piece. When finished, the artisan will grind off the excess material. Once the blade is complete, it's ready to be honed and polished. Afterward, the blade is ready to be put through its paces.

While it takes time and effort to produce a quality blade, it's worth every second. Not only does it add beauty to the knife, but it also adds strength. Blades made from traditional steel aren't nearly as strong as blades made from Damascus steel. So, if you're interested in creating a stunningly beautiful knife, then you owe it to yourself to learn how to craft one.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Benchmade Damascus

Damascus steel is one of the most popular types of blades available. There are many different styles of damascus steel available, including traditional Japanese katana swords, European style sabers, and American western style single edge knives. Each type of blade offers unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, the traditional Japanese katana sword is extremely durable and sharp, but they lack versatility. On the other hand, the western style single edge knife is versatile, but lacks durability.

Select a damascus steel that matches your budget. You should purchase a damascus steel that meets your price range. A cheap damascus steel may have inferior craftsmanship, so you might end up paying more in the long run. Make sure that you buy a damascus steel that is built by a reputable company. Check their reputation online. Do they offer a warranty? Are they known for producing superior products?

Look for a damascus steel that is forged from high carbon steel. When forging, the metal is heated until it reaches red hot temperatures. Then, the metal is hammered repeatedly until it cools down. Because the metal is heated to such extreme temperatures, it becomes very brittle. After cooling, the metal is then tempered. Tempering involves heating the metal again, and hammering it several times. This process softens the metal, making it easier to work with. Finally, the metal is polished to create a mirror finish.

If you want a damascus steel that is affordable, yet durable, try buying a damascus steel that is forged from medium carbon steel. Medium carbon steel is less expensive than high carbon steel, but it is just as strong. It takes about twice as long to forge medium carbon steel, but the results are worth the effort.

You might think that a damascus steel would be difficult to sharpen. This isn't true. Damascus steels are easy to sharpen because the tempering process makes them harder than regular stainless steel. They also hold an excellent edge.

Features To Consider When Buying A Benchmade Damascus

Quality steel. The quality of the steel used to forge a blade determines how well it holds its edge. High-end blades are forged from stainless steel, while mid-range blades are made from carbon steels. Low-end blades are typically made from low-carbon steel.

Blade material. Blades are available in many materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, and more. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel blades hold their sharpness longer than other materials, but they tend to rust over time. Titanium blades are extremely hard and durable, but they lack the ability to take an edge. Ceramic blades are very brittle and break easily. They're great if you plan on using them for decorative purposes only.

Handle design. Handles are another important part of a knife. Some handles are flat, others are curved, and still others feature a combination of both. Handle designs affect comfort, balance, and overall usability. Flat handles allow you to grip the handle tightly, while curved handles give you a comfortable fit. Combination handles add versatility to your knife.

Finish. Many knives feature a variety of finishes ranging from matte black to satin chrome. Matte black finishes are considered "black" and are often associated with military knives. Satin chrome finish gives a mirror-like shine. Both finishes are popular among collectors and enthusiasts.

Edge profile. Knives with straight edges are easier to sharpen and maintain than those with tapered edges. Tapered edges are preferred by experts who prefer a less aggressive cutting action. However, most beginners prefer straight edges because they're easier to learn.

Length. Short knives are ideal for everyday tasks such as chopping vegetables. Longer knives are useful for larger cuts such as filleting fish. Choose a length based on your needs.

Weight. Weight affects handling. Heavy knives are harder to control and may slip during use. Lightweight knives are easier to maneuver and cut through food faster.

Different Types Of Benchmade Damascus

Damascus steel is a traditional Japanese blade material that dates back centuries. It was originally created by blacksmiths to create blades that were strong enough to cut through iron armor yet light enough to wield. Today, modern day craftsmen use the same techniques to produce beautiful blades that rival any forged blade. Here are three different types of damascus blades that you should know about.

Traditional Damascus Blade. Traditional damascus blades are produced using a process called “hamon”. Hamon is a technique that uses heat and pressure to bend layers of metal into a pattern that resembles a flower. The result is a blade that looks stunningly beautiful and feels incredibly sharp. Unfortunately, hamon blades are quite rare and are becoming increasingly harder to find. That said, you can still find quality examples of traditional damascus blades at reasonable prices.

Honed Damascus Blades. Honeing is a process that removes impurities from the surface of the blade. This allows the blade to become sharper and last longer. When honed, the blade becomes smooth and shiny. Honing is done by hand using a stone and oil. The result is a blade that is stronger and lasts longer than its un-honed counterpart.

Sintered Damascus Blades. Sintering is a process that fuses two metals together. This creates a blade that is stronger than traditional damascus blades. Sintered blades are often referred to as “stainless” because they look almost identical to stainless steel. Sintered blades are commonly used in kitchen utensils and tools.


DIST Ax-251, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel 13.4 Inches Axe - Beautiful Rose Wood Handle

  • Handmade Damascus Steel Axe
  • Beautiful Rose Wood Handle
  • Beautiful Twist Pattern on Head
  • Solid Axe
  • Durable and Perfect Grip

BBC-658, Handmade Damascus 12 Inches Blank Blade with Damascus Bolster -

  • Handmade Damascus Steel Blank Blade knife
  • Beautiful Twist Pattern on Blade
  • Sharp Edge Blade. Damascus steel Bolsters
  • Its Blank blade for knife makers (it needs handle material to be fixed)

Benchmade - Bugout 535 Folding Knife for Everyday Carry and Camping, Drop-Point Blade, Plain Edge, Coated Finish, Green Handle

  • HIGH-QUALITY: The CPM-S30V coated stainless steel blade holds an edge exceptionally well and provides great corrosion resistance. The glass-filled Grigori handle is comfortable, thin, tough, and attractive, making it ideal for outdoor use and everyday car
  • WELL-DESIGNED: Benchmen's AXIS Lock is exceptionally strong and fully ambidextrous. The Bugout 535-1 is a manual knife that can be opened and closed with just one hand.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The 535-1 weighs less than 2 ounces, making it ideal for backpackers and others concerned with saving weight. The reversible, mini deep-carry pocket clip offers ultimate accessibility.
  • VERSATILE: The Bugout 535-1's drop-point, utility blade style and all-around functionality make it ideal for outdoor adventures and everyday use.
  • FOR LIFE: Benchmen's limited Lifetime and Life Sharp Service ensure that your knife is in the best condition for its entire life. Whether you need your knife repaired or sharpened, Bench made will take care of it for free.

Custom, Handmade Damascus Steel Round 1 Inch x 10 " Bar, for Knife Making and Other Purpose - Mpmp-8686

  • Total length 10 inches x Thickness or Width 1 Inch Diameter - please see our others amazing items in our shop. fast delivery through AMAZON PRIME.
  • All our Items are 100% Handmade And 100% Original Damascus Steel - If you have any type of question about our items feel free and contact us.
  • best quality guaranteed - perfect grip - quality finish , - great piece of art for a perfect gift Rod
  • Quality Material Used 1095/15N20 ALLOY STEELS (352 true Layers). Hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60.
  • TYPE:Boot, Knife, Combat, Everyday Carry, Hunting, Throwing

ColdLand |8.25" Hand Forged Damascus Steel Blank Blade with Bolster for Knife Making Supplies NB23

  • You have a knife project and you are looking for a blank blade? Look no further, we have made a hand forged Damascus blank blade for you.
  • Solidly built for tough use. Long lasting sharp edge. Hand forged by using 1095 & 15N20 steels. Over 260 true layers of Damascus steel. Heat treated. Hardness: 58-60 HRC on Rockwell Scale. Will long last for several years (lifetime if handled with care).
  • NOTE: This is our stock photo. You will receive different Damascus pattern as every Damascus Blade is unique in the world. The holes in the handle can be small or big in diameter and can be found at different places on the handle (you don’t need to use all holes to make a knife). TIP: If your pins are bigger than handle holes, you can rub pins with sandpaper to adjust according to handle holes.
  • DIMENSION: See photos for Dimensions. We don’t provide any directions on how to make a knife. You can search on the web i.e., “how to make a knife from a blank blade”.
  • We recommend to dry your new leather sheath under direct sunlight for several hours before putting your knife in it as leather contains moisture and can rust your knife. Wash your knife and apply a thin layer of oil on your blade/knife after each use. For long term storage; store your knife and sheath separately. Please message us if you have any issue with your purchase.

Hand Forged Damascus Steel Blank Blade 7.00" Skinner Knife Making Supplies by CANUSA | AB30

  • *** LIMITED TIME SALE *** --- DIMENSIONS: Total Length: 7.00" (approx.) | Blade Length: 3.50" (approx.) | Handle length: 3.50" (approx.) | Thickness: 4 to 5mm
  • VERY DISTINCTIVLY HAND FORGED WITH SPECIAL TECHNIQUES: All our blades and knives are 100% hand-forged with 260+ layers of 1095 and 15N20 steels and have hardness around 56-58 HRC. You will find our Damascus steel blades and knives VERY DISTINCTIVE as we are utilizing some SPECIAL TECHNIQUES during forging. Just give it a try.
  • EASY TO MAKE A KNIFE: Select a blank blade from our wide range of designs and make a unique and awesome knife from basic hand tools (No need to buy expensive tools). BRAND: BlankBlades (Buy at highly discounted rates exclusively here on our Amazon store).
  • PURE COWHIDE LEATHER SHEATH: We provide pure and genuine cowhide leather sheaths with our knives (not with blank blades).
  • ART COLLECTION / EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: Our Damascus steel blades and knives are VERY DISTINCTIVLY HAND FORGED WITH SPECIAL TECHNIQUES. No matter if you are fond of knives or antiques in general, you should definitely include our products to your collection! Or surprise your friends, family members by giving them this unique gift.

17 Inch, Ax, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Axe - Hatchet Tomahawk Axe, Knife, Solid Rose Wood Handle, 9327

  • Total Length 17 inches approx - Blade Cutting Edge length 4.5 inches approx with amazing hand work on the Axe. handle made of ROSE WOOD.
  • you can get discount on each additional item purchased after the first item .
  • Solid Built , Durable , Sharp and Hard Cutting Edge .
  • Handmade , Forged Damascus Steel (1095 / 15N20) .
  • Quality Finished , Perfect Grip , Balanced Knife , With Leather Sheath.

BigCat Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife | Bushcraft Knife with Sheath | 10' EDC Survival Knife for Men | Fixed Blade (Walnut Wood Handle)

  • HIGH QUALITY DAMASCUS STEEL KNIFE: Each fixed blade is handcrafted and offers perfect edge retention. Excellent durability guaranteed. 15N25 and 1080 and 288 layers of Damascus steel.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall Length: 10 inches; Blade Length: 4.80 inches; Handle Length: 5.20inches; Knife Weight: 235g. This camping knife will enhance your survival gear.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Handmade hunting knife with ergonomic artisanal walnut wood handle. Strong and comfortable grip with metal safety guard gives this knife rugged style and balance
  • MULTIPURPOSE: We don't care if you're more of a Rambo knife, a Bear Grylls knife, or a knife lover type cowboy knife. This one is yours for hunting, camping, hiking, skinning, fishing, or any outdoor task.
  • STUNNING LEATHER SHEATH: Our Damascus steel knife is not a pocket knife. It;s a sheathed fixed blade knife with integrated EDC belt loop and snap closure. Easy to access and portable. A beauty to behold.
  • UNIQUE GIFT: No two of our cool tactical knives are the same, they are one of a kind Damascus steel works of art. Ideal for collectors, hunters, campers and perfect for occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Father's Day.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We stand 100% by our knives. We warrant that they are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a lifetime.

Civivi C907DS Elementum Damascus Linerlock Folding Knife Pocket Folder

  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel
  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber & Black G10
  • Knife Length: 4 Inches(folded/closed)
  • Feature: Stainless Ball Bearing
  • Includes: Knife, Storage Pouch and Box

CIVIVI Elementum Damascus Pocket Knife - Lightweight Folding Knife 2.96" Blade,Black G10 Handle with Carbon Fiber Overlay,Good for Camping Outdoor C907DS

  • 【Made of 110 Layer Damascus Steel】Pocket knife with quality Damascus blade, razor sharp cutting performance small knife, stylish knives for men
  • 【Durable Handle】Damascus folding knife sports a lightweight G10 handle with carbon fiber overlay secure grip,comfortable in-hand hunting knife
  • 【Secured Liner lock and Flipper Deployment】Liner lock flipper knife with ball bearings in the pivot,ensures safety and effortless blade opening and easy to close,good for camping hunting and outdoor
  • 【Always Ready Knife】 2.94 oz small folding knife in your pocket,an ideal hiking outdoor knife that capable of countless tasks in the field
  • 【Civivi Care】Civivi knives and tools provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.CIVIVI USA local center provides faster response to take care of you requests.

CIVIVI Chronic Damascus Pocket Knife - Outdoor Damascus steel Hunting Knife with 3.22 Inch Hollow Grind Cutting Blade - Lightweight Flipper Knife for Men (C917DS)

  • ✅【Work Knife with Sharp Damascus Blade】 Flipper Damascus pocket knife provides razor sharp Damascus blade out of the box,nice fit and finish as a great slicer for your edc use or collection.
  • ✅【One-hand Opening and Locking with Liner Lock】Plain edge Damascus knife opens smoothly,provide you a one hand open utility knife thanks to the ball bearing in the pivot,and knife locks up securely with the liner lock.
  • ✅【Streamlined Design Ergonomic Handle】Slim flipper knife with clip point blade and a reversible stainless steel pocket clip,simple and durable G10 with twill carbon fiber overlay scales,solid kit for any outdoor choices
  • ✅【2.50oz Lightweight】Sharp edc Damascus outdoor knife for men hobbies - Camping,Hiking, Bushcrafting,Hunting & Fishing. Easy opened knife tool for women. Ideal addition to your work, backpack,useful gift to the one you loved.
  • ✅【Civivi Care】Civivi is a subset brand of We Knife.Civivi knives provide a limited lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

MASALONG Residual Wings KNI191 Damascus folding collection knife (Straight back)

  • Combination of the two major characteristics of bionic and Transformers
  • The Damascus blade / 5cr15 steel is very sharp. When you open it, you must first observe and figure out the blade's exit, so as to protect your hands.
  • If you regard it as an indoor collector's knife, you will regard it as a work of art. Don't think of it as an outdoor, camping knife.
  • Handle material: Dalbergia wood handle / Plastic, good-looking and comfortable, unique design
  • Expanded length: 19cm, Blade hardness: 59-60HRC

10 Inch Handmade Forged Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Hunting Tri-Edge Kris Dagger Knife with Leather Sheath WE-ALSO-MAKE Sharp Chef Cleaver Bowie Axe Sword Pocket Outdoor Knives Full Tang Handle 9815

  • Overall Length is 10.00" Long and 5 Inch Blade Approx - handle made of Damascus and Brass Rings, Amazing art on the knife with hand work on the Handle - please see our others Amazing Items in our Shop.
  • All our Items are 100% Handmade And 100% Original Damascus Steel - If you have any type of question about our items feel free and contact us.
  • sharp edge blade best quality guaranteed - perfect grip - quality finish , hard and cutting edge , retains sharp edge after rough and tough use - great piece of art for a perfect gift knife as well as fully functional.
  • Quality Material Used 1095/15N20 ALLOY STEELS (352 true Layers). Hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60.
  • handmade durable LEATHER SHEATH of high quality of COW SKIN included.Buy With Confidence.

CIVIVI Ortis Flipper Pocket Knife Twill Carbon Fiber Handle (3.25" Black Hand Rubbed Damascus) C2013DS-1

  • Damascus steel for a tough and reliable cutting edge
  • Lightweight twill carbon fiber handle
  • Flipper or thumb hole smooth opening
  • Convenient reversible pocket clip
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

CIVIVI Dogma Flipper Pocket Knife Black Polished Brass Handle (3.46'' Black Hand Rubbed Damascus) C2005DS-1

  • ✅【Razor Sharp Knife】Premium knife with 0.12 inch blade thickness,well heat treated damascus steel blade holds good edge even after tons of cutting tasks.
  • ✅【Classy Brass Handle】Black polished brass handle enhances the grip and blade control of this compact folder, fit in the hand comfortably.
  • ✅【Easy One-hand Opening】With ball bearings in the pivot,cool knife is easy to one hand open, solid liner lock secures the blade,work pocket knives for indoor and outdoor.
  • ✅【Knife as Perfect Gift】Well designed everyday carry folder is the kind of special gifts for husband from wife, nice as dad gifts,anniversary or Birthday,whether or not they're into knives.
  • ✅【Lifetime Guarantee】Civivi folding knives provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

CIVIVI Appalachian Drifter Slip Joint Folding Knife, Non-Locking Pocket Knife with 2.96 inch Black Hand Rubbed Damascus Blade, Good for Camping Hunting EDC C2015DS-1

  • TOUGH BLADE - 110 layer damascus blade material with black hand rubbed finish, holes a great edge and resists corrosion.
  • NATURAL TACTILITY - Durable layered G10 and rose pattern carbon fiber handle which offers a grippy surface, giving the finger a more solid indexing point.
  • SMOOTH SWITCH - Double detent and caged ceramic ball bearing system allows for smooth opening and closing action.
  • NICE CHOICES - Classcial Non-Locking design keeps the knife legal almost everywhere,lightweight knife suitable for who love camping activities to provide a wonderful experience.
  • CIVIVI CARE - CIVIVI knives provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship, see company site for details.

CIVIVI Dogma Damascus Pocket Knife, Liner Lock, Ball Bearings Pivot,Utility Flipper Folding Knife With Reversible Clip For Edc Outdoor Carry C2014DS-1

  • ✅【110 Layer Damascus Steel】Durable damascus steel blade with thumb groove can handle everyday cutting tasks as well as providing choil for detail work.
  • ✅【Classy Lightweight Handle】Textured G-10/carbon fiber handle is classy in appearance and fits comfortably in the hand.
  • ✅【Easy One-Hand Operation】To deploy the blade, all that’s needed is a press on the flipper tab and it flies open, locking in place with a strong liner lock.
  • ✅【Wide Application Knife】Folding knives with a slicy hollow grind that can be used both in indoor and outdoor, utility knife for men women everyday use.
  • ✅【Civivi Care】Civivi knives and tools provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.CIVIVI USA local center provides faster response to take care of you requests.

CIVIVI Damascus Pocket Knife for EDC, Appalachian Drifter II Folding Knife with 2.96" Clip Point Blade C19010C-DS3

  • Clip point blade made of 110 layer damascus steel.
  • Carbon fiber handle.
  • Front flipper and nail nick opener.
  • Caged ceramic ball bearing pivot.
  • Liner lock mechanism.
  • Deep carry tip-up pocket clip.
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

CIVIVI Pocket Folding Knife with 3.47" Damascus Blade Marble Carbon Fiber Handle, Button Lock Elementum Knife for EDC C2103DS-3

  • 【Fast Opening】Ceramic ball bearing pivot rapidly deploys the blade, ensures a smooth and reliable action.
  • 【Easy to Use】This pocket knife is easy to use , suitable for all adults, also can be a nice gift to a friend whether or not they're into knives.
  • 【Lightweight Comfortable Handle】Lightweight handle offers a secure grip, fits comfortablely in hand, knife with a reversible clip for right or left handed carry.
  • 【Wide Application】Opening boxes, cutting rope, sharpen pencils , utility outdoor hunting camping folding knife for men.
  • 【Civivi Care】Civivi knives and tools provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. CIVIVI USA LOCAL CENTER provides faster response to take care of you requests.

CIVIVI Pocket Folding Knife For EDC, 3.24" Damascus Trailing Point Blade, Jim OYoung Synergy 3 Liner Lock Knife C20075A-DS1

  • ✅Tanto blade made of 110 layer damascus steel.
  • ✅Wildly ergonomic 3D machined G10 and carbon fiber handle.
  • ✅Flipper opener with a ball bearing pivot for a silky, sharp opening.
  • ✅Stainless steel liner lock.
  • ✅Deep carry tip-up pocket clip.
  • ✅Designed by Jim O’Young.
  • ✅Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

CIVIVI Pocket Folding Knife For EDC, 3.24" Damascus Tanto Blade, Jim OYoung Synergy 3 Liner Lock Knife C20075B-DS1

  • ✅Tanto blade made of 110 layer damascus steel.
  • ✅Wildly ergonomic 3D machined G10 and carbon fiber handle.
  • ✅Flipper opener with a ball bearing pivot for a silky, sharp opening.
  • ✅Stainless steel liner lock.
  • ✅Deep carry tip-up pocket clip.
  • ✅Designed by Jim O’Young.
  • ✅Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

Tsinghwang Complete Blue Titanium Screw Pivot Dress Kit Compatible with Benchmade Bugout 535

  • Only suitable for genuine Benchmade Bugout 535
  • Package include:One set of spindle, 11 pieces T6 shank screws
  • Material: Titanium ,color blue
  • Solid heads, no camming out, very consistent threads. When you lost scale screws,the scale screws are just perfect.
  • 【Guarantee】If there are any product problems, please contact us in time, we will give you a refund in time and do not need to return, thank you

CIVIVI Altus Pocket Folding Knife with Button Lock and Thumb Stud Opener, 2.97" Damascus Blade Green Micarta Handle C20076-DS1

  • Drop point blade made of 110 layer damascus steel.
  • Lightweight micarta handle.
  • Button lock and thumb stud opener.
  • Caged ceramic ball bearing pivot.
  • Deep carry pocket clip for everyday carry.
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.
  • CIVIVI USA local center provides faster response to take care of your requests.

CIVIVI NOx Frame Lock Pocket Knife, Flipper Folding Knife with 2.97" Damascus Blade, Reversible Pocket Clip for EDC C2110DS-1

  • ✅【110 Layer Damascus Steel】Drop point blade made of 110 layer damascus steel is tough and has excellent corrosion resistance.
  • ✅【Smooth Opening System】Ceramic ball-bearing manual opening system provides smooth flipper deployment.
  • ✅【Solid Frame Lock】The flipper knife locks solid with a steel frame lock and it is easy to disengage when it’s time to put the knife away.
  • ✅【Easy to carry】This pocket knife for men comes with a lanyard hole, a reversible pocket clip for easy everyday carry.
  • ✅【CIVIVI Care】Civivi knives and tools provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship, CIVIVI USA LOCAL CENTER provides faster response to take care of you
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