How To Choose The Best Benchmade Auto Stryker

Benchmade has been making knives since 1884, and they have become synonymous with quality. Their products are known for their durability and sharpness, but what makes them stand out above other manufacturers is their attention to detail. This is why they make such great gifts for men who love to craft, as well as those who just enjoy using a knife every day.

What Is A Benchmade Auto Stryker?

The Benchmade Auto Stryker is an automatic knife made for cutting leather. It has a large blade made of CPM S35VN stainless steel and a handle made of G10. The Auto Stryker features a drop point style blade that allows you to cut through thick leather without having to worry about accidentally slicing yourself. This knife is perfect for anyone who wants a tool that will last forever and cuts like butter!

Who needs a Benchmade Auto Stryker?

Benchmade has been around since 1885. Today, they still produce knives that are made using traditional methods. But, they also offer new products that use modern technology. One such product is the Auto Stryker.

The Auto Stryker is a multi tool designed specifically for car owners. It includes everything you'd expect from a standard multi tool. However, this one comes with a built-in blade holder. This makes it perfect for cutting things while driving. It also features a bottle opener, screwdriver, and hex key.

This tool is ideal for anyone who wants a multi tool that works well in the car. It's compact enough to fit easily under the seat. And, it doesn't take up any extra space in your glove compartment.

It's also very durable. It uses 420 stainless steel blades. These blades are heat treated and hardened. This gives them excellent edge retention. And, they're backed by a lifetime warranty.

There are two versions of the Auto Stryker. Both feature a black handle and blue accents. The only difference between the two models is the size of the blade. The larger version holds a 3 inch blade. This is perfect for cutting through thick materials. Meanwhile, the smaller model holds a 2 1/2 inch blade. This is better suited for light duty tasks.

Both models are equally versatile. They're capable of performing multiple functions. They're also extremely lightweight. This makes them comfortable to hold during long periods of time. And, they're easy to store in your pocket or purse.

In addition to being useful, these tools are stylish. They look great in any vehicle. And, they add a touch of style to any man's tool collection.

So, if you're looking for a multi tool that's easy to carry and looks cool, check out the Auto Stryker.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Benchmade Auto Stryker

If you've ever owned a knife, then you probably already know how valuable knives are. Knives have become so essential to everyday life that they're used for everything from cutting food to opening bottles of wine. And if you want to keep your knives sharp, you'll need to invest in one of the best knives available. After all, a dull blade is dangerous, especially when you're handling something like a steak or a bottle opener. So, here are three reasons why you should purchase a quality Benchmade Auto Stryker Knife:

A quality knife is built with premium materials such as stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, and ceramic. These materials provide superior durability and strength. They also resist corrosion and rust.

This means that they must be able to withstand tough conditions. For example, if you use your knife to open a beer bottle every night after dinner, you'll eventually wear down the edge of the blade. Fortunately, a quality knife will stand up to heavy duty tasks. You won't have to worry about replacing your knife because it's wearing out.

Unfortunately, many people fall victim to this trap. They pay way too much for a knife because they assume that a higher price tag equals better quality. While this may be true for some products, it isn't necessarily the case with knives. Sure, you might find a bargain at a garage sale, but you'll never find a deal on a quality knife. Instead, you should focus on buying the best knife possible. Then, you'll enjoy years of reliable service.

Features To Consider When Buying A Benchmade Auto Stryker

Quality materials. The first step in purchasing a knife is finding the right tool for the job. With a Benchmade Auto Stryker, you'll want to make sure it has quality materials. Look for knives made from stainless steel, which provides strength and durability. And, if you plan to sharpen your blade often, look for blades that are heat treated to ensure they hold their sharpness over time.

Easy maintenance. After using your new knife, you'll want to take care of it properly. This means cleaning it regularly and storing it safely. Make sure your knife is stored upright, away from moisture and other contaminants. And, if you plan to sharpen your blade often, store it where it won't accidentally roll off the table.

Versatile design. When you're looking for a versatile knife, you'll want to make sure it's comfortable to handle. Look for a knife that feels balanced in your hand and fits comfortably in your grip. In addition, look for a knife that allows you to perform tasks easily. For example, you may want a knife that makes opening packages easier than others do.

Value. When you're shopping for a knife, you'll want to make sure it's worth your money. Look for a knife that meets your needs and gives you great value for your money. You might also want to compare prices on different models and sizes to see what works best for your budget.

Different Types Of Benchmade Auto Stryker

Benchmade Auto Strykers are knives that were originally created by Benchmade Knives. These are now owned by Leatherman. They are known for their ability to cut through tough materials without leaving behind jagged edges. Their blades are forged from AUS 8A stainless steel and feature a full tang design. These are available in various sizes ranging from pocket size to large hunting knives.

The original Benchmade Auto Stryker was released in 1998. Since its release, the company has continued to improve upon the original model. Today, there are three main models of Auto Stryker. Each model features a slightly different blade shape and handle style. We will go over each of these models below.

Auto Stryker Classic. This is the original version of the Auto Stryker. It features a drop point blade with a straight spine. It also includes a lanyard hole and a clip point tip. Its overall length measures 5 inches long. It weighs 2 ounces.

Auto Stryker Sport. This is the second generation of the Auto Stryker. It features a modified drop point blade with a slight curve to the spine. Its overall length measures 4 1/2 inches long. It weighs 3 ounces.

Auto Stryker Hunter. This is the third generation of the Auto Stryker. Its overall length measures 6 inches long. It weighs 4 ounces.


Trumpeter 1/35 M1127 Stryker Recon Vehicle (RV) (TSM-395)

  • Glue and paints are not included in the kit
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • English Instructions included
  • Ready-to-assemble plastic model kit
  • 440 total pieces included
  • Skill level: intermediate

AFV Club Models 1/35 M1134 Stryker Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle

  • AFV Club Models Item#: 35134
  • Precision **ASSEMBLY-REQUIRED PLASTIC MODEL KIT** with parts mounted on sprue trees
  • For ages 10 and older; To avoid choking or injury, keep all model kit parts away from small children
  • Assembly & painting required. Requires glue, paint, & modeling tools (not included)

Benchmade Barrage 585S Knife, Drop Point Serrated Blade, Satin Finish, Black Handle, Made in USA

  • HIGH-QUALITY: The 154CM stainless steel blade is tough, rust resistant, and holds an edge well. The Valox handle is strong and stable, making it ideal for everyday use
  • WELL-DESIGNED: The Barrage family is the first to feature the AXIS Assist. The Mini Barrage 585 can be opened and closed quickly and single-handedly. It's also fully ambidextrous.
  • COMFORTABLE: The 585's smaller, lighter design and quick opening make it comfortable to hold and easy to use. The reversible pocket clip offers ultimate accessibility.
  • VERSATILE: The Mini Barrage 585's drop-point, utility blade style and all-around functionality make it ideal for everyday carry and outdoor activities.

Benchmade - 7 BLKWSN Hook Safety Cutters, Black Coated Handle

  • AMERICAN MADE STEEL: 440C (58-60 HRC) high-chromium stainless steel with balanced hardness and corrosion resistance. 440C takes a fine edge and is fairly easy to re-sharpen. An excellent value-priced steel for its performance.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: A coated, skeletonized 440C stainless steel handle. This knife is also MOLLE compatible.
  • FIXED HOOK BLADE WITH SHEATH BONUS: This knife is permanently open and comes with a sheath to protect the edge. The sheath is a Boltaron sheath that has a MOLLE compatible belt clip.

Benchmade - Fixed Adamas 375 Knife with Sand Sheath, Drop-Point Blade, Plain Edge, Coated Finish, Sand Handle

  • HIGH-QUALITY: The D2 steel blade holds an edge exceptionally well. The skeletonized handle reduces weight and allows for paracord wrapping.
  • WELL-DESIGNED: The Adamas 375 is a full-tang fixed blade knife, providing greater strength and reliability than a folding knife. The simplicity of the knife also makes it easy to clean.
  • COMFORTABLE: The 375 is rugged yet comfortable to hold and use. The molded MOLLE-compatible sheath offers security and accessibility.
  • VERSATILE: The Adamas 375's drop-point, utility blade style serves well for a variety of tasks. It features serrations on the spine for tougher tasks like cutting rope.

Stryker SR-955hpc 10 Meter Amateur Radio

  • High power: Uses four FQP13N10 MOSFETs that produce over 70W PEP.
  • Brilliant 7 color LED backlit faceplate (choose from 7 colors w/ push of a button or let CPU controller scan through all colors on its own).
  • Dimmer control (32 positions), advanced clarifier, Band/VFO, PC programmable, variable power control; variable talkback control; Digital Echo with dual front-mounted controls; Six Roger beeps.
  • Up-armored receiver: exclusive receiver protection works under the harshest conditions (e.g., at a truck stop with many high-powered radios nearby). Receiver filtering is tighter than most radios on the market for superior adjacent channel rejection.
  • This is a 10 meter radio, not an 11 meter (Citizens Band) radio.

Stryker SR-2K Center Load Trucker CB Antenna

  • Rated for 3600 Watts For use on 26 MHZ - 30 MHz
  • 5" & 10" shaft 3/8" x 24 thread are BOTH included
  • Extremely low loss coil, means more talking power
  • Set screws make SWR Tuning painless
  • 2 Year Factory Warranty

Stryker SR-A10MM Magnetic Mount CB & 10-Meter Radio Antenna

  • 6 Gauge Solid Copper 100% Silver Plate Wire
  • Extremely Efficient High “Q” Coil
  • Powerful 5" diameter magnetic base
  • 10,000 Watts Power Handling Capability
  • 2 Year Warranty

Stryker SR-94HPC 10 Meter Radio

  • 10 & 12 Meters
  • RF Power High / Low
  • 45+ Watts PEP
  • MIC/RF Gain Controls
  • Backlit Keys

Titanium Deep Pocket Clip Made for Benchmade 940 943 580 585 Knife

  • Deep Carry Clip Allow Your Folder To Ride Lower Inside Pocket
  • Countersunk Holes With Screws - Grade 5 Titanium Alloy at .050--.055" thick
  • Satin Finish With Asian Swallowtail Butterfly Marking (Not Benchmade Logo - this is NOT a Benchmade product)
  • Custom made upon order - wait time is required

Off-Grid Knives - Black Mamba V2 - Bohler M390 Super Steel Blade, 6AL4V Titanium Scales, Ceramic Ball Bearing Flipper Knife, Brushed DLC, Open Back Design, Deep Pocket Carry

  • 🔥V2 w. M390: We upgraded the Black Mamba V2 with Austrian Bohler M390 Steel, Ultra Premium Steel Produced by Powder Metallurgy, Extremely High Toughness, Wear & Corrosion Resistance, Blackwashed Finish & Reverse Tanto Style and Close to a Wharncliffe Blade, the Weight has been REDUCED to 4 ounces, Perfect EDC Weight
  • GRADE 5 TITANIUM: 6AL4V Ti is Commonly Used in High End Custom Knives, Exhibits Very High Strength Yet Light Weight, Excellent Corrosion Resistance, Used Also in the Aerospace Industry, Blackwashed Finish with Titanium Hexagon Scales
  • FAST ACTION & DLC: The Blade Rides on High End Ceramic Ball Bearings Creating a Quick Effortless Opening Using One Hand. BRUSHED DLC: The Overall Finish Has a Tumbled Black Stonewash Look, Non-Reflective, DLC Stands for 'Diamond-Like Carbon' Which Adds Extra Corrosion Resistance, Extra Hardness, Used in Both the High End Knife and Gun Industry Due to the Added Resistance to Wear
  • ZERO BLADE PLAY & OPEN BACK DESIGN: Quality Construction by Bestech, the Mamba Locks Up Like A Vault Using a Frame Lock. OPEN BACK DESIGN: With the Open Back Design, the Mamba is Easy to Clean and Less Chance of Debris Getting Caught in the Handle During Hard Use in the Field, Also Sheds Some Unnecessary Weight
  • EVERYDAY CARRY (EDC): Only 4 ounces, Legal Carry 3 inch Blade, Blade Thickness 4mm, Handle 4 Inches & Tip Up Right and Left Deep Pocket Clip Carry, the Mamba V2 is a Perfect EDC Workhorse **Lifetime Replacement with Registration at the Off-Grid Website**

Benchmade - Turret 980, EDC Folding Knife, Drop-Point Blade, Manual Open, Axis Locking Mechanism, Made in USA, Coated, Serrated, 980SBK Turret

  • CPM-S30V Black Cerakote Partial Serrated Blade
  • Olive drab G10 Handles
  • department name: unisex-adult
  • material type: METAL

Benchmade 556SBKOD-S30V - Mini Griptilian 556 EDC Manual Open Folding Knife Made in USA with CPM-S30V Steel, Drop-Point Blade, Serrated Edge, Coated Finish, Olive Handle

  • BUILT TO PERFORM: Simplicity meets unmatched function, no matter the application; Ideal for pretty much everything.
  • AMERICAN MADE CPM-S30V STAINLESS STEEL: Extremely well-balanced; superb edge qualities and rust resistance.
  • THE GRIVORY HANDLE: Is fully ambidextrous, has a textured grip, and is molded from glass-filled nylon for superior durability.
  • AXIS LOCKING MECHANISM: Ensures safety and a smooth open and easy close; Reversible clip; Lanyard hole for versatile carry options.
  • TAKE YOUR BENCHMADE ANYWHERE: With its reduced profile and lightweight design, the Mini Griptilian 556 is the perfect addition to your EDC collection, backpack, survival kit, tackle box, and more.

Benchmade - Boost 591, EDC Folding Knife, Opposing Bevel Blade with Pry Tip, Manual Open, Axis Assist Mechanism, Made in USA, Black (591BK)

  • FAST ACTION: A comfortable, quick and strong knife made for everyday use; Easy ambidextrous access with a blunt pry-tip blade
  • AMERICAN MADE CPM-3V STEEL: A powder-metal tool steel engineered for high stress and extreme force; Exceptionally tough with good edge retention; Requires a little extra care to keep the rust off
  • DUAL DUROMETER HANDLE: Grivory and Versaflex dual durometer handle greatly increases grip while maintaining strength; Comfortable ergonomics for a knife that feels good in the hand
  • AXIS ASSIST MECHANISM: Opens easily with one hand and features integrated safety locks; Reversible deep-carry pocket clip for ultimate accessibility
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Comfortable ergonomics and quick action that's practical to take anywhere and everywhere; Add it to your tool box, backpack, survival kit and more

Benchmade - Mini 427SBK Vallation, Drop Point Serrated Blade, Coated, Billet Aluminum Handle, Made in the USA

  • COMFORTABLE: The 427's smaller size makes it comfortable to hold and use. The reversible, deep-carry pocket clip offers ultimate accessibility.
  • HIGH-QUALITY: The CPM-S30V stainless steel blade is well-balanced, offering superb edge qualities and rust resistance. The aluminum handle offers solid form and function at minimal weight.
  • WELL-DESIGNED: Benchmade's AXIS lock is exceptionally strong and fully ambidextrous. The 427 is a manual knife that can be opened and closed with one hand.
  • VERSATILE: The Mini Presidio II 427's drop-point, utility blade style and all-around functionality make it ideal for everyday carry and tactical applications.

Benchmade - Aller Fumee 381, 6 Tool Folding Knife with Screwdriver and Bottle Opener, Wharncliffe Blade, Friction Folder, Made in USA

  • AMERICAN MADE CPM-S30V STEEL: For first-rate edge retention and corrosion resistance; Precision drop-point construction for strength and versatility.
  • BLADE STYLE: Guillotine plain edge chisel ground provides a clean cut
  • MULTI TOOL: 56 ring gauge cigar cutter, bottle opener, screwdriver, pry tip and micro bit slot
  • MONEY CLIP: Custom designed reversible and removable from chocolate/brown/red layered Richlite handle

Benchmade - 602 Tengu Tool Knife, Tanto Blade, Bottle Opener, Black Leather Carry Sleeve

  • MULTI-FACETED EVERY DAY CARRY TOOL KNIFE: slim and trim friction folding tool knife, Tanto Blade includes a bottle opener.
  • AMERICAN MADE CPM-20CV STEEL: For excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. A great choice for someone looking for a low maintenance and superior cutting edge.
  • COUNTERED G10 HANDLE: The G10 handle is durable, impervious to moisture, and stable under extreme temperatures.
  • VERSITLE KNIFE: Stylish Jared Oeser functional design, completed with a soft black leather carry sleeve.

Deep Carry Titanium Pocket Clip For Benchmade Griptillian Emerson ProTech USA

  • Deep Carry Titanium Clip For Benchmade / Emerson / ProTech
  • Clips fit most Emersons, as well as some of Benchmade's most common models, including the Griptillian and Mini-Grip series, the Bugout, and the 940 series, among others. This design also works with several ProTech and ZT knives. See compatibility list below.
  • Model Compatibility: (For details,please see description)Benchmade 560 Series (Freek) 565 Series 575 Series (Mini-Presidio) 585 Series 595 Series (Mini-Boost) 940 Series 980 Turret Auto Stryker Bailout Barrage Bugout Bugout CF Elite Crooked River Mini Crooked River Griptillian Series Mini-Freek Mini-Grip Series Nakamura Outlast 365 Presidio Presidio II Stimulus Series Vallation Series Volli Emerson A-100 Bulldog Commander CQC-7 CQC-8 CQC-14 CQC-15 Kwaiken Renegade Roadhouse Mini Roadhouse
  • Package include : 1PC Clip only (no screws or knife)

Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Benchmade Griptillian Emerson ProTech

  • Deep Carry Clip For Benchmade / Emerson / ProTech
  • Clips fit most Emersons, as well as some of Benchmade?s most common models, including the Griptillian and Mini-Grip series, the Bugout, and the 940 series, among others. This design also works with several ProTech and ZT knives. See compatibility list below.
  • Model Compatibility: (For details, please see description? Benchmade 560 Series (Freek) 565 Series 575 Series (Mini-Presidio) 585 Series 595 Series (Mini-Boost) 940 Series 980 Turret Auto Stryker Bailout Barrage Bugout Bugout CF Elite Crooked River Mini Crooked River Griptillian Series Mini-Freek Mini-Grip Series Nakamura Outlast 365 Presidio Presidio II Stimulus Series Vallation Series Volli Emerson A-100 Bulldog
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