Diamond Machining Technology (DMT), 8-in. Diamond Dia-Sharp Whetsone Bench Stone, Coarse Grit Sharpener (D8C)

  • Diamond Wet Stone: Assured Not To Hollow Or Groove, This Precisely Engineered Diamond Stone Ensures Consistent, Even Sharpening Every Time And Accommodates A Range Of Edges
  • Coarse: Quickly Restore Neglected Edges With This Course Diamond Sharpening Plate (45 Micron / 325 Mesh); Our Diamond Plate Features Non-Skid Rubber Feet With The Grit Clearly Marked On The Side
  • Versatile: Engineered To Provide Cutting-Edge Performance, This 8-Inch Diamond Stone Sharpener Is Ideal For Repairing And Honing Knives And Tools, Flattening Plane Soles, Irons, And Chisel Backs
  • Fast & Easy: A Micronized Monocrystalline Diamond Surface Sharpens Edges Faster And Easier Than Conventional Sharpening Stones; No Messy Oils Are Needed Either - Sharpen Dry Or With Water
  • Sharpening surface accommodates range of edges from large knives to small pointed tools
  • Sharpening surface accommodates range of edges from large knives to small pointed tools
  • Coarse diamond to transform a dull edge
  • Sharpens knives faster than conventional stones with DMT's monocrystalline diamond surface
  • No oil is needed--sharpen dry or with water
  • Durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service

How To Choose The Best Benchmade 3551

Benchmade knives have been around since the early 1900s, but they really started making their mark in the 1990s. They were originally known as the Stimulus line, but now they are simply called the Benchmade brand. The company has grown into a major player in the industry, and they make everything from pocketknives to fixed blades. Their products are well made, affordable, and durable. If you're interested in getting a new knife, then read our review of the Benchmade 3551.

What Is A Benchmade 3551?

The 3551 is an all purpose utility knife made by Benchmade Knives. The small size is perfect for everyday tasks like cutting paper, while the larger models are ideal for more serious projects. All three sizes come with a black G10 handle and a stainless steel pocket clip.

Who Needs A Benchmade 3551?

Benchmade knives are known for being made of quality materials and crafted using traditional methods. But did you know that these knives are also designed to last?

The company has been around since 1881. And today, they continue to produce top-notch products that are built to last. Their knives are hand forged and heat treated. Then, they're finished with a hard coat of black oxide.

This process ensures that every knife comes ready to use right out of the box. No assembly required.

But this isn't the only reason why Benchmade makes such durable knives. These blades are also made to handle whatever task you throw at them. Whether you're cutting through meat, slicing tomatoes, or carving wood, the 3551 is sure to perform flawlessly.

It's true that most knives aren't meant to last forever. But the 3551 is one exception. It's built to take a beating. And it does. Because it was created using traditional techniques and materials.

That said, it doesn't mean that the 3551 is perfect. Like any other tool, it requires maintenance. Over time, the coating wears off. And eventually, the steel rusts away. Fortunately, you can easily fix this problem. All you need is a wire brush and a bit of elbow grease.

In addition to maintaining its durability, the 3551 is also versatile. It handles everything from fine cuts to heavy duty tasks. And thanks to its ergonomic design, it feels comfortable in your hands.

So, if you're looking for a knife that's tough enough to cut through anything, but still comfortable to hold, then the 3551 is worth checking out.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Benchmade 3551

If you've ever bought a knife, then you already know how important it is to purchase a quality product. You want something that will serve you well for years to come. When it comes to knives, however, many people tend to overlook one very important aspect - the blade itself. Sure, you may have heard about the steel used in most blades, but do you really understand what makes them so special?

Steel is forged. Steel is heated to extremely high temperatures and hammered until it becomes malleable. This process creates a unique pattern called "grain" within the metal. Grain patterns vary depending on the type of steel being used.

Steel is tempered. Tempering refers to heating steel again after forging. Temperament allows the steel to retain its hardness even after repeated heat treatment. This is especially useful if you plan on sharpening your knife often. A properly tempered blade will hold its edge better than a non-tempered blade.

Steel is hardened. Hardened steel is steel that has been given a final temper by quenching it in oil or other coolant. Quenching softens the steel and gives it a harder surface. Once cooled, hardened steel retains its hardness even after repeated heat treatments. This means that hardened steel will hold its edge better than unhardened steel.

Now that we've covered the basics of steel, let's talk about the steel used in Benchmade knives. Benchmade uses CPM 154 stainless steel. CPM stands for Carpenter Permatex Molybdenum Stainless Steel. CPM 154 is a relatively mild steel that holds a nice balance between strength and toughness. It's a great material for kitchen knives because it doesn't rust easily and it won't dull quickly. CPM 154 is available in two grades - S30VN and S35VN. Both are excellent choices for everyday use.

Features To Consider When Buying A Benchmade 3551

Blade steel. The blade steel used in a knife has a lot to do with how sharp it is. And, while there are many different types of blades available, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, stainless steel blades tend to hold their edge longer than carbon steel blades. But they're more expensive.

Edge geometry. Another factor to consider when buying a knife is the shape of the cutting edge. Some knives feature flat edges, others feature curved ones. Flat edged knives are easier to sharpen, but they cut less efficiently.

Handle material. Knives made from wood, plastic, or aluminum are popular options. Wood handles are typically lighter weight and more affordable than other materials. Plastic handles are durable and heat resistant, while aluminum handles are lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Finish. There are several finish options available. Matte finishes are smooth and matte black. Satin finishes add shine and contrast. Polished finishes give off a mirrorlike appearance.

Length. Most knives fall into three categories: pocket knives, fixed blades, and folders. Pocket knives are short, usually between 3" and 4". Fixed blades are longer, often measuring 5" to 6". Folders are somewhere in between. They're shorter than fixed blades, but they fold closed.

Weight. Weight matters. Heavy knives are harder to handle and may slip if dropped. Lighter weights are easier to carry and maneuver. However, heavier knives are stronger and more durable.

Stainless steel vs. Carbon Steel. Stainless steel is a common choice for kitchen knives. While it holds an edge well, it doesn't rust easily. On the downside, stainless steel tends to dull faster than carbon steel. This means you'll need to sharpen them more frequently.

Carbon steel is another option. It's inexpensive, but it does wear down quickly. Because it wears down quicker than stainless steel, you'll need to sharpen it more often.

Different Types Of Benchmade 3551

Benchmade knives are known for making quality kitchen cutlery. Their knives are well respected by chefs and home cooks alike. They offer a wide variety of blades ranging from serrated bread knives to utility knives. All of their knives feature a full tang blade construction. This means that the entire blade extends through the handle creating a stronger connection between the two parts of the knife. This makes the knife less likely to break apart.

The 3551 series is one of Benchmade’s most popular lines of knives. It features a 3 1/2 inch drop point blade that is forged from ATS-34 stainless steel. The blade is ground to a razor sharp edge and finished with a black oxide coating. The handle is constructed from G10 scales and is wrapped in leather. The sheath is made from ballistic nylon and includes a belt loop attachment strap.

There are three models in the 3551 line. Each model offers a slightly different style of grip. The standard model features a traditional finger groove. The second model features a thumb rest and the third model features a palm swell. The difference in styles allows users to choose the right fit for their hand size.

Each model also comes with its own custom fitted case. The cases are made from heavy duty canvas material and include a padded interior. They are lined with soft suede and feature a zippered closure. The cases are compatible with any belt clip holster.

If you are looking for a versatile knife that will last you for years to come, look no further than the 3551 series. These are built tough and feature a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship.


Wiha 79242 11 Piece Torx Bit Selector (T5-T30)

  • Torx Bit Selector Set T5-T30, Magnetic 1/4" Bit Holder in Plastic Storage Box
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Dimensions: ‎1 x 3.6 x 9.8 inches
  • Item Weight : 4 ounces

Spyderco Para Military 2 Signature Knife with 3.42" CPM S45VN Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C81GP2

  • An Improved Classic - Undeniably one of Spyderco's most popular and in-demand designs, the Para Military 2 distills the world-class performance of our legendary Military Model into a more compact, Pocket-Friendly package.
  • Superior Quality - We kept the same high-performance full flat-ground blade but we've also lengthened the blade's tip and added additional surface jimping to both the spine and finger coil.
  • A Secure Grip - The G-10 handle is narrowed at the end improving the Ergonomics. The handle and blade have been profile thinner; removing uncomfortable angles when in the closed position.
  • Easy-to-Use - The Para Military 2 features extreme strength, reliability, and ease of use of our patented Compression Lock mechanism and versatility of a 4-position pocket clip.
  • Dependable - Refinements to overall construction may not be drastic but from the G-10 textured handle to the steel full flat blade, everything is sharper, smoother and guaranteed to provide performance and user comfort.

Spyderco Tenacious Folding Utility Pocket Knife with 3.39" Black Stainless Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - Everyday Carry - PlainEdge - C122GBBKP

  • Game Changer - Being tenacious means you are persistent and cohesive. It's being tough and tireless in achieving your best performance; all worthy descriptive words for a hard-use knife
  • Superior Blade Steel - The 3.39" 8Cr13MoV stainless blade is coated in a non-reflective black coating and ground-flat from spine to cutting-edge for non-stop cutting.
  • A Secure Grip - It has a black G-10 laminate handle, Ergonomically milled with prolonged fatigue-free cutting in mind.
  • Easy-to-Use - The blade's shape coupled with an oversized Spyderco Round Hole and textured spine jimping allows you to open the blade and position your thumb on the spine in slip-proof confidence ready for work
  • Pocket-Friendly - The Tenacious includes a Walker LinerLock and a 4-way pocket clip lets the folder be set in a variety of carry and draw positions: Tip-up/tip-down left-hand/right-hand.

Kershaw Leek, Orange Pocket Knife (1660OR), 3 Bead-Blasted High-Performance Sandvik 14C28N Steel Blade, Orange Anodized Aluminum Handle, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Liner and Tip Lock Slider; 2.4 OZ

  • 3” Sandvik 14C28N steel blade with a sleek bead-blasted finish for excellent strength, edge retention and corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum handle, bonded with orange dye for an everlasting finish resistant to fading and scratching
  • The ideal tool for any hobbyist, hiker, craftsman, hunter, gardener, or any knife enthusiast in need of a reliable EDC
  • Designed by Kershaw and built to last by skilled knifemakers in Tualatin, Oregon
  • Versatile everyday carry for various tasks including opening packages, stripping wire, making fire kindling, cutting zip-ties, removing splinters or even defense against aggressive animals

Gerber Gear 31-002521N GDC Pocket Knife Money Clip, GDC Fixed Blade Knife and Case, EDC Gear, Stainless Steel

  • Gerber multi tool is slim, portable, and holds up to five credit cards in the clip, this pocket knife also contains a discreet 1.75" fine edge blade
  • Main feature of this everyday carry is that it can be easily stored in your pocket and simple to deploy, this tool is seamlessly integrated into any daily task
  • Money clip knife has a large surface, rust proof materials, titanium coated steel body, and a G-10 front plate
  • Carry with confidence; Multi tool is a great addition to any EDC gear. Money clip serves as a sheath for included knife and is a great alternative to a wallet
  • Overall Length: 3.7", weight: 2.9 oz. ; Included limited lifetime warranty

Spyderco Chaparral Lightweight Prestige Folding Knife with 2.80 CTS XHP Steel Blade and Gray Durable FRN Handle - Plainedge - C152PGY

  • An Improved Classic - One of the newest additions to this best-selling family is the Chaparral Lightweight, which offers the same design theme and functionality as its brothers, but with a simple, reliable, and affordable injection-molded handle
  • Iconic Design - Spyderco’s unique Chaparral series of gentlemen’s folding knives expresses the same basic design platform with a variety of unique handle materials and treatments
  • Superior Blade Steel - Like the other versions of the Chaparral, its defining features include a full-flat-ground CTS XHP stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic - The tough FRN construction minimizes weight and offers the high-traction advantages of our Bi-Directional Texturing pattern
  • Superior Steel - Nested in the handle are skeletonized stainless steel liners ensure excellent structural strength and precise alignment of all key components

Knife Pivot Lube Original Knife Oil - Pocket Knife Lubricant - Smooth Knife Honing Oil - Synthetic Knife Lubricant - Long-Lasting KPL Knife Oil Lubricant - Portable Precision Oiler Bottle -10ml

  • 🔪 KEEP YOUR EXPENSIVE KNIVES SMOOTH & CLEAN: This professional knife oil lubricant is the easiest, safest way to protect your knife from contaminants like dirt, grit, and lint. Prevent rust, and keep the moving parts of folding knives lubricated.
  • 🔪 MAINTAIN YOUR POCKET KNIFE LIKE A PRO: Formulated with Contaminant Encapsulation Technology, KPL knife pivot lube keeps dirt and grit in suspension and protects the knife parts from damage caused by foreign particulates.
  • 🔪 CONDITION POCKET KNIVES & TOOLS: This synthetic knife lubricant contains high-pressure film stabilizers that prevent metal-on-metal contact under high loading stresses to keep your knife, gun or tool wear and corrosion-free.
  • 🔪 PREVENT & ELIMINATE RUST WITH JUST A FEW DROPS : KPL's trusted knife lube & cleaner is offered in a precision needle oiler bottle, for convenient use. Measure out the amount you need with minimal wastage and apply precisely for spot treatment.
  • 🔪 GLASSY-SMOOTH KNIVES ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Coming in a compact, leak-proof bottle, our knife pivot oil is travel-friendly. It allows for lightning-fast application and prevents spills and mess in your bag with ooze proof, oil proof seals.

CIVIVI Elementum Pocket Knife C907A (Black)

  • Sharp Pocket Knife
  • Lightweight Folding Knife
  • Smooth effortless blade opening
  • Utility Folding Knife
  • CIVIVI Warranty: Our folding pocket knives provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

CIVIVI Folding Pocket Knife Baklash C801H (Double Black)

  • 🔪【Solid Pocket Knife】9Cr18MoV stainless steel drop-point blade offers you an excellent corrosion resistance folding knife
  • 🔪【 Pocket Knife with Durable G-10】Textured G-10 handle scales provide a secure grip and a lightweight build folding knife
  • 🔪【Pocket Knife with Ball Bearings】Ball bearings in the pivot allow effortless blade deployment via Flipper.A flipper pocket knife just fits everyone.
  • 🔪【 Pocket Knife with Reversible Pocket Clip】Pocket knife for men with a reversible tip-up deep carry pocket clip suitable for everyday carry
  • 🔪【Pocket Knife with Lifetime Guarantee】Civivi folding knives provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

10 Inch Handmade Forged Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Hunting Tri-Edge Kris Dagger Knife with Leather Sheath WE-ALSO-MAKE Sharp Chef Cleaver Bowie Axe Sword Pocket Outdoor Knives Full Tang Handle 9815

  • Overall Length is 10.00" Long and 5 Inch Blade Approx - handle made of Damascus and Brass Rings, Amazing art on the knife with hand work on the Handle - please see our others Amazing Items in our Shop.
  • All our Items are 100% Handmade And 100% Original Damascus Steel - If you have any type of question about our items feel free and contact us.
  • sharp edge blade best quality guaranteed - perfect grip - quality finish , hard and cutting edge , retains sharp edge after rough and tough use - great piece of art for a perfect gift knife as well as fully functional.
  • Quality Material Used 1095/15N20 ALLOY STEELS (352 true Layers). Hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60.
  • handmade durable LEATHER SHEATH of high quality of COW SKIN included.Buy With Confidence.

CIVIVI Elementum Pocket Knife, Folding Knife for EDC with 2.96" D2 Black Stonewashed Blade Cuibourtia Wood Handle, Flipper Knife with Clip for Men C907U

  • Sharp Pocket Knife
  • Lightweight Folding Knife
  • Smooth effortless blade opening
  • Utility Folding Knife
  • Our folding pocket knives provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

CIVIVI Elementum Pocket Knife C907T (Dark Green)

  • Sharp Pocket Knife
  • Lightweight Folding Knife
  • Smooth effortless blade opening
  • Utility Folding Knife
  • ✅【Civivi Care】Civivi is a subset brand of We Knife,Civivi knives and tools are built to last,welcome to contact Civivi for any help that you need for your Civivi knives.

berleben Dursten Kanu Spoon - Handcrafted Wooden Camping Utensil - 100% Natural Hardwood with Micro Carabiner & Leather Lanyard - Traditional Nordic Wood Design - Lightweight & Durable

  • SIMPLE NORDIC DESIGN - Handcarved, every Überleben Kanu Spoon is unique. Crafted from solid wood, we went with a minimalist mindset as utensils are simple. There is no need to overcomplicate things, the perfect spoon for the perfect adventure
  • HANDCRAFTED HARDWOOD - Tried, trusted, and true, wood is timeless. Every Überleben wood product is handcrafted from 100% natural hardwood providing high quality to every item. To ensure the longest life span, oil your Überleben wood product regularly
  • LIGHTWEIGHT WOODEN SPOON - It may be simple, but everyone needs a utensil. The Kanu spoon is ultralight weight at less than 1oz and is approximately 1.5 x 6" (3.81 x 15.24cm). Everybody eats, you may as well do it with luxury and the feel of real wood
  • WITH LANYARD & CARABINER - Each Dursten Kanu spoon comes with a full-grain leather lanyard and micro metal carabiner for easy transport and storage, making this utensil the perfect travel companion. The Kanu is ready for an adventure when you are
  • CARE FOR YOUR WOOD - To get the most out of your wood and prevent cracking make sure to hand wash and dry before initial use, oil regularly to keep the dry wood from cracking overtime, and no extreme temperatures including microwaves & dishwashers

CIVIVI Pintail Flipper Pocket Knife for EDC, Liner Lock Knife 2.97'' S35VN Blade Dark Green Micarta Handle C2020C

  • Premium S35VN blade provides excellent wear resistance and edge retention.
  • Micarta handle for comfortable, secure grip.
  • Flipper and thumb stud for opening, the blade deploys effortlessly on a smooth ball bearing pivot.
  • A stainless steel reversible clip for on-the-go carry.
  • Civivi knives provide a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

TEAMWILL Blue Titanium Screw Pivot Dress Kit for Benchmade Bugout 535

  • Only suitable for genuine Benchmade Bugout 535
  • One set of spindle, 11 pieces T6 shank screws
  • Material: Titanium
  • Color: black, blue, titanium


  • Super fun and easy to play- indoors and outdoors- you don't need a lawn, course or boundaries.
  • Object: Plop, Huck or Roll your Haachi! closest to the target(white) Haachi!
  • 1 point awarded for each of your Haachis closest to the target (white) Haachi!
  • 2 points awarded if your Haachi! is touching target Haachi!
  • 3 Points awarded if your Haachi! settles completely atop the target Haachi! Good luck!

CIVIVI Lumi Small Pocket Knife with 2.56" 14C28N Black Stonewashed Blade, Lightweight Justin Lundquist designed Folding Knife for EDC C20024-4

  • Designed by Justin Lundquist.
  • 14C28N blade G10 handle.
  • Front flipper opener.
  • Liner lock mechanism.
  • Caged ceramic ball bearing pivot.
  • Reversible deep carry pocket clip.
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.
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