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Best Ontario Air Force Survival Knives

The classic, versatile, reliable Ontario survival knives easily fit in your pocket due to their compact size, though they are not fully-fledged pocket knives.

These short knives can tackle multifarious tasks and requires almost no maintenance.

The blade I coated with zinc phosphate to inhibit rusting. As the saw teeth blade requires frequent sharpening, you’ll find a built-in sharpener in the sheath for quick and easy sharpening.

For maximum edge retention, soak one-third portion of the blade in hot beeswax.

Any standard USAF Ontario knife features a high-quality black zinc phosphate finish carbon parkerized blade and combo edge.

Read below to know the Ontario knives that rocked the market.

1. Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife

Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife (Black)
  • Made of 1095 Carbon Steel
  • 5.25 inch plain edge blade
  • Knife Closed Length: 4.06-Inch
  • Knife Open Length: 10.5-Inch
  • Weighs 9 ounces

SP2 air force knife rewrote the history of survival gears and then tore it apart. This gen text combating tool is perfect for sporting and military applications.

The frame is composed of 1095 carbon steel and displays a 5.25” straight-edge blade.

Use it for fishing, hunting, digging, fire-making or trickier jobs like ropes, live wire, the deep finger grooves will provide a secure grip.

The knife comes in a protective leather Cordura sheath.

2. Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife System

Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife System (Black)
  • Made of 1095 Carbon Steel
  • 4.95 inch partially serrated blade
  • Knife Closed Length: 3.25-Inch
  • Knife Open Length: 10.25-Inch
  • Weighs 18.6 ounces

ASEK stands for Aircrew Survival Egress Knife.

This line of product is chiefly used in the air war programs of the U.S armed force. Ontario 1400 grabs your attention instantly with its electrically insulated handles with a hole.

It enables the user to maneuver the knife as a spear for self-defense purposes.

The glass breaker butt increases its effectiveness as a hammer.

The knife comes loaded with several add-on features like an anodized strap cutter, honing rod, screwdriver, replaceable blade, etc.

3. Ontario ASEK-Aircrew Survival Egress Knife

Ontario ASEK-AircrewTM Survival Egress Knife
  • Survival/egress knife with sturdy 5-inch carbon-steel blade
  • Serrated edge with saw teeth on spine; zinc phosphate finish
  • High-strength, machined-aluminum, insulated handle
  • Flame-retardant nylon sheath and strap-cutter multi-tool
  • Chosen by U.S. Army for Air Warrior Equipment System

The revolutionary Ontario ASEK-Aircrew Survival Egress Knife model was used by the U.S army in their air warrior program.

If you too wish you find a perfect match for your outdoor skills, Ontario ASEK-Aircrew is the answer for you.

The knife will be delivered with an additional strap cutter and a flame retardant nylon sheath.

The beautiful blade has a combo of serrated edges and saw teeth on the spine.

Wrapping Up the Best Ontario Survival Knife

Your perfect survival knife hunting would remain incomplete without detailed, insightful knowledge of different kinds of survival knives.

Most traders out in the market are waiting to fool the customers in the greed of some extra profit.

The best survival knife will be the most appropriate pick for you is contingent upon the environment you’re dealing with and the activities you intend to perform with the knife.

Purchasing the best survival knife is not the end of your duty, you need to take care of your survival companion regularly to keep it in prime condition.

I hope our best survival knife reviews have helped you in some way or the other in picking the best survival knife for your unique use cases.

Stay sharp, be adventurous, happy knifing, and definitely happy surviving!

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