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This outstanding kitchen utility knife made from the finest high carbon steel is the strongest knife cutlery for slicing and mincing all kinds of meat, specially sausages. What makes it stand out among other good knives is the precision. Each and every Wusthof Classic 4110 knife with serrated edge is hand-forged in the most hi-tech factories in Germany.

The knife is forged from a single piece of tempered high carbon steel for extraordinary strength and sharpness. If I have to sum up my thoughts on this knife, I would say this is the best thing 80 dollars can buy. Keep on reading the review below to know why.

Product Specifications

Wusthof Classic 4110 Serrated Utility Knife

This Wusthof knife is manually-forged by skilled German knife-makers from one piece of chrome molybdenum vanadium steel. The source of the razor sharpness of the high carbon steel merged with a special stain-resistant alloy. The alloy expands the durability and edge holding ability of the blade apart from adding a unique profile to the knife.

The 14 cm overall length of the device is perfect for cutting hard sausages, salami, rolls and fruits. The serrated edge is designed to finely slice the soft and semi-soft food items like meat, veggies such as tomatoes, onion and fruits. The carbon steel blade is tapered from back to edge and from the bolster to the tip.

The edge of the blade is hand-honed for super sharpness. The Laser-tested knives are pretty easy to touch up and if maintained properly, they may outlast you.

The triple riveted Hosta form-C handle is a wonderful edition to this powerful knife. The full tang blade extended through the handle allows secure hand grip.

What I liked

The stainless steel of the classic knife is produced from Wusthof’s signature steel alloy called x50 Cr MoV 15. The alloy gives a ruthless cutting edge to the ordinary blade. The vanadium increases the toughness and edge retention of the knife.

Another leading factor behind the unbeatable sharpness of the knife is the high carbon steel with 0.5% of carbon content.

The bolster acts like a finger guard that provides balance and comfortable grip on the handle during the cutting action.

When it comes to judge the performance, Wusthof Classic 4110 Serrated 4110 Serrated Utility Knife lives upto the expectation fully. The serrated edge of the knife allows smooth cut over crusty foods like roasted meat, bread and fruits.

Hand honing the blade adds incredible sharpness, making cutting job 2 times less trickier. In addition, the knife is completely dishwasher safe.

What I didn’t like

I’m yet to figure that out, sorry!

Final Verdict

The Wusthof Classic 4110 Serrated 4110 Serrated Utility Knife is an enigmatic culmination of the most premium quality materials and modern technology. Don’t give it a miss because of the price. The performance and durability will eventually compensate the initial high cost. Novelty is the key component in ergonomics. Grab it if you want a great bang for the buck.


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