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Are you a professional knife-thrower or perhaps a Micheline Star chef that caters to his own set of knives like a florist tending to a room full of blossoming petunias? Do not fret, as your own version of garden soil is up for review, and you are definitely going to want to pay closer attention as I am about to provide the inside scoops of every nook and cranny there is about Ken Onion’s Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener, or shorty WSKTS-KO. So let’s cover the basics first.

Product Details

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

WSKTS-KO’s design is the kind you can expect when you do something together with the renowned knife maker Ken Onion. Its 5.5 x 10 x 6 inches in size and 4 pounds in weight make it an extremely suitable handle-based knife and tool sharpener you can find, the proverbial ‘short and sweet’ for anyone’s needs. The handle seems to be geared toward righties, so if you are a lefty – tough luck because chances are that you are going to struggle. The motor on it is powerful, like you would expect, operating at 120 VAC / 1.5 Amp, with 1 hour continuous duty cycle.

Now, the beauty of this tool is in some of its very own specifications, like the triangular configuration, or the adjustable 15 to 30 degree angle (in 1 degree increment) that is rare to find in any of your regular knife sharpeners. Did I mention that the flexible abrasive belts are also wider – ¾’ x 12’ to be more precise – which virtually guarantees 100% precision and sharp edges that makes the ‘cutting like a hot knife through butter’ look like an understatement? The speed is adjustable starting from 1,200 SFM to 2,800 SFM, which is a great thing, because you don’t always want to have pieces flying off of your knife and rendering it to its bone. Once everything’s said and done, you’ll end up with a knife that you’d think came of straight from the factory shelves into your home or workshop.

With all that, you receive a 1-year warranty; a bit short, but that is absolutely no reason to sound the alarm for.

Making the Cut with WSKTS-KO

Here’s why I think WSKTS-KO makes the cut, even though you might find the price tag not particularly cheap. To begin with, it’s versatile, and apart from knives, you can use it to sharpen any other tool you can think of that has off-the-grid bevel, notably, and preferably, not wracking the temper in the process. It’s also versatile in terms of adjustability, as it can be adjusted commensurate to your own preferences, and in terms of size, as it is small and just light enough to make it handy for any situation. And, naturally, once the belt wears off, you can just replace it with a new one without having to replace the entire sharpener.

And that wraps it up for WSKTS-KO and the reason it is slightly a cut above the rest of its kind. One quick note before you jump into it: carefully read the guide if it’s your first time using any knife or tool sharpener.


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