Pacific Handy Cutter Inc. HC100 Handy Box Cutter, Tap Open/Tap Close, 12 per Box, Assorted(Packaging may vary)

  • Powder coated finish
  • Economical
  • Easy To Use
  • Replacement Blades Available, RB-009, Search: Pacific Handy Standard Single-Edged Industrial Razor Blades, Box of 100

How To Choose The Best Benchmade Box Cutter

If you have ever used a box cutter before, then you already know what they are capable of. They are small, easy to use, and extremely versatile. However, not everyone knows where to start when shopping for their first box cutters. This article will help you figure out whether you need a box cutter, and if you do, which type of box cutter would work best for you.

What Is A Benchmade Box Cutter?

The Benchmade Box Cutter is an essential tool for any woodworker. It has been around since the beginning of time and will continue to serve its purpose well into the future. The Benchmade Box Cutter is made of high quality steel and features a comfortable handle and a sharp cutting edge. This handy little tool makes it easy to cut through wood, cardboard, plastic, foam board, paper, and more. With this tool, you can make all kinds of projects including picture frames, boxes, and even jewelry!

Who Needs A Benchmade Box Cutter?

Benchmade has been around since 1884. Their products are known for being made of quality materials and built to last. But did you know that Benchmade makes other tools besides knives?

One of these tools is the Benchmade Box Cutter. It's a versatile tool that cuts through cardboard, plastic, paper, foam, wood, and more.

The 7" model features a solid steel construction and a black finish. It weighs 2 lbs. and measures 5" long x 4" wide x 1.5" thick. The 10" version is similar except it's slightly larger. Both models feature a non-slip rubber grip handle and a comfortable ergonomic design.

It's perfect for any project where you need to cut cardboard, plastic, foam, etc. It's also useful for trimming paper, cutting tape, and more.

These box cutters are sold individually but you can save money by buying multiple sets. Each set includes one cutter plus a pair of scissors.

There's nothing better than getting a new tool for free. Not only does this offer you a chance to test drive the product before purchasing it, but it gives you a reason to use it every day. So, if you're ready to add a new tool to your collection, check out the Benchmade Box Cutters today.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Benchmade Box Cutter

If you've ever bought a box cutter, then you already understand how easy they are to use. They are one of those tools that everyone should have in their toolbox. A box cutter is used every day by many people, including professionals such as doctors, dentists, and even chefs. So if you want to ensure that you'll never have trouble cutting through boxes again, then you need to invest in a quality box cutter. Here are three reasons why you should buy a quality box cutter:

When buying a box cutter, you want something that won't break after just a couple uses. You don't want to waste your money on a cheap box cutter that breaks after just a few cuts. Instead, opt for a quality box cutter that will last for years to come.

While most box cutters do exactly what they say they do, some aren't very efficient. This means that you end up wasting a lot of material because the blades aren't sharp enough. Instead, go for a quality box cutter that works quickly and easily so that you can save money and materials.

There are plenty of budget-friendly box cutters available. However, you shouldn't settle for anything less than a quality box cutter. After all, you wouldn't buy a car without first checking the reviews online. Why would you purchase a box cutter without first making sure that it's worth the investment?

So whether you're looking for a professional grade box cutter or a simple household model, you'll find that a quality box cutter is the best way to cut through boxes quickly and easily.

Features To Consider When Buying A Benchmade Box Cutter

Quality materials. The first step in selecting a box cutter is figuring out how you plan to use it. Will you use it for cutting cardboard boxes? Cutting paper? Making pizza dough? Whatever your intended purpose, you'll want to select a quality material that will hold up over time. Look for a tool made from stainless steel or carbon steel, which are both strong metals that won't rust.

Blade length. Next, decide how big of a box cutter you want. Do you prefer a short, stubby model or something longer and more flexible? How about a straight edge or serrated blade?

Handle style. Some box cutters feature handles that are textured for gripping while others are smooth and comfortable to hold. Choose a handle that feels right for you.

Finish. What finish do you prefer? Glossy black or matte black? Polished chrome or brushed aluminum? Stainless steel or nickel plated?

Weight. Consider the weight of the box cutter. Is it light enough to carry around easily? Heavy enough to withstand heavy duty tasks?

Size. Does the box cutter fit comfortably in your hand? Are there any parts that could break off if dropped?

Safety. Make sure the box cutter has safety features such as guards to prevent accidental cuts. And check to make sure the blades retract into the body of the box cutter when not in use.

Different Types Of Benchmade Box Cutter

Benchmade makes a wide variety of tools including box cutters, utility blades, and pocket knives. They offer a large selection of styles ranging from traditional designs to modernized ones. Each style offers its own advantages and disadvantages. We will go through each type below.

Traditional Cutters. Traditional cutters are the oldest design. They consist of two pieces of metal connected by a hinge. One piece holds the cutting edge while the second piece provides support. They are simple and inexpensive to produce. Unfortunately, they are also prone to breaking. When they break, the entire cutter becomes useless. To prevent this, users should always keep them stored safely away from sharp objects.

Modern Cutters. Modern cutters are similar to traditional cutters except they use a spring loaded mechanism instead of a hinge. They are less likely to break since they don't rely on hinges. Benchmade Box Cutters are also lighter and stronger than traditional cutters. Unfortunately, they are also more expensive. Because they cost more, they are not suitable for beginners. For those who are experienced, they are well worth the extra expense.

Drop Point Blades. Drop point blades are designed to create a clean line when making cuts. Benchmade Box Cutters are commonly used for tasks like opening boxes. They are also useful for creating decorative lines in woodwork projects. These are especially good for detailed cuts. These are also fairly versatile. They can be used for everything from cutting paper to carving wood.

Point Blade. Point blades are similar to drop point blades except they feature a sharper tip. These are excellent for precision cuts. They are also good for detail work. Benchmade Box Cutters are also quite durable. Unfortunately, they are also quite expensive. They are best suited for professional uses.

Blade Drop. Blade drops are a hybrid between traditional and modern cutters. They combine the strength and durability of modern cutters with the simplicity and safety of traditional cutters. They are also lightweight and affordable. These are also very versatile. They can be used for almost anything from cutting cardboard to cutting leather.


COSCO 091524 Box Cutter Knife w/Shielded Blade, Black/Blue

  • Easycut Self Retracting cutter
  • Box cutter knife with shielded blade.
  • Safety-tipped blade
  • Blade storage compartment
  • Retractable edge guides

Slice - 10400 Box Cutter, 3 Position Manual Button with Ceramic Blade, Locking blade

  • 3-Position Manual Slider Button allows blade to stay locked in 3 positions (Fully extended blade, semi-protruding blade, Fully hidden blade)
  • Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Blade with Rounded Tip for Safety = Non-Conductive, Anti-Magnetic, Never Rusts, Chemically Inert (No Oil Coatings) + Stays Sharp Up To 10X Longer Than Steel Blades
  • 1 Slice Ceramic Blade = Up to 20 Metal Blades = Less Blade Changes = Less $$$ = Less Downtime = Less injuries + Simple No Tool Blade Change (Replacement SKU# 10404 or 10408)
  • Ceramic Blade only protrudes 1/2" - designed primarily for cutting corrugated packaging, foam, vinyl, boxes, cardboard, etc
  • To cut paper and thinner items please try the Slice 00116 Precision Cutter or 00100 Safety Cutter or use the Pointed Blades 10408
  • Innovative box cutter
  • Stylish, durable, and safer to use than traditional utility knives
  • Dual-sided ceramic blade lasts as long as 20 metal blades; ten times sharper than metal blades and never rusts
  • Adjustable to three lengths
  • Easy to access blade storage

Slice 10558 Smart-Retract Safety Box Cutter, Blade Automatically Retracts as Cutting Motion Finishes, Utility Knife with Finger Friendly Ceramic Blade, Commercial Grade, for Industrial Settings, Blue

  • Easy, No-Tool Blade Change = Less Blade Changes = Less Money = Less Downtime = Less Injuries
  • Smart-retract technology = self-retracts for safety even if your finger is still on the slider button
  • Stays sharp up to 10x longer than steel + single ceramic blade Equivalent up to 20 single sided metal blades
  • Ergo-pull side slider button + durable gfn (glass filled nylon) handle
  • Ceramic blades never rust, they are non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-sparking , chemically inert and have an oil-free finish (perfect for clean rooms)

Excel Blades Revo Folding Pocket Utility Knife - Aluminum Body Heavy Duty Box Cutter with Holster, Anti-Slip Finger Loop Design Grip, Quick Change Blades and 3 Lock Positions Design, Grey

  • REVO UTILITY KNIFE - Excel Blades K60 Revo utility is a heavy duty folding box cutter utility knife with three locking positions and an open center ring that provides extra grip for safety and support.
  • MULTIPURPOSE - Ideal for use in the general workplace or in the construction industry, this folding utility knife is well suited for cutting materials such as wood and sheetrock and for construction, remodeling, and carpentry projects.
  • EASY, QUICK, RELIABLE - Precision engineered with a one handed opening operation and quick blade changing mechanism, this premium folding utility knife with clip allows you to quickly and reliably change out blades.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT - Our angled blade folding knife features a lightweight construction and easy-fold design that fits perfectly into your pocket or easily clips to your belt for easy access while you work on your project.
  • BLADE INCLUDED - This K60 pro utility knife comes complete with a standard heavy duty two notch utility blade and safety guard. The handle is compatible with most standard utility blades, including Stanley.

Slice Manual Carton Cutter 10585, 1 Pack

  • Slice safety blade’s unique cutting edge might seem dull, but it cuts right through your material while keeping you safe!
  • Other blades are dangerously sharp. Slice blades start at a safe and effective sharpness and stay there 11 times longer.
  • Discover safe and effective cutting with this ambidextrous carton cutter. With an acetone-resistant metal sheath and a reinforced nylon handle, this durable tool stands up to industrial use.
  • Ideal for cutting boxboard, cardboard, tape, clamshell and flexible plastics. This slim carton cutter fits in your pocket or the palm of your hand, ready to use for common cutting tasks.
  • Ships with a 10526 rounded-tip reversible utility blade. Each side lasts up to 11 times longer than a comparable steel edge. Pointed-tip 10528 utility blade available separately.

Lnchett Box Cutter, 12 Piece Retractable Cardboard Cutter for Packages, Boxes and Paper

  • 12 per box
  • All metal design
  • Easy to open and close
  • The blade is made of high quality steel for strength and durability
  • Easy blade change

HORUSDY 4-Pack Box Cutter Utility Knife, SK5 Heavy Duty Aluminum Shell Retractable Box Cutter for Cardboard, Boxes and Cartons, Extra 10 Blades.

  • Aluminum alloy shell with TPR rubber handle is more durable than ordinary plastic utility knife, and the knife body is more comfortable to hold and use.
  • Includes four sets of practical knives with different colors. The blade is retractable and can be used smoothly.
  • Super sharp SK5 heavy blade, can cut different materials, suitable for hobbies, DIY projects, cardboard, carpet, rope, box, wallpaper, vinyl, rubber, leather, PVC materials, etc.
  • The tail of the knife body is designed by hanging rope, which can hang the knife on the wall or knife rest. It's also easy to carry or store in your toolbox.
  • Includes an additional 10 blades. All blades are made of SK5 material.

Spec Ops Tools Safety Knife Box Cutter, Includes Holster & Lanyard, 3% Donated to Veterans, black/tan

  • Patented radius-tip blade with three blade depth settings to accommodate various box sizes
  • Two edge guides for quick and accurate top cuts
  • Versatile snap-on holster and lanyard system accommodates left- and right-hand users
  • Built-in storage includes one extra blade
  • Ergonomic, squeeze-action blade trigger for ultimate control
  • Blade lock prevents accidental blade exposure
  • Tape splitter enables quick-action tape cuts
  • Easy-trigger technology to expose blade
  • 3% of all Spec Ops Tools purchases are donated to veteran and first responder causes

Leven Cute Retractable Box Cutters, 3 Utility Knife, Sharp Cartons Cardboard Cutter Razor Knife for Christmas, Smooth Mechanism Perfect for Office and Home Use

  • Built to Last: High-grade carbon steel blades allow for long lasting, durable cuts and slices on plastic packaging, boxes and straps
  • Great box cutter utensil: With smooth mechanism, our utility knife slides open with ease and self retractable to ensure safety
  • Portable: small and light weight allows you to take the utility knives anywhere when traveling
  • Comfort Grip: Thickened hard plastic frame makes it comfortable for you to grip the knife
  • Cute Design: cute cat paw shape

Joycube 2-Pack Mini Utility Knife Box Cutter, Compact Retractable Package Letter Opener, Small Pocket Knife EDC Cutting Tool (Black/Orange)

  • Great Gift Ideas: for birthday, family, friends, business, him and her
  • Very Useful: super convenient tool to open box, package, envelope, letter, carton, cut seat belt, rope, strap, paper, plastic bag, wrapping tape, perfect for outdoors, camping, fishing, home, office, emergencies and more.
  • Very Light: the box cutter is extremely light, only 0.23oz, keychain design, easy to carry for everyday use.
  • Very Small: only 1.9in closed, 2.8in open.
  • Material: aluminium alloy body, durable stainless steel blade

NIUTA Utility Knife box cutter Replacement Blades Heavy Duty High (2-pack)

  • which provides more security for you, The ergonomic curve of the handle fits your hands. No need to worry about the blade slipping from your hand while you are working. Also our knife is built with back lock design that safely keeps your blades in place when in use, which also allows you one-hand easy opening and closing
  • Portable & Lightweight The folding size is only 11.94 cm and weighs only 200 grams. Carry it with you on your belt, in your pocket or in your bag so you’ll always have it with you when needed
  • USE FOR VARIOUS APPLICATIONS - Our heavy duty utility knife is built to last. It can be used for various different jobs that you may need to get done. It cuts through paper, carpet, plastic, cartons, cloth, bags, leather, PVC, dry wall and much more. Get more work done with our durable cutter knife
  • BUILT WITH SAFETY IN MIND: Much safer than retractable utility knives with its smaller exposed cutting edge, patented quick-change blade mechanism, and lock back release; The textured grip gives you a firm hold in any situation, making this small box cutter more precise than your average box blade
  • Fashion Gift Packaging ,We use multi-layer cardboard as the material for the outer packaging. The box is uniquely designed and sturdy and smooth, making it an ideal choice for holiday gifts

Utility Knife, DAT Series-X Portable Box Cutter, Fine Point Arts and Crafts Blade for Precision Cutting, with 10 Blade Pieces (White, 1 Cutter 10 Blades)

  • Build: Precision knife with sharp, 30 degree snap-off alloy steel blade for optimal precision work. 5.5 IN x 0.6 IN knife size.
  • Ergonomic Design: Made to be accessible for both right and left handed users while providing a firm, comfortable grip while cutting.
  • Innovative Features: Stabilizing knife clamp, string cutter opening, and blade auto-locking device.
  • Utility: Perfect for arts, crafts, opening packages, letters, cardboard, etc. Lightweight and durable.
  • Extra Blades: Includes 10 blades for maximum value and long lasting use!

Retractable Razor Knife Set - Box Cutter Heavy Duty Retractable Box Cutter for Cartons, Cardboard, and Boxes, Extra 10 Blades Included

  • Ultra sharpness and double hardness blade, Perfect for a hobby, DIY projects, cardboard, carpet, Rope, boxes, wallpapers, vinyl, rubber, leather, PVC material and etc
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: Ergonomically curved utility knife handle fits your hand for greater comfort while cutting
  • Heavy Duty Construction - The heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction fits for great job site toughness and durability
  • Extra 10-piece blades included

DIYSELE Knife Box Cutter Retractable, Heavy Duty Razor Knife with 4 PCS Sharp Blades, Storage Space in Handle, Utility Knife Retractable for Cutting Cartons, Cardboard, Boxes, Crafts, DIY Projects

  • 【Utility Knife Application】 You can use this utility knife in many ways, such as hand-carving, pencil sharpening, DIY projects or cutting various materials, including cardboard, wallpaper, cloth, rubber, PVC materials, etc. This razor knife is also suitable for boyfriend or families as a gift.
  • 【Auto Lock System】 When you use the box cutter, releasing the top slider, it will automatically lock the position and fix the blade to prevent the blade from sliding down. Therefore, it’s exquisite design can protect you during using and can also meet the precise cutting needs of different angles.
  • 【Blades Storage Space】 There is blade storage space in the box cutter knife handle and the space can be stored up to 10 blades. Move the side slider to open the storage space, where you can check the number of blades or place spare blades. We have prepared 4 extra sharp blades for your replacement.
  • 【Hanging Hole Design】 There is a lanyard hole at the tail of the box knife, so you can hang it on a hook, or fasten it to the tool bag with a rope. It can be easily removed anytime you want to use it, and cannot get lost easily as well. The unique storage design brings you a neat desktop.
  • 【Quality Assurance】 Our box cutters utility knives are made of high-quality materials and are strictly inspected before shipment. If you have any questions after purchasing, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you with a satisfactory service.
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