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Japanese Kitchen Knives

In Europe, the best rated European precision cast, forged and stamped kitchen knives are made in Switzerland by the famous Forschner Victorinox, however, across the ocean, another country can lay claim the fame.

The Japanese are well known for their precision sword making as could be proven by their Samurai swords which are made of heated and folded steel. There is no simple stamping or casting; this was a spiritual based method that for thousands of years kept the sword of the samurai the best made swords in the world.

This same love for precision is what keeps the Japanese kitchen knives apart from their European counterparts. Take for example the Kasumi knives, considered one of the best in the world, which are kitchen knives made in exactly the same way as the samurai swords. In fact, this company is based in Seki, Japan, where history tells of the swords made in that same area.

There are, of course, other Japanese made knives which are rated one of the best as well like the Shun knives which are beauty and function all in one. Made of folded steel and set in Pakka-Wood, is a fusion of hardwood veneers and waterproofed with resin. The look of wood and the protection of the plastic give its handle durability and beauty as well. In fact, there are no Japanese knives that can be considered beautiful until one sees and feels for themselves the Shun Knives.

And just like the Japanese who think of everything, they make the knives not ambidextrous, but right handed and left handed versions. This keeps true to the Samurai belief that no knives should be shared between two or more people, that one’s knife is one’s own.

The Japanese kitchen knives that are marketed today all carry the lifetime warranty on all of the knives. This is highly beneficial, for although they can be considered one of the most expensive kitchen knives in the world, the Japanese manufacturers also guarantee that one type of knife is all you need. This means that once you buy one, you will only have to hand it down to the next generation who will well appreciate the beauty, function, and lifetime sharpness of these ultimate knives.


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