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Sharpening your knives has always been seen to be dangerous. That is not always the case when you do it properly by using the right tools. The Spyderco sharp maker knife sharpener has been promoted by many people for being the best knife sharpener around. That is actually the truth as many people have benefited a lot from the features the product has to offer.

The product is from a brand name that is known for making the best sharpening tools you might want to use. The manufacturer has included ceramic stones you can use for sharpening.

If you have dull knives around the kitchen, you have to get the product today to sharpen them. Below you will get to learn more about the product and why many people love it.

Benefits of the Product

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker with Safety Rods, Instructional DVD,

Less Pressure used in Cutting

Once you have sharpened your knife, there is no doubt that you will have an easy time using the knife. The amount of force or pressure used to cut will greatly reduce. This means that you will have an easy time cutting different things while in the kitchen or any other application. Sharp knives will of course increase the productivity of a person whenever the sharpened knife is used.

Sharpen knives at home

Most people now love when they get to do most things at home, especially what could have cost them a lot more if done by another person. The Spyderco knife sharpener will provide you with an opportunity to work on your knives right at home. No more taking your knives to other people for sharpening. It will ultimately save you time and money when visiting a sharpening shop.

Sharp knives are Safer

Working with a blunt knife, sometimes it is hard to predict how it will behave. Most of the time it might slip on the food surface. The slips sometimes might lead to accidents. The sharpened knife by using this product should help you easily control the flow of the knife at every instance. You will still be careful when using the sharp knife so that you do not end up hurting yourself.

The product is easy to use

Many people think that sharpening knives is a dangerous affair that can lead to injuries. That is because they are yet to try out the Spyderco knife sharpener. The product has a manual to help you understand the basics of sharpening easily. Within no time, you should have sharpened your first knife.

Features of the Product

Better durability and functionality

The ceramic stones are known for delivering the best results while sharpening stones. The manufacturer of the product has included two alumina ceramic stones for sharpening. These stones without a doubt will make it easy to handle your sharpening needs. The stones have been tested to ensure that they can actually deliver on durability and functionality. So far, that seems to be the case. You will be sharpening the knives in no time.

Varied applications for the sharpener

Any person would want a product with more than one application. The Spyderco knife sharpener comes with stones that have a triangular shape. The importance of such a shape is to help with sharpening different types of knives around the house. The triangular shaped stones can be used to sharpen plain edges, flat sides, serrations and corners of the knife.

You will not have to buy another set of knife sharpener for each type of knife.

Safety is Paramount

The manufacturer made it easy for you to sharpen the knives without injuring yourself. Other than using the triangle shaped stones, there are also rod shaped stones included in the set. Simply slide the rods into the slots found in the base and start sharpening your knife by swiping across the stones.

A set of brass safety rods located close to the stones to help protect your hands while sharpening the knives.

Compact Size for Portability

The Spyderco Knife Sharpener comes in a small and compact box. Its packaging measures 7.5” x 2.75” only making it easily portable. This means that you can easily use the product whenever you want. Most people today would want a portable product for the different uses they would like. It is compact size is what drives people to buy the product more often than other knife sharpeners.



Why People Choose the Product

Many features altogether make it easy for people to choose the product, however the durability of the stones seems to stand out even more. The durability of the stones means that you can be using the stones for a long time. With only a few knife-sharpening needs required at home, you are looking to use the product for a longer time. Just ensure that the stones are used in the correct way so that they can last for a long time just as you want them.


For those who are new to the world of knife sharpening, this product would be simple and affordable for you. The manual included with the product will give you pointers on how to use the product effectively. You should be able to make your dull knife sharp within minutes.

The product can still be a great gift for people who are hardcore knife enthusiasts. This is because the product is designed for anyone to use it. Get one today to keep your kitchen knives looking and working great


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