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Best Knives For Self Defense

Every time you turn on the news nowadays you can’t help but hear or read about someone getting shot, kidnapped, raped, or murdered.

It stresses the importance of being armed while you are out doing your errands and minding your own business. This is why I’ve decided to scrape up an article on the best knives for self-defense. 

Knives and not guns? Yes, knives. Believe it or not, there is a bit of statistical evidence to go along with why you can bring a knife to a gunfight and I’ll get to that.

Not all knives are created equal, and many knives are made simply to be sold. So I’m going to break down a list of knives designed specifically for functionality.

Knife Fighting Theory

Alright, before I dive into it, I’d like to cover some basics of knife fighting. 

In Law Enforcement, there is this theory called ‘The Rule of Three':

  1. Most armed conflicts between two civilians happen within 3 feet of each other.
  2. If a gun is involved, the average number of shots fired is 3.
  3. These conflicts only last about 3 seconds.

So if we take all this into account, and realize that an untrained combatant with a carry and concealed pistol, whose body is raging with adrenaline is more than likely going to fumble and take much longer than 3 seconds to draw, aim, and fire.

Not to mention this person is going to have to take a step backward to appropriately line up a sight picture.

So this is where knife play comes into effect. It takes less time to draw, and it takes less time to ‘get to working’ as my former instructor liked to say.

When picking a knife for self-defense you need to be aware of two things:

  1. How quickly you can access the knife.
  2. How quickly it takes the knife to be combat-ready, I mean unlocking and opening by having the blade out.

With the appropriately placed knife wound an assailant will lose enough blood to lose consciousness within 15 seconds or less, giving you the ability to grapple their weapon until they are no longer a threat, like a boa if you will. 

I would suggest a light study of anatomy, specifically the placement of major arteries.

Here in Tennesse, there are no restrictions on the length of a knife blade, neither is there a distinction on open or concealed carry knives. Meaning that if you were so inclined you could carry a sword. 

Be sure to check the laws of your state before you purchase a knife for self-defense, you only need a length of 3” to reach any major artery so smaller can be better.

That being said, let’s dive into the best knives for self-defense.

Our Top Picks for The Best Self Defense Knives

KA-BAR Fighting Utility Knife

KA-BAR US Army Fighting/Utility Knife Serrated Edge
  • Used by all brances of miliary and service members
  • Great for collectors and outdoor services
  • Tested to ensure quality and durability
  • US Army
  • US Army version of the fixed blade leather handled fighting knife

When it comes to fighting knives no knife is more iconic than the KA-BAR Fighting Utility knife. This knife saw combat and mass production for the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy during World War II. After the war, this knife saw utility in more than just combat and was widely adopted by civilians for its use in hunting and general-purpose tasks throughout the day.

Due to restrictions placed on knives, such as blade length, the iconic KA-BAR saw a decline in popularity over the past few decades. However, many states have begun to relax the laws governing knives, and the KA-BAR is seeing a resurgence in popularity due to its affordability and reliability.

This is a knife that won’t break the bank if lost and is easily replaceable and has a long history of dependability in the harshest of environments.

When it comes to self-defense purposes this knife will be quite difficult to conceal. With a whopping 7’ blade and full grip, the KA-BAR Fighting Knife will likely deter any potential assailant from even targeting a person carrying this monster. 

Given those proportions, you can easily nail an attacker to the wall behind them and leave them there are you make your escape and call the police.

Applegate Combat Folder

Gerber Applegate Combat Folding Knife, Serrated Edge [05780]
  • 420HC spear point blade with double bevel and partially serrated blade
  • The heavy-duty construction delivers uncommon strength and balance
  • Patented roto-lock system
  • Glass-filled nylon handles
  • Made in the USA

This folder is an absolute favorite of mine, I inherited one from my father and reveled in its construction. Which should be no surprise, Gerber makes knives and cutting tools for those in the line of duty, whether they are soldiers, medics, firemen, or search and rescue operatives.

This knife is solid, and when you hold it in your hand it bleeds confidence. With a 4 ½’ double-beveled blade you don’t have to worry about what direction you are working on a person from, just let ‘er rip. The blade itself is partially serrated which takes care of a little-known problem when you bury a blade into a person.

See the body has this reflex to pain called ‘guarding,’ where the muscles will contract around the pain site, effectively grabbing a knife blade and keeping it from being removed. This is no good, how is a mugger going to bleed out if the knife is still there?

Enter partial serration. With a nice jerk, you can remove this knife from the soon-to-be corpse leaving a jagged wound behind that will be nigh-impossible to stop bleeding from before it’s simply too late.

Because this knife is a folder it is easily concealed in a pocket. Did I mention its heavy construction is bar-none?  Once the locking system is disengaged this knife flips open with ease, to the point it can be opened nigh effortlessly with one hand, keeping your other hand free for engaging your opponent.

Cold Steel Tiger Trainer Karambit

Karambit knives are simply my favorite styles of knives to preach about when it comes to everyday carry for self-defense. These knives have been highly popularized and mass-produced, so they come in a range of stylization inside of their natural profile. Buyer beware, you don’t need all that fantasy junk. Keep it simple.

The Karambit was originally used by farmers and foragers in Indonesia, and as legend has it, the profile of the blade was designed after a tiger claw. Bio-mimicry at its finest if you ask me because predators live by dispatching prey quickly and efficiently without getting hurt in the process. 

Due to the curvature of the blade, the Karambit easily slices through skin, muscle, and life-providing arteries. Stabbing is highly ineffective in dispatching an assailant, the human body is highly resilient, but slicing an opponent with a Karambit will disembowel them in one motion.

The Cold Steel Tiger Trainer is a highly affordable, highly lethal fixed blade Karambit. Because it has such a slim profile and short blade length, this knife is perfect for concealed carry, and like a big cat, think of it as a retractable claw.


Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife with Straight Edge, Black, Large
  • Sold with hard plastic sheath
  • A larger version of our very popular tdi Law Enforcement knife
  • Fixed blade
  • Overall length 7-9/16 inch
  • Blade Length: 3-11/16"

Another KA-BAR product to make this list that I have also had the pleasure of owning and carrying, the KA-BAR TDI is a creative mix between a push dagger and a Karambit profile. 

The TDI comes in two sizes, large and small, though either size is highly effective in terms of self-defense. This knife is a fixed blade that comes with its hard plastic sheath that the TDI locks into, allowing you to conceal this knife on the front of your pants, with the sheath clip hidden by a belt.

There is no locking mechanism with the TDI besides the friction lock of the sheath itself. What this means is that the TDI can be drawn and placed into the body of your assailant in a fraction of a second, literally a fraction of a second. 

The smart design of the TDI allows you to expose the handle by lifting your shirt with one hand and drawing the knife with the other. This follows the natural movement of your hands from the sides to a defensive position in front of your face. Any would-be attacker would likely not even realize you drew a knife before it was in them. 

This knife was designed by KA-BAR specifically for Law Enforcement as a secondary weapon to their pistol, so if you are familiar and practiced in pistol fighting the KA-BAR TDI will feel right at home in your hands.

Cold Steel Safe Maker Push Dagger

Push daggers, like Karambits, are another type of blade profile that is highly maligned by many producers trying to innovate or add ‘style points’ to an effective design for the sake of sales. That’s where the Cold Steel Safe Maker comes into play.

Simple in design with a 4 ½” blade, the Safe Maker is also another exceptional self-defense knife. While I may preach against getting stab happy with a knife in self-defense, for one it isn’t effective in thoroughly dispatching an opponent, and two, it’s a lot harder to defend yourself in civil court against a still living mugger with 30+ holes in him because it comes off as purely malicious.

The design of a punch dagger is strictly as a weapon, so if you are thinking about getting one for personal defense be double sure to check the laws of your state on knife carry.

Similar to the KA-BAR TDI the Safe Maker comes with an easily concealable belt sheath making access to it fast and effective with a low concealed profile.

Something to be said is that since you definitely won’t be slashing a person with this knife profile in a self-defense situation you’ll want to go for the hands and face and get going. Your opponent is going to have a hard time attacking you if they can’t use their hand, and attacking a person’s face with a knife instills a primal fear that even hardened veterans have a bad time handling.

CRKT Provoke Morphing Karambit

CRKT Provoke Kinematic EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Morphing Karambit, D2 Blade Steel, Kinematic Pivot Action, Integrated Safety Lock, Low Profile Pocket Clip 4040
  • Unique Innovation: Kinematic deploys the blade with push of the thumb
  • Superior Performance: D2 blade steel for excellent edge retention
  • Strong And Lightweight: Aluminum handle combines strength with minimal weight
  • Designed by Joe Caswell in Newbury Park, California
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details

Another Karambit knife to make the list, the CRKT Provoke Morphing Karmbit is a very unique style of knife. While you could call it a folder, the Provoke Morphing Karambit has a unique deployment system. The blade collapses in on the grip and uses centrifugal force to deploy the blade.

There is an oversized ring on the butt of the handle, so while this knife can easily slip into your pocket while closed it can be easily grabbed and swung open with a single finger in one swift motion.

While the priciest self-defense knife on this list, if you have the money to spend it is worth every penny.

Condor Heavy Duty Kukri

Condor Tools & Knives 60217 Heavy Duty Kukri Knife (10-Inch)
  • 10-Inch blade
  • Hardwood handle
  • Leather black sheath
  • 8mm- 1075 high carbon steel
  • Blasted satin blade finish

The Kukri isn’t so much of a knife as it is a machete. This style of blade originated on the Indian continent and reached infamy through the more than capable hands of a group of elite warriors known as the Gurkha. 

While the blade length of this weapon is much too large for most states it needs to be said that the Kurki is devastating in close quarters combat. While most of the knives in this article are primarily for slicing and a little stabby-stab, the kukri is designed for chopping.

Not the largest machete, it overcomes this by the curved design and large head of the blade allow physics to place a significant amount of force into the chopping action. The neck of the blade is as thin if not thinner than the handle and the head of the blade is wide and thick giving the kukri the same action as a hatchet.

If you swing this puppy with enough force you won’t just be slicing and dicing but you will be effectively dismembering aggressors with ease.

Not exactly the most practical self-defense blade for everyday carry, the kukri makes an excellent companion for those of you that might be getting out for a week on a long backpacking trip. It doubles in utility by making itself a great bushcraft knife, being able to chop small limbs and trees down with ease.

An honorable mention for sure, but when I get out into the Appalachia this is my blade of choice. Any crazy will think twice if you are packing 2 lbs of straight storied compost maker.

Effective Self Defense: Knives aren’t Everything

While having a knife in a self-defense scenario is going to definitely going to increase your chances of survival, it is merely an extension of yourself. Without training and proper conditioning, it might not matter if you are armed or not.

While open carry acts as its own deterrent, a person who is hopped up on a drug cocktail or simply not okay in the head may not be able to realize and understand the danger they are putting themselves in. 

So it comes down to you to take your personal safety seriously and get in a gym and self-defense classes. 

Repetition makes habits, and habits will save your life.

Just like eating right is an investment into your health, training is an investment into your safety. With the world being what it is today, you have no excuse to letting yourself be a victim.

In Europe, the best rated European precision cast, forged and stamped kitchen knives are made in Switzerland by the famous Forschner Victorinox, however, across the ocean, another country can lay claim the fame.

The Japanese are well known for their precision sword making as could be proven by their Samurai swords which are made of heated and folded steel. There is no simple stamping or casting; this was a spiritual based method that for thousands of years kept the sword of the samurai the best made swords in the world.

This same love for precision is what keeps the Japanese kitchen knives apart from their European counterparts. Take for example the Kasumi knives, considered one of the best in the world, which are kitchen knives made in exactly the same way as the samurai swords. In fact, this company is based in Seki, Japan, where history tells of the swords made in that same area.

There are, of course, other Japanese made knives which are rated one of the best as well like the Shun knives which are beauty and function all in one. Made of folded steel and set in Pakka-Wood, is a fusion of hardwood veneers and waterproofed with resin. The look of wood and the protection of the plastic give its handle durability and beauty as well. In fact, there are no Japanese knives that can be considered beautiful until one sees and feels for themselves the Shun Knives.

And just like the Japanese who think of everything, they make the knives not ambidextrous, but right handed and left handed versions. This keeps true to the Samurai belief that no knives should be shared between two or more people, that one’s knife is one’s own.

The Japanese kitchen knives that are marketed today all carry the lifetime warranty on all of the knives. This is highly beneficial, for although they can be considered one of the most expensive kitchen knives in the world, the Japanese manufacturers also guarantee that one type of knife is all you need. This means that once you buy one, you will only have to hand it down to the next generation who will well appreciate the beauty, function, and lifetime sharpness of these ultimate knives.

If you are a professional chef or even just a home cook, the cutlery is one of the most important things to have in your kitchen. If you do not have decent knives, they will not cut your meats and veggies properly. Knives that are from Japan tend to be the best knives out there to use for cooking. Japanese knives are the go-to knives for any professional chef, so why not cook as the pros do? Finding out what the best Japanese knives are can be important to know when trying to find knives for chopping and cooking.

Top 5 Best Japanese Knives for Chefs: Editor’s Pick

There are a lot of great knives out there from Japan, imported to America and other places around the world. The question remains, though, which knives are the best Japanese knives to use? What do the professionals use, and what should you be using? These questions and more will end up answered in this article, so keep reading!

16 Best Japanese Knives for Chefs Reviews:

There are a lot of Japanese knives reviews out there online. You can even go to to view other people’s review about the best Japanese knives that are available on Amazon. But this in-depth product review here will give you each of these best Japanese kitchen knives a thorough review so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Tojiro DP Gyutou – 8.2″

The Tojiro DP Gyutou knife is one of the best Japanese cooking knives due to its high-quality steel and very sharp edge. This knife is made in Japan, by Fuji Cutlery which is a large factory from Fujitora Industries. They make some of the best Japanese chef knives in Japan. This knife is stain resistant, so when you use it for cooking and chopping your food, you do not have to worry about anything staining the silver metal. If you are left-handed or right-handed, this knife is the knife for you! It works for people of both handedness, so you can rest assured that this knife will work for you.

The Tojiro DP Gyutou knife also has a black handle with a silver blade, that is 1.7 inches in height and 8.2 inches in length and is a double bevel. It weighs 9.6 ounces, so you know you are getting a quality knife. To care for this knife, you need to hand wash it when you are done using it. You should never put this knife or any other knives of this high quality in the dishwasher, as it will eventually ruin it. The detergent and heat cycles used in a dishwasher will end up degrading the knife over time, which will make it less sharp quicker compared to handwashing it. Always take good care of your Japanese knives and make sure to follow all the instructions provided with them.

Highlighted Features:

2. Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife with VG-MAX Cutting Core and Ebony

This Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife has alternating layers of steel, including a VG-MAX core. This type of steel has carbon, cobalt, tungsten, and chromium to ensure its durability, strength, and sharpness. It also helps reduce corrosion of the steel itself, which allows for longer-lasting life. This blade is an all-purpose use blade, where you can use it for mincing herbs and even use this knife to cut the fat off of the meat. It has a D-shaped handle that is for right-handed people only; however, you can special order this as a reverse D-shaped handle if you are left-handed.

This Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife also is not to be used in an electric sharpener; it is better to use a sharpening stone or get it professionally sharpened instead. It is a very lightweight knife, at 7.2 ounces, so care needs to be taken when sharpening it. This knife’s handle is from ebony Pakka Wood, which is a hardwood that has been infused with resin to allow for its water resistance and to make it very durable. This knife can get cleaned by hand washing, and there is a specific way you need to learn how to use this knife for proper slicing. First, you need to push the knife forward and then down while you cut any food. You repeat this process as you are cutting, so you can prevent chipping and allow for smoother cuts of your food. This knife is a great gift for everyone, including newlyweds, cooks, or even aspiring chefs.

Highlighted Features:

3. Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife

This Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife is one of the best Japanese cooking knives available. It is lightweight and agile, with a comfortable handle for those of any handedness. This easy to use knife comes with a razor-sharp blade in a box and is great for shopping and slicing any kinds of food. This knife has a thin, lightweight blade that allows for longer use before your hand gets tired. Even at 10.4 ounces, the knife is easy on the hand and can get used on any foods. These foods include vegetables, fruit, and even meats. The handle is from walnut Pakka Wood with a hammered tsuchime finish which allows the food to fall off the blade easily while cutting it. You can also get a decently smooth, clean-cut while using this blade.

This Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife also has an 8-inch blade, which allows for better cutting and makes cooking more fun. This knife has a 16-degree double bevel blade along with a VG-MAX cutting core that has 34 layers of Damascus cladding on both sides. This cladding allows for effective food preparation, and it looks like a great addition in your kitchen for aesthetics. Everyone will wonder where you got this knife from, and they will see how well it cuts, therefore wanting one for themselves as well. It is a great addition to any kitchen, both professional and homestyle. These knives are handcrafted and hand-sharpened in Japan and are great for use by anyone, from parents to grandparents, and even aspiring chefs.

Highlighted Features:

4. Kasumi 88020 8-inch Chef’s Knife

This Kasumi 88020 8-inch Chef’s Knife has a Damascus pattern on the blade, which allows for it to be rust free while also looking nice and smooth. This knife is 10 inches with a longer blade length that allows for better ingredient preps. You can use this knife to prep any vegetables or fruit, even meats as well. It has a beveled edge on both sides of the blade and is a lot larger compared to the American or European versions of chef’s knives. This bevel also allows it to create a much sharper edge, making it easier to chop, slice, and dice your various foods. These knives are from Seki, Japan and by Sumi kama Cutlery. They made this particular knife with an asymmetrical handle that has multiple layers of wood mixed with the plastic resin. They riveted this handle to the full tang.

This Kasumi 88020 8-inch Chef’s Knife also has 32 layers of fine stainless steel along with being made from VG-10 super stainless steel and high carbon, which allows for a finer cut and a lighter blade. This knife is only 11.7 ounces, which makes it much more lightweight than you would expect, and it has a rounded handle with a very good balance. This knife is in its original box and needs to get sharpened with a stone, not anything else. This quality, professional knife comes already sharpened, more than you would have expected it to be.

Highlighted Features:

5. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic LTD Series Chef Knife

This Kyocera Advanced Ceramic LTD Series Chef Knife is one of the best Japanese kitchen knives that are sharp, durable, and also affordable. This knife has a hand-finished blade that is ceramic, made from zirconia that does not brown your food as you chop it. Its ceramic blade is ultra-sharp, allowing you to keep your blade sharp ten times longer than blade made from steel. This knife is produced in Japan and has a stainless-steel bolster with rivets that mimic the traditional style that Japanese cutlery is known for, along with being great for cutting vegetables, fruit, and boneless meats.

This Kyocera Advanced Ceramic LTD Series Chef Knife can cut almost anything but is recommended not to be used on frozen or specifically hard foods. The reason is that ceramic blades can tend to chip quite easily, whether by dropping it or trying to cut something hard. You should only use this blade on softer items, nothing too hard. It is also rust-proof, so that is a bonus, along with being resistant to any acids. This knife is also lightweight, along with being easy to clean also has a 7-inch blade, for the smaller cuts you may need to make. This knife has a black blade along with a black handle, allowing it also to be aesthetically pleasing to view. The Kyocera ceramic gets made from a specially designed zirconia formula that is only made by them in Japan. Their ceramic formula is unique to their company, so you know you are getting a great deal with their hand-crafted ceramic knives.

Highlighted Features:

6.  Misono UX10 Sujihiki 9.4″

This Misono UX10 Sujihiki 9.4″ knife has a 9.4-inch blade along with being for right-handed individuals. It is made in Japan and has its blade sharpened before shipping. It keeps its sharp blade even after a few uses. It comes with a Swedish stain-resistant steel blade, and the handle is from composite wood. It only weighs 14.9 ounces, which is a great weight for those looking for a little bit of a heavier knife, but not wanting something too heavy. With the blade’s sharper edge, it allows you to slice, dice, and chop any foods you want.

This Misono UX10 Sujihiki 9.4″ knife also has a 15-degree single-sided blade, which allows for better honing of your blade. If you use an 800-whetstone, you can sharpen the blade with a little bit of ease. This knife is great for cutting things thin, such as flank steak, sashimi, or any other meats you desire. It comes sharpened in a box when it arrives at your house, and it is actually nice and lightweight, but not so lightweight it does not feel like it is there. You can still get a good grip on it and cut with ease, and still, have a little resistance. This knife is suitable for all types of chefs, beginner, intermediate, advanced, or professional. Anyone can use this knife is their kitchen, and as long as you take proper care of the blade and handle, this knife will last you a very long time.

Highlighted Features:

7. Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife 7 Inch – Alpha-Royal Series

This Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife is one of the best Japanese knives out there on the market today. This knife has a full tang and is from imported Japanese AUS10 super steel. It has a 67-layer high carbon stainless steel which includes a hollow ground blade that allows this knife to be non-stick. It has a tsunami rose Damascus pattern with a liquid nitrogen tempering, which makes this rust and stain-resistant. The handle is triple-riveted to the full tang, allowing for extra durability and strength in your knife. The tapered bolster is very rare for knives and allows for great knife balance while cutting and is very comfortable.

This Zelite Infinity Santoku Knife it has a lifetime warranty, which not all manufacturers include with their knives. It has a three-metal mosaic rivet, making this a very nice-looking knife to own. Its handle is ergonomically designed and rounded, which allows for a comfortable and secured grip while cutting. With this knife, you get a razor-sharp edge along with minimal slicing resistance, which allows you to cut almost anything with precision, including vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and more. This knife allows for a more efficient cut every time you slice, dice, and chop. This knife is great for chefs of all kinds, including beginners to professionals. It is part of the Alpha-Royal Japanese Knife Series, and only weighs 9.9 ounces, which makes this knife extremely lightweight cutlery to have in your kitchen. This knife is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen.

Highlighted Features:

8. Global G-2 8-inch Chef’s Knife

This Global G-2 8-inch Chef’s Knife comes from Cromova 18 stainless steel, which has a mixture of vanadium, molybdenum, and chromium. This steel allows the knives to keep its sharpness by being nice and hard, while also having a softness to allow sharpening on a whetstone. It has high chromium content which reduces the risk of staining and rusting of the knife. This knife comes with the GLOBAL edge, which is their signature knife edge. This edge allows it to be ground steep enough and in an acute angle, making for a sharper knife which will stay sharper for longer than the regular Western or European knives.

This Global G-2 8-inch Chef’s Knife also has such a large and prominent knife-edge, that you can see with the naked eye. It extends about a quarter of an inch upwards from the knife tip. This knife has a stainless-steel handle as well, which is dimpled to ensure a safe and comfortable grip. You can find these knives in Yoshikin’s factory over in Niigata, Japan. The Global series knives are razor-sharp, so you know you will be getting a good cut on anything you chop. These knives are also lightweight, which help reduces the possibility of hand fatigue. Many professional chefs, such as Ludo LeFebvre, and even home chefs, use these knives. This knife also comes with a lifetime warranty in case you have any issues with it, such as defects or even breakage.

Highlighted Features:

9. YOSHIHIRO Ice Hardened High Carbon Stainless Steel Wa Gyuto Japanese

This YOSHIHIRO Ice Hardened High Carbon Stainless Steel Wa Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife has an 8.25-inch blade and is one of the sharpest knives out there. This knife gets created by forging together a single piece of high carbon Aus-8 stainless steel. This process helps to make the refined steel harder while also allowing it to be lightweight and have a great resiliency so it can perform in almost any condition. You should use water whetstone to sharpen your blade. You need to hand wash and dry this knife when cleaning, and also do it right away if you use any acidic ingredients on it.

This YOSHIHIRO Ice Hardened High Carbon Stainless Steel Wa Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife has a thin, double edge, razor-sharp blade to ensure the finest cuts of any ingredients. It has an Octagonal Handle for ergonomic use along with also being lightweight. Its handle is a traditional Shitan Rosewood handle, and it fits any size hand, giving its user a comfortable grip every time. This knife is stain resistant, but you need to make sure you keep both the handle and the blade clean. This 12.8-ounce knife is very lightweight, allowing for smooth transitions between cutting. You can cut any vegetables, meats, or fish needed for cooking. This knife comes from Japan, so you know you have a good quality knife. Its blade thickness is ~2mm and is a Gyuto Chef Knife. This knife is great for everyone, from beginner, intermediate, and advanced chefs to professionals.

Highlighted Features:

10. Miyabi 34313-273 Fusion Morimoto Edition Chef’s Knife

This Miyabi 34313-273 Fusion Morimoto Edition Chef’s Knife is a combination of both Western and Japanese techniques. It has a Western-inspired ergonomic design with a Japanese blade and steel. It has a MIYABI Fusion blade with a 9.5 to 12-degree three-step Honzabuke processed hand-sharpened edge. The blade is VG10 super steel that is protected by a 64-layer Damascus pattern allowing the beautiful Japanese aesthetics with strength and durability. This blade is very sharp and thin, allowing for the perfect cut every time. The POM handle is easy to take care of and made Western-style, allowing for a thicker end to prevent slipping along with comfort for multiple cutting with ease.

This Miyabi 34313-273 Fusion Morimoto Edition Chef’s Knife is only 9.6 ounces, making for an extremely lightweight chef’s knife. It has a thin 10-inch blade that allows for precision cutting. Its handle is black with a red accent, and the knife is stainless steel. The blade is CRYDUR and ice-hardened to a Rockwell 60 rating. The knife’s handle has a rounded spine and heel along with three-rivets made out of glass bead enhanced POM. You know this exquisite knife is a great deal made with great quality materials. The bevel is 50/50 and is an excellent knife for both left and right-handed users. These knives are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen, including the very beginner up to professional chefs. With the addition of a warranty for any defects or manufacturer’s mistakes, you know you will get a great quality knife with the ability to return it if needed.

Highlighted Features:

11.  Miyabi 34373-203 Chef’s Knife, 8-inch, Birch/Stainless Steel

This Miyabi 34373-203 Chef’s Knife is one of the heavier knives out of the best Japanese knives list here. This knife weighs 1.18 pounds and has a firm, steady grip. It is great for those that do not prefer lightweight knives. Its SG2 micro carbide powder steel core is protected by 100 layers of steel, allowing for its unique sharpness. It also goes through an ice-hardening process, which locks in its sharp CRYODUR blade. Its flower Damascus pattern not only looks beautiful and exquisite but also helps provide some added durability to the knife. Its handle comes from Karelian Masur Birch. Not only does this knife look beautiful but is also cuts beautifully as well.

This Miyabi 34373-203 Chef’s Knife has an 8-inch thin Japanese blade, which allows for precision cutting, slicing, and dicing. It comes with a rat tail rod instead of a full tang; however, it is still very good at cutting what you need cut. Its handle is comfortable and allows for the perfect grip for right-handed people. The pommel of the knife allows it to be in perfect balance, and even though it weighs more than the rest of the knives on this list so far, it can still feel a tad lightweight at times during the cutting process. The bevel is 9 degrees, and the blade length from the spine by the hilt down to the edge below it is two and a half inches. This knife is great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users, along with being used by professionals.

Highlighted Features:

12. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 4.5-inch Utility Knife

This Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 4.5-inch Utility Knife is one of the lightest and smallest knives on this list so far. It weighs only 1.76 ounces and is 4.5 inches long. Even at its small length, this ceramic knife is great for cutting, slicing, and dicing any vegetables, fruit, and boneless meats. You should not use this knife on hard or frozen foods, as it will chip or even break the ceramic blade. Due to its ceramic blade, this knife will last a very long time, in sharpness and comfort. Coming with an added warranty, they are guaranteed to last a lifetime with the proper care and sharpening. This knife is made out of zirconia Z206 blades and has dense sub-micron particles, which means fewer spaces in the blade. These particles mean its blade is denser and stronger than its competition, along with being very durable while slicing your produce and meat.

This Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 4.5-inch Utility Knife is half the weight of knives made out of steel and does not need a full tang to allow for balance like those other knives do. The blade is so light, which means it does not need any artificial weight added to keep its balance. While cutting you will receive minimal resistance, and it allows for precise, clean cuts with less pressure which makes this knife easier and more comfortable to use. This ceramic knife holds its edge ten times longer than other similar knives used in the kitchen. The ultra-sharp, lightweight knife allows for repetition without fatigue in your hands and wrists.

Highlighted Features:

13. Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chef’s Knife

This Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chef’s Knife has a 3-layer construction, and it has a VG-10 Japanese stainless-steel center core and an HRC 60 to allow for better sharpness, durability, and edge retention. The HRC level is the hardness it has, which is exceptional compared to other similar knives. This hardness also makes it easier to sharpen and is more versatile than other knives that are out there. It has a 16 later hammered outer steel which allows for style and function at the same time with its design. It eliminates friction and keeps your food from sticking to the knife’s blade. The wooden handle is made out of Mahogany wood and has a full tang for balance and seamless usage. Its handle is very ergonomic and comfortable to use.

This Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chef’s Knife is also excellent for chefs that are just starting. It needs to be properly cared for though, with hand washing and drying, along with sharpened on a quality whetstone. This knife can slice, dice, and chop fresh produce and meats, allowing for precision cuts and great presentation. Which makes it very lightweight and easy to handle while remaining comfortable to use. The blade is not only very sharp but thinner than other knives on the market, which allows seamless cutting of any ingredients. This knife is stain-resistant, and even if left wet, it will not form rust during use. You can use this knife for extended periods and not have to worry about rust buildup. You do need to make sure you take proper care of this knife though, as with any knife on the market.

Highlighted Features:

14. Kessaku Santoku Knife – Samurai Series – Japanese Etched High Carbon Steel

This Kessaku Santoku Knife – Samurai Series – Japanese Etched High Carbon Steel knife is great to use in the kitchen. It has a very smooth mirror polished PakkaWood handle, which is heat, moisture, and cold-resistant with a full tang for additional strength. This handle allows for this knife to not collect any debris or dirt while cutting or sitting idle. This knife comes from high carbon 7CR17MOV stainless steel so it can resist rust and corrosion. These knives are well balanced, so you will not have issues while cutting with it. The handle is ergonomically designed to allow for reduced fatigue and aches while ensuring your comfort while cutting.

This Kessaku Santoku Knife – Samurai Series – Japanese Etched High Carbon Steel also has a razor-sharp blade that is hand sharpened at a 16-degree angle on both sides, which allows for a longer-lasting and sharper blade. It has a Rockwell hardness of 58, which means you know you will be getting a durable and strong knife that will last you a long time. This knife makes cutting, dicing and slicing feels effortless, so you do not have to worry about your hands hurting from cutting too much. This knife comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects; however, it is unlikely to have any from the care they put into making these knives. This knife only weight 8 ounces, which means you will have a very lightweight but sturdy knife to use for a long time to come. It is great to use for beginners and professionals alike.

Highlighted Features:

15. Misono UX10 Santoku 7.0″

This Misono UX10 Santoku 7.0″ knife comes from high-quality Swedish steel that is stain resistant. It weighs only 12 ounces and has a 7-inch-long blade. The Swedish steel provides you with long-lasting edge retention compared to other brands. This knife has a riveted nickel silver bolster that allows for the durability of the knife along with a perfect balance of the blade and handle’s weight. This knife comes from a brand of knives known for its thin and very sharp knives. They are hand-finished, and extra care is taken to inspect and make sure these knives meet their highest standards. This knife is for use for right-handed users only and can handle cutting fish, meat, and even vegetables as well. It is great for small kitchens and will keep your knuckles far from the cutting board to reduce the risk of injury.

It has a 70:30 asymmetrical bevel, which allows for extra sharpness from your knife. By sharpening the face of the blade at a steeper angle compared to the back, it allows for a thin cutting edge and great sharpness for your knife. This knife has a high HRC for sharpening, so you need to take extra care while sharpening it. You should not cut bone with this knife; however, it can cut virtually anything else. You should never use an electric sharpener on these knives, always use a whetstone. This knife is great for anyone of any cooking skill level.

Highlighted Features:

16. Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set

This Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set is the best Japanese knife set on the market today. You get all the knives you may need for cutting in the kitchen, along with scissors (shears) needed for any cutting tasks. This knife set comes with a 3.5-inch paring knife, 7-inch Santoku knife, 8-inch chef’s knife, 9-inch combination honing steel, Shun multi-purpose kitchen shears, and an 8-slot knife block. This knife block should be able to fit in the smallest of kitchens with its slim design. It has a VG-MAX cutting core with 34-layers of steel on each side of the knives. It also has a stainless Damascus cladding on the knife for stain resistance while cutting.

This Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set also has a D-shaped Pakka Wood handle that is ebony in color, and it allows for a durable and strong handle that can resist moisture as well. This knife set has a Rockwell Hardness of 60 to 61. The blades are double beveled with an angle of 16 degrees on each side. The whole set is 8.9 pounds and is small enough of a knife block to fit virtually anywhere in your kitchen. This knife block set comes with a lifetime warranty, and you should make sure to take proper care of it as this warranty is limited to manufacturer defects only. You need to hand wash these knives and then dry right away, do not let them sit in water. While sharpening, you need to use a whetstone, not an electric sharpener. These knives are great for anyone to use from any skill set.

Highlighted Features:

Buyer’s Guide: What You Need To Know

It is important to keep in mind the following when picking out the best Japanese chef knives, for example:



You need to make sure that the knife you are buying has a strong blade. Depending on the hardness of your knife, it will be an important factor in how well the knife works for you by cutting, chopping, and slicing different ingredients. When looking for this, you need to check the Rockwell rating for the knife, which means, when the rating is high, the knife will have a sharper edge for longer compared to those with lower ratings.

The best rating is between 58 and 60, which means the knife will keep its edge even after multiple sharpens. The knife rating does also depend on the quality of the material that the blade comes from, the better the materials, the better the hardness will be, which determines how long your knife will last you.


The length of your blade is an important factor as well, and it is important to have different sized blades for your kitchen knives. The various sizes allow you to use the different lengths for different foods you cut in the kitchen, whether you are slicing, dicing, or chopping meats, vegetables, or fruits, you will need different sizes and types of knives for all of these different purposes.

It is also important to factor in how far the length of the blade goes into the handle; this can determine your knife’s stability and strength for various tasks. If you would like a better balance in your knives along with control, the full-tang knives are the best Japanese knives that you can choose.


The bevel of the knife is important as well. You need to factor this in when you are picking out a new knife for your kitchen, for any purpose. If you are a beginner, you need a double-beveled knife, whereas professionals can use single beveled knives. The bevel determines how you sharpen your knife; the double bevel means it needs to be sharpened on both sides, whereas single bevels are only on one side that needs to get sharpened. Double bevels are easier to use than single, but also lose their sharpness sooner than the single bevels do.


What is your knife made from, is it stainless steel, carbon steel, ceramic, or Damascus? These metals all can make a knife differ in its performance, quality, maintenance, and even cost.

-Stainless Steel

Stainless steel knives are more affordable compared to the carbon steel ones; however, they are not as easy to sharpen and keep sharp. They are, however, rustproof, so that is a bonus as well.

-Carbon Steel

Carbon steel knives may be easier to sharpen compared to the others, while also keeping its blade sharper like the stainless-steel ones, but they will rust easier as well. These knives are harder to care for because you need to take good care of it, so it does not rust quickly.


Ceramic knives keep their blades sharper than the others; however, if you drop one of these knives, it will easily chip. Their blades come from zirconium oxide which makes these the lighter type of knives out of the four different kinds of blades.


If you get a knife that has a Damascus blade, you are buying a very strong and sharp knife. These knives have a carbon steel core that tends to have layers of hard and soft steel, which allows this blade to be much stronger than the other three blades. These blades can keep their sharpness for a lot longer than other blades do.



The weight of your knife is very important to consider when buying a new Japanese knife. You need to figure out if you prefer lightweight or heavier knives because whatever you are comfortable with will work better for you in the kitchen. If you get a heavy knife when lightweight is better for you, you will have trouble using the knife. Whereas if lightweight is too light for you, then you need a heavier knife to succeed in your kitchen.


Different types of knives have different types of handles. Some knives are made for left-handed people whereas most of them are for right-handed people. It is also important to consider the size of your palm when you are looking into buying a new knife because you want one that fits your hand, not something that is too big or too small for you.

How Do You Sharpen A Japanese Knife?

Most Japanese chefs tend to sharpen their knives after daily use to keep their knives in the best condition. When you first get a knife, you need to sharpen it right away, regardless of how sharp it may already is. You need to sharpen it because it is important to have the best, strongest edge to keep it from getting dull too quickly. You should never wait until your knife is dull to sharpen it, your knife never should get to that point. Make sure you sharpen it after you try the “sharp” test. First, take a piece of paper and try to slice it with your knife. If it slices it easily, your knife is sharp enough. However, if you slice and it crumples or catches on the paper, you need to sharpen your knife.

When sharpening your knife, you should never use an electric sharpener on a Japanese chef’s knife. You need to use a whetstone designed for sharpening knives. First, depending on the type of stone, you will need to get it wet. If it is a fine stone, splash it with some water. However, on medium or rough stones, you need to soak it first, for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, you are almost ready to cut. You need to put something down as a base, such as a wet cloth or something else that can stabilize the stone while you sharpen your knife.

Then you need to hold your knife with your index finger on the spine of it and your thumb on the flat part of the blade. The rest of your fingers need to hold the handle part of the knife. Then you use two to three fingers from your other hand to press the edge of the knife’s blade to the stone. While you sharpen the knife, you need to make sure the entire cutting edge ends up with a slight and even burr on the opposite side of the knife.

Make sure you press the edge of the knife’s blade to the stone and push along the stone, by putting pressure on it as it goes forward and releasing the pressure as the blade goes back down. Keep doing this until you achieve the desired results of the blade sharpness. Make sure you get one of the best Japanese knife sharpeners out there to sharpen your knives. It is recommended to use a whetstone, but if you can get it professionally done, that is a bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions: About Japanese Knives

1. Why are Japanese knives the best?

Japanese knives are some of the best knives that are available online and in stores today. These knives are extremely sharp and last longer than knives of other countries. Japanese knives are built to last, as long as you properly care for them. There is a lot of information online for you to find out how to take care of one of the best Japanese knives listed here that you may end up choosing. Whether you are an experienced, professional chef, or just starting, Japanese knives are great for anyone of any skill level.

2. What are Japanese knives made of?

Japanese knives can come from many different materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, ceramic, or Damascus materials for the blades. These different materials all have different pros and cons, as listed above in the materials section of the buyer’s guide. The handles can be made of various materials as well, including wood or steel. If you have a wooden handle, make sure you treat it with oil, wax, or whatever is recommended in the owner’s manual to keep it properly cared for, so it will last you a very long time. You should also check on how often you need to treat it, so you do not have any issues with your knife later on.

3. How do you maintain Japanese knives?

When getting a Japanese knife, you need to make sure you understand how to care for it properly. First, make sure you use a proper cutting surface for your knives, or you may risk chipping the knife and damaging the surface. Then you need to make sure you take good care of your blade which includes sharpening and cleaning it properly. You do not want to put any of these Japanese knives in the dishwasher, as it will cause them to rust, chip, and reduce their sharpness. Make sure you always sharpen your knives, regardless of dullness. You do not want to wait until the knife is dull to sharpen it, because it is harder to sharpen it then.

4.  Why are Japanese knives so sharp?

Japanese knives are designed to be very sharp because of different traditions that have been passed down through every generation and the ever-evolving technology they use to form the steel knives. Because of this, their knives tend to be the sharpest compared to other types of knives. They use the best quality materials to make their blades and handles, which allows the knives to be much sharper than the competition’s knives. They are constantly trying to find ways to improve the products they produce for the general public, which includes making the best quality knives out of the best quality materials.

5. How much do Japanese knives cost?

Japanese knives vary in cost, anywhere from $70 up to hundreds of dollars. The high cost is because of the quality materials that they use in their blades and handles, along with the hard work they put into every Japanese knife that they make. The better the quality and the materials, the higher the cost of the knife. Higher cost does equal better quality in this case; however, even $70 knives are of great quality, due to the dedication the Japanese have to make the best products they can since they use exotic steels, the more exotic, the higher the cost as well.

Final Verdict

Picking out the best Japanese knives can seem like a hard task; however, if you follow the buyer’s guide above, you will find the best knives for your specific needs. You need to make sure you get the right knife for what you need to use it for and keep in mind any preferences you may have with knives. Once you can determine that, picking out one of the above knives will be a breeze. Make sure you get a good, quality knife that will last you a very long time. And if you do not know how to sharpen a Japanese knife, you need to learn how before you buy one. Make sure you follow this review article in picking out your first Japanese knife, so you find one that is of great quality and matches what your needs are.

Ask-specific knives make our lives easier by favoring certain actions we need to accomplish in our everyday lives.

Bowie knife, a brainchild of Col. James Bowie, is a survival gear of a whole new dimension.

An authentic Bowie knife has to be in the grey zone between a dagger and a sword, which means the size can’t be either too short or too long, rendering itself to be a handy tool for both combating enemies and household chores.

A signature 6 inches long clip-point blade mounted atop is the key strength of the traditional knives, it is sturdier and sharper than ordinary pocket knives and survival knives.

Top 5 Best Bowie Knives: Editor’s Pick

In this article, I have tried to throw light upon the aspects that demand special attention while shopping for that perfect Bowie knife. Let’s begin:

Best American Made Bowie Knives Reviews

1. Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife , Black
  • Used by all branches of military and service members
  • Great for collectors and outdoor services
  • Tested to ensure quality and durability
  • Bowie knife with 1095 Cro-Van steel blade
  • Ergonomic Grivory handle minimizes user fatigue

Talking about premium fighting knives without mentioning Ka-Bar Becker is sacrilegious.

Ka-Bar’s super-tough, dynamic and cumbersome Bowie knife sports a 9 inches long blade that weighs around 1 pound.

I would strictly advise amateurs to give this one a miss because it requires a lot of experience and power to handle this kind of heavy-duty knife.

The material chosen for crafting BK9 is carbon steel blended with chromium and vanadium for extra strength and cutting precision.

The addition of chromium helps in keeping away rust and vanadium ensures maximum edge-retention for ages.

The U.S.A made razor-sharp blade has a full-tang construction.

It is decked up over a solid Grivory handle. Since Grivory is a very light material, some users find it to be slipper.

The good thing is you can also buy it along with a non-slip Micarta handle if desired.

Be it for splitting woods, hunting food, or making a tent, BK9 is the ultimate accompaniment for an unforgettable outdoor trip.

2. Puma Bowie Stag German Made Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

Puma SGB Bowie Stag Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath
  • 1.4116 German Cutlery Steel Blade
  • Overall length is 11", 6.1" clip point hollow ground satin finished blade weighing 7.2 oz
  • Genuine Stag handle with brass pins and bolsters, antique medallion and lanyard hole
  • 55-57 Rockwell hardness tested and proofmarked

PUMA has tapped into the business of creating specialty tools ages ago and has got raves by outdoorsmen for their razor-sharp, easy-to-handle combating tools all over the globe.

The original PUMA Bowie used to be made from D1.4 stainless steel, the current version utilizes a 440A steel which is 6.1 inches in length.

A 440 stainless steel is great at warding off rust, the material used by PUMA has to survive a stringent quality test in the factory before reaching the market.

The drop-point construction adds massive strength to the blade to bear strenuous tasks in the forest.

The knife comes with a stylish custom-made nylon sheath featuring convenient straps for easy hanging to your leg or on your belt.

The latest model I’m talking about has two brass rivets instead of 3 and weighs not more than 8 ounces, rendering itself to be a handy option for intricate tasks like cleaning the bush, nailing, batoning, skinning animals, and many more.

3. Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

Folks who are not willing to shell out much for a survival tool will be delighted to come across Timber’s newest kid on the block.

It is unarguably a big knife with a whopping 11-2/3 inches overall length.

Though the size may apparently seem like a trade-off for the newbies, Timber Rattler received accolades from many professional survivalists for its unflinching, uncompromising performance and the ability to stand strong in the most daunting scenarios.

Isn’t that a nice enough surprise for a knife under $30?

Despite of the heaviness and big size of the blade, the knife offers a decent stability and incredible sharpness for days.

To protect your hands from accidental nicks and cuts, there is a plated brass guard placed on the handle.

The stainless steel material is easy to maintain and the grey hardwood handle allows a firm grip on the knife.

4. Cold Steel Natchez Bowie 01 Steel Knife

Cold Steel Natchez Bowie 01 Steel Knife
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Cold Steel
  • Cold Steel natchez bowie 39Labs

Cold Steel is another giant knife manufacturing firm, originating in the US.

The root of the Natchez Bowie is the titular region in the country where these knives are made. Cold steel Natchez Bowie enjoys worldwide popularity among trained outdoorsmen and survivalists.

There are several versions available in the market among which my personal favorite is the Micarta handle version.

With a jaw-dropping overall length of 17 inches, this is the biggest Bowie knife I’m aware of so far.

The blade is made from a unique VG-1 San Mai III steel which is a common material used in traditional Japanese knives.

The material has a venerable sharpness and edge retention quality.

The Micarta handle is a combination of glued layers of fiberglass.

It is extremely convenient to grip and absorbs the sweat in your palms quickly.

The product comes packed in a beautiful sweat-absorbent leather sheath.

5. SOGCD01L-BRK Creed

  • Satin-finished stainless steel blade with large belly for easy workability
  • Sturdy kraton rubber handle with white washers
  • Durable leather sheath blade length: 7.5 inches blade length: 7.5 inches
  • Maximizes the cutting edge for extreme wilderness and hunting situations
  • Straight edge, 7.5-inch AUS-8 steel fixed blade has a clip point shape with a satin finish

Looking for an indestructible defense knife to accompany you in your never-ending adventure trips?

SOG has a pleasant surprise for you. When you are battling against the ruthless nature in a deserted island or dense forest, your ability to operate a knife decides your future.

The SOG creed is a beast, sporting a heavy-duty 7.5 inches stainless steel blade fitted on top of a skillfully contoured Kraton handle. The stainless steel blade is resistant to rust and the vagaries of weather, and also sharp enough to severe animal skin in one attempt. For the ease of portability, it is delivered to you in a solid black leather sheath.

How to Choose The Best Bowie Knife?

Blade Material

The level of sharpness of a blade is the heart and soul of any knife. When it comes to a survival knife, you have to be very picky about the blade material to ensure to get out of an extreme situation alive.

The clip-pint design in traditional Bowie knives is engineered for forceful stabbing and fine cutting of carcass. The quality of the material used in the construction of the blade determines the durability and other vital properties of the knife.

Most Bowie knives, made as per the traditional fashion, are sculpted from carbon steel blade.

Carbon steel reserves a stellar edge-retentive property, plus it is very fuss free to touch up and maintain. In recent times, in an effort to boost the strength and toughness of the blade, alloyed stainless steel is replacing carbon steel rapidly.

Many top-notch manufacturers have chosen alloyed steel variant like 440 steel over the traditional carbon steel and the outcome has been quite positive so far.

Tang and Weight

Traditional Bowie knives are necessarily full-tang. Since these tactical knives have a considerable amount of weight, it is very important for the blade to be full-tang in order to prevent breakage under stress.

While checking the quality and design of the blade, also focus on the weight of the Bowie. Excessive load will hamper the mobility of the knife, on the other a lightweight Bowie doesn’t qualify as a lethal weapon.

The best tactical knife is easy to carry around yet slashes enemies like a sword.

Knife Length

In the earlier versions of Bowie knives, the overall length of a tool remained around 9.5 inches.

The tradition of creating large knives isn’t out of fashion till date, in fact, many collectors peep into various shops in the market in search of such antique knives.

The original Bowie knives are meant to be at least 5 inches, longer than standard pocket knives for maximum strength and durability. Long, thick blades doesn’t help much during general chores, it is mainly designed to tolerate tremendous abuse and stress under grueling conditions in the wild.

Blade Size

The most preferable size of the blade in a Bowie knife is 6 inches. Although longer knives are also available in many designs, you have to be in possession of immense power and skill to maneuver a long knife to avoid slips.

Moreover, with long blades, performing delicate tasks like field dressing animalfilleting, chopping woods and EDC chores is problematic.

My advice would be to opt for a size suitable for the tasks you intend to do with the knife. Whereas large, meaty knives grant force, small knives are good for precision works.

Play safe by considering a medium-sized blade to reap the benefits of both.


Finally, while searching for the best bowie knife for your purpose, your quest should end with checking out the quality of the sheath.

A quality sheath not provides tight protection against weather elements but also makes it easy to relocate from one place to another. A weather-proof leather material, polycarbonate or any sturdy synthetic material makes up for a long-lasting knife sheath.

Final Verdict

The Bowie knives are exclusively designed to assist the lovers of the wild like me. The pitch-perfect combination of clip-point blade design and 6 inches size allows it to be applied for various utilitarian purposes in the jungle or in camping sites.

Bowie knives are also about muscles and brawn, when you have to deal with fierce animals or hostile opponents in a survival situation, having a weapon as mighty as a Bowie peps up your confidence automatically.

After going through the detailed reviews and a comprehensive guide to choosing the best bowie knife written above, I can assume that the next time you browse the internet or visit a store, you won’t find yourself deep-neck in confusion.

Best Throwing Knives for Beginners

Throwings knives are always going to be cool. There is just something alluring to the human mind about being able to whip a knife out of its sheath and with a solid thunk, getting that knife to stick into a target. 

Recently, throwing knives have been picking up in popularity by their portrayal in movies and video games. Often with a set of throwing knives being the only tool in a character’s arsenal. So it is no surprise that they are gaining traction in popularity.

Technically speaking, you could throw a steak knife or a combat knife for that matter, but that is a thrown knife. Not a throwing knife.

Throwing knives are designed in a specific way due to the physics involved when the knife is in the air, rotating end over end, and spinning.

So I’m going to cover these basics real quick before we get into the good stuff.

What Makes a Knife a Throwing Knife 

Besides what fantasies a movie or television show will have you believe, knives will spin end over end once they are thrown. In fact, it’s this rotation that will help you determine the right distance to throw from, 

There are ‘no-spin’ methods out there, but there truly aren’t without spinning. Simply put these are techniques to get as much rotation out of a throw as possible in order to get a knife to stick on a lengthy first rotation.

Because of this natural rotation, throwing knives need to be consistent within your set for you to have any real hope of honing your skill past beginner level. This is why most throwing knives are sold in a set, it is simply best practice.

The consistency of a throwing knife is affected by its weight and balance, as the centrifugal force affects the length of the knife’s rotation in the air as well as its spin.

You want to avoid any throwing knife that weighs less than about half a pound. At that weight you’ll only be able to get a decent stick in practice foam or cardboard, let alone getting a good throw at over 10 feet.

So let’s get into some of the best throwing knife kits for beginners.

Best Throwing Knives

Smith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Products

Smith & Wesson has a whole selection of sharpened steel objects to throw that are available for your perusal. Given their experience with making knives, you can be sure that you are going to be getting your money’s worth with any pick from this selection.

If you are a beginner thrower these sets will absolutely be a great value buy for you. With the quality and design of these knives, they will carry you pretty far into the knife-throwing world.

The Smith & Wesson Bullseye products include:

Each of these knives comes in a set of three with a nylon sheath that can hold the whole set of three. While these are minimalistic products, being completely steel with no sheath, they do have hole placement available so you can wrap them in 550 cord if you’d like. 

The weight of both the 8” and 10” knives is superb, at a solid pound and a half you will be landing very satisfying sticks and will be sure to get some great distance out of them.

These throwing knives are the real deal.

If you don’t like the knives, you can always give one of those axes a swing.

Cold Steel 12” Black Professional Throwing Knives

Cold Steel 12 Inch Long Black Carbon Steel Professional Hunting Target Throwing Knife
  • FOR PRACTICE OR FUN: Expertly-balanced throwing knives for sport, hunting, or target-practice; Dimensions (L x W x H): 12 x 1.9 x 0.14 inches; Weight: 0.51 pounds
  • EASY TO CARRY: Includes 3 knives, each with a lanyard hole for carrying
  • RUGGED SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Honed from hard spring tempered 1055 carbon steel for maximum durability
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Thinner, lighter design reduces arm fatigue without sacrificing power
  • FLIES FAST AND TRUE: Aerodynamic shape and careful balance for speed and accuracy

If you are looking for something a bit more sizable and capable of being thrown further, then check out this 3 pack from Cold Steel of 12” throwing knives. Each of these knives weighs a little over a pound at 17 ounces.

Not quite as heavy as the above Smith & Wesson products, but heavy enough.

Being this hefty means that you are going to deal with very few issues from any wind, cross breeze, or otherwise. These knives are made from 1055 carbon steel and a durable weather-resistant black coating, ensuring that you will be throwing them for years to come.

Each knife also comes with a lanyard hole punched into the pommel of the blades, giving you a prime location to attach a lanyard for easy carrying.

SOG Fling Classic

SOG Fling Classic Throwing Knives Set with Sheath - 3pk Balanced Throwing Knife Set with 2.8 Inch Steel Blades and Paracord Handles (FX41N-CP), Black, One Size
  • 3-PACK THROWING BLADES KIT: Perfect practice throwing knives for those who throw often and hard; use as professional throwing knives and get even more value per throw than pricier knife sets.
  • 9.5 INCH FULL-TANG STAINLESS STEEL KNIVES FOR THROWING: More durable than generic throwing weapons and martial arts knives; each knife is crafted heel to butt in stainless steel with 7-foot paracord handle.
  • TACTICAL THROWING KNIFE CONSTRUCTION: Well-crafted for many professional target throwing styles; no spin, combative rotation, recreational freestyle and more.
  • MULTI NYLON SHEATH THROWING KNIVES CARRY: Ballistic competition throwing knives sheath; secure all 3 knives with the Velcro strap and attach via belt loop.
  • SOG KNIVES FOR LIFE: Take care of your throwing knives and we’ll take care of you; we gladly consider repairs and replacements for properly maintained SOG gear.

The SOG Fling Classic set of throwing knives are made for throw often and hard being made from durable 3CR13 stainless steel. The knives have a broad spearhead edge giving you a larger cutting surface for landing your throws.

The handles are wrapped in 550 paracord, which can be unwrapped and used for a variety of purposes when camping or hunting. 

While these knives only weigh 5.4 ozs and are 9.5” they are built for competition, meaning that you will experience very little spin and a dependable rotation you’ll be able to count on to get your stick.

Another great thing about these knives is that SOG covers all of their products under a limited lifetime warranty. So if you find a crack or other type of defect in any one of these knives they will replace it for free.

Whetstone Cutlery Kunai Styled Throwing Knives

Whetstone Cutlery 12 Piece Set of S-Force Kunai Knives with Carrying Case, Black/Green, Model Number: 25-9044
  • Stainless Steel, Double Edged Blade
  • Set of 12 Whetstone Cutlery S-Force(Special Forces) Kunai Knives
  • Nylon Carrying Case with Velcro Closures and Belt Loop - Holds All 12 Knives, Case Dimensions: 4. 75 x 8. 125 x 1. 5 inches
  • Knife Dimensions: 6. 5 x . 375 x 1 inches, Blade Length: 3. 125 inches
  • Full Tang, Cord Wrapped Handle

Say you might have gotten into the idea of throwing knives because you’ve been watching anime or ninja movies. Well, this is going to be the kit for you!

Whetstone Cutlery has this massive 12 piece Kunai-styled throwing knife set just for those who like that ninja style. Each one of the knives has a paracord-wrapped handle complete with the traditional ring on the pommel.

While originally designed as farming tools, kunai have recently undergone an evolution of sorts after being popularized by the media. Now they enjoy the spotlight as functional throwing knives.

This set of 12 Kunai-style throwing knives comes with a case that can hold all twelve, making this large set easy to keep up with and easy to take out for target practice.

Gil Hibben Gen III Throwing Knives

Gil Hibben is a pretty big name in the knife-making industry. So much so, that he designed a bowie knife named The Rambo III that quickly became one of the most recognized knives of the 80s.

As it turns out, Sylvester Stallone had several of Hibben’s knives, and when the time came for Stallone to be getting ready to shoot the movie Rambo III, the two went back and forth and landed on the design.

Hibben, handmade the Rambo III in his shop in Kentucky, and you can see it for yourself in posters of the old movie.

Hibben went on to continue making knives and the Gen III throwing knives are another love child of his. While not made in his shop by hand like The Rambo III, they retain his aesthetic properties and a high degree of attention to detail.

Perfect Point Throwing Knife Set

These throwing knives from Perfect Point have a drop point profile, which besides being a very inexpensive set for throwing knives makes them great hiking and hunting companions.

However, as throwing knives you may have to accommodate your throwing style to compensate. That is because of the asymmetry of the drop point. Regardless, since you are bound to lose a throwing knife here or there, you can’t beat this set for its pricing.

They are also stainless steel and about 8 inches long, making these medium-sized throwing knives, especially when compared to the foot-long whoppers from Cold Steel mentioned above.

Phoenix Outdoors Black Storm Bo- Shurikens

phoenix outdoor Black Storm Stainless Steel Throwing Knife Flying Spike Set 3 with Nylon Sheath
  • Including 3 throwing spikes, made of 3cr17 High Hardness stainless steel, 2 times hardening,very solid.
  • Full length: 17cm diameter: 8mm. Very Good Balance and Flying Performance.
  • Hardness: 59 HRC
  • Net Weight: 65g (1 piece)
  • Including nylon storage sheath

You can’t just have a conversation about throwing knives and not bring up shurikens. These throwing spikes are just that, while not what normally comes to mind when thinking of shurikens, these bo-shurikens were what naturally evolved from using kunai as throwing knives.

These will prove much harder for the average person to throw considering that most beginners only have a 20% stick rate when they begin. However, for a ninjutsu enthusiast, these will make a perfect addition to your collection.

Some Final Thoughts on Throwing Knives

I find throwing knives a great way to burn off stress and work out frustration. However, I’m not kidding when I say that if you pick up knife throwing you are going to lose one or two of them, especially in the beginning. 

You will likely be getting a rebound 80% of the time.

So if you decide to pick up knife throwing as a hobby, I would strongly suggest making sure that you are throwing in a clean area that will low cut grass. Avoid public places like dog parks or forests, because if you lose a sharp knife in tall grass you can mess up a dog’s paws.

Not to mention, a lawnmower will turn that lost knife into the equivalent of shrapnel and that can seriously hurt a person and damage property, and knives are dangerous, to begin with.

If you are starting you’ll want to get a target block, such as one made out of foam, or see if you can snag a chunk of a tree from a local lumberjack. Many tree cutters will give wood away for free, especially in warm climates, and these sections let you throw into the end grain easily.

You don’t need a knife to be razor-sharp to get it to stick, and that will also cut down on the chances of you or anyone else getting an injury.

Spring assisted knives are far better than automatic switch-blades because of so many reasons.  If you are planning to purchase sporting knives, spring assisted knives should be on top of your list.  Compared to switch-blades which are generally illegal for anyone to carry, spring assisted knives are very similar to switch-blades but they are legal to be carried anywhere.

Spring assisted knives are also safer to use than switch-blades. The latter’s blades are prone to accidents because you only push a tiny button and the blades already pop out. The blades of spring assisted knives need to be pushed first using a thumb stud before the blades pop out.

Spring assisted knives can be used in multiple purposes and not only for personal protection.  They are handy when you want to go camping and hunting.  Emergency aid professionals also find spring assisted knives are very useful.  When you are always on the go and you need a reliable knife in your activities, spring assisted knives should always be in your pocket.

Cheap spring assisted knives are widely available on online stores.  There are stores which acknowledge the necessity of these types of knives in some people’s profession and so the stores offer good deals and cheap prices while the quality is at their best.   Some stores offer spring assisted knives for sale in complete packages.  The knives are completely accessorized with belt clips, rope cutter and glass breakers.

Spring assisted knives used by military professionals are of high quality and durability. These knives don’t easily break and they are shock-proof and waterproof at the same time.  Some professionals make their spring assisted knives customized with their logos or company emblem.

If you are purchasing spring assisted knives online, check the warranty your store is giving you.  Most stores give a full year warranty for new buyers.  Don’t buy your knife in an impulse because if there are stores which can offer good deals, there are also stores which take advantage of buyers who don’t know enough about the products they are buying.  The range of prices of spring assisted knives vary according to their knife makers, the year they were made, and the quality of the materials used in making the knives.

If you are buying after quality, the first sites you can check out are those military sites or hunting sites and forums where professional knife users are staying online.  Usually, they talk about their tools and where they get their tools from.  You can get a very good idea of the right sources for your spring assisted knives on these sites.  You will also know the range of prices of quality spring assisted knives.

What are stiletto knives?

Stiletto knives are not your ordinary type of cutting knives.  Stiletto knives are known for their elegant designs but mostly because of their unique features. Stiletto knives have double edged blades with grooves more prominently called “blood grooves”. Most people see these knives as highly dangerous because they are too sharp to handle. Only professional stiletto knife users are safe to carry these knives regularly. A slight mishandling of a stiletto knife can cause someone serious injury.

Because of the high risk stiletto knives bring, there are countries which ban the use of these types of knives.  But at the same time, because of the same reasons, more and more people are after collecting stiletto knives. You know how some people like danger and the more risky something is, or the more illegal an object is, the more they want to take them in on their collections.

Italian stiletto knives are the most prominent when it comes to highly banned stiletto knives.  Italian stiletto knives have automatic switchblades where the blade automatically pops in a matter of seconds when you hit a pushbutton.  Military personalities usually own Italian stiletto knives because they are highly useful during tactical operations.  Some individuals prefer to carry Italian stiletto knives for personal protection.

Whatever your purpose may be in finding stiletto knives for sale, keep in mind that not all stiletto knives are the same.  Just like any other products you purchase online, there are stores that follow high standards and there are some who sell cheap stiletto knives with qualities following their price.  Beware of these stores and use wisdom before buying anything online.

Choose a store which sells stiletto knives made by knife makers who already carved their names in the industry of stiletto knife making. These knives may be more pricy but you’ll be more assured of the quality of knives you are buying.  The price of stiletto knives is very much different from regular knives and if you are buying for the sake of collecting them or for your own personal use, it will be much wiser to invest on quality over price.

You can find stiletto knives for sale according to the countries where they were made.  The more prominent the country is, the higher the price. A stiletto knife made from Italy will be much more expensive than those made from other countries such as Asia and USA but don’t be fooled by false claims that you can only pick good ones from one location.  Times are changing and so thus the quality of products.  What’s good today won’t be necessarily good tomorrow.

No professional hunter or wildlife enthusiast can survive the extreme condition of a jungle without a skinning knife, particularly used for hunting and skinning the hides of games. Keeping in view the application of these knives, manufacturers prefer to keep the weight and size as limited as possible. A poor quality knife is the last thing you’d like to carry with you in an adventure trip. Even the best pocket knife isn’t suitable for skinning your game. That’s why enthusiasts prefer knives that are specially built for skinning. Skinning cum hunting knives come in different shapes and sizes.

Each type has its own share of merits and demerits. You need to decide for yourself what your exact requirements are and make a choice accordingly. I don’t claim to be an expert but from my 20 years of experience with camping and hiking, I have learnt how a good knife aids you in preparing your food and gets you out alive from a life and death situation.

The Best Skinning Knives

1. Benchmade 15001-2 Saddle MTN Skinner

Talking of outdoor knives without mentioning Bench made will be sacrilegious. The Bench made 15001-2 is crafted after the fashion of traditional fixed blade models. The latest version, replacing the 4.17 inches blade, features a modified  4.2 inches, super-sharp and corrosion-resistant CPM-S3OV, top-quality stainless steel blade. This high grade blade has overwhelmed the critics with an exception edge retention ability and durability. The handle is built from a solid dymon wood. The knife is placed neatly inside a leather sheath at the time of delivery.

Benchmade mountain skinner is a dream tool for passionate hunters. I would suggest it for field dressing medium-sized games. Thanks to the superior cutting prowess, even the steep price of the product has not been able to pull down the sells over the years.

2. Buck Knives 0103BRS Cocobola Dymon wood Skinner Knife

Buck knife Coco bola Dymon wood skinner knife is one of the top contenders for the title of the best skinning knife. Buck is counted as one of the premium knife making brands in the U.S. 0103BRS Coco bola gets cookies for its 4” extra wide, 420HC steel blade that provides precision and force while skinning and slicing the meat without making a mess. Reaching the tight places of the carcass isn’t a problem with this narrow blade.

Under average use, the blade doesn’t require frequent touch ups. The Dymon wood handle comes with a brass pommel which comes handy in splitting logs and various other outdoor activities. The best part about Buck knives is that all of them have forever warranty.

3. Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker #3

This fixed blade knife doesn’t fall weak no matter how much you put it through. The 5 1/2” black traction coated ATS-34 stainless, full tang, broad blade with sawback is born to cut almost everything. The sawback is a tremendously useful addition. It helps you to grab the carcass tightly while penetrating its hide. Not just that, the jagged teeth also lets you cut the bones and joints of the games with speed.

The premium finger grooved black linen handle results in comfortable grip. The lanyard hole added to the handle makes it easy to hang. The product comes packaged in a stylish black kydex belt sheath.

4. Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife with Walnut Handle

Buck 113 Ranger Skinner is yet another masterpiece from the best knife manufacturers in the U.S. It features a 3-1/8” drop point blade crafted from the best quality 420HC steel. Tempering the steel was a unique approach by Hoyt Buck, the inventor of Buck knives, back in 1902. The blade locks into place and retains its edge for a great span of time despite of rigorous actions. The overall weight is approximately 7 ¼”.

The rugged American walnut hole featuring Bras Bolster is pretty impressive. Buck 113 ranger has made its reputation on the basis of its excellent craftsmanship.

5. Mossberg Fixed Skinning Knife

The most innovative feature of Mossberg Skinning knife is its 3-1/2” long surgical steel, non-glare blade. It’s a premium quality steel that holds edge for ages if used properly. Mossberg is definitely not one of those flashy knives that don’t deliver upto the mark despite of a promising appearance. The polished camouflage handle gives the knife an edgy look. The beautiful ballistic cloth sheath keeps the blade protected against the vagaries of nature.

It works well with small games like rabbits. On the negative side, putting excessive stress on the blade will affect the performance. Anyway, the pros easily outweigh the drawbacks.

6. Havalon Piranta BOLT Skinning Knife Stronger 60 A Blades+ Holster

For the lovers of the wild, Havalon Piranta BOLT is a treat. The new and improved edition of Havalon features a 60 A, ultra strong 2-3/4”, stainless steel blades with larger, solid, blaze orange ABS shock green handle. Moreover, there is a black rubber grip insert and versatile thumb studs for maximum comfort and operability. The liner-lock construction and removable pocket clip option deserve some praise.

The product is delivered at your doorstep with an additional black nylon belt holster. The improved, surgically sharp blade quality enables the knife for field dressing big games like mountain goats, elk, deer etc.

How to Choose the Best Skinning Knife

The best tactical knife should have the right length, amazing durability, tough and strong, easy to maneuver and above all, must feature a razor sharp blade that holds its edge for long. Amateurs will find it tough to decipher these aspects without getting into the specifics. The key to success is to learn about the important features of a skinning knife in detail.

1. Blade Style

What actually separates one model from another in terms of appearance and application is the shapes of blades. Some knives have bowed backs with slightly curved blades. Then there are knives featuring moderately curved cutting edge with a straight back. The edge of a Shakalu skinner, a sort of fixed blade knife, replicates the edge of an axe.

It also has a tiny gut hook for making small incision on the animal skin in order to pull up the carcass without damaging the membrane. Skinning knives featuring small yet heavy duty blades are called caping knives, chiefly used for dress the skin around the shoulder of a deer. According to the blade style, skinning knives can be classified into three main categories:

2. Spear Point Knives

These double edged knives are instantly recognizable for their symmetrical shape. The main advantage of a spear point blade lies in its great hunting ability. It brutally cuts the hide in upward and downward directions.

3. Drop Point Knife

In drop point knives, the back of the blade slowly curves down to the tip of the blade. This mechanism helps the hunters to have a firm grip on the knife and provides a large slicing surface. Drop point blades also decrease the chance of puncturing the membranes attached to the belly.

4. Clip Point or Bowie Knives

The back of a clip point knife has a straight spine up to the one-third length of the knife. From there it forms a concave curve towards the tip. This kind of knife widely serves as a deer hunting knife as the large cutting surface allows deep penetration into the hide of big games. It’s an all purpose knife used for meat cutting, gutting and skinning animals.

5. Blade Length

The type of game you are about to hunt down and process will determine the length of your knife. Treating both small and big games with a same knife is a stupid thought, discard it! Small games like rabbit, squirrels, muskrats, hares, beavers can be included in the list of small to medium games. Knives with three to four inches long blade is ideal for field dressing medium-sized games. For big games like pig, deer, sheep, javelin, goats which possess considerably thick hide, a five to seven inches blade will work well.

6. Sharpness

Who wants a knife that needs sharpening every now and then? In a deserted island or dark forest, you can hardly afford the luxury to spend hours polishing the edges. That’s why it’s vital to get your hands laid on a blade that retains its edge long enough while dressing the animal carcass and cutting its meat.

7. Durability

When you are buying a tool that is meant to get you through the toughest conditions, you certainly expect it to last for a lifetime. Sadly, even the most flamboyant, expensive knives become dull with the passage of time. Reading customer reviews online is a simple trick to find out whether the knife you’re eyeing for is dependable or not. Reputed brands like Bench made and Tom Brown Tracker never negotiate with quality. If used and maintained properly, branded skinning knives will accompany you for ages.

8. Type of Game

Skinning a game is an art. It’s mandatory for a good hunter to know what kind of animal he is dealing with. An ordinary knife cannot perform the delicate task of skinning a deer. Hogs, beaver, mountain goats have thick hides. Knives used for skinning thick-skinned animals can be easily used for processing medium-sized games too. It’s next to impossible to get an exact idea of what blade will be the most useful. It’s best to play safe by assuming an average weight of the game would not be anything less than 15 pounds. Most large games weigh around 75 pounds

Types of Skinning Knives

Gut Hook

Also known as zipper knife, gut hooks are actually backward facing, sharp and narrow curves. It easily pierces and hooks onto the hide, making it easy to pull off the skin without puncturing any organ accidentally. The hook cut is placed against the spine, resembling a drop point knife to a certain level. Hunters prefer gut hooks for tearing open the belly of the game neatly and for slicing the skin without piercing any organ. The only problem with hooks is that once it loses its edge, it cannot be sharpened easily.

Swing blade Knives

A swing blade or revolving knife consists of two blades in one frame, both serving to different purposes. The blades are hinged to the handle with the help of a locking bolt. Thus, the pivot tension keeps one blade folded inside the handle when the other one is in action. The first blade works like a normal knife blade while the latter one can be utilized as a saw-like tool to cut animal bones. Dependability and safety are two major issues with revolving knives. The blades are unable to stand extreme weather conditions. Recommended only for field dressing big games like sheep or elk.

Folding Blade Knives

As the very name implies, folding knives contain blades that can be easily folded back into the handle when not in use. This feature maximizes user safety and adds to the ease of portability. Folding knives is a clear testimony of the phrase that good things always come in small packages. No wonder why folded EDC and survival knives are the bestselling knives across the globe. However, it is not free of flaws. Such knives cease to function when exposed to too much pressure on the tip.

Fixed Blade Knives

In a fixed blade knife, the blade, fully exposed, sticks to the handle. As there is no blade play, the user achieves a strong grip, aiding him to apply full force while cutting the hide or organs of the carcass. A solid fixed blade knife can handle manifold outdoor tasks like a breeze without collapsing. The long, thick blade and heavy-duty handle material, in turn, adds to the bulk and non-functioning weight of the knife. But that doesn’t sound like a big turn-off. Fixed blade knives should be kept covered inside sheaths for safety.

Concluding the Best Skinning Knife Dilemma

It takes a good amount of effort to find the best skinning knife among so many lucrative options. If you’re serious about hunting, learning about knives in detail won’t be boring. From all that you’ve read above, I hope you’ve developed a clear idea in mind as to what to exactly look for. Each brand has something different to offer, each type of knife is unique from the other. Skinning animals is not just about the right knives, it’s about the correct skill too. The best skinning knife helps you to achieve the much-coveted finesse and accuracy of a seasoned hunter.

So, why do you need the best survival knife?

Imagine yourself losing your way in the middle of a jungle. You don’t have any food or water with you. As the icing on the cake, there are plenty of aggressive carnivores to welcome you. You have to sustain yourself anyhow until the rescue team arrives.

Your presence of mind, willpower, and adequate survival resources are the only things that can get you out of trouble.

Top 5 Best Survival Knife: Editor’s Pick

Carrying a sharp, easy-to-deploy survival knife can help you fight away almost any obstruction you face in the wilderness.

Survival knives are the most valuable assets of professional campers, hunters, and soldiers. It is an all-in-one tool that helps procure your food (and cook it as well), shelter, and save a life in dense forests, deserted islands, and many other emergency situations.

Now you must have understood why choosing the best survival knife is so important.

Hence, in this guide, my aim will be to find the best survival knife for your unique purposes.

When it comes to choosing the best survival knife, experts have varied opinions. The convenience of handling the knife is one of the main determinants.

The market is saturated with multitasking, technologically superior, razor-sharp, rough, and tough tactical knives from the finest brands of the world, be it the multipurpose swiss army knives, machetes, or skinning knives.

The key is not to throttle your opinion based on the flamboyant appearance of a knife.

If your requirement for the knife is limited, I’d suggest you avoid feature-loaded knives. Having said that, the very concept of perfection is full of loopholes.

Suitability varies from person to person. Operating survival knives requires a certain amount of outdoor skills, which is why it’s not meant for everyday all-round tasks.

I spend most of my weekends either mountaineering or tripping along with my equally adventurous pals in a forest. A survival knife is not just a tool.

Over the years, I’ve developed a deep friendship with the best survival knives.

5 Best Survival Knife Reviews:

Bestseller is an over-hyped tag.

It doesn’t determine the quality of the product. The best survival knives I’ve chosen to review in this section have proved their metal through consistently top-class performance, excellent resistance against rust, extreme weather, and nicks & cuts.

Each product is in a league of its own and has set a benchmark for knife-makers all over the globe.

I’ve been fortunate enough to use all 5 models personally. The serial numbers mentioned below don’t indicate the ranking.

Each product has a novelty and its own share of pros and cons. So, without further ado, below are the top 5 best survival knife reviews:

1. Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

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Looking for a knife that can stand strong in the most punishing conditions? If you’re willing to be liberal in expenditure to get the best in the business, Fallkniven A1 is the answer for you. This ultra-strong, outstanding survival tool, manufactured by the premium Swedish manufacturer of military knives, Fallkniven, has a laminated, fine edge VG-10, 6.38 inches long blade with an ideal 0.24 inches thickness. This full tang survival knife with an attached Kraton handle is crafted to perform detailed tasks like prying, firewood process, sawing like a pro. This is the reason why the Fall kniven A1 is considered as the best survival knife by countless knife aficionados. You can read our detailed review of the Fallkniven A1 to know more about its features.

What we like

What we don’t like

Despite a few bad reviews,  the vast majority of people who own this knife seem to love it. The quality is good, and grip is rubbery and strong, and the knife is made to be stored and used easily. With that in mind, this knife makes an excellent addition to any survival gear you may already have, or a good start if you are just beginning to put together a survival gear package. With a sturdy knife like this one, you can be prepared for nearly anything your camping trip or survival mission throws your way.

From prepping to hiking to other types of activities, this best survival knife will be ready when you need it, and will give you years of good service so you can feel prepared.

2. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion

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  • Os: W10/color: Natural silver

The Bk2 companion is your true companion in life and death situations where nothing else can rescue you except a sharp mind and an equally sharp survival knife. The key component of this amazing model from the famous Ka-Bar is its 1095 Crovan steel. Be it cutting through the bone, dicing fruits and veggies or skinning big animals, nothing is impossible for this rugged, tough, 5.5 inches solid steel blade. The steel is rust-proof and retains its shape even in extreme humid weather. It comes to your pocket for a fairly reasonable price and offers a lifetime warranty on the blade too. Read our full review of this knife here. This is why the Ka-Bar deserves a place in your tactical backpack!

What we like

What we don’t like

Overall, there are mixed reviews on this particular best survival knife. Many people love it because of its durability and how it can handle heavy duty tasks, but others feel it is too heavy for most general applications. Instead, they would prefer something that is easier to pack and does not weigh them down as much. Carrying a lighter knife has been recommended by some who bought this knife, so if you are looking for something light and easy to handle this knife may not be for you.

Ka-Bar is a quality brand, and if you need a hard-shell sheath and a heavier style of camping or survival knife, this may be the right choice for your particular situation. If you are anticipating a lighter need, a knife that weighs less and is smaller in size could be a better option based on how you will be using your best survival knife.

3. ESEE-6 Plain Black Blade survival knife

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  • Os: W10/color: Natural silver

For the ardent lovers of the wild, the ESEE-6 comes as a blessing. This true-blue-gorgeous Black blade is a perfect addition to your arsenal when you’re gearing yourself up for an adventurous weekend in the foothills of Andes or in the mysterious lush of Daintree forest. Black blade is admired by survivalists for its unique 0.188 inches thick, 6.5 inches long carbon steel blade which helps you conquer the deadly wildlife or merciless climate without debilitating. The 11.8 ounces frame swiftly fits in your grip. Need to fix gears, cut open twigs and branches of the tree? Sure thing.

What we like

What we don’t like

When you need a quality survival knife that has plenty to offer, many people recommend Esee. It is one of the top brands to consider, although not everyone loves it as much as the next person. Like other knives, it is a matter of personal preference whether this is the right knife for you and your needs. Some people love the balance and grip, while others feel the knife is blocky and unbalanced.

What you are looking for in the best survival knives will have a strong effect on whether this is the right survival knife for you. If you want a quality brand that generally holds up well, and a company that will stand by its warranty, than Esee could be just what you are looking for to get the best survival knife.

4. Gurkha Kukri survival knife

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  • Os: W10/color: Natural silver

Gurkha Kukri is a synthesis of the best features of a regular life, a machinate and a tomahawk. Driving the blade through the skin of the carcass, cleaning small games, chopping woods or permeating thick bushes-there’s a long list of tasks it accomplishes with speed and accuracy. The oversize is a little on the negative side albeit, I couldn’t still help mentioning it as one of my all-time favorites.

What we like

What we don’t like

This is a more unique option than many of the best survival knives you will find. It is hand forged, which is not that common, but there is a tradition behind this knife that you do not get just anywhere. Additionally, the fact that is it sharpened right out of the box makes it a good choice. Some knives have to be sharpened as soon as you get them, and that can be annoying and frustrating. Rather than deal with that, you can get a knife that is ready to use right away. Lightweight for its size and what it has to offer, this knife is one that can have you ready in nearly any survival or camping situation.

5. Schrade SCHF2 Chris Reeve-inspired Survival Knife

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  • Os: W10/color: Natural silver

Any Chris Reeve-inspired model is an asset for any knife lover. The unparalleled combination of CR legacy and modern technology has brought to you a powerful combating tool with a slightly serrated 7 inches long edge blade. Albeit the massive length of the blade increases the bulk of the equipment, making it a bit tough of the novices to deploy, as you gain experience, you’ll get used to the bulk. Suitable for splitting logs into sections, tearing apart animal skin and batoning.

What we like

What we don’t like

With this particular survival knife, you are going to get the quality and value you want and expect, at a price you can really appreciate. Not all knives you find in the survival section are going to give you this level of durability, so it is important to get the knife that is going to meet your needs on a consistent basis. The stylish look of this knife also matters, as you can really appreciate the way the knife performs.

When you want the best survival knife, you want to choose something that is really going to get the job done, and you can find that value with this Schrade option. With a reputation for quality and value, Schrade is a company that will stand by its products and provide some of the best survival knives available. You can trust this knife to see you through on your next outing.

6. Buck 65 Hood Punk

2019 Newest HP 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Quad-Core i5-8250U, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD, HDMI, DVDRW, Bluetooth, Webcam, WiFi, Win 10 Home
  • Display: 15.6 inches 1366 x 768 (HD)
  • Cpu: i5-8250U 1.6 gigahertz
  • Storage: 128G SSD/SD card reader card reader
  • Graphic: Intel UHD Graphics 620/DVDRW Stereo speakers
  • Os: W10/color: Natural silver

Buck is the king of knife-making since, I don’t even know when. There’s a huge fan base of Buck knives around the world and rightly so. The iconic powder coated, 5.62 inches 5160 steel blade is incorporated into a feather-light 7.04 oz. frame, making it an excellent multipurpose tool for professionals and amateurs alike.

Buck 65 also features a multi function MOLLE compatible nylon sheath. The 11 inches length of the knives allows easy, efficient maneuvering. The added deep finger groove maximizes the safety. Hence, it’s considered as one of the best survival knife out there. All in all, it’s quite suitable for outdoor activities.

What we like

What we don’t like 

Finding the best survival knives that add plenty of quality and value to your survival or camping experience is not always easy, but there are some options for the best survival knives that will really help you get what you need. With this particular Buck knife, you can expect the value that comes with an established knife brand. All Buck knives have a reputation for a high level of quality, and this particular survival knife is no exception. It gives the user a well-crafted and well-balanced knife experience, allowing you to use it the right way every time.

You can expect it to be durable, too, so you can rely on it through all of your adventures. You will never need to settle for less than a survival knife that can offer you reliability, because that equals peace of mind, too.

7. Ka-Bar Becker 22

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When it comes to building knife for survival in adverse situations, Ka-Bar is the gold standard. The Ka-Bar 22 is the ultimate survival kit for real-life action heroes. It weights around 14.6 ounces and the non-slip grip provides excellent control over the 5.25 inches long 1095 Crovan steel is. The solid glass breaker pommel and heavy-duty frame are included among the other highlights. It is the perfect choice for rescue and hunting applications in the wild.

What we like

What we don’t like

Ka-Bar has a reputation for offering some of the best survival knives at the right price, and this Becker option is no exception. There are many reasons to choose this brand, and quality is only part of the equation. You will get a durable knife you can rely on, with stylish good looks you can appreciate. Storing this knife is easy, and since it is light and nimble for its size you can move it around easily and use it the way it is intended with little effort.

Whether you need a true survival knife or you are just looking to do some camping, you have options you can enjoy with this. It is one of the best survival knives you could choose, and a good option for all of the adventurous times you have planned in the future. Having a good knife in your survival kit can make all the difference.

8. Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

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  • Display: 15.6 inches 1366 x 768 (HD)
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  • Os: W10/color: Natural silver

Gerber survival knives have been rocking the market since I’ve known about them. The 420 HC solid, stainless steel is the biggest highlight of the model. The insulated hand grip ensures maximum protection of your hand from potential injuries while cutting live wire. The super-sharp blade has partial serration which easily increases the application of the knife. Break heavy materials such as firewood, split logs without any hassle with the help of its heavy-duty glass breaker/pommel.

What we like

What we don’t like

There is not really much that is better than an infantry knife when you want a solid survival knife you can rely on. Gerber also has a reputation for quality and value, so you can trust that you are getting the best survival knife you can rely on. With a solid style and a nimble balance, this knife is one you can appreciate. It offers just the right size and design, giving you the chance to focus on what you need the knife for, when you need it.

Whether you are a hard-core camper or you are just starting out, you will want a knife you can appreciate, and one that will be there for you when you have to use it. This could be the best survival knife you will own, and Gerber cares about their customers with good service and a warranty on this knife.

9. Schrade Extreme Survival Knife

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  • Os: W10/color: Natural silver

The Schrade model is one of the best survival knife, is known for its smart ergonomic design and diverse applications. The 12” knife easily fits in your palm and allows smooth maneuvering for demanding tasks. It integrates a powerful 1095 carbon steel construction with a durable 6.4” blade. The razor-sharp blade stands strong in the most extreme conditions without fraying. The pommel greatly multiplies the pounding capacity of the knife. The pointed tip is effective for performing detailed jobs like opening cans, prying or digging.

What we like

What we don’t like

A survival knife should be well-balanced, sharp, and ready to go whenever you are. You can get those qualities and more with this particular option from Schrade. It offers a high-quality blade, a grip that is strong and comfortable, and a knife that is going to be sharp and durable. Cut, chop, and do all kinds of other things with this knife, and it will hold up. Ranked among the best survival knives out there on the market today, you can use this knife for all of your camping chores and survival needs without worry that it cannot take the punishment.

If you damage this knife it has a warranty, too, so you can work with the company to get a satisfactory resolution to your concerns. Schrade wants you to be happy with the best survival knives you have chosen for the long term.

10. Tom Brown Tracker

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  • Display: 15.6 inches 1366 x 768 (HD)
  • Cpu: i5-8250U 1.6 gigahertz
  • Storage: 128G SSD/SD card reader card reader
  • Graphic: Intel UHD Graphics 620/DVDRW Stereo speakers
  • Os: W10/color: Natural silver

The Tom brown master survival tool is crafted to perfection for those who never compromise with the quality. The large size (11.9”) of the knife, quite unbelievably, doesn’t restrict the application of the model. Rather, it provides accuracy and mind-blowing speed for light chopping works, processing firewood, slicing rope and other materials. Definitely deserves a place in your ultimate survival kit!

What we like

What we don’t like

The Tom Brown Tracker is among the best survival knives to use on all of your camping trips and other adventures. You can trust it to see you through when you need it most, so you will be able to get through whatever project you have to tackle. Whether you are chopping wood, cutting rope, or doing something else that requires a sharp blade, this knife will give you what you need. While not perfect for everyone, the Tracker is an excellent survival knife choice for most people, who appreciate its sharp edge and good balance.

The grip is strong, as well, and comfortable for the majority of hands to hold. A knife needs to be safe, solid, and reliable, and this particular knife delivers well in all of those areas and more.

What are the uses of a survival knife?

An ordinary knife isn’t fit enough to face the rough challenges Mother Nature puts up in front of you. There are many instances in which I’ve seen people coming out of a far-away island or the forest of amazon alive even after losing the direction. Their breathtaking stories are still fresh in my memory. Into the wild, without your GPS system, cellphone, gun or food, you’re just as helpless as a kid without its mother. A versatile weapon like survival knife attached can alone boost your confidence to fight against the odds.

As a Woodcutter

A good survival knife is something no woodcutter should be without. Flat, long handle knives are a worthy replacement of axe or hatchet. When it comes to splitting solid wood, cutting thickets or saplings, it can be a reliable gear. This technique is also known as batoning. You can use a piece of wood as millet, place the knife over it and pound the back of the knife with a solid wooden stick to cut the wood. Apply the same method to divide logs into several sections. Seasoned campers possess a sort of spidey-sense which helps them detect dry firewood instinctively. Create your DIY fireplace in the jungle to keep cold and fierce animals away.

Lighting the Fire

The primitive technique of fire-making is fascinating for any camper. Although it requires a certain amount of precision over the method, if you manage to master the art, making super-hot sparks even in damp weather won’t be tough. A survival knife allows you to produce tinder from the bark or branch of a tree. Housing a Ferro rod along with Vaseline soaked cotton balls is a way better option than packing a regular lighter. The flatter has the risk of running out of fuel. To create a 3 inches high spark for continuous 2 minutes, use your knife to strike the rod rigorously until it produces tinder. Without fire, it’s almost impossible for anyone to sustain his life in the wilderness or in the cold foothills of a mountain without fire. No wonder why the invention of fire marked the dawn of civilization.

Tool Making

In ancient times, the one-stop solution of almost any problem was fighting duel. Hanging a fixed-blade knife on the belt was a ritual every man followed. In the pre-historic era, men learnt to hunt down animals for their flesh and skin. The use of knife as a survival or hunting weapon hasn’t diminished with the advent of more action-specific tools. In unfavo urable conditions, a survival knife empowers you to collect your own food, process them and even cook them in fire. Catching fish with knives instantly reminds us of Survival guru Bear Grylls.


In case you’ve forgotten to pack your metal shovel in hurry, a big fixed-blade knife can perform the task of digging on behalf on it with equal efficiency. If handled with ingenuity, you can dig fire pits, carve out a hole for disposing faeces dig up worms or edible tubers and etch distress signal on the ground to grab the attention of a rescue helicopter.

How to Choose the Best Survival Knife

Disaster never gives you a phone call before bursting in. Despite the overwhelming progress of science and technology, satellite communication, medical science, nature has always proved that we are nothing but mere helpless mortals in front of her wrath. During the devastating Tsunami of 2004, thousands of people were drifted away to obscure islands by the massive force of sea-waves. We all have heard about the successful survival stories of some brave-hearts who managed to conquer inevitable death. How did they do it? Were they just plain lucky? Definitely not, survival in an unexpected life and death situations requires immense nerve strength, experience, courage and some basic survival resources. Survival tools, at a minimum, have to ergonomically sound and accessible. Below, I’ve listed some key features you must look for in your survival knife.

Size and Thickness

Well, when it comes to choose the best survival knives, size does matter. Large, bulky blades are not desirable for survival needs. It not only makes it very difficult to handle but also restricts its ability to perform intricate tasks. On the other hand, small blades as well have its share of perks. You can’t effectively use small blades for demanding tasks like hammering or atoning. Models with around 9 to 10 inches blade length are considered ideal by the experts. Blades below 6 inches or above 11 inches should be avoided. Blades with 4/16 thickness is perfect for strenuous jobs like splitting woods.


The heart and soul of any tool is its material. Corrosion-free, stainless steel is a widely used material for making  the best survival knives. The only drawback of stainless steel is low edge retention power. On the contrary, a carbon steel blade stays razor-sharp for ages. While choosing the a useful survival knife to house in your ultimate survival kit, make sure the knife is full tang. Full tang knives are far superior to partial tang or rat-tail tang blades. Being made of one single, solid piece of metal, full tangs are capable of performing heavy-duty tasks like atoning, prying, digging with ease.

The Handle

A slippery grip can call for more danger than the ones you’re already facing. You need a firm grip on the knife to accomplish precision. Polymer, hard-rubber are non-slip materials, which is why handles composed for these materials provide comfortable full tang knives, the tang has to be attached to the handle portion. Long tangs make for highly durable, robust survival knives.

Sharp Pointed Tip

A sharp pointed tip is mandatory for stabbing thick furred animals or hooking fishes. A spear-pointed survival knife deployed for self-defense purposes. In a similar way, cleaning the fishes, repairing gears, digging worms for bait is also easier with spear-pointed tips than with angled or hooked tips.

Hard Pommel

The bottom or butt of the knife handle is known as pommel. It is commonly used for hammering, atoning or pounding heavy materials. I typically use the pommel to pound shelter stakes. Many people choose to overlook it but a solid pommel really adds to the functionality of the knife. When you need to crush ice, put the tip of the blade on the ice surface, beat the pommel hard continuously with a wooden stick to drive the blade through it.

Different Types of Survival Knives

For a better and more informed understanding of the different application of survival knives, I’ve classified it into 5 categories. The classification is mainly based upon two criteria- design and functionality.

The Best Fixed Blade Knives Wildlife always puts your physical and mental strength to the ultimate test. One wrong move and your game is over. Choosing only the well-tested and tried tools to prepare your survival kit is the first step towards success. Fixed blade knives will always get preference over folded survival knives for good many reasons. First and foremost, a fixed blade is way more capable of taking high-stress than its other counterpart.

Speed is another advantage. You can go on chopping tomatoes, slicing fresh meat with accuracy, wipe it off and put it back in the sheath-all in just a matter of minutes. Here are my top picks for the category of best fixed blade knives:


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